Breaking News: Mr. James Kiboi, Kenya Embassy Official, Is Dead

Mr. James Kiboi, an official at the Kenyan Embassy in Stockholm is dead. According to information gathered by Kenya Stockholm blog, Mr. Kiboi died in an “accident” in Oslo, Norway where he was on official duty. Circumstances behind the accident are not yet clear. An Embassy official has confirmed that Mr. Kiboi was killed in an “accident” although he refused to elaborate. When asked whether it was a road accident, he said that “the fact is that Mr. Kiboi is dead although circumstances may vary depending on the source”.  

Swedish police are already at Mr. Kiboi’s residence in Stockholm to verify his identity.  The whole family and the Kenyan community are in a state of deep shock and sorrow. Majority of Kenya Embassy staff and a group of Kenyans are currently at Mr. Kiboi’s residence to console the family following the tragedy. Mr. Kiboi was posted to the Kenyan Embassy in Stockholm about a year ago. He has been very social and open with the Kenyan community in Stockholm. Staff of Kenya Stockholm Blog sends deep condolences to Mr. Kiboi’s family. Further information will be released as it becomes available.

Okoth Osewe

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