March 9, 2015


The Late Mzee John Odhiambo Aroka: Vote of Thanks from the Aroka Family

The late Mzee John Odhiambo Aroka

The late Mzee John Odhiambo Aroka: Funeral went well.

The family of the Arokas would hereby like to thank all Kenyans, friends, sympathizers and well-wishers who supported them morally and financially following the passing of Mzee John Odhiambo Aroka and his sister Isdora Ngere in Kenya. The Mzee passed away barely a week after the burial of his sister, two tragic events which not only traumatized the family but also breezed them abruptly into a lugubrious mood as double-mourning of two departed souls also set in.

Speaking to KSB soon after his return from Kenya, Patrick Odhiambo, the head of the John Odhiambo Aroka family, thanked everybody who showed solidarity with the family following the two bereavements. He said that the overall support the family received from friends was well communicated back home and well appreciated.

Following the bereavements, two solidarity meetings were held in Stockholm and Patrick requested all those who were there for the family to humbly accept this vote of thanks for their support.

The family is grateful to all those who accepted to sit in various Committees at short notice, all friends who worked at the various functions to ensure that guests were well entertained, well-fed and well looked after. Many thanks to Frank Odhiambo for accepting to Chair the two Committees without hesitation despite his busy schedule. The family wishes Frank many blesses for a work well done. “To all of you good people who were with us when we needed your presence the most, the family says Thank you very much” said Patrick.

Secondly, the family would like to thank all those who supported the family economically through their contributions, either at the functions or through bank deposits. “To all of you who took your time and resources to support us, rest assured that your support was well recognized and you will forever remain in our hearts and minds as good family friends”, Patrick told KSB.

Further, the John Odhiambo family would like to send gratitude to all Kenya-Stockholmers who managed to attend the funeral of Mzee John Odhiambo. In this respect, the family would like to thank Ochieng Nyambok, Oyuga Odada, Jane Odada, Faith Arodi, Lilian Orieny, Frank Odhiambo and Easter Rege for their presence. “We thank you all for having been there physically to complete the Kenya-Stockholm representation at the funeral”. Patrick told KSB.

On the whole, the family would like friends to know that the two funerals were well attended and that everything went as planned. As the family begins to pick up the pieces and to live with two huge gaps which will never be filled, Patrick told KSB that the family is at peace and united in prayer.

“May God bless you all for your kindness, support, solidarity and, most importantly, for your lasting friendship, both in times of joy and in times of grief. You made us strong and courageous to face a difficult moment and this is what friendship is all about. Thank you very much!”, said Patrick. May the souls of both Mzee John and Isdora rest in eternal peace Amen!

Okoth Osewe

March 5, 2015


One Year Later: Remembering the Late Karundi Mathenge

Karundi: More funds in for funeral expenses

Karundi Mathenge: It is a year since he passed on in Kenya

One year ago yesterday, 4/3/2015 Karundi Mathenge was called by his maker at about 3-5 a.m. The exact time of his passing is beyond our knowledge because when the paramedics arrived at 6 a.m. after being summoned to attend to him, they declared that he had already gone after trying desperately to revive him.

His family is sending this message to those he loved to celebrate with us the first anniversary of his untimely death.

As we remember him, we want to thank most sincerely those who stood by and believed in Mathenge while he was alive and those who supported and comforted us during that most trying period when he passed.

Special appreciation goes to his friends in the diaspora in Tanzania and in Sweden which was like Mathenge’s second home, and to his Kenyan friends who were very dear to him.

We thank his friends in Sweden led by the Ngatias (Ngatia and Nyambura) for their support.  Mr and Mrs Ngatia, please pass our appreciation to Mathenge’s friends there. May God bless you all abundantly.

We thank his Kenyan friends led by John Gachie and Willy and other friends who were close to Mathenge.

John, thank you for welcoming Mathenge to your home when he landed in Kenya in May 2005. Thank you for being there for him through thick and thin and holding him by the hand [quite literally] even when his own relatives were not there.

Willy, thank you for giving Mathenge the wings to fly by providing him with the means of survival through Ford Foundation when he was almost at the verge of desperation and frustration as a result of broken promises from some political pundits.

To you, his dear friends and family, and others who played a significant part in his life here on earth and upon his demise, his family says thank you very much and may our Almighty God bless you and shower you with His abundant love and grace.

And now to you our brother, we thank God for the time He gave you to us. You were a blessing to us.  As your family, if there is anything at all that we could have done and did not do to elevate your well-being, if there was any love not given, anything at all that was missed, we do ask for forgiveness. We are not sure if the dead are capable of forgiving, but they say that the dead look down over the living.

Mathenge, we believe you are getting some much needed peace and rest there in heaven.  Rest In Eternal Peace Our Brother Till We Meet Again.  AMEN. [Restore to me the joy of your salvation. And grant me a willing spirit, to sustain me.] Psalms 51:12

Karundi Mathenge Family

March 1, 2015


Afro Dance Part 2 Featuring DJ Starboi Deemax 14th March 2015 at Alvik


Afro Dance Part 2: Mark Your Calendar

February 24, 2015


New Cargo Freighting Company in Sweden to Ease Goods Transportation to East Africa

suez cannal banner

Suez Canal has surfaced at the exact time when it’s services are most needed by serious East Africans who have been stuck because of expensive, unreliable, slow or non-door to door delivery of goods back in Africa.

For the first time in many years, and after years of research and hard work, Kenyans, Ugandans and Tanzanians resident in Scandinavia will now be able to send any acceptable cargo home, not just at an affordable price but also on a regular basis.

Suez Canal Investments, a UK based company with branches in Sweden, is the new company to watch. Suez Canal has so much simplified the process of sending cargo to East Africa because it has eliminated a lot of huddles and introduced low and encouraging prices. Cargo will be leaving Sweden for East Africa every 2 months while in the UK, cargo leaves for Kenya every Tuesdays and to Tanzania every fortnight. As the Company picks momentum, the goal will be to increase regularity especially in the East African region. The process is as follows:

You have a cargo you want to send home (East Africa) so you get in touch with a Suez Canal Investment employee in Sweden through the phone contact at their website. Next, you describe what is to be freighted and the price depends on the weight. 1 kg of cargo costs 50kr and therefore, if you have a 20kg cargo to be freighted to, say Kenya, you ought to be contemplating a price of 1000kr. Once you are clear on the cargo and the price, the process moves to the next stage.

You pack your cargo neatly. It is recommended that you use inner packaging (paper, cardboard or bubble wrap) to ensure that the cargo content does not move inside. The good news is that once your package is ready, a Suez Canal employee will pick it up from your residence or point of cargo departure at a small fee depending on distance. The employee will then weigh the cargo in your presence and collect the corresponding fee for the weight together with handling charges of 300kr. All documentation will be done at the cargo collection point. At 50 kr per kilo, and compared with other established freighting companies, Suez Canal Investment is offering the cheapest freight charges, not just in Scandinavia but in the whole of Europe. It is worth mentioning that freighting an ordinary car to East Africa through Suez Canal costs 7,000kr, the best deal available in the market. According to current protocol, the car must not be more than 7 years old.

Once the transaction is completed, the cargo is freighted to its destination up to the address stated back in Africa. Transportation to the designated recipient in Africa is done by a local Suez Canal agent and Suez Canal guarantees that the cargo will be delivered unless there are special circumstances beyond the company’s control such as natural disaster.

Among the range of services offered by Suez Canal are Ocean Services such as FCL (Full Container or LCL (Container Section), Air Freight (Door to Door), car shipping and personal effects. In short, a client can hire a full container or just part of it through the company and that includes clearing at the port of entry. Suez Canal has a dedicated and service oriented team of workers committed to ensuring safety of goods, speedy transportation and safe delivery.

As it begins to spread its tentacles across Scandinavia and beyond, and given the competitive freight charges offered by the company, Suez Canal Investments appears to be the next big Company to watch in the freighting business especially in Sweden. For further information, visit the Suez Canal Website and get a first-hand account of the process and dealings about this amazing company that will make it possible for anybody to send cargo to East Africa, conveniently, easily and regularly. Suez Canal has surfaced at the exact time when it’s services are most needed by serious East Africans who have been stuck because of expensive, unreliable, slow or non-door to door delivery of goods back in Africa.

Okoth Osewe

February 22, 2015


“Wazee Wapewe” Presents: Kabara Congas & Yaya Sella

Dekula Band “Ngoma Ya Kilo”

Place: Lilla Wien “Little Nairobi”
Date: 27-28/02/2015
Time: 21.00-01.00
Addr: Swedenborgsg. 20
Pendel: Södra station
New CD Shujaa Mamadou Ndala
Buy it from iTunes, amazon, qabuz


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