New Cargo Freighting Company in Sweden to Ease Goods Transportation to East Africa

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Suez Canal has surfaced at the exact time when it’s services are most needed by serious East Africans who have been stuck because of expensive, unreliable, slow or non-door to door delivery of goods back in Africa.

For the first time in many years, and after years of research and hard work, Kenyans, Ugandans and Tanzanians resident in Scandinavia will now be able to send any acceptable cargo home, not just at an affordable price but also on a regular basis.

Suez Canal Investments, a UK based company with branches in Sweden, is the new company to watch. Suez Canal has so much simplified the process of sending cargo to East Africa because it has eliminated a lot of huddles and introduced low and encouraging prices. Cargo will be leaving Sweden for East Africa every 2 months while in the UK, cargo leaves for Kenya every Tuesdays and to Tanzania every fortnight. As the Company picks momentum, the goal will be to increase regularity especially in the East African region. The process is as follows:

You have a cargo you want to send home (East Africa) so you get in touch with a Suez Canal Investment employee in Sweden through the phone contact at their website. Next, you describe what is to be freighted and the price depends on the weight. 1 kg of cargo costs 50kr and therefore, if you have a 20kg cargo to be freighted to, say Kenya, you ought to be contemplating a price of 1000kr. Once you are clear on the cargo and the price, the process moves to the next stage.

You pack your cargo neatly. It is recommended that you use inner packaging (paper, cardboard or bubble wrap) to ensure that the cargo content does not move inside. The good news is that once your package is ready, a Suez Canal employee will pick it up from your residence or point of cargo departure at a small fee depending on distance. The employee will then weigh the cargo in your presence and collect the corresponding fee for the weight together with handling charges of 300kr. All documentation will be done at the cargo collection point. At 50 kr per kilo, and compared with other established freighting companies, Suez Canal Investment is offering the cheapest freight charges, not just in Scandinavia but in the whole of Europe. It is worth mentioning that freighting an ordinary car to East Africa through Suez Canal costs 7,000kr, the best deal available in the market. According to current protocol, the car must not be more than 7 years old.

Once the transaction is completed, the cargo is freighted to its destination up to the address stated back in Africa. Transportation to the designated recipient in Africa is done by a local Suez Canal agent and Suez Canal guarantees that the cargo will be delivered unless there are special circumstances beyond the company’s control such as natural disaster.

Among the range of services offered by Suez Canal are Ocean Services such as FCL (Full Container or LCL (Container Section), Air Freight (Door to Door), car shipping and personal effects. In short, a client can hire a full container or just part of it through the company and that includes clearing at the port of entry. Suez Canal has a dedicated and service oriented team of workers committed to ensuring safety of goods, speedy transportation and safe delivery.

As it begins to spread its tentacles across Scandinavia and beyond, and given the competitive freight charges offered by the company, Suez Canal Investments appears to be the next big Company to watch in the freighting business especially in Sweden. For further information, visit the Suez Canal Website and get a first-hand account of the process and dealings about this amazing company that will make it possible for anybody to send cargo to East Africa, conveniently, easily and regularly. Suez Canal has surfaced at the exact time when it’s services are most needed by serious East Africans who have been stuck because of expensive, unreliable, slow or non-door to door delivery of goods back in Africa.

Okoth Osewe


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