Pamela Omiti is Back from Kenya after Mom’s Funeral: Says “Thank You” Very Much

Mrs Pamela Omiti, a Kenyan who lost her mother in Kenya and who had to rush to the funeral abruptly, is back in Stockholm. Speaking to KSB, Pamela said that she would like to thank everybody who condoled with the family following the demise of her mother who passed away after a short illness.

“I am now back in Stockholm and although my family is still trying to cope with the death of my mom, all is well”, she told KSB. She said that the burial went well and that her trip to and from Kenya was also fine.

She said that her family was very much moved by the support they received at a time of tragedy and added that she will soon call a “Thank You” gathering at her residence to show gratitude to friends, sympathizers and well-wishers who supported the family morally and materially at a very difficult time marked with mourning and sadness.

KSB welcomes Pamela back from Kenya as she starts a new life following the demise of her mom. We hope that the family will continue to receive the support of the good people in Stockholm because after the demise of a loved one, the act of healing is usually a long process.

Okoth Osewe

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