Juliet’s Murderer To Face Trial

The 34 year old Swedish man suspected to have murdered Juliet Kavinga, a 35 year old Kenyan, will face trial.  When the case was brought before the court on Monday this week, Tora Holst, the prosecutor, succeeded in gathering stronger evidence that could bind the suspect to Juliet’s murder. Juliet’s body was found floating in a Lake at Ekero in Stockholm about two weeks ago. Juliet was seven to eight months pregnant at the time of her death.

A Kenyan lady who lives in Rinkeby and who had contact with Juliet during her last days told Kenya Stockholm blog that Juliet was living with a Zambian woman at Högdalen in the outskirts of Stockholm days before she met her death. Juliet used to baby sit for her.

“After disagreeing with her boyfriend who wanted her to conduct an abortion, Juliet moved to Högdalen to await for delivery of her baby”, said the lady. She said that Juliet moved to alternative accommodation soon after her boyfriend became hostile when she refused to accept an abortion.

In a lengthy interview, she told Kenya Stockholm blog that the Zambian lady trusted Juliet because Juliet had, at one time, taken care of her house for eight months when the woman was in Zambia for a visit. She said that Juliet was a devout Christian who never smoked or consumed alcohol.

A theory that is increasing taking root among Kenyans in Stockholm is that as Juliet approached delivery, the Zambian woman requested her to look for alternative accommodation because she did not have resources to house her and her expected baby.

As she grew desperate, Juliet took contact with her boyfriend and began talking him over so that the man could accommodate her until the baby was born.

“Days before I lost contact with her, she told me that her boyfriend told her that he would kill her”, said Jenipher, a Ugandan woman who was one of Juliet’s hair-braiding customers.

It is believed by some friends who had contacts with Juliet that when Juliet noticed that her boyfriend might have been serious with death threats, she contacted members of her choir group at Harmmaby church for help.

According to Heidi, a member of the group, Juliet booked an appointment with the Church saying that she had something “interesting” to tell but never made it to the appointment. She was never seen again.

Experts dealing with the case have speculated that Juliet might have been murdered by being hit with a blunt object or shot with a gun before her body was wrapped in a tarpaulin and dumped in Lake Mälaren in May or June last year.

The Kenyan Embassy in Stockholm is awaiting for a police report about the case before deciding on any further action.  Kenyans in Stockholm are discussing with her church on how to organize a memorial service for her.

Okoth Osewe


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