Kenyan Businessman Swindled More than Ksh 500,000 by Swedish Businessman

Kenyan believed in Europeans and delivered goods before payment

Photos of some fish flies delivered to Swedish businessman

Photos of some fish flies delivered to Swedish businessman

A Swedish businessman has allegedly swindled a Kenyan businessman more than half a million Kenyan shillings in a business-gone-sour deal. Claes Engberg, a resident of Båstad municipality in Sweden, has allegedly refused to pay Mr. Hezton Kamau a total of USD$ 6,480 (SEK 41,902) after Mr. Kamau delivered fishing flies which his company, Katherter Technologies, manufactures mainly for the European, American and Scandinavian markets.

According to Mr. Kamau, he met Mr. Claes through an advertisement the Kenyan made for his company at the Alibaba website. Following the advert, Claes sent Kamau an email seeking to discuss business.

Kamau told KSB that, “he emailed me and introduced himself, we exchanged communication regarding doing business together and drew up a contract. Being a newcomer to deals with Swedish nationals I agreed that I would send the fish flies then receive payments after sending the goods”.

For beginners, fish flies are used for sport fishing and are usually attached to the hook as a bait to lure fish in water. According to Kamau, his Company manufactures fishing hooks “and add bodies onto the fishing hooks to imitate a insects and other small baits like beetle, grasshoppers, small fish etc”.

To seal the deal, an agreement between the two businessmen was drawn and duly signed by the two parties. It stated in part that “This agreement is made and entered into by and between the parties concerned on 15.12.2011 in Sweden and Kenya on the basis of equality and mutual benefit to develop business on terms and conditions mutually upon as follows…”.

The agreement then went on to detail the intricacies of the business after which Kamau got to work in what he viewed as his biggest contract ever since he went into the fish fly making business. The fact that demand was coming from Sweden was very positive because he knew that payment wouldn’t be a problem since he trusted Europeans and believed that no European would swindle a struggling businessman in Africa, more so, Kenya where President Barack Obama comes from.

To ensure that everything went smoothly, Kamau accepted to be paid only after he had delivered the goods. It was the first time he was dealing with a Swedish national and he was very determined to prove that he could deliver high quality goods since he believed that once he convinced his Swedish partner about his reliability, payment would be no problem. However, matters took a dramatic turn-around because as soon as Kamau delivered goods worth more than half a million Kenyan shillings, Claes vanished into thin air, never to be seen again.

As Kamau got to work, some fish-fly making materials were missing in Kenya and Claes readily agreed to acquire them from a Company in the United Kingdom called Veniard. Kamau told KSB that some of the most expensive materials used in the production of the fish flies could only be found in Kenya and consequently, he purchased them. The Kenyan said that according to an agreement with Claes, the Swede would deduct any monies he used in the purchase of materials from Veniard from Kamau’s final payment and that the deductions would clearly be documented. The agreement on the payment stated that:

“The price for each individual transaction shall be fixed through negotiations between party A and party B and subject to party A’s final confirmation. The first payment will be 50% within 30 days after delivery and the second payment 50% will be within 60 days after delivery. Payment shall be through T/T i.e Telegraphic Transfer. Prices will not rise more than 6% per year”.

Once Kamau accumulated enough invoices, he said that he “sent him and asked him kindly to advance the funds so that I could keep the factory running and get my well-deserved monetary benefit”.

The Kenyan added that “he emailed me on July 28th 2012 and promised to send me between USD3000 – USD4000. By the end of the following week, he had not paid a single coin and when I tried to contact him, he dismissed me buy saying that he is taking his family for a holiday”.

“When I later tried to push him to advance me the funds, he said that he is the one who bought materials! My question to him was: what about the costs I had incurred in buying extra materials, courier charges, import duty for the materials, payment of my staff, payment of the factory rent and other overheads? He then cut out all communication”, a bitter Kamau told KSB.

Further, Kamau told KSB that Claes also never paid Veniard their full dues and that the company is also looking for him to pay up his bills. At the Swedish Registration of Companies, Claes’ company, which bears his name as Company name, is listed as “inactive”.

Kamau’s problem is that all of Claes’ friends whom the Swede introduced to him through mail are no longer taking his phone calls while Claes has himself disappeared. Kamau is appealing for help from anybody who may know the whereabouts of Claes to get in touch with him through KSB so that the Swede can be made to pay his bills. Kamau says that he has all the documents related to the business including all contracts and agreements, all vouchers he sent to Claes, all courier receipts together with a copy of Claes Swedish Passport which he obtained from the Swede to confirm his Identity before he entered into business with him.

Okoth Osewe



  • Moses Silvan Dumilu

    I used to believe Kikuyus are a smart and cunning nuts?Hence The Chosen People! How comes Mr Kamau was conned being a Kikuyu international businessman?Why has Kamau trust a Whiteman for being superiour than a black kenyan young Businessman!What has he learned after being conned ,cheated and fooled by Musungu ?Has Kamau reported this Mu-Swede man not only to Police but to Swedish Tax Authority?
    How long will these black (dark) negroes be easly cheated by Whiteman/women? has it to do with Kikuyus Culture ?Of trusting and believing Msungu is Superior than a dfark-skinned Negroe?Kamaus Fishing Trout Herchery business sounds funny!I just wonder whether there is Fishes in CEntral Kenya?

  • The problem facing us, we small businessmen is lack of proper information and a blind trust of information from the web,and we still believe that mzungu will never swindle you,anyway Kamau must have been convinced and closed his eyes for the risks involved after signing a contract of supply of flies worth ksh 500,000 without down payment,next time check with prv,swedish tax and credit collectors offices incase the said company is on defaulters list,chances of kamau getting his money will entirely depend on claes and nobody can help after signing a contract with inactive company which does not have a licence to run up a business,alternatively report the matter to police forgery department or send the case to credit collectors incase its not a ltd company.There is a law that you cannot claim anything after 3 yrs or 3 months but he should check am not sure which is which but the relevant authorities can give him proper guidlines.It might take long and no short cut here, mutunga style will not work here good luck

  • It’s very strange and sad story. Unfortunately crooks are all over the world. My brother has a company here in Sweden n a couple of times he has been doing jobs for people how end up doing everything they can, not to pay him.

  • Hotentot Hotezburg

    Nobody should ever sympasize with Kamau ! Suppose his business suceeded,did he has informed Ksb readers about his succession? Kamau was involved with his dirty corrupt business practiced in Kenya by those who wants to get (rich)money quickly without sweating . But unfortunately a Cunning Kamau met up with a White Master Who leads and specialises in Conning and Corrupting Silly African mad dictators .
    When will these Black(kaffirs) realize that a Msungu Europe lives on conning silly and stupid Africans From Cape to Kairo .I dont see the reason for Mr Kamau reporting his underworld-dealings going sore to Ksb readers.What was the reason and the motive behind reporting his weakness and failures .No body should pity him ,hence this culture of corruption and thieving must be dis-encouraged , fought and eliminated not only in Kenya but in the whole of african Continent .Where Nigroes has failed miserably to realize human-Rights Freedom , liberty the dreams.of African masses.I do hope next time Mr Kamau will wake-up from his bush thinking mentality.

  • William Kilwa

    Mr Kamau just forget the whole hog and life goes on .The thirving Msungu will not stop you from advancing think big and do not forget that life is an ass!ups-and down. Mzungu bonoko!

  • Demyo Demyonyut

    Detentions in Soudi Arabia where Niggers arresearched by brutal Arabs

  • Uhuru deports Nigerians

    Mass deportation of Nigerians from Kenya
    June 16, 2013


    For Nigerians resident in Kenya, these are the worst of times. Their plight could be compared to the era of slave trade when able-bodied Africans could not tell what the next minute held for them because human traffickers could pick them up the next minute.

    Checks revealed that in recent times, Nigerians have become victims of undeserved humiliation and deportation in President Barrack Obama’s country of origin.

    It was gathered that due to the uproar that followed a recent publication by Sunday Sun in which one of the deportees, Anthony Chinedu, recounted his sad experiences in the hands of Kenyan security personnel, the government of the East African country swiftly changed its strategy. According to latest deportees, the Kenyan security agents have resorted to bugging telephone conversations of Nigerians, and once the name or language sounds Nigerian, they would trace the person and get him arrested.

    They stated that Nigerian citizens, especially those engaged in legitimate businesses in that country live literally with their hearts on their palms, hiding from place to place for fear of being picked up and bundled back home empty handed.

    It was alleged that part of the grouse that the Kenyan President and his deputy have against Nigerian citizens was that Nigerians gave massive support to his rival in the country’s recent presidential election and that a Nigerian is in charge of the deputy president’s case at the International Criminal Court.

    Jet used to deport Anthony Chinedu still at MMA

    Checks by Sunday Sun indicated that, as at press time, the jet (5Y-SAX) used to deport Anthony Chinedu last week, was still being detained at the cargo wing of the of Murtala Muhammed International Airport in Lagos. Unconfirmed sources from Kenya said the jet belonged to Hon William Ruto, the Kenyan Vice President. It was gathered that the jet’s voyage into the Nigerian airspace was not properly and officially documented, a situation that suggested that it might not have followed due process.

    President orders mass arrest and deportation

    A tacit official confirmation that Kenya-based Nigerians were really in for hard times, came last Monday, when that country’s president, Uhuru Kenyatta, in a public function, gave his nod to mass deportation of Nigerians. While declaring open the 2nd National Conference on Alcohol and Drug Abuse (NACADA) in Nairobi, on June 11, 2013, he ordered the security agencies to fish out, arrest and deport all foreigners suspected to engage in drug trafficking in Kenya. Sunday Sun monitored the reportage of the presidential order that was relayed in Kenyan radio and TV stations including NTV, Capital FM and Ghetto Radio- 89.5FM, as well as some tabloids the next day. Some of their headlines read: “Deport all suspected drug dealers”, “Police to arrest, deport all foreigners suspected of engaging in drug”, and “Deport all suspected foreign drug dealers”. It was gathered that since that official directive, several Nigerians have been secretly deported.

    Many Nigerian citizens in that country saw the presidential order as an official permission to Kenyans to tag any face they do not like, as “suspected” drug dealer. One of them who mailed Sunday Sun stated that, “since all it takes to throw a foreigner out of Kenya is mere suspicion, landlords, debtors and anybody who doesn’t like your face only needs to call in the police and brand you a suspect.”

    One of the victims who identified himself simply as Joe, spoke to Sunday Sun upon his arrival at the Murtala Muhammed International Airport, on Monday. Like Chinedu, he is also an indigene of Anambra state. Narrating his experiences in the hands of the Kenyan police, he stated that he was picked up Sunday night and told to choose either to die slowly in their (security men) hands or silent deportation.

    “I asked them what they meant by going home silently and they said they would just buy a normal air ticket for me, so I could return to Nigeria like other normal travelers, and I chose the latter,” he said.

    Joe said he learnt later, that the security agents adopted the strategy because the Nigerian High Commission in Kenya had lodged official complaint to the authorities about the deportation of Nigerian citizens without its knowledge. About a dozen Nigerian citizens resident in Kenya who reacted to Sunday Sun interview with Anthony Chinedu also confirmed that Nigerians were still being recklessly arrested and detained. They also confirmed Joe’s allegation of silent deportation.

    Another deportee, Mr Paul Owoseni, an indigene of Ondo state, told a pathetic story. He told Sunday Sun while on his way to his village that he did not know his offence.

    Hear him: “Many Nigerians are still detained there, as we speak, awaiting deportation. Till now, I don’t know what offence I committed that warranted this inhuman treatment. Their security agents just go on the streets of Kenya, picking up anyone they identify as a Nigerian and tag him a drug dealer. I was doing my legitimate business in that country; I did not sale, take or keep drugs, and nobody has ever seen me with any narcotic substance. They picked me up on Monday (June 3), and detained me till Thursday, before bundling about ten of us into the plane. We were not allowed to take even a pin. They told us while in detention, that they wanted all Nigerians out of their country, not minding whether we were doing legitimate business or not. They also said that they did not want to get rid of us through court process.

    Tracking method

    “The moment you call a friend and the security agents noticed it is a Nigerian name you called, they would track both of you and get you arrested. They also intercept calls, and once they notice that you sounded Nigerian, they would trace you and get you arrested immediately.”

    Owoseni told Sunday Sun that while in Kenya, he was into importation of human hairs that he also supplied to Uganda and Tanzania, and he had just stocked his shop. Oseni alleged that the security agents broke his gate while he was away on the day they came to arrest him, at about 5pm, and waited for him.

    “They even arrested a friend that was in my company at that time. I will not mention his name because he is among those in detention in Kenya.”

    Kenyan wife works with Kenyan army

    Owoseni who arrived in Nigeria with nothing, told Sunday Sun that like many other Nigerians, he was married to a Kenyan and they had a child, Micheal. He stated that his Kenyan wife, Damaris, who works for the Kenyan army, was still at work when he was arrested, and they did not allow him to communicate with her before he was deported. Like the other deportees, he urged that the Nigerian government should not let all their struggles in Kenya to be in vain.

    Another Deportee speaks

    Also forced out of Kenya, was Oluwatosin Adebiyi, an indigene of Oyo State, who was arrested at midnight and taken away in his nightclothes. “They stormed my house at midnight and arrested me. They were about 40 armed men, and before I was taken away, they ransacked the house and took away all handy valuables including my $20,000 cash, five phones and three ipads belonging to me and my wife. My duplex, two cars and other valuables in the house are worth over N60 million. “The most annoying part was that they rendered me incommunicado, disallowed me from communicating with my Kenyan wife and children. They did not give me any option while in detention.”

    They jumped into my compound around 1 a.m. –Daniel

    Another deportee, Mr Daniel, narrated his ordeal in Kenya. “On Sunday night (June 2), about 15 policemen who were armed to the teeth, came to my house. They actually scaled the fence like criminals, around 1 a.m., and ordered me to open my door. Initially, I thought they were armed robbers.

  • Demyo Demyonyut

    8.Does GEMA (Kikuyu) mean business ,then they might rule and dominate Kenya for ever>Uhuru Kenyatta President /Muhoho Kenyatta /David W G Murathe (wine) Beth Mugo (cancer) Alfred Gitonga/ J B Njoka Muturi /Jim Wanjigi/ Jomo Gechaga/N Muturi/GB Wanjui/Kimani/Njenga/Koinange/ Njoroge/This is Uhuru’s Yes men/women. Mighty men/women sons and daughters of the Soil!They Own Kenya !They hate Luos/They have Money. They are ready to kill.The army is behind them.They are telling Kenyans Mtado?

    Let us wait & Wait And Wait until the sun sets! Time for new Agenda For Kenya!

    One ethnic corrupt ,lords of Impunity Must be resisted no matter what!
    Uhuru owns majority of media houses in Kenya Tvs /Fm Radios etc !

    Comment by Kweli Nyanza Sio Kenya | March 24, 2013

  • The Super Nigeria Nigger-Land is teaching Uhuru Kenyatta and Ruto a Big Lesson> Here is an ongoing fight Btw Two corrupt NiggerCountries where Cocaine and other hard-drugs rules the day >
    Nigeria Vs Kenya >Nigerians are molested before deported from Kenya Using very brutal methods plactized by Adolf Hitler & Mussolini!

  • Uhuru useless

    Uhuru Kenyatta is a useless leader who has decided to deport drug-dealers. Does he not trust his Judiciary that he used to favour his vote stealing? Suspects should be tried first otherwise his policy of deportation will cause a diplomatic row. Now the Kenyan plane is detained in NIgeria coz of his stupid policy.

  • Maronites Philosophy

    Baboon tribes must come with an Kikuyu Agenda!
    Eddy Njoroge ( Eddy) is a familiar name in Kenya corporate circles. He is or was involved with Telkom Kenya, Stanbic Bank Kenya, Real Insurance Company (EA) Ltd and Proctor & Allan (EA) Ltd and AccessKenya. He is mostly associated with KenGen, a public company he ran for a long time.

    His name attracted attention when the then Justice minister Mutula Kilonzo tabled a report in Parliament in which Eddy was named among others to be taken to Court for corruption. Kilonzo is dead, and nothing much has been heard about the report to further the prosecution.,-say-‘big-fish’

    KenGen and its then MD Eddy were investigated by the KACC for corruption culminating in the report, which Kilonzo tabled. Serious money was lost in geothermal projects. Later Eddy left KenGen as their MD. I am told the board has now appointed him Chairman after Titus Mbathi left.

    I was pleasantly surprised to read that Eddy would be taken to court. Maybe Kilonzo chewed more that he could swallow. No one expected Eddy to face a Court. He was in Kibaki’s inner circles and was and still is, the centerpiece of the money making TransCentury, which financed Kibaki’s presidential elections including the 2007 theft rendezvous and recently sponsored Uhuru. Only in Jan 2013, did they make a killing,

    It is public knowledge that money is being made in oil activities especially in Turkana region. So it was no surprise to read that Uhuru had appointed Eddy to advise him on matters Energy including oil exploration. And to help matters a Joseph Njoroge was made the Principal Secretary(Energy and Petroleum). The two Njoroges are directly responsible for the oil exploration in Kenya today.

    Read more:

  • Dear CEO of HeadOffice McDonalds. There might be false information given from MCD to the Swedish authorities about an immigrant applying for a work permit. Considering MCD has been in a few scandals about illegal labor, bribed managers and bought work permits. MCD has offered a managerial job and a salary raise to a non educated non citizen who is in desperate need of a permit to stay in Sweden. The employee has a temporary work permit. There is reasons to believe that the information is false. It looks like MCD is helping an immigrant to get a work permit on false grounds. MCD has offered a non citizen with only 7 years of elementary school a managerial position and a salary raise with more than 100%. The subject is not able to work at the register and he never did a job rotation nor took the internal courses offered. The subject has been in police interrogation for assault and battery, in 2010 he lived with a false identity, and he has been caught with false drivers license and false birth certificate and there is reasons to believe that his passport i false. In 2010 he tried to produce a false passport with the help of the Kenyan embassy in Stockholm. He is also in the outskirts of human smuggling. People he called abroad in 2011 is now in Stockholm, some of them.

  • Minoko Vinokio Manoweli

    Mr Ms Mrs Enbladflera your brain is inside your Anus!Are you an informer?What is disturbing you? jerous/Avudsjukasslet Kumamayokimanyokonyokoze!”The guy of your subject looks genius /Super !try to respect People Many people you find here in Europe came from millions of kilometers without knowing any Shit-pit Svenson and thjey survive get job Marry swedish easy-goping women/ladies /girls.old young !Arent they smart? Can you move to Africa and survive >Get your moms breast and feed! ghasiameghizoewectche!
    African men are specialist to Passports Work Permit!Why is your policemen sleeping ?Corrupt just like other Police-cps Corruption is even in sweden Dont you know that >keep off African Affairs Join Police and become SnutJevel!The black man you are reporting is your Master He is your boss thats why you are very bitter Why not committ suicide!

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