Swedish Pornographer, Bestiality Girls in Court in Mombasa



  • Nichima konzi.

    The following questiones must be asked by (normal human beings) not Zombies) Did the dogs wear Condoms (or) was it Ngozi Kwa Ngozi) Hence this Swedish Paedophilia wanted to make millions out these Nigger-Whores)!The Judge must find out whether the Dog used came from Foreign European (labs) for reaserching with Foolish Africans and spread un-curable Viruses?
    I would suggest that Kenya Govt to inclund NSIS/in this investigation to find out whether there is foreign Power to spread Special Virus in such dealings etc itc? Its known that Kenya is weak and open society where Researches can be carried without anybody raising an alarm hence Banana Republic!:A Coun try like Zimbabwe ,Ghana has once managed to arrest foreign spies doing dirty work in their Hospitals etc etc!

  • Who ever he is,the swedisg guy should be restrained in maximum security here in Kenya since we do not know whether he is going to get freed there abroad if they are to be deported he really did a very unholy and unlawful deed.

  • Kenya has become a new destination for tourists to take with them their dogs and enjoy Nigger Pussies which is open to dogs and cats for Money!Welcome to Hakuna Matata -land of bestiality!

  • who is to blame for this sick ass so cold tourist from using and misusing Africans? He might even go free, buck on the days of the old tester ment he should be have his penis if he has any eaten by world animals while he is alive, this baaaaaastard.

  • I am sure the dog wore special doggy condoms. Even dogs aren’t stupid enough to have sex with Kenyan prostitutes without protection!

  • This is a disgrace to all of us kenyans and a violation and molestation of our good morals that we have. This case should be taken seriously and this White twisted Sick man should be taken to Court to dearly . l live in Europe if this kind of thing could have happened here, the would would first have been delt with accordingly.

  • the country has no money to pay its mp sh2000000 so the mony has to be found in all damn means!!!

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