“Watu Lazima Wakufe Kiasi”: Hate Speech or Freedom of Expression?

Okoth Osewe

Okoth Osewe

The Swahili phrase “Watu lazima wakufe kiasi” used by former Nairobi Mayor at a political function in Nairobi has led to his arrest by the Flying Squad. At close examination, has the definition of “hate Speech” in Kenya been expanded. The following phrases incorporate “Watu lazima wakufe kiasi” but do they also constitute hate speech in Kenya?

#1 Mass unemployment leads to armed robberies and if no jobs are forth-coming, lazima watu wakufe kiasi

#2 Political assassinations are radicalizing Muslim youths. Without a stop, watu lazima wakufe kiasi

#3 As long as police continues to take bribes on Kenyan roads without action, watu lazima wakufe kiasi

#4 If fake election results are announced in 2017, lazima watu wakufe kiasi

#5 If El Nino comes without enough preparation, lazima watu wakufe kiasi

#6 For Raila to be President, lazima watu wakufe kiasi

#7 If the Aids virus cannot be contained, lazima watu wakufe kiasi

#8 Over-speeding on our roads is dangerous and if nothing is done, watu lazima wakufe kiasi

#9 Before malaria vaccine is discovered, watu lazima wakufe kiasi

#10. Selective justice will increase ethnic hatred in Kenya. With no action, watu lazima wakufe kiasi

#11. Corruption will lead to starvation of millions and if no action is taken, watu lazima wakufe kiasi

#12 If corruption in the health sector is not contained, diseases will thrive na watu lazima wakufe kiasi

#13 If tribalism is not ended in Kenya by 2017, there will be civil war na watu lazima wakufe kiasi

#AladwaArrested #Aladwa #WatuLazimaWakufeKiasi

Okoth Osewe


  • Joseph Kiama Waweru

    To say watu ni lazima wakufe kiasi has got nothing to do with hate speech. In Kenya watu walikufa Kenya ikapata uhuru . .Uhuru government must be removed from power Kenyans should not allow Uhuru to kill freedom of speech.

  • This cannot be accepted Moses Kuria was not arrested when he vomitted hate speech and telling Kikuyus to use pangas and cut whoever opposing Uhuru Kenyatta and NYS.
    Kenyans must stand up and defend hon; Aladwa because this is selective justice. Uhuru is putting his kikuyu folks in a very dangerous situation.

  • Kuria not arrested

    Raila must be the most powerful Kenyan. His names can get one arrested. This Jubilee jinga serikali should apply equal justice to all. Moses Kuria was never arrested in July when he ordered his Gatundu NYS to slash people with pangas. He even said they were his militia group.

  • State house scandal

    UHURU in scandal involving a youth! This has been happening at State House since 2014

    Oct 24, 2015

    Friday October 23, 2015 – President Uhuru Kenyatta’s State House is on the spot again for ‘conning’ a poor young man through a tender.

    A Nairobi based contractor by the name Menelik Makonnen has claimed that State House has refused to pay him his sh 40 million from a construction project.

    Makonnen, through his company NASCA Construction, which won the Pures Village Project tender, constructed a sh 90 million children’s hostel at State House and until today, State House has declined to settle him in full.

    The contractor revealed how State House forced them to do the project that was not in the original plan and which required more money than the one they were contracted to do.

    “We were ready to start constructing a boys’ hostel when the project manager later said that we construct a girls’ hostel with two blocks and 14 rooms on both sides with a new design contrary to the ones submitted in the tender” said Menelik.

    He also revealed how State House has been taking him in circles whenever he demands for his payments.

    “Initially, I was not aware that there is a certificate we must fill so that we can be paid on a monthly basis. I therefore made an application for Sh16 million and Sh14 million was approved, but we only received Sh12 million,” said Makonnen.

    “When we applied for the sixth certificate for Sh10 million, we did not receive any payment on grounds that we were behind schedule,” he added.

    His efforts to meet President Uhuru and First Lady Margret Kenyatta in person to demand for this payment has borne no fruits as no one wants to see him.

    “It has been a painful experience because suppliers have been using police and even detectives to intimidate me, but it is not my fault. My efforts even to meet the President and the First Lady, who were impressed by my previous work, have been totally blocked. We have sent several letters and emails but have not received any response” said Makonnen.

    This comes even as Uhuru ordered on Mashujaa Day that all tenders executed by youths be paid within two weeks and it now remains to be seen if Menelik will benefit from this directive.

    The Kenyan DAILY POST


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