Seventeen Members of Bunge La Wazalendo Arrested by the Jubilee Government

Seventeen members of Bunge La Wazalendo were arrested today near city hall where they meet everyday for their Bunge , and taken to City court Magistrate  where they were charged with Obstruction. The 17 members rejected the plea and they will be brought to court tomorrow  where the case will be mentioned. The  Case No is 10924   and cash bail is Ksh 2000 each.

The  17 patriots are: 1.Nathan  Sitati Wanakacha 2. Paul Otieno Obonyo 3. Emanuel Juma 4. Mwera Erenest 5. Ogutu Josepth 6. Mwita Edwin 8. Maurie Okelo 9. Stevephem Musee 10. Joseph OPanga 11. Ochieng Obiero 12. Gabton Wanoyonyi 13. Jotham Mwangi 14.  Sirenge Holi 15. Thomas Nyakath Ongara 16. Josam Cheti Atetwa 17. Wiclife  Omondi Odhiambo.

The speaker of Bunge la Wazalendo, Mr Nathan Sitati, informed us that the crackdown started yesterday when three members of the Bunge were arrested and charged in the same court with same malicious case of obstruction.

Bunge La Mwananchi Jevanjee  is in solidarity  with members of Bunge La Wazaledo who meet at City hall  as the same tactics being used against them were also used against Bunge la Mwanachi Jevanjee by the state.  We are seeking solidarity tomorrow  as they appear again in the  City Court Magistrate 1.

Comrade in struggle


  • Moi began his downward spiral like this.

  • Dear racist white people

    Dear racist white people,

    When I was born I was black, when I grew up I was black, when I’m sick I’m black, when I go out in the sun I’m black, when I’m cold I’ll be black, and when I die I’ll be black. But you, when you where born you were pink, when you grew up you were white, when you’re sick you’re green, when you go out in the sun you turn red, when you’re cold you turn blue, and when you die you’ll turn purple. And you have the nerve to call me colored?

    Sincerely, black people.

  • Uhuruto r KANU boys

    Edwin Kiama – The Wanjiku Revolution Movement

    Monday, August 5, 2013

    Welcome to the Era of Digital Censorship in Kenya, but the REVOLUTION is still coming!

    Update. A few minutes after posting this on WanjikuRevolution Kenya’s Facebook timeline, the post was taken down by Facebook and the profile was blocked for 7 days. Welcome to the era of digital censorship in Kenya.

    Am back on #FB after a 24hr block followed by another immediate 3 day block. This means the Kenyan government (my government) and it’s operatives are actively reporting this profile as violating #Facebook Community Standards. The truth is a threat to the reincarnated KANU in form of #Jubilee Government.

    KANU Status Quo in it’s many incarnations has survived for 50 years by;

    1) Keeping Wanjiku (Wanjikus, Achiengs, Kerubos, Jeptoos, Aminas, Bettys, Nekesas, Abdis, Mwangis, Tanuis, Odhiambos, Mutisyas, Kazungus, Lenanas, Wekesas, Mwacharos, Yussufs, na kadhalika) ignorant on how her government is meant to serve her, not rule her.
    2) Keeping Wanjiku living hand to mouth thus too busy to keep government accountable.
    3) Divide and Rule – Tell Wanjiku that Kikuyus are the problem, Luos are the problem, Kalenjins are the problem, Kambas are the problem, Raila is the problem, WRK is the problem, etc. As we fight each other, they loot our resources and consolidate their hold on power and our lives.

    Wanjiku Revolution actively challenges the above three slave driving governance strategies. FEARLESSLY!

    Freedom of Expression and conscience as guaranteed by our Constitution IS NOT DEBATABLE. The government has managed to intimidate senior editors at the Nation Media Group and The Standard Media group to silently publish only positive stories about it. The “Accept & Move On” Doctrine. WE WILL NOT ACCEPT AND MOVE ON! A few brave souls like GADO have refused to be intimidated at the risk of loosing their jobs.

    The war has now been brought online with the #Jubilee chief propagandist working officially from State House with a title to boot and being paid using our tax resources. Bloggers like Betty Njoroge now have the pleasure of having the Government Spokesman Muthui Kariuki call her parents to intimidate her and have her take down her blog.

    Well, WE OWN SOCIAL MEDIA. WE WILL NOT BE INTIMIDATED. WE WILL SPAWN 1000 accounts by Wanjikus, Achiengs, Kerubos, Jeptoos, Aminas, Bettys, Nekesas, Abdis, Mwangis, Tanuis, Odhiambos, Mutisyas, Kazungus, Lenanas, Wekesas, Mwacharos, Yussufs, na kadhalika. WaKenya wameamka. The revolution is coming, it’s only a matter of time.

    You can have Facebook shut down this account, but I already have 50 others. You can have Facebook shut down this account, even kill me, but you are acting too late. Wanjiku Revolution is now beyond one person, many others are pushing the same truth. You cannot kill us all, YOU CANNOT KILL THE TRUTH! Wanjiku revolution is a revolution of the mind…attitude change, asking questions, wanting things to be better. This is a mindset that has been embraced by majority of Kenyans both online and offline. You cannot shut us all down. We are a ‘Small Axe”…We are organising…we will take you down. WE ARE COMING!

    I Change, YOU Change, Together WE Change Kenya….for the better.


    Posted by Edwin Kiama at Monday, August 05, 2013

  • Nairobi Special News.

    ndya muthyuty Says:
    August 6, 2013 at 13:43
    The people of Kenya cannot accept (allow) Uhuru Kenyatta & William Ruto to have both sides and eat it.(Anus & Vagina)they have to choose just one side(hole)No more no less!

    To All Kenyan Youth !Unite & bring Uhuru&Ruto Govt Down!

  • American kills Kenyan

    American Diplomat in Kenya Kills Man In Car Crash, Leaves Country Scot-Free
    augusti 02, 2013 12:45

    Diplomatic immunity is such a finicky thing. It allows diplomats in other countries, with different customs, to travel and deal with foreign matters unmolested and in relative safety, ensuring they get their job done. However, diplomatic immunity has been unfortunately used to excuse crimes committed that would be liable to prosecution and jail time at home as well as abroad. The most a victim or victim’s family can hope for in most cases is that the perpetrator of the crime is fired from their position, since revoking one’s diplomatic immunity to allow for criminal prosecution is an absolute rarity, saved only for actual atrocities.

    Such an unfortunate implication occurred last month in Kenya, which has only been recently brought to light by the Kenyan media. On July 11, Joshua Walde, an officer at the American embassy in Nairobi, was driving home from the embassy one night in an SUV. While driving, Walde went too fast while turning in a roundabout (or rounded four-way intersection), and entered oncoming traffic. Walde hit the front corner and side of a Kenyan mini-bus, or matatu, killing one man and injuring at least eight people. Investigations revealed that, despite the erratic driving nature of matatu drivers, it was clear that Walde was responsible. Immediately after the accident, Kenyan police questioned Walde, who left a statement, then invoked diplomatic immunity, allowing him to leave the scene without being charged. Walde then contacted the embassy, who then evacuated his family and he out of Kenya the very next day.

    Consequently, because of the diplomatic immunity and evacuation, Walde is off the hook from supplying the family of the dead man, Haji Lukindo, with any financial assistance, as well as paying the hospital bills of those injured. In particular, Lukindo served as his family’s sole source of income, and his never-employed 38-year-old wife is six months pregnant. This has enraged several Kenyans, who have demanded accountability on the American embassy’s part. Facebook groups speaking for the widow, Latifah Naiman Mariki, did not ask for justice, however, just acceptable compensation so that she can provide for her family in this troubled time. The State Department, when asked to comment, extended condolences to Lukindo’s family, and was cooperating with police at this time, but did not say whether Walde would return, though evidence suggests this seems unlikely.

    Admittedly, the Walde family attempted to reconcile at least some of the problems caused by their rushed exit by requesting assistance for their nanny and gardener. However, the fact that Joshua Walde’s response to this accident is to leave the country as fast as possible and not take any responsibility for the crash, which was probably an accident and not a crime, represents a recklessness that is runs in contradiction to our diplomatic corps, and against the spirit of being a diplomat, period. Walde should be held accountable to some degree, even if it’s, say, just using the money from selling their SUV to pay for the widow’s expenses. Given how much a diplomat earns, it’s not too much to ask.

    Carbonated TV

  • American kills Kenyan
  • My email hacked, says Raila aide

    The embattled aide of former Prime Minister Raila Odinga on Tuesday accused the State of hacking into his e-mail account.

    Mr Eliud Owalo said the Gmail account was being used to disseminate criminal content with the intention of prosecuting him.

    “I see the hand of the State in this because the content of the e-mail being circulated can lead to a criminal offence, something they have desperately been looking for to charge me with,” he said.

    Mr Owalo said the government was determined to charge him with sedition even after detectives found no fault in what he termed malicious investigations.

    On Tuesday, he updated his Facebook account and advised friends and followers to ignore any e-mail titled ‘‘Special Docs’’ that he said was doing rounds.

  • Julia wa Esteli (Tumutumu)

    Wewe Ngatia ni tocha, please keep on lecturing these wicked frustrated generation.

  • This might be The Fire Revolution fighting without using a bullet
    The Power of Fire >Nairobi Airport is burning>

  • Huge and severe fire at JKIA has gutted the international arrivals lounge:

    Nairobi airport closes as fire crews tackle blaze- The airport is a key regional hub.

    A fire has broken out at the main international airport in the Kenyan capital, Nairobi.

    The Kenya Airports Authority (KAA) said Jomo Kenyatta International Airport (JKIA) had been closed and passengers evacuated.

    Cabinet secretary for transport Michael Kamau said the fire was “very severe” and urged peopled to stay away from the airport.

    Images showed flames raging from one of the main buildings.

    One report suggested the entire airport was being evacuated.

    There have been no reports of any casualties and the cause of the fire is not clear.

    Jomo Kenyatta International Airport is an important regional hub for East Africa, with many long-distance flights landing there to connect to countries across the region.

    ‘Serious fire’

    The BBC’s David Okwembah, who is at the airport, says many ambulances are going to the scene as well as fire engines.

    He said a junior police officer told the BBC the fire had started at the airport’s immigration offices, although this has not been confirmed.

    A statement from the airport authority said: “We confirm reports of a fire at JKIA affecting part of [the] international arrivals building and Unit 1 departures.

    “KAA Fire and Rescue Team is on [the] ground being assisted by G4S and Nairobi Fire Brigade. Passengers have been evacuated to safety.”

    Mutea Iringo, a senior official at the interior and national co-ordination ministry, also confirmed “a serious fire” at JKIA, adding: “We are doing everything possible to avert a crisis.

    “Apart from emergency landings, all flights into and out of JKIA have been cancelled… [the] airport has been shut down.”

    The KAA said only emergency vehicles were allowed in the area.

    Are you in the area? Please get in touch using the form below.

    Send your pictures and videos to or text them to 61124 (UK) or +44 7624 800 100 (International). If you have a large file you can upload here.

  • Weather you are a Jubilee fanatic ( RV Pundit et al) or CORD fanatic (Kichwa, Jakoyo) no one should celebrate the unfortunate incident at JKIA. But look at this ODM nincompoops on twitter.

    Robert Alai ‏@RobertAlai 12m
    There is absolutely no valid argument fronted by Uhuru and Ruto on why property was destroyed in Narok. #JKIAonFIRE

    Robert Alai ‏@RobertAlai 15m
    Advice to Uhuru and Ruto. You will destroy tis country if you continue on the path you are following. Respect rule of law. #JKIAonFIRE.

    mark wambani ‏@carelessplanet 37m
    You can’t deny the people’s president VIP treatment and think you can go away with it. Karma has a way of dealing with you. # JKIA

    Obiang Nguema ‏@MartWakoli 29m
    After the mishandling of Raila at the airport I feel nothing about the #JkiaOnFire

    Obiang Nguema ‏@MartWakoli 10m
    Yes. Let it burn. RT @Gmwelu: @MartWakoli …as in really?

  • Arresting Bunge La Mwananchi&The Sleeping Corrupt Niggers >Airport Fire !No water at the Nairobi Intrnational (Baboon Airport!(A Nigger President Visiting Fire Sight Drunk (When President Uhuru Kenyatta ) Visited The Burning Airport He was Drunk & was smelling Marijuana>

  • What’s Wrong with GEMA-Airport? JOMO -KENYATTA -AIRPORT?Why did Uhuru Kenyatta Visited his Fathers AirportAfter destroying Asians and looting their assets?

  • From reliable sources The GEMA-KALENJIN GOVT is behind the Airport Fire to get a chance of detaining & eliminating Oppostion Leaders>

  • JKIA fire a Jubilee shame

    Inferno Roars Through E. Africa’s Largest Airport

    by The Associated Press

    August 07, 2013 3:21 PM

    NAIROBI, Kenya (AP) — A small fire at Kenya’s main airport swelled into a roaring inferno Wednesday that destroyed part of East Africa’s largest aviation hub and hampered air travel across the continent.

    Firefighters were desperately short of equipment in an area where the county government apparently lacks a single working fire engine. Crews needed hours to get the flames under control and at one point resorted to a line of officers passing water buckets.

    The early morning blaze gutted the arrival hall, forcing authorities to close the entire airport and airlines to cancel dozens of flights. The flames also charred airport banks and foreign exchange bureaus.

    No serious injuries were reported.

    The fire broke out on the 15th anniversary of the bombings by al-Qaida of the U.S. embassies in Nairobi and Dar es Salaam, in neighboring Tanzania. No terror connection to the fire was immediately evident, but the blaze revived long-standing safety concerns about Jomo Kenyatta International Airport.

    A statement from Kenya President Uhuru Kenyatta said the cause of the fire was being investigated and that “there is no reason to speculate at this point.”

    Kenya’s anti-terror police boss, Boniface Mwaniki, said he was waiting for more information before completely ruling out terrorism.

    Authorities last week shut down several duty-free shops at the airport, and some Kenyan media reports speculated that disgruntled parties from the forced closings may have had motive to carry out an arson attack. No government official made such an accusation Wednesday.

    International airlines, including South African Airways, Etihad and Emirates, cancelled flights to Nairobi. Qatar Air said its Nairobi flights were being rerouted to the Kilimanjaro airport in Tanzania.

    The domestic and departure terminals, which are separated from the arrivals hall by a road, were undamaged.

    By the end of the day, the airport re-opened for domestic and cargo flights but remained closed to international flights. Officials planned to convert a domestic-flight area into an international terminal for the time being.

    No U.S. carriers fly direct to Nairobi. Delta Air Lines, based in Atlanta, tried to open such a route in 2009, but the Transportation Security Administration rejected the plan because of security concerns.

    Nairobi County does not have a single working fire engine, the Daily Nation, a Nairobi newspaper, reported last month. One engine, the paper said, was auctioned in 2009 because the county had not paid a $1000 repair bill.

    An Associated Press reporter at the airport Wednesday saw uniformed officers line up with buckets in hand, apparently to battle the blaze.

    Many of the units that battled Wednesday’s fire were from private security firms and had to fight airport traffic to get there.

    Fire trucks and ambulances on the way to the airport “were trying to weave their way through a solid two lanes of cars,” said Barry Fisher, whose flight to Ethiopia was canceled.

    Nairobi is the capital of East Africa’s largest economy, but public-sector services such as police and fire departments are hobbled by small budgets, corrupt money managers and outdated equipment or a complete lack of equipment.

    A top government official at the scene of the fire said an initial assessment shows that a complacent response helped a small fire grow into an uncontrollable conflagration.

    Some airport fire engines were not filled with water and others did not have personnel to drive them, said the official, who insisted on anonymity because he was not authorized to release details of an ongoing investigation.

    Michael Kamau, the cabinet secretary for transport and infrastructure, said the fire began at 5 a.m. in the immigration section of the arrivals hall.

    Inbound flights were diverted to the coastal city of Mombasa, he said.

    Other flights were diverted to Dar es Salaam, the Kenyan cities of Eldoret and Kisumu and Entebbe, Uganda, according to Kenya’s Red Cross.

    Kenya Airways, the country’s flagship carrier, diverted five flights to Mombasa and said all of its passengers in transit were being moved to hotels. The airline reported that one passenger and one employee suffered from smoke inhalation.

    Medr Gudru, a 66-year-old German, had hoped to fly home on Wednesday but the fire stranded him.

    “This is too much. It was very nice here but this is just a mess,” he said.

    Jane Waikenda, director of the Department of Immigration Services, tweeted in a bid to soothe frayed nerves. She said officials were “doing what must be done” to restore immigration services. But, she added moments later, “you can never please everyone.”

  • JKIA fire a Jubilee shame

    As in many countries in East Africa, public sector services like police and fire units in Kenya are hobbled by small budgets and outdated or no equipment. Many of the responding units to Wednesday’s fire were from private security firms.

    A British passenger, Martyn Collbeck, said he was surprised that the airport wasn’t shut sooner so that emergency vehicles could respond.

    “When I arrived there were one or two fire engines parked outside the international arrivals. It spread very fast,” said Collbeck, who had been scheduled to fly back to London on an early morning KLM flight. “There were a couple of explosions which I think were a couple of gas canisters.”

    “I would have expected more fire engines to respond faster,” he added.

    There may not have been fire engines available to respond. The country’s largest newspaper, The Daily Nation, reported last month that Nairobi County doesn’t have a single working fire engine, and that three fire engines were auctioned off in 2009 because the county hadn’t paid a $1,000 repair bill.

    “It is a disgrace of biblical proportions that the entire Nairobi County does not have a public fire engine in working condition,” the paper wrote in an editorial last month. “When (government leaders) were debating their budgets, they did not deem it fit to set aside money either to buy new ones or repair the old ones. But they did set aside money to build mansions for governors, (buy) big vehicles for county executives and other needs without a direct benefit to Kenyans.”

    The paper said the collapse of the fire department means responses to disasters is in the hands of private companies and the military.

    Fisher, a trade specialist who lives in Nairobi, described the scene as chaotic.

    “There was no one stopping any traffic going to the road to the airport,” he said. “A number of fire trucks and ambulances were trying to negotiate their way through the lane. … They were trying to weave their way through a solid two lanes of cars.”

    With files from Reuters

  • Pattni curses uhuruto
  • JKIA fire: raw video
  • duty free shops evictions
  • duty free shops evictions
  • corruption in KAA

    How KANU government sold Airports
    As far as aviation standards go, Jomo Kenyatta International Airport is a hub of flying. Planes take off and land one after the other, leaving a buzz and hum of smooth travel and an organisation at peace with itself.
    Yet unknown to the millions of people who use this facility every year, a good chunk of the land that Africa’s busiest airport sits, including a planned runway, is owned by private individuals who can wake up one day and claim their plots.
    Our investigations have revealed that more than 250 plots have been hived off land belonging to various airports in the country – more than half of them at JKIA – and sold to private individuals, most of it during the era of President Moi.
    If the demolition of upmarket homes in Nairobi’s Syokimau shocked the nation last November, the grabbing of land belonging to Kenya’s key airports is deeper and unprecedented.
    This development raises questions about plans by the Kenya Airports Authority — the quasi-statutory corporation in charge of the country’s airspace and air facilities — to expand and modernise its key aviation facilities countrywide, given that private developers have taken up plots earmarked for airport expansion and modernisation.
    Extensive investigation and examination of documents, The Nairobi Law Monthly can reveal that land merchants have targeted nearly all airports countrywide. Our investigations show that the scandal that was Syokimau stretched beyond the allocation of Jomo Kenyatta International Airport (JKIA) land to just three parties — Mlolongo Brothers Association, Jumbo Housing and Uungani Settlement Scheme.
    In fact, 152 parcels have been hived off JKIA — the principal aviation hub in East and Central Africa. Implicitly, while the evictions at Syokimau affected just three allocations — Mulolongo, Jumbo and Uungani — KAA still has lots of land still in private hands.
    Sensitive parts of the airport (registered as LR no. 21919) are actually in private hands. Indeed, portions of the apron — the tarmacked area of the airport on which planes are turned, loaded and offloaded — is owned by private individuals, according to documents in our possession.
    Also in private hands is the land earmarked for the airport’s second runway and parts of the main flight path (the route a plane follows in the air to take off and land), thanks to underhand dealings by individuals and staff at Ardhi House. The apron and the runway are essential to the smooth functioning of an airport, and if those who received titles were to claim and develop, their parcels of land, operations in Kenya’s airspace and at its airports would face serious disruptions.
    Private land developers have taken up close to 250 parcels that previously were the property of
    the KAA: JKIA (152 parcels), Wilson Airport in Nairobi (25), Kisumu (23), Moi International
    Airport in Mombasa (11), Eldoret (13), and Malindi (1).
    Documents show that two pieces – LR no. 9042/632 and LR no. 22405 – have been shaved off
    the JKIA cargo apron and another apron at the Old Airport, 18 pieces off the main flight path at
    JKIA including LR no 23232 and LR no.25799), and 10 parcels have been excised from the
    proposed second runway, the parcels now claimed by Mulolongo, Jumbo and Uungani.
    Plot NRB/EMBAKASI/KATANI/LR no.13512 (allegedly owned by Mulolongo Brothers) and
    plot LR 14231 (claimed by Uungani) have been earmarked for the second runway whose
    construction is being funded by the World Bank.
    State House
    According to our sources at Ardhi House, the headquarters of Ministry of Lands, the allotees
    include ministers and senior public servants, and political operatives. Others include savings and
    cooperative societies (popularly known as saccos) of key parastatals. Some of the parcels are
    owned through proxies and private companies.
    Among the notable allotees is a business side-kick of a once-powerful State House Controller.
    This individual is a director in dozens of companies linked to a former top politician.
    Indeed, among the beneficiaries were individuals who were influential during the regime of
    President Moi. Some were directors of fleets of companies and state corporations. One of them
    formed a company that dealt exclusively in giving out airport land.
    Instructively, and as is with the case with Mulolongo case, some of the land allocation files have
    disappeared from Ardhi House – and at the Registrar of Companies as well.
    KAA concedes that its land has been “illegally allocated to private developers in spite the fact
    that the same had been previously reserved for airport purposes”, according its chief executive,
    Engineer Stephen Gichuki, in a letter to Lands and Settlement permanent secretary Dorothy
    Angote dated December 24, 2010.
    In the letter, Engineer Gichuki praises the PS for revoking some titles through Gazette notice
    15579 of November 26, 2010 and urges her to annul more, which he lists. “We … request for
    revocation of land titles … for the reason that those parcels of land fall within the land titles of
    the airports (LR 21919).”
    Contacted, sources at Ardhi House said the Ministry was awaiting communication from the Ethics and Anti-corruption Commission. “Once we get the requisite response, we will let you know,” said a highly-placed source who declined to be named until the Ministry received a “substantial” response from the anti-corruption body. The Ethics and ant-corruption commission is reportedly pursuing the case.
    KAA is seeking nullifications of the titles on the grounds that their being held by private parties represents a security risk to Kenya’s airspace. According to an internal memo by KAA lawyers, the failed terrorist attempt to bring down a chartered Israeli airliner that had taken off from Moi International Airport in February 2002 compelled several airlines to withdraw from the JKIA circuit, leading to a loss of revenue.
    “One of the reasons cited for the (withdrawal) was the lack of sufficient security measures at the JKIA,” says a brief by KAA lawyers.
    After the attempt on the Israeli airliner in 2002, the World Bank gave Kenya a $10 million loan to develop a perimeter wall around JKIA, and to help construct the second terminal, which is almost complete. The tender for the construction of the wall went to Nyoro construction company for sh100 million but the company couldn’t proceed after Uungani went to court claiming that KAA was encroaching on its land.
    The International Civil Aviation Organization, say sources at KAA, had threatened to declare JKIA unsafe following the Mombasa incident.
    Double Allocation
    KAA has moved to fence off part of the Syokimau land recovered from land developers last November although it is yet to embark on the development of a second runway.
    It is still not clear to what extent the allocations of KAA land are legal. However, a source at Ardhi House claimed a number of them have titles through what has come to be known as “double-allocation”, a euphemism for irregular registration of land owned by state corporations. Implicitly, the government risks entering a legal minefield were it to move to annul titles its own agents issued to the current holders.
    The fact that the KAA chief Engineer Gichuki is seeking to annul the allocations implies that the allocations were indeed made; that the contentious pieces have received LR numbers just shows that the questionable dealings took place in the offices of the Lands Ministry, says the source.
    “What will be the government’s argument (in seeking revocation)? This is a case of double-allocation. The titles were given out by the authority of the Commissioner of Lands. They are not forgeries,” said a State counsel who does not want to be named owing to the sensitivity of the matter. “It’s a huge dilemma for the State,” he said.
    KAA has put three notices in the media (November 14, 2003, October 7, 2008 and September 25, 2010) about the assault on LR no. 21919, a parcel of JKIA land.
    Experts in land matters say that any land set aside for a particular purpose is strictly, in legal terms, not available for re-allocation. “When the Commissioner of Lands gives out alienated land, then it’s an illegality,” said lawyer Paul Ndung’u, who served as the chairman of the 2003 Ndung’u Commission that was appointed by the new NARC government to look into illegal or irregular allocation of public land in Kenya.
    He said “in excess of 300,000” titles to such land throughout the country are illegal, and that “is a conservative figure”.
    KAA land had already been acquired and paid for by the mid-1990s. It wasn’t available to anybody, Mr Ndung’u said. “There must have been a conspiracy between private individuals and planners and people in the Ministry of Lands.”
    Airport Personnel
    Indeed, the allocation of airport land wouldn’t have been possible without the involvement of influential people in Ministry of Lands. “It is a case of people entrusted with safeguarding public property robbing the public,” said Jotham Okome Arwa, a lawyer who is an expert in land matters.
    “Indeed, there was high-level conspiracy in the Ministry of Lands that require thorough investigations,” according to the report of the Mutava Musyimi Parliamentary committee on Syokimau Allocation.
    This is a story of an intricate network that operates in several state offices and is linked to land- buying agents, public servants, lawyers and surveyors. Ardhi House is in the thick of the deal-making. As will be seen in the following story about Syokimau, files were created and then made to disappear inside the ministry’s walls; requisite payments were made; and government institutions gave out conflicting information.
    But the key question is: Did KAA personnel knowingly abet the fraud? The Mutava Commission tends toward blaming KAA for inertia.
    (The KAA Communication/Corporate Affairs Department failed to respond to a questionnaire this writer sent it almost three months ago. It called off three interview appointments at the eleventh hour)
    As early as the 1990s during the tenure of Peter Kipyegon Lagat, the chief executive officer, KAA had placed itself on a collision course with land grabbers. As the authority dilly-dallied, private developers, together with unscrupulous Ardhi House staffers, had positioned themselves
    to grab plots of land. By failing to fence off its assets, the authority exposed them to the grabbers.
    The story begins in June 7, 1994 when the new KAA absorbed the now-defunct Kenya Aerodromes Department through Kenya Gazette Legal No. 201. Earlier through notices 439 and 440 of February 25, 1982, the Aerodrome Department had Syokimau Farm Ltd (L.R 7149/11/R), a former sisal plantation owned by a white Kenyan, with an eye towards the expansion of the airport.
    (It is still not clear how much land KAA acquired from Syokimau Farm, nor how much was inherited from the Aerodromes Department)
    By 1995, the assets transferred from Aerodromes had “not been valued and transferred” to KAA, according to Parliament’s Public Investments Committee (PIC) report. “Under the circumstances I have been unable to confirm that the fixed assets are fairly stated in the accounts,” the committee chair, Anyang’ Nyong’o, stated.
    The following year, the PIC revisited the issue. “The … correctness of the stated fixed assets figure (given by KAA chief executive) is doubtful,” the watchdog committee concluded. Four years earlier, the chief executive had confirmed to the Auditor-General (Corporations) that KAA “did not maintain an up-to-date fixed assets register”.
    KAA, despite contributing about 10 per cent to the country’s Sh2 trillion (about Sh200 billion) annual income, had failed to secure its assets and for a long time did not even have a register of its fixed assets. Basically, KAA did not know how much land it owned and may still not know.
    Confusion can create a propitious environment for unscrupulous public servants—and their hirelings. It is an all-too-familiar opportunity for fraud and explains why many public sector employees have fought against the computerisation of state registries. In the case of land management, Ardhi House has been the stumbling block to the establishment of the Kenya National Spatial Data Infrastructure that would facilitate information-sharing among institutions.
    The confusion over the title only served to attract speculators.
    Yet even as the letters passed to and from Ardhi House, the KAA did little to stop further encroachment on its land. It would appear that influential officials within the KAA were not in a hurry to expedite the court cases the Authority had filed against Mlolongo Brothers and the Uungani Scheme way back in 2004.
    “Evidence adduced indicates that (KAA) has not been ready to prosecute the case, having been seeking adjournments citing lack of preparation and filing a list of witnesses among other issues,” the Mutava Musyimi committee noted .

    NOTE: This article was published in the October issue of the Nairobi Law Monthly

  • Serikali Ya Uhuru/Ruto Ni Mavi

    Uhuru Govt Is Rubbish Kweli>Serikali Ya Uhuru&Ruto Ni Mavi! according to Ngatia Video>

  • Balala is not a Kenyan !Balala is from Oman Muscat-How comes an illitrate &Primitive Arab becomes a Kenya Minister?

  • Time to Fire Nsis Chief

    Go & burn Mombasa PortIKf you are rally serious arsonists!

  • Kwa nini hawa mama wanalia? Why are these women crying > Why do they want Compensation? Kenya govt compensates the Elites Only>Govt paid Wamalwas funeral etc etc>

  • Museveni attacks Uhuruto
  • Look how Niggers are stupid >This is a good example to prove how stupid corrupt African Dictators are Conned by Old European women /Companies etc How stupid and useless these Black /barbarian Chimpanzees ?

  • Kenyan Idle & jobless Youth has crteated free-Movies in the Streets here comes a free mo vie that attracted 1000nds of Idlers >

  • Kenya govt Spokesman was fired After Vomitting Toxic poison from his (Anus)Watch the Video he is a Kikuyu &a GEMA barking dog>

  • shame being Kenyan
  • Sigge Siggesson

    Kenya is a very dangerous place to live or to spend your Money as a tourist!
    Tourists better choose somewhere else instead of Visiting Kenya where they will rape/or kidnap your wife/daughter /family>Watch the Video>

  • One -Way Ticket

    Kenya should hold (allow One million Greeks to settle in Kenya (Criticos) should start Greeks Exodus to Kenya>Greek people are facing increasing unemployment, with 27.6% of the country without a job in May.

    Unemployed people in Athens say the future of the country is bleak, and they are struggling to pay for basic commodities.

  • One -Way Ticket

    Arresting Bunge la ;wananchi will creat a future Sick Societies of the World Nations>

  • One -Way Ticket

    Do You Think Capitalism gonna Poison the whole Universe? Why is Uhuru/Ruto govt jailing & arresting Bunge la Mwananchi Members?> Capitalism Madness!

  • One -Way Ticket

    Uhuru Kenyatta /Ruto Evil govt Stop Jailing Members of Mbunge La Wazalendo Plus La Mwananchi > Help /Resque Kenneth Matiba & Take Former President Daniel Arap Moi to Court & let him Pay for his sins!

  • Not Only Members of Bunge La Wazalendo & la Mwananchi that has been arrested by The Uhuru&Ruto Corrupt & Criminal govt Mr Kamlesh Pattni has been Forcigilly Raped & Molested by Uhuru Kenyatta/Ruto Govt>

  • Uhuru Kenyatta & His Deputy William Rutto Must(MUST) Resign or be forced to resign through Mass-Action >& Save The Republic Of Kenya!Stop Jailing & arresting the Youth (Wazalendo & Bunge la Wananchi>

  • BREAKING NEWS KENYA UNDER AUCTION TO THE HIGHEST BIDDER (ICC)VERSES WESTERN IMPERIALIST COUNTRIES!Let us Watch on UHBURU-KIKUYU & Their Cunningness>LinkBack LinkBack URL About LinkBacksTopic ToolsShow Printable VersionEmail this Page…Subscribe to this Topic… Rate This TopicCurrent Rating Excellent Good Average Bad Terrible
    Dr. Job Yesterday 22:07 #1 JF Senior Expert Member
    Join Date : 22nd January 2013
    Location : Castelle Gandolfo
    Posts : 300Rep Power : 389Likes Received:93
    Likes Given:53 Exclusive: Uhuru trading ICC woes for Kenya’ minerals.
    Trading ICC Woes for Kenya’s Wealth: Kenyatta’s Stealth Onslaught on Kenya’s Minerals and Communal Land!

    It has been reported that Mining Minister Najib Balala has revoked all mining lincences issued recently. Instead of forming a public company (owned by all Kenyans) which would hold stakes in mines and oil, alongside a sovereign wealth fund to manage revenue from these industries on behalf of all Kenyans, Uhuru Kenyatta is walking the nation through secretly negotiated dealings that will instead privatize our natural resources for exploitation of multinational corporations and few oligarchs like himself.

    If Jubilee ever lies they intend to do so –it would be nothing but lip service and plain lies! That’s because behind closed doors, lopsided mineral dealings are currently ongoing – with the center of these negotiations being the horse-trading of Kenyatta and Ruto’s personal (legal) problems at the ICC.

    Media is completely silent to report the real intrigues behind such moves byBalala (dictated from State House) which are otherwise keeping many County Governors restless.


    1. Kenya’s stash of underground minerals is worth hundreds of times more than the recent oil and natural gas finds. The country has the 2nd largest Niobium mine in the world. Niobium’s global market is currently hot – likely to fetch billions of dollars to corporations exporting it – because of its use in assembling computer and aircraft parts.

    2. Chinese, Canadian, South African and a few European mining companies are engaged in fierce wars over control of these mines. It is against this backdrop that Uhuru Kenyatta is secretly using his ICC legal troubles as bargaining chip for negotiating new mining and oil contracts.

    3.Kenyatta himself sits on huge tracts of irregularly acquired land underneath which lie several of these mines within the newly devolved (but still weak and poorly funded) Counties of Taita Taveta, Kwale, and Kilifi.

    4. In 2011, there were only 30 registered mining companies in Kenya – today the number stands at above 300. A Chinese mining corporation recently signed a Sh 8 Trillion mining deal for Niobium mining at Kwale.Cortec Mining, a subsidiary of Canada’s Pacific Wildcat Resources (alongside few Anglo-Leasing-type Kenyan oligarchs), also recently signed a deal to mine Niobium in the same vicinity.

    5. The trouble is – these humongous contracts were facilitated by Kibaki-era bureaucrats who made billions in kickbacks. The incoming Uhuruto crew is equally zealous to make their own cut, and use their ICC woes as leverage to secure NEW quid-pro-quo deals with the Canadians, Chinese, South Africans, French, and Anglo-American interests.They want to cut out competition and control an oligarchy of just a few cartels exploiting Kenya’s minerals.

    6. It is against this backdrop that Uhuru Kenyatta has suspended the Kibaki-appointed Commissioner of Mines Moses Masibo and revoked all the mining licences issued under the Kibaki administration. At the table of all new negotiations is –“drop the ICC charges then we sign deals!”

    7. Parallel to the new mining dealings to be “overseen” by Uhuru’s new errand-man Najib Balala (Mining Minister), is a simultaneous frenzy of acquisition of land titles in the mines spanning across Kwale, Taita Taveta, Kilifi, Machakos, and Kitui. These irregular land speculation dealings are currently passing through the hands of Charity Ngilu (Lands Minister).


    · * The idle land held by the Kenyatta family in the counties of Taita Taveta, Kwale, Lamu and Kilifi are essentially speculation holdings underneath which lie multi-billion-worth of natural minerals.

    · * The secret to this wealth was shared to Jomo Kenyatta by outgoing British colonialists in secret pre-independence deals –following prospective studies done by British Geologists in the 1950s. Kenyatta’s nephew Beth Mugo has been actively involved in privatization of these mining concerns.

    · * The Kenyatta family specifically sits on 74,000 acres of Taveta and 30,000 acres of Taita land underneath which lie gemstones and minerals like Niobium, Tsavorite, Ruby, Sapphire, Tourmalines, Rhodolites, Kyanites and about 40 agro-minerals minerals like limestone and phosphates.

    · * As per the 2009 census, a majority of Taita Taveta’s population of 300,000 live in dire poverty (66%) while remaining disenfranchised from ancestral land that they could be farming – by 2 families, the Kenyattas and the Criticos. The story of Kwale and Kilifi is similar – a sad case of gross expropriation of land from poor natives. This is the same tale recently witnessed at Narasha (Ol Karia).

    · * The Jubilee government of Uhuru Kenyatta is planning to completely privatize these mining concerns to rake in huge multi-billion payoffs and also to buy into stake-holdings of incoming mining companies.

    · In all this, where is the voice of natives of devolved counties and other Kenyan taxpayers?

    Kenyans of all walks of life, of all ages, all races and tribes, from all 47 Counties need to call for serious dialogue regarding the future management of our natural resources – for the benefit of all Kenyans, not just a privileged few. A Parliament that is not beholden to parochial “Jubilee” interests should have essentially taken lead in this serious matter.
    The opposition may have helped unearth these irregularities but should not be intimidated into silence regarding this plain robbery. The ICC problem should not be used to further disenfranchise Kenyans.

    By Dr. Job Last edited by Dr. Job; Yesterday at 22:24.

  • Oprah Winfrey racism
  • Mining Revoking Licences by Uhuru Kenyatta Govt Using Balala is a Gimmick to Hold Western European Govts And the USA govt into making a feal with Uhuru Kenyatta & William Ruto to force the Western Govts & USA to diss-miss the ICC Case in Hague Then Uhuru&ruto will issue Mining Contracts !Balala is demanding a Million Dollar/Pounds just to meet with that (Msenge)(From Oman Muscat Does Balala wants to re-locate to Oman Muscat when Uhuru Ruto Govt Collapses?

  • Listen to Govt baboons What they are adressing the ICC in hague !When will Niggers (barbarians wake-up& smell their Shit)?Francis Muthaura says State documents sensitiveUpdated Wednesday, August 7th 2013 at 22:50 GMT +3

    Former Head of Civil Service Francis Muthaura wants lawyers of the post-election violence victims at The Hague barred from assessing sensitive Government documents that were handed over to the international court.


    At the heart of the controversy includes minutes of National Security Advisory Committee held at the height of the violence, Government communication, reports and confidential statements of former defence witnesses.

    In an application to the Chamber handling the case against President Uhuru Kenyatta, Muthaura said the said items include ‘sensitive items that were given to his defence on a confidential and restricted basis’.

  • A barbarian Primitive (kenyan Nigger) was found hanged in a (Park) in the USA>A Kenyan man was found dead hanging on a tree in New Jersey on Tuesday morning.

    Jeffery Kilibwa was found hanging from the tree at around 8.30am at the Lafayette Park on Communipaw Avenue in Jersey City, by a woman who called 911.

    Paramedics arrived and took him to New Jersey Medical Center where he was pronounced dead.

    New Jersey Prosecutor’s office said that they did not suspect foul play in death and believe that Kilibwa,60, hanged himself.


  • Bewitched & Cursed Nigger-aka lala-land

    Who is President here? (in Kenya) Does Kenya has a Government? If there is any Govt ,Then that goverment thinks with its (Anus) Which means Anus thinking Kenya govt ! Becouse this govts lack head/brain >Warch this Video and be a judge!

  • Bewitched & Cursed Nigger-aka lala-land
  • Siginyoi Singounyu
  • After looting & grabbing (Mhindid) Kamlesh Pattni Property Now The Duty Free-Shops will be Given to Uhurus(Mama Ngina & Beth Mugo before Cancer Kills her!

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