Shocking Pictures of 36 Non Muslims Killed by Al Shabbab in a Fresh Attack in Mandera

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    At least 36 people were killed at a quarry at Koromey in Mandera County on Tuesday morning by Al-Shabaab militants.

    All the victims were non-Muslims and most of them are said to have hailed from Chaka in Kiganjo, Nyeri County.

    Some survivors have told the police that Muslims who were at the site were spared.

    The victims were made to line up and most of them were shot in the head while others were beheaded.

    Al-Shabaab has claimed responsibility for the attack.

    Police say the victims were attacked as they were sleeping in tents at the site at around 1am.

  • Its really hrting to go that way.lets pray 4 them

  • Names of Mandera the Mandera 36 victims

    Names of 36 killed in Mandera attack released:

    1. Gilbert Mwangi – 40yrs

    2 .Patrick nyagah – 32 yrs

    3. Anthony Kariuki Githuku – 38yrs

    4. Goddfry Njoroge Gathuku -39yrs

    5. Ronny Weru Wangui -32yrs

    6. Charles Ritho Gakou -39yrs

    7. Richard Ritho Gichuki-54yrs

    8. George Kamencha

    9. John Muthenigi -24yrs

    10. David Waghuga

    11. Duncan Karenga

    12. David Mugo Kuria – 44yrs

    13. Jackson Muchiri – 40yrs

    14. Simon Jaraba – 30yrs

    15. Bernard Wachogo – 33yrs

    16. Zaccharia Mwaura – 59yrs

    17.George Gitonga – 26yrs

    18. Stephen Chehe Kariuki – 27yrs

    19. Daniel Mwenda – 28yrs

    20. Nasalesio Muwia -38yrs

    21. Erik Tsenga Lumadi

    22. Joseph Mhanji-23yrs

    23. Sammy Mitu –

    24. Jospeh Makale – 23yrs

    25. Lewis Vijheh – 28yrs

    26. Walter Oduori – 24yrs

    27. Henry Savisi

    28. Peter Nyawah – 24yrs

    29. David Lubwana – 48yrs

    30. Widi Katimu – 42yrs

    31. Erick Azenga

    32. Michael Odhiambo – 31yrs

  • Why Mandera killings
  • Ruto the lying bastard

    We were never warned to leave, says Mandera quarry attack survivor

    By Cyrus Ombati
    Updated Thursday, December 4th 2014 at 00:00 GMT +3

    NAIROBI: A survivor of the slaughter of 36 people at a quarry in Mandera has dismissed claims by Deputy President William Ruto that they had been warned to leave the area.

    Erick Mujibi, 58, said no warning was issued by either the county or national government prior to the attack.

    “That is propaganda. Do you think I or anyone else can stay there knowing there will be an attack?” asked Mr Mujibi.

    He said the only time they left the quarries was when gunmen killed 28 people after commandeering a Nairobi-bound bus.

    They all moved to Mandera town and stayed there for almost a week before their employers assured them they had hired home guards to protect them.

    The employers said they had liaised with the national government to provide security.

    Mr Ruto said the 36 quarry workers killed by Al-Shabaab terrorists in Mandera had been advised to move for security reasons but they had refused.

    The DP said police had advised the workers to relocate to a place close to Mandera town.

    “We should have used force to get them out of there. Even after they were informed, they continued to stay there,” Ruto said on Citizen TV’s “Cheche” programme Wednesday.

    But speaking at the City Mortuary, Mujibi said the Government was lying to Kenyans. He said without non-Muslims in Mandera, there will be no development.

    Mujibi said there were almost 4,000 miners working in various quarries in the area. He advised the Government on how to deal with insecurity there.

    “For the Government to address insecurity in the area, they must clear all the manyatta near the Kenya-Somalia border. That must be 20 kilometres from Kenya and 20 kilometres in Somalia,” he said.

    He noted that for the last four years he has been in Mandera, there were incidents of theft but they had never experienced violent attacks that led to death such as the one witnessed on Tuesday.

    Mujibi also vowed never to set foot in Mandera despite the fact that they were earning good wages.

    The attackers separated Muslims from non-Muslims and shot the latter, residents and police said.

    They shot dead 33 and beheaded three.

    The victims were lined up and shot in the head at close range. Those who allegedly tried to escape were shot in the legs.

    Witnesses said the attack occurred after midnight, when the victims were asleep in their tents at the quarry.

    It came 10 days after Al-Shabab killed 28 people in a bus attack in the same area.

    In reaction to the two incidents and others in the past, Inspector General of Police David Kimaiyo resigned while Kajiado Central MP Joseph Nkaissery was nominated to replace Joseph ole Lenku at the helm of the Interior and Co-ordination of National Government ministry.

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