Kenyan in Stockholm Commits Suicide: Body Found Hanging on a Tree

A 64 year old Kenya-Stockholmer is suspected to have committed suicide last Wednesday, February 26th 2014, plunging his entire family into deep mourning. The Kenyan’s lifeless body was allegedly found by police hanging on a tree in the woods a little distance from the Kenyan’s residence in Jordbrå, Stockholm. The police were alerted by a passersby who discovered the body dangling on a tree branch.

According to a source close to the bereaved family, the late Kenyan travelled home to Ukambani last September where he stayed for six months before returning to Sweden last month. KSB has learnt that for many years, the Kenyan has been living on early pension which he was awarded by the Swedish authorities due to illness. It is understood that the late had been suffering from neck and back pains prompting Swedish doctors to recommend him for early pension. The KSB source said that eight days after the Kenyan returned from his home trip, his body was found after which the family was alerted.

On Tuesday last week, a source said that the Kenyan left his flat at Västerhanninge in Stockholm but never returned. The source said that at first, the family thought that the late Kenyan was chilling at a nearby drinking hole and that he would soon return. The family knew that it was the Kenyan’s habit to take a stride to relax with friends before returning home, sometimes late in the night. The source said that what was strange was that on the day he vanished from home, the Kenyan left behind his wallet which contained all his cards including his ID card.

On Wednesday last week, the source said that police called the Kenyan’s wife to report to the station to show her a photo. When the wife admitted that the image was that of her hubby who had gone missing the previous day, the police disclosed that the Kenyan appears to have taken his life and that the body had been recovered. The police said that the body was being preserved at a local morgue. The police did not however say how the Kenyan may have died although a source told KSB that his body was found hanging on a tree in the woods. The police has so far not released any further information to the family regarding circumstances of death, probably because “investigations are still continuing”.

Currently, the family is still in a state of shock and is unable to come to grips with the fact that barely eight days after he returned from Kenya, the head of the family had decided to take his life.

Kenyans, friends, sympathizers and well-wishers have been pouring into the residence of the bereaved family to condole with them during this time of great shock and sorrow. A Committee is in the process of being established to help the family cope with this great loss of a loved member. The Committee will update Kenyans about any further arrangements.

KSB sends deep condolences to the bereaved family and hopes that it will find strength and courage to go through this very difficult moment. The late Kenyan leaves behind a widow and three children aged between 13 and 16 years. It is God who giveth life and God who taketh away life. May the All Mighty God rest the Kenyan’s soul in Eternal Peace.

Okoth Osewe

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  • Rip my friend .Why did you took your life or was it taken from you Rip Solomon.Our heart is with the believed family ,be of good comfort.

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