Clay Onyango Had A Plan With The Late Diplomat Kiboi

The last time I met Mr. James Kiboi was at Njoro’s place. We really spent some good time laughing and joking. One of the discussions we had was my so called mission to start a Foundation whereby Kenyans in Sweden could contribute 100 kr each month.

The population of Kenyans in Sweden being 3000, we could save up to 300.000 kr every month and 3.6 million kr every year. With this money, I suggested that we could open an account in both Kenya and Sweden with the help of the Embassy to avoid any misunderstandings as is normally the case with money issues.

The main idea was that with this money, we could buy some land in Kenya and build apartments with a swimming pool. Within ten years, we would have built 3000 apartments for each Kenyan in Sweden. Mr. Kiboi thought it was a very good idea and suggested that he would be number one on the list. He even suggested that he had 70 acres of land in Kenya and that he would give us 20 acres to build the apartments.

Before his death, we were to meet and continue with our discussion but unfortunately we lost him. Myself and my family will really miss Mr. Kiboi but I will still continue with my mission to have these apartments built even with 100 Kenyans only. May God bless his soul.

Clay Onyango


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