Raila Odinga Fires at Uhuru Kenyatta Ahead of His “Arrest”


  • uhuru running scared

    EACC backtracks on Raila arrest as supporters hold demos

    By Standard Team
    Updated Monday, December 14th 2015 at 10:32 GMT +3

    NAIROBI, KENYA: Ethics and Anti- Corruption Commssion (EACC) on Monday said it will not arrest and record statement from Cord leader Raila Odinga after his lawyers wrote to the commission with details on concerns.

    EACC’s Halake Waqo said many people have been investigated over the Eurobond saga. “Raila has been quoted saying he has info regarding the bond. We invited him to appear December 10, he declined thru legal representatives. Invoking Anti-corruption act and National Police Service Act, we summoned him to appear on December 14,” he said.

    “We confirm Raila has complied via a letter on December 11 which is being treated as his statement. In his letter he cites two documents – Quarterly Economic Budgetary Review QEBR and Budget Review Outlook Paper BROP. So he has complied and needs not come to the commission.”

    EACC however said the Cord leader’s statement did not have supporting documents.

    Meanwhile Kisumu residents staged demonstration in parts of the town. The pro Raila youth took to streets protesting alleged harassment targeting Opposition leaders who condemn graft.

    The early morning demonstrations kicked off from Kondele to Oginga Odinga streets in town’s Central Business District.

  • uhuru running scared

    President Uhuru Kenyatta now wants to do away with senior directors at PSCU led by Munyori Buku, Dennis Itumbi, James Kinyua, Munira Mohammed and Eric Ng’eno for not doing enough to control the damage despite having huge budgets at their disposal, Sources have revealed .

    According to the sources, The President is mad that the team has been misleading Kenyans. The team has also been accused of Miscommunication that has caused irreparable damage .

    There is serious concern that this Presidential Strategic Communication Unit headed by Manoah Esipisu has lost it due to poor communication loopholes – Said a source that didnt want to be named .

    Kenyans on Social media have been condemning this team that thinks everything can be solved with hashtags – Even terror attacks . When Anne Waiguru was under attack, the communication team Launched Hashtag #iStandWithWaiguru- This showed that the government is not committed to fight graft . You can also recall when the same team supposed to communicate effectively to Kenyans came out guns blazing with the infamous Hashtag #RutoIsClean. This also led to condemnation from Kenyans .

    A popular Political scientist says the PSCU has become a propaganda machine and a letdown to President Kenyatta. Some of the insensitive statements made by the unit include the hashtag #2yearsofsuccess when the country was in deep mourning following the killing of 142 students at the Garissa University College by the Al-Shabaab.

    It is also alleged that PSCU employed 36 Bloggers who have in fact terribly failed in delivering .

    Infighting between Jubilee Bloggers is very common and right now, there are two groups . When the Auditor General said various ministries and government departments could not account for 400 Billion, Jubilee Bloggers were divided and started attacking each other . One Jubilee blogger told Itumbi that he is fake and doesnt speak for government . Read this article that was done by Kenya Today here

    During the NYS scandal, Jubilee Bloggers were also divided with some calling for the suspension of Waiguru while the other group wanted her to stay . Some of the Bloggers started leaking classified information from their WhatsApp groups to Bloggers who usually criticize Government .

    Why the division ? It is alleged that Itumbi’s team ” Always eats alone ” . ‘ He does all those deals alone ‘ He is very mean … Says a Jubilee Blogger .

    The fact that Jubilee bloggers and this team have failed to counter harsh attacks online is indisputable . But will a foreign PR team make it ? Can they maneuver through the Keen Twitter Community because the Jubilee failures are far too many ? Many questions ….No answers . Only time will tell

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