Full List of NGOs Deregistered by Government


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  • The NGO Coordination board forgot to de-register some of the NGO’S who are doing illegal activities in the name of NGOS.One of the such NGO is FRIENDS OF AMERICA FOUNDATION-Making Africa self reliant.This organization (FAF) is a group of fraudsters that is well organized and cons money from the hardworking and innocent Kenyans.They have been doing this using very well thought and crafted tricks & they con people to the tune of 500,000/- per person.This amount is deposited to their cooperative bank account in Nairobi and Mombasa by the individuals who fall prey to their crafted tricks.
    They do not adverse for their jobs as the Law requires but the call unsuspecting Kenyans & tell them that the will be engaged as County,Constituency or Word coordinators/agents and they be provided with an office,company vehicles and that they will meet the cost of running the office.But for you to qualify you have to deposit with them 490,000/- as indemnity because of trusting you with many assets including management of cash.The promise that this money is supposed to be refunded after 3 months but immediately after depositing the money the victims are stopped from contacting any one of them & that money is not refunded and all the things aforesaid turns out to be crafted tricks.
    When you go to their office the 1st contact persons who come to you are;1.STEVEN G. WILLIAMS who claims to be a black American & 2.Is MR HINZANO MUMBA. These.These two officials are criminals who are used by the Directors of the Organization and they are the mothers of all crafted tricks.There are other two men & one Lady who i believe reporter agencies believe are the directors.These 3 people don’t deal with the Public but they are the registered directors & the 1st two gentlemen are the ones who deal with collecting ,one from the public but thy don’t appear in the list of the directors.After the reporter Agencies posted & exposed them on their main website they closed their main website to hide from the Public.However one of the Directors showed up trying to Launch new website as shown below:
    Caxton Hse Exchange Building 3rd Floor, Koinange Street, Nairobi
    Email: friends.orgamericafoundation@yahoo.com
    Contact Person: Stephen Gathungu
    Cell: +254 – 0725 – 406991/ 0725 — 406991
    Area Of Interest: Welfare
    Their Website has kept changing in phases in order to trap more unsuspecting Kenyans.They have about 3 cases in a court of Law by the Kenyans who have been corned by them & up to now their money have not been refunded.Their Headquarters was initially in Nairobi Darosa Plaza but after conning dozens of Kenyans the closed down and moved to Mombasa where they have been operating from.They also removed from the web their Nairobi cooperative bank account where most of the victims deposited the money.Its all crime.

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