Another Woman Stripped and Beaten at Mihango Bus Stage in Kayole, Nairobi


A crowd of on-lookers gather at Mihago Bus stage in Kayole, Nairobi following brutal beating and stripping today of another girl by “Twende Kazi” bandits. The new stripping episode was an answer to “My Dress My Choice” demo in Nairobi organized yesterday by activists to try and put a break to the growing beating, stripping and humiliation of girls especially in Nairobi by marauding thugs.


  • The victim of the kayole incident is claimed to have succumbed to the injuries….can someone confirm this information.

  • Solidarity Of workers

    Kenya Deputy President William Samoei Ruto is a rapist accused by the International criminal Court in Hague.How do people expect the government to fight rapists? The President of kenya is also accused by the same court in Hague for commiting crimes against humanity Raping in Kenya is a culture and a tradation taught to each and every soldier including the Elite soldiers just to humiliate Kenyan women .eg;Kenya police and the GSU and military rapes anytime wherever they are sent to quell riots.right now the KDF /GSU/Aps are busy raping ,burning ,torturing ,killing the People of Turkana ,The Pokots.and the boranas etc. The same raping forces is massacring these poor and maginalized communities by slaughtering their Cows,donkeys, goats,camels etc to force them to surrender government guns .The Kenya Armed Forces under Criminal President Uhuru Kenyatta and his deputy William Ruto are supervicing the crimes against the innocent People of Turkans ,Pokots etc.committed by their corrupt KDF and the rogue police thugs.We call upon the international communities to intervene and save the stuation in Kenya.We also call upon the oppostion leaders to call mass demonstrations all-over Kenya to force Uhuruto heinous government to stop the annihillation of the People of Kenya from Lamu /Mombasa,Turkana/pokot /Garissa /.Madeira etc.

  • Solidarity Of workers
  • Yesterday’s demonstration in town by some nudity peddlers going by another name of my dress is my choice , has brought it’s ugly head of what dressing etiqutte is in kenya . Since our women anchors on TV started showing us their cleavages, body morphology and rounded behinds in the full glare of families in the 7 oclock and 9 oclock and some talk shops the vice has now gone a notch higher all over kenya where women are working nude all over . But let me put it squarely right, this women no matter that they are employed or married or single they share one thing in common they are not being fashionable but sex peddlers .

    They are in business no matter where they are in offices , tv , matatus , bars and streets they are just peddling the stuff called sex . especially in nairobi nowadays women folks are living on sex , they are peddling the stuff kwenda mbele without any concern.

    So Esther Passaris and Co were just defending their turf of being sex peddlers. while pretending that they are demanding the right to wear what they want . If so i did not see any thongs , see throughs , transparent body pants they were fearing to abuse the brand that is sex .

    So let us remind them , if you are my sister , aunt , mother or whatever women folk what we demand from you to gain respect is decent dressing anything less than that it will get the contempt that it deserves.

    Above all nudity is for the bedroom and bathroom and for your husbands and boyfriends , what do we have to do with your dirty soiled under pants in public view kama si ujinga . And to all those men who go showing us their buttocks and anus your days are numbered we demand dress etiquette period no negotiation..

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