Kabete MP George Muchai, 2 Bodyguards and Driver Shot Dead at Kenyatta Avenue, Nairobi

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  • Sunday, 23 November 2014


    Kabete MP George Muchai’s woes have refused to fade away barely a month after he paraded his wife in public with painted red lips which his constituents openly complained they did not elect him to show case his family but to initiate developments. The MP is however at it again.

    This time round, the MP has sworn to fix senior officers at Criminal Investigations Department whose director is Ndegwa Muhoro.

    Muchai was overheard bragging that he has reported the ill happenings including coverups at CID to the Independent Police Oversight Authority to investigate them and soon, heads are going to roll. He claims CID had refused to act on information he had given them on alleged corruption at Central Organisation of Trade Union but instead were out to fix him and arraign him in court.

    Muchai’s fear is that if taken to court to face criminal charges, his political opponents are likely to move to court to have him vacate the Kabete seat on grounds that his social status is questionable by invoking chapter six of the constitution on leadership and integrity.

    Muchai was suspended from Cotu for giving false information to CID officers including falsification of documents aimed at incriminating Cotu secretary general Francis Atwoli and other Cotu officials.

    The sleuths are said to have found no substance in the information Muchai gave Muhoro’s officers. As a result, he is now running around accusing the CID department of sleeping on their job.

    But even as Muchai brags to teach his perceived enemies a lesson, back at his Kabete constituency, all is not well and he is now being accused of neglecting the electorate. They say Muchai who they have nicknamed Semenya is a disgrace. Semenya is a South African runner in 800 metres but queries have arisen about her gender.

    Local residents now claim that since the beginning of controversial southern bypass, their MP has kept off the matter and has not even uttered any word. Instead, he takes time dyeing his hair and enjoying body massages as they continue to suffer.

    Kabete constituents claim that the road as designed will kill Kikuyu town. They are now demanding that the Southern bypass be redesigned to save Kikuyu town from dying. Even at a time when Senate Committee on roads visited the site, Muchai was nowhere to be seen as local residents pushed for a new design to allow for detour into Kikuyu town from the bypass as well as from the Nairobi-Nakuru highway.

    He is at war with Kiambu governor William Kabogo who is said to have installed an MP to act in the area since Muchai is too busy with trade union battles and at the same time marketing his wife at press conferences. Muchai’s first wife deserted him in unclear circumstances after staying for years without a kid. Immediately, she got married in Ukambani and started bearing children.

    The MP’s allies say that he is having problems on his private construction site project located a long Thika super highway which was being undertaken by a Chinese firm. Further, they say the embattled MP has transferred his multi-million bank accounts to the woman he paraded at the press conference fearing they my be frozen due to investigations being carried out.

    Citizen Weekly

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  • may God rest their souls in peace

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