Breaking News: Otieno Kajwang, Homa Bay Senator, is Dead

HON_KAJWANGAccording to reports reaching KSB, Otieno Kajwang, Homa Bay Senator, is dead. A source told KSB that Kajwang died of “cardiac arrest” at Mater Hospital in Nairobi. Reports say that Kajwang fell ill at his South B home after which he was rushed to Mater Hospital but unfortunately, doctors could not save his life. He passed away in the company of family members who had rushed him to hospital. At the time of going to blog, there was no confirmation from any major Media in Kenya about the sad news although KSB can confirm that Kajwang is dead. Otieno will be remembered for his “Bado mapambano” songs at political rallies.

KSB sends deep condolences to Kajwang’s family during this time of great shock and sorrow. We hope that the family will find the courage to go through this difficult time of great grief that has struck the family without notice. Kajwang will be missed by all those who new him together with members of his ODM Party especially Raila Odinga. Until his death, Kajwang was one of the most loyal supporters of Raila Odinga within ODM and probably one of the most vocal when it came to defending Raila against critics.

Prior to his death, there was no public indication that the late Senator was unwell. News about his death will therefore come as a great surprise to millions of Kenyans who knew him as a charismatic politician and staunch supporter of Raila Odinga. His death will be a big blow to Baba because he has always been part of ODM strategy. The gap he has left will never be filled. May God rest his soul in eternal peace. Further information will be availed as it becomes available.

Okoth Osewe


  • Washington G Otieno

    What was State-House operative doing at the Hospital where the senator Kajwang’ was treated Let us suspect foul play hence Uhuruto government is on its top-gear to finish Hon:Raila Odinga .Kanjwang’s death looks fishy ! Was he poisoned ? who did he meet before ?Who gave him food /drink during the day? ODM and Cord must investigate the sudden death of Hon:senator Kanjwang’!

  • Nycnthia Charles Odira

    Yamepita kwan sote tupo njia moja bali kila mja kwa wakati wake.Bwana atoa pia Bwana tuwaa najina lake lihidimiwe pole jo Kenya mos ainya jo Homa bei!

  • I would like to know and perhaps others with sane mind and wisdom .What were State-House operatives doing at Matter Miserecodiae Hospital when Hon:Otieno Kanjwang’ died. We know some of these State -house operatives eg Itumbi has no love with ODM Raila’ right -hand men like the late Hon:Kanjwang’?sI still smell rat and everythings mells foul-play, very fishy indeed!

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