What Next for the Luo Community After Raila Odinga?

Jared Odero: ODM needs fresh blood within its top leadership

Jared Odero: ODM needs fresh blood within its top leadership

The General Election is over and done with and it is now time to critically examine some factors that have negatively and positively steered politics in the Luo community, during the past decade. It is also important to project the way forward for this ethnic group and the Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) party, since its leader Raila Amolo Odinga, is currently not an elected politician. This article focuses on the Luo, who are the largest group within ODM, just like the Kikuyu in Uhuru-led The National Alliance (TNA) party and the Kalenjin in Ruto-led United Republican Party (URP).

First and foremost, I was among those who were highly disappointed by the unanimous ruling by the Supreme Court which rejected Raila’s petition on grounds that will soon be made public. However, I was already in doubt of a fair verdict given the praxis of conservative rulings in presidential petitions elsewhere. Moreover, Kenya’s leaning on an adversarial legal system added to my pessimism.

Apart from the above, endogenous factors within Luo Nyanza ensured that Raila lost quite a big chunk of his usually huge votes, despite the allegations of State machinery having been used to guarantee Uhuru’s win. It could be argued for instance, that voter apathy among the Luo contributed to Raila’s failure to capture the presidency. It was a do or die political contest and from observations, Uhuru and Ruto had campaigned vigorously within their strongholds of the Kikuyu and Kalenjin tribes, respectively.

There is no doubt Raila has played a key role in the democratic gains enjoyed by Kenyans today. Nevertheless, there are some factors concerning his personality and that of Luo politicians collectively, which impeded his success in capturing the presidency.

Raila-Ruto breakup:  In 2008, Ruto, who was then-Raila’s political bosom buddy and had brought him the Kalenjin voting bloc in the 2007 presidential elections, began complaining that he had not been given a fair share in Raila’s part of the Grand Coalition Government. He had been assured of the premiership had Raila won, and Musalia Mudavadi who had been Raila’s running mate, would have been vice president. However, Raila became Prime Minister in the infamous half bread/carpet Government with Kibaki. It was therefore not easy to share positions fairly, but the reality was, Ruto had done more in the campaigns for Raila than Mudavadi who had been in the political cold since 2002, because of his indecisiveness to join the then Narc Government. Later, Ruto and his Kalenjin MPs broke ranks with ODM and teamed up with Uhuru Kenyatta. With the same charisma and good managerial skills, Ruto marshaled the Kalenjin bloc to vote for Uhuru’s presidency in March 2013, and the rest is history.

Nepotism: Time and again, Raila has favored his close relatives for top Government positions and recently, for elective posts. He perfected the art of Odinganization, just like the Kikuyu ruling class Kikuyunized key Government posts. It could be argued that some Luos silently carried forward memories from the sham ODM nominations in December 2012 to March 2013, and punished Raila for imposing his siblings Oburu Oginga and Ruth Odinga and cousin Jakoyo Midiwo on them, yet they had been resoundingly voted out in their various counties. For the first time ever, Raila was booed at some rallies when he was accompanied by his bunch of Luo MPs that voters had rejected at the nominations, yet through biased petitions by the ODM Elections Board, became winners, while the true winners were declared losers. TNA also practiced nepotism, but in a smarter way. For instance, former Dagoretti MP Beth Mugo who is Uhuru’s first cousin, declared that due to ill health, she would not contest an elective position. However, after the General Election, she was nominated by TNA to the Senate, and so far, there has been no hue and cry.

Sycophancy and non-performance: Were Luo MPs honest enough to mention to Raila when they felt he was making wrong political decisions as PM, or were they mere court jesters who wouldn’t tell him that he was naked (metaphorically)? Many Luo youths did not vote in the recent elections partly because they lacked identity cards (IDs), yet the Immigration minister was Otieno Kajwang’, Raila Odinga’s close ally. Why couldn’t he beg or force government administrators in Luoland to ensure that the youth acquired ID cards? They could not go to the elections and expect to win without the right tools. What about James Orengo, the $6000-suit politician? He is no doubt a brilliant legislator, but his development record as former Ugenya constituency MP was abysmal. Although he dismissed the 2011 report that tagged his CDF kitty as the worst managed in Kenya, he did not report any improvement later on. The report angered a group of youths who called for a scrutiny of CDF accounts in Luo Nyanza constituencies.

Less politics, more development: Can the newly elected Luo legislators move away from the 10-year mode of politicking to an economic development mode? It is true that Kibaki reneged on his signed 2002 MOU with Raila and was later alleged to have stolen his presidency in 2007. However, Luo Nyanza has been associated with politicking and eventually, the goal of securing Raila’s presidency was thwarted by the recent Supreme Court verdict.

The newly elected MP for Nyakach, Aduma Owuor, has said he will introduce a bill to send the Supreme Court judges home, once Parliament reconvenes. This reflects continuity in politicking at the expense of development. There is a lot to be learnt from the Kikuyu community which was marginalized politically during dictator Moi’s leadership, yet they soldiered on with economic superiority by expanding the gains from Jomo Kenyatta’s regime. Under Kibaki’s 10-year rule, they gained more economically and have a record of 12 billionaires in Murang’a County alone. These few super wealthy Kikuyus got all the backing from Government in various procurement deals, projects and in securing loans. On the other hand, Raila also enjoyed immense power as Prime Minister, but did the few wealthy Luos use his influence to bring factories and superhighways to Nyanza? The point is, they had a chance “To Eat” and might have benefited individually, yet had they siphoned the same cash to Luoland, at least poverty levels would have been reduced. Corruption is a culture among senior Government officials and politicians, therefore if it meant bending rules to develop Nyanza, they had a chance, but they did not. I abhor corruption, but if Kibaki himself let the culture flow for 10 years, then why couldn’t Luo politicians use it to improve infrastructure in their areas? They could not even build a fish processing plant or revive KICOMI the clothing factory, and other local projects that had failed due to mismanagement. Fish is now harvested and exported largely from artificial ponds in Kikuyuland. For many years, it was the staple food for Luos, yet currently, it is more expensive in their area than in Nairobi, which is traditionally not a fish eating zone. Very few Luos erected fish ponds when Kibaki’s government brought the offer.

Opposition politics: The CORD alliance, which comprises ODM, Wiper and other affiliate parties, seems to be in one piece so far, though there have been grievances from Ukambani that Senator Johnstone Muthama drove the Kamba out of Government because they joined ODM. However, many will recall that Kalonzo Musyoka, the Wiper party leader, was already out of the picture in the original G7 and his allies sought cooperation with ODM. The most important thing now is for CORD MPs to electrify the National Assembly and Senate by keeping the Uhuru Government on its toes. The process of implementing the new Constitution can only succeed if members of this alliance stay together as the official Opposition and not join Uhuru to give us another five years of a useless Government of National Unity, reminiscent of Kibaki’s, after the 2005 Constitutional referendum. Further, not everyone is supposed to be in Government.

ODM new look: ODM needs fresh blood within its top leadership and the best would be for the old guard to bow out and let the younger generation take over. Secretary-General Anyang’ Nyong’o has become a relic; a public eye-sore who is associated with evil, especially due to the inhumane way he handled the medical sector crises while Medical Services minister. He needs to quit and be replaced by a non-Luo, so as to give ODM a better national outlook.

Decorum, less arrogance: Mama Ida Odinga, Raila’s wife, is under public scrutiny for allegedly interfering with the operations of ODM in the past. It is claimed her turf wars with some former ODM female officials such as Rachael Shebesh, made them quit the party or got them punished internally by losing representation. However, Ida’s reported humiliation of outgoing Agriculture Minister Sally Kosgei in 2011, whom she ordered out of a Rusinga-island bound ferry at Luanda Kotieno, is one that left many ODM supporters shocked. Earlier the same year, it was reported that she had allegedly forced herself to speak during a UN conference in New York on the status of women, instead of then-Gender Minister, Naomi Shaban. Her eldest daughter was also in the spotlight for allegedly grabbing private property in Kisumu town while her son Fidel, was depicted as a public nuisance who was quoted in the local newspapers as having harassed a matatu driver whom he alleged had blocked his pathway as he was driving. Separately, an attendant at the posh Panari Hotel in Nairobi met Fidel’s wrath when he tried to frisk him for security reasons, at the hotel’s entrance.

The opposite was noted of Jimmy, Kibaki’s eldest son, who humbly undertook security check during a visit there. As for Raila Odinga, he should personally direct the management of Molasses Sugar Factory which he partly owns, to tell ordinary Kenyans who bought shares in the company, to ascertain their ownership. A lot of negative stories have been published about this and the best is to clarify the issue once and for all. He should also not accept the ongoing plot to get him back to Parliament because as former PM, it would be embarrassing to debate with MPs the age of his children. He can still preach democratic values as a private citizen. Lastly, Luos should hold their MPs and Senators to account by demanding wealth creation and economic development, instead of listening to their usual empty rhetoric.

Jared Odero



  • Wrong Advisers Lost Raila The Presidency

    Friday, March 15, 2013 – 00:00 — BY DENNIS KODHE

    Ineffective advice and poor handling of his campaign lost Prime Minister Raila Odinga the presidential vote. Raila has refused to recognise Uhuru Kenyatta’s victory and has since gone to court to challenge his election as the forth president of Kenya.

    Despite the challenge by Raila, which is to be heard by the Supreme Court, Uhuru and William Ruto are already discharging their duties as president and deputy president-elect .

    They are receiving national security briefings, meeting and receiving messages of goodwill from ambassadors and heads of diplomatic missions; are already enjoying the trappings of power even before they have taken oath!

    Compared to UhuRuto’s Jubilee Alliance, Raila’s Cord did not conduct its campaign vigorously enough or seriously. Cord took to sniping and rehashing the implications of the indictment of Uhuru and Ruto by the International Criminal Court, hoping this would turn the Kenyan voter against the two.

    Cord was banking on Kenyans not voting for the two ICC suspects fearing the ‘consequences’ that many Western diplomats were at pains to warn about.

    The rain started beating Odinga immediately after he became the Prime Minister in the Kofi Annan negotiated Grand Coalition government in 2008.

    From there on, the situation has been downhill all the way, until sometime last year when most members of his ‘Pentagon’ team deserted him to join or form other political outfits.

    According to many of his former close allies, Raila became a different man after he became the PM. Meeting him became a nightmare for many of his close friends.

    He seemed to have lost his knack and surrounded himself with handlers and advisors who cared less about the future than their personal development.

    According to the late Internal Security assistant minister Orwa Ojode, and Information and Communication assistant minister George Khaniri, Raila became a different person after he became PM.

    He abandoned his true friends and compatriots in the struggle and surrounded himself with neophytes; replaced able critics with political failures who could not even sell their agenda in their respective constituencies or counties, let alone campaign for his election as president.

    Raila, it seems, allowed some of his close allies and advisers like Medical Services minister Anyang’ Nyong’o, and many others, to isolate some of his lieutenants in the Pentagon, forcing them to abandon ship.

    Lawyer and author Miguna Miguna, Raila’s legal and constitutional advisor, was one such casualty who was sacked for writing an opinion questioning the integrity and capability of Issack Hassan, the IEBC chairman.

    It is ironical that the Raila is now blaming Hassan and the commission for its ineffectiveness in handling the recent presidential elections.

    Those in charge of Cord campaigns also failed to be sensitive to matters that were being raised and only responded to such issues in a combative and negative style.

    They ignored political scientist Mutahi Ngunyi’s tyranny of numbers which he predicted that the Jubilee coalition was poised to win the elections because of the many supporters they are enjoying from the massive registration of people in their strongholds.

    It seemed none of the strategist in the Cord campaign were ready to listen and interrogate Ngunyi’s claims. Instead, most of them reacted by passing blame or name calling. Presidential results released by IEBC at the end of the tallying vindicated Ngunyi’s predictions.

    President-elect Uhuru Kenya and Ruto should learn from Cord when choosing their advisors. They should learn something from Raila’s predicament and surround themselves with intelligent and wise men and women whose reasoning capacities go beyond tribe, power and personal gains.

    Raila’s political career is in limbo as the petition he has filed goes through the court process. People – especially his hardcore followers in his Nyanza stronghold – should start reviewing their options and maybe look for another younger, less abrasive and aggressive leader to succeed him.

    A politician’s epitaph is never written in two weeks. Indeed, five years is a long time in politics. However, even with the petition he has filed, Raila’s lose is a wake-up call to all his supporters all over the country that the time has come to identify and groom other young leaders in the party.

    Denise Kodhe is the executive director of the Institute for Democracy & Leadership in Africa- IDEA

  • Accusations on RAO here are old and were exhausted by Jubilee during campaigns. The problem now is not about RAO and Luos. It is about the future of Kenya where elections never count. If the status quo remains, no one will ever win an election in Kenya regardless of the level of organization because the President will be decided in a Board room. This is what happened to RAO.The blames on Cord are therefore worthless. Focusing on Luos is equally naive because the Luhyas, Kambas, Coastals are in a similar situation where they may never produce a president unless the Kikuyu elite allows them to. You should have given a broader perspective instead of narrowing yourself to one ethnic group whose leaders have contributed greatly to the democratic development of Kenya. Give readers something new.

  • Here’s when the rain started beating Raila
    Dominic Odipo
    Updated Monday, March 11 2013 at 00:00 GMT+3

    Who would have known, only a few months ago, that the first and biggest political casualty of the International Criminal Court (ICC) process in this country would be none other than Prime Minister Raila Odinga himself?

    Who would have known, only a few months ago, that by indicting Uhuru Kenyatta and William Ruto for assorted crimes against humanity, the ICC would inadvertently be building these two men into Kenya’s most formidable political personalities and then propelling them directly into the country’s presidency and vice presidency, respectively?

    Who would have known that that television footage of Uhuru and Ruto under siege in some courtroom in The Hague would turn out to be the most powerful – yet completely free – campaign advertising for the Uhuru-Ruto presidential ticket of 2013?

    Chess players know very well that in a tight game, one single move involving any of the pieces still on the board, can make or break one’s opponent. The problem is that, very often, the player who has made the decisive move does not always immediately know just how significant his or her move may turn out to be. By the time this reality hits home, one’s king may be in mortal danger.

    This, I think, is exactly what happened to Raila Odinga shortly after he became Prime Minister in 2008. In the euphoria that followed his appointment to the second most powerful political office in the land, he made that one decisive move on the country’s political chessboard. He burnt the political bridges that had hitherto connected him to William Ruto, the de facto political leader of the Kalenjin community, the country’s fourth largest.

    In retrospect, it is now becoming clear that from the moment Raila drove Ruto from his political stable, his chances of becoming the fourth president of Kenya went up in smoke. In fact, it could turn out that his chances of ever rising to the Presidency actually evaporated the moment he alienated Ruto in 2008.

    Presidential cycle

    There is a sense, albeit a rather narrow one, in which numbers do not lie. According to the latest presidential poll tally released last week, Uhuru Kenyatta beat Raila Odinga by just over 832,000 votes. Given the relatively transparent manner in which the votes were tallied, it was clearUhuru’s triumph was total.

    But where did these extra votes which tipped the balance against Raila come from?

    Almost certainly, they came from the Rift Valley, Ruto’s political stronghold. These were the votes that, in effect, Raila lost when he alienated Ruto in 2008. These are the votes which he could never get back in this presidential political cycle.

    In a sense, therefore, Raila lost the 2013 presidential elections all the way back in 2008.

    Now enter the ICC. Towards the end of 2010, this court indicted both Ruto and Uhuru for assorted crimes against humanity during the 2008 post-election violence.

    The court sessions that followed these indictments were broadcast live into Kenyan homes and public places, including those in Ruto’s Rift Valley home base and in Uhuru’s Central Province.

    Suddenly, both Uhuru’s and Ruto’s supporters were awakened to the real and immediate danger that was facing their two champions. Concurrently, it began to sink into their collective subconscious that Raila, who had been a principal, along with President Kibaki, in the 2007 presidential elections was about to escape the ICC culpability altogether. This eventuality, in their thinking, was not the way God arranged such things. If the ICC could not indict Raila, then he had to be punished politically here at home.

    From this premise, it was only one small political step forward.

    Raila had to be defeated at the next presidential elections, if the ICC could not deal with him decisively. And the simplest and most effective way of doing that was to unite the Kikuyu and Kalenjin voting blocks and then take on Raila with this new joint block as the foundation of a new, rival political block.

    The rest is now history.

    It is not clear yet if Raila’s political handlers ever realised just how dangerous the ICC card actually was to their presidential ambitions. But from some of the statements Raila himself made at some of the last political campaign rallies, it is quite evident that he never quite understood just how lethal this ICC card was.

    At these rallies he urged Kenyans to shun the Jubilee ticket because its principals, Uhuru and Ruto, had been indicted by the ICC.

    Jokes aside

    During one of the presidential debates, he reminded Uhuru that he could not govern the country through Skype from The Hague.

    He did not seem to realise that every time he referred to the ICC in public he was actually solidifying Uhuru and Ruto’s positions within their respective communities and strengthening the opposition voting bloc. He did not seem to realise that, politically, the ICC doze was destroying him.

    And so, in a word, what brought Raila’s presidential ambitions crashing to the ground last week? Two things: Raila’s alienation of Ruto in 2008 and the ICC process that indicted Uhuru and Ruto. Politics, as Tom Mboya used to say, is no joke.

  • There will obviously be a lot of anti Rao talk but this will not change the public’s perception of what IEBC did and how Uhuru became President. The big losers here are Kenyans who will soon begin to understand the real situation after the honeymoon. RAO has played his role in Kenyan politics and if undemocratic forces blocked him from becoming president, he should be left alone to reflect on his life and his past.

  • Thanks Joshua. I agree that the losers are Kenyans. Kenyan intellectuals are prone to being bought. At one point they support you and at another point, they dump you after being bought. This article falls within the bracket of the Ngunjiri article, a Raila supporter who changed coats recently to support Uhuru after elections. While Kenyan voters have their problems of apathy, Kenyan intellectuals have the problem of selling out without notice.

  • Madd Madd World

    Tribes apart, this is also why Jakom lost:

    The voting majority in Kenya is now young and don’t have any idea what ‘second liberation’ or ‘kibaki tosha’ is. And if they do, it’s part of Mau Mau and Independence history lessons. Many 2013 first time voters were 9 years old in 2002.

  • Where is Mig Mig and take over Luo-Nyanza Politics?I thougt the election was rigged to maintain Gema-Kikuyu hegemony ever in Kenya.Will any other tribe rule in Kenya?How could Uhuru defeat Peoples President in kenya :Who has brought Change and the new Constitution?Learn to know Kikuyu Cunningness Power of Money ,threat to be deposed from Power, and The ICC threatening Kikuyu King!Lastly Kikuyu-ruling-class suspecting the Western imperialist were supporting Raila Amollo Odinga! Raila did not lose elections so stop writing rubbish articles.

  • hi author,
    I have always read your articles with respect.In the past you came out as brilliant.however this time round you lost it completely.I am in no position to write fully infact as i respond i have noe gone through the whole story…its below par
    Now either i think like Raila or he thinks like me.one you cant possibly compare Ruto to Raila.Ruto is greedy for power for him the end justifies the means its not the same for Raila he fights for change.How do you work with a bossom friend against an opponent and change in 5years what ideologies have changed. He joined Uhuru…???I bet Uhuru poured him a few millions and that was enough to tack him in until Hague do them part…am mad with you…you should do better.You dont live here so you have no idea what These thugs are capable of.No matter how much you want to undress Raila and Co dont forget please he does not have innocent peoples blood on his hands like the billionnaires you are talkin about and he isnt dead the struggle just started….most kenyans are just illiterate!

  • R.I.P Jared.

  • See how Gichangi and Karangi nigger army boys are enjoyed by Mzungu Soldiers>French, British and Norwegian navies have had their go at upgrading the Kenyan navy —you should be able to find a roll-call of training naval ships that visited our coasts since Atalanta was launched. There is also a documentary, once aired on discovery channel about the experiences of a Kenyan naval unit aboard a Norwegian frigate. —It was sometimes shameful.

    They gaped gleefully at the facilities! Kids in a fanfare outing playing ground.

    The food was excellent ….[I am hiding some information here out of shame!]
    The porno-videos library was amazing too.
    There was an excellent gym for training.
    There were a
    nti-shark cages for deep sea swimming, and high-diving training.
    There were … female captains on board issuing orders … Kenyan body language indicated no way, we are real men! [I will hide something here too, out of shame!]
    But anyway the Kenyan invasion of Somali was a move planned with care by NATO, as a part of this:


  • Jared has raised some thorny issues although his attack on Raila was a bit old fashioned. Raila is still alive and writing him off is premature. Kibaki was over 70 when he took power. It is wrong to mourn about someone who is still alive.

  • Did the commentators who singled me out throw those unwarranted barbs because I criticized the Odingas and some Luo politicians? Hey, get out of your sycophancy and begin questioning things objectively; stick to the subject matter.

    I have never been bought by a politician and have no intentions to do so. I have written so many articles at KSB and seems like as long as they were about the “enemy”, then I was politically correct. Now that I have given my piece of mind within the allowed boundaries of freedoms of expression, I am being branded a turncoat. In December 2012, I wrote about the sham ODM nominations as I had observed them and many others thought similarly. Where were these commentators?

    What I have written above remains my subjective opinion and can only be countered if commentators apply a broad perspective to issues other than the hatred they spew at me. This is not a spectator sport where I need accolades for scoring goals or reaching the winning mark. We can differ in opinion, especially when assessing the Kenyan political landscape, but let us remain civil because nowhere in the text have I insulted anyone.

    “It is not best that we should all think alike; it is a difference of opinion that makes horse races” – Mark Twain

  • Joel, where did I attack Raila as you claim or brush him off within the text? I wrote that he is out of elective politics at the moment and that is a fact. I even ended the piece saying he should continue spreading democratic values as a private citizen.

  • Fred neitze Smidtze

    Jared Odero ! Are you coward?Why can’t you stand on your guts?What made you wright rubbish without thinking the repercussion?why were you quick to attack the people’s President? Are you a POA mole?Why don’t you start your blog?Why do you quote Mark Twain?Why can’t you quote an African opinion said by an African?Why should we respect your biased Semi-ilitrate views that doesn’t sell neither here nor there.You must be a bloody turncoat and a mole . please wake up and give hope to the young generation of struggling Kenyan youth instead of surrendering cheaply, when thugs and criminals has taken over and killed democracy and freedom in Kenya.

  • Some of the most brilliant sons of Africa who dared to express their disapproval of Kenyatta’s policies were killed like animals. The assassinations of Tom Mboya and J.M Kariuki have left a permanent scar on this system; not to mention assassinations of Pio Pinto and Ronald Ngala. Some of their disagreements were:
    • Government corruption.
    • The widening gap between rich and poor
    • Deteriorating relations among East African Community members.
    • Unfair distribution of land; (it goes without saying how you relate to this)
    President Moi became President by virtue of Kenyatta’s death and ruled from 1978. Moi promised Kenyans that he would follow Kenyatta’s footsteps and he surely did; he copied and perfected key Kenyatta policies, namely
    1) Self-preservation in politics,
    2) Insatiable greed for land and wealth, and
    3) Nepotism and tribalism.
    In fact Moi failed miserably to be his own man and his last failure in office was the Uhuru Project.
    Moi found it necessary to amend the constitution to make Kenya a one-party state by law (to complete Kenyatta’s Work- in Progress) through the insertion of the infamous section 2A. In time, the one-party state became a one-man state as parliament, the cabinet, the judiciary, the civil service, the parastatal sector and public universities acquiesced to Moi’s wishes. The practices of political repression and torture were perpetuated unabated
    Moi also unashamedly used state resources to buy loyalty in curious ways. He dished out loads of local currency notes to ordinary Kenyans he found on the roadside, regardless of whether they were minding their own business or waiting to catch a glimpse of him. He enjoyed playing politics to the public gallery, where he delighted in humiliating people who were better educated than him. Besides presiding over the infamous Goldenberg and other systematic lootings of the treasury, Moi also became more interested in neutralizing those perceived to be against his leadership. National problems like corruption, “tribalism” and human rights became distant concerns. The murders of former Minister for Foreign Affairs, Dr. Robert Ouko, that of Alexander Muge and the infamous ethnic (tribal) clashes; cannot be detached from this system.

  • Jared, I can see you are trying to repair the damage. Very few Kenyans (if not non thinking Kiuks and Kales) will buy the content of your crappy article. What happened at the 2013 elections is in the open and the current “moving on” is a painful one because the option is blood-shed, death and destruction. We all know that this is what RAO was avoiding by accepting the Supreme Court verdict. Now, you arite as though the SC verdict is the truth! Where have you been?

    You did attack Raila on the molasses plant, nepotism, Ruto isolation and other worn out reasons which were used by his enemies during campaigns. These are useless arguments compared to the scandals that have been facing the Kibaki/Kikuyu government which you never mentioned. You are the type of person who sticks with a friend when things are looking good and as soon as things turn sour, you quit and join the enemy.

    It seems as though you were with RAO because you thought he would become president but as soon as circumstances changed, you quit. Now, you are not only hitting RAO when he has been conned but also hitting the Luo community. You need to come here in Kisumu for some few lessons from the man in the streets. I will not be surprised if sooner, you start singing Uhuru songs. You are just as hopeless as the intellectuals who have all been bought like Miguna and the fucking Luo elders. You have shown that you are cheap and I wonder where you went to school. Continue writing your so called opinions but one thing that has come out now is that you are done.

  • strategy,right tools,clear objective,resources to carry out the task.
    what was odm goal in 2013 elections ?
    where the objectives and means well defined ?.
    did they have the right tools in election process?
    did we understand the terrain?
    did we command territorial control in our domains?
    where was our electoral theater ?
    did we have adequate resources and man power to accomplish the job ?
    did we understand our opponents strength,tools and territory,tactics /
    how did our secretariat prepare for the national party primaries before,during and after elections,,, did they signal members in meetings to be ready to go to battle.
    didn’t we swallow the bait and dummy fed to us by media,our opponents and play their game instead of our own guided by our tactics and strategy,
    didn’t we not prepare for generational change of mps as jaramogi did in 1997 having young vibrant educated strong willie talented leaders why do we recycle leaders who are past sell date who cannot lead modern war /
    these are the issues which odm secretariat need to concern with.we slept on the job and allowed our fate to lie with goodwill of iebc once again ?

  • oooh Jared plz give us a break!
    Fidel, Ida, blah blah what exactly have these to do with the liberartion of Kenya.direct your sleepy head towards educating the 18 year olds that they are in for it and they would beta start familiarizing themselves with impunity in broad day…
    And teach the kids good values because ICC IS REAL:please tell them wrongs are not rectified by wrongs, and that killing is a sin..Tell them Raila can not go down to his knees to keep Power/ land hungry Ruto.and that if that was the case Jesus would have let that guy who cut off someone’s ear be…he was defending Jesus no?and what else?many things that a stolen presidency can not solve…I am Luhya last time[2007] i was in coast they love Raila, Luhyas also do i was a presiding officer and i helped some kikuyus tick Agwambo….he enjoys nationwide support!so tell me will the thieving president go his father’s way…never to step Nyanza, coast, western….poor man we will be celebrating all the way to the airport July is arounfld the corner.Wazungus may also be corrupt but i trust i want to trust the ICC!

  • Denise your articles sounds like rumour mongering piece…from the few lines av read.You can go to hell with your IDEA.Please mtakaa hapo talking endlessly about the PM and being PM KWANI BEING pm TOOK HIM TO HEAVEN YOU DONT EVEN UNDERSTAND THE MAN RAILA….HIS IS A CALLING LIKE MOTHER TERESA’S .Yet Kenya is captive by the Devil align your ideas accordingly please and stop writing very boring stories.thanx

  • tyranny of Numbers was propaganda only an idiot can wake up to even write such for people. If they were so sure about the numbers why inflate their numbers by 1 million and reduce Raila’s by over a million you guys are you real people with conscience Gosh I am ASHAMED TO BE KENYAN!

  • This is the problem with those who are one-track minded. They get herded like sheep unto their slaughter knives. Uhuru is the President of Kenya and Raila is not. What next? Calling me names won’t change a thing about that.

    In fact I am already penning the next article as you keep sticking to hatred which has blinded you so much, you can’t think straight. Keep it up until you give it up. My article is not centred on Raila’s alleged stolen votes no matter how much you try to steer it that way. No insult will come from me, so we shall see who turns to be the better person.

  • REPORTS emerging from the outlaying administrative districts within the four Counties, which form parts of the old larger Nyanza Province indicate that the behind the scene covert operations are in the offing in which members of the Luo community are unanimous that the time is ripe for the ousting and replacement of the ODM leader Raila Amolo Odinga with a young technocrat.

    The plans are said to have received the blessing of Luo elders from all over the four administrative Counties of Siaya, Kisumu, Homa-Bay and Migori.

    The former Prime Minister Raila Odinga who is now approaching his 70s, has thrice tried his hand at winning the presidency of this country ever since 1997, 2007 and 2013, but has yet to be fortunate enough to capture the top-most job in the land.
    Senior members of the community have now a second feeling that it is time for Odinga to be replaced in readiness for the 2018 General Election. This political scenario is likely to raise political temperature inside Luo-Nyanza and degenerate a lot of controversies owing to Raila Odinga’s enormous popularity within the community.

    Several names are on the card being floated by the proponents of this scheme. They included that of the Nairobi governor Dr Evans Odhiambo Kidero, the outspoken former Rangwe firebrand MP Dr. Shem Ochuodho, Rarieda MP Eng. Nicholas Gumbo, a Nairobi based business tycoon, Sammy Wakiaga, Suba MP John Mbadi, and Rongo MP Dalmas Otieno.

    The proponents and those floating the idea of replacing Raila Odinga with a young technocrat have readily admitted that Odinga might not be too old in 2018 to have another shot at the presidency. They, however, maintained that Agwambo’s fortunes appeared to have waned beyond repair.

    Prior to his death in an aircraft crash last June, the former Ndhiwa MP Joshua Orwa Ojode who was serving the coalition government as an Assistant Minister for Internal Security and Provincial Administration, had his name on the lead.

    The working relations between the former abrasive Ndhiwa MP Ojode and Raila Odinga had gone sour at the time of his death following rumors that the latter was nursing political ambition of becoming the overall Luo political leader. Dr Kidero, a former Managing Director of Mumias Sugar Company is said to have contested and clinched the position of Nairobi-governor against the wishes of Raila Odinga and some of his Luo handlers. The group advanced an argument that it was unattainable for Raila Odinga to occupy State House, while at the same time Dr Kidero is sitting at the helm of the City governorship.

    The group had favored either Bishop Margaret Wanjiru or Jimnah for the Nairobi governor position. Dr Kidero, an urbanized fellow, deployed his political dynamism and magnanimity to clinch the seat. Raila Odinga’s staunch supporters had viewed Dr Kidero’s bid for governorship as ‘spoiler’.

    Prior to the 2007 general election, Wakiaga, who is still in the civil service as a senior government official, had shown keen interest in joining parliamentary politics in his native Mbita constituency in Suba.

    Wakiaga was to contest the seat against the then incumbent Gerald Otieno Kajwang’ of the famous Bado Kuna Mapambano lyrics. However, those to insight information about Mbita politics have told us that it was Raila Odinga who prevailed upon Wakiaga not to contest the election against Otieno Kajwang’ on the promises that once the ODM won the election, he would be considered for another more lucrative position within the ODM administration.

    Wakiaga, who runs a chain of businesses in both Nairobi and Nyanza, is closely associated with the Mbita Ferries Limited, whose ferries are currently plying the Lake Victoria between Luanda-Kotieno in Rarieda and Mbita, and also between Misori in Uyoma West and Mbita, as well as between Mbita town and Mfangano Islands. He is also running a chain of hotels and air-travel agencies.

    Another MP whose soberly character seemed to have attracted the elders who are considering him for the future role of political leadership in Luo-Nyanza, is the Karachuonyo MP, Eng. James K. Rege. The newly elected Seme MP Dr. James Nyikal, a former PS in the Ministry of Medical services, is also being mentioned.
    The coming weeks will witness a lot of the behind the scene activities inside Luo-Nyanza, because the proponents of change of leadership within the community, have vowed to go out flat to canvass for their proposals.

  • LUO man divorces his WIFE after revealing she voted for UHURU KENYATTA in March 4th poll

    Tuesday April 16, 2013 – There was drama in Korogocho slums in Nairobi after a Luo man divorced his wife after she revealed that she voted for President Uhuru Kenyatta in the March 4th poll.

    The incident happened on Monday after after the woman told her husband that her “President” has pledged to give women and youths loans to start small scale business.

    Upon questioning on whether she voted for him in the last poll, the woman who appeared optimistic with the President’s pledge, told her husband that she voted for Uhuru Muigai Kenyatta in the last poll.

    Even without finishing the word Kenyatta, the man who works at a bread factory in Baba Ndogo gave his wife a dog’s beating before sending her way.

    He called her a traitor and vowed not to marry her again saying he will not stay with an enemy in the house.

    Korogocho area Chief Paul Mwangangi confirmed the incident and said he had summoned the man to appear in his office today.

    The Kenyan DAILY POST


    [295] The evidence in the consolidated Petition has been laid out in detail, and is the primary basis for disposing of the several prayers. The Court has also considered various questions of law and of general constitutional principle, upon which the Petitioners rely in their prayers. As such broader foundations to the cases concerned specific prayers, and as the relevant issues were squarely canvassed by counsel, we were able to make our findings, and embody the same at various stages in this Judgment.

    [296] But, ultimately, the primary issue is the claim made by the Petitioners in Petitions No. 4 and No. 5; and these resolve into the issue in Petition No. 5, namely: Must the certificate of election as President-elect, issued to the 3rd Respondent, be cancelled; and should an Order be made for a fresh Presidential election to take place in Kenya?

    [297] The evidence laid before the Court has to be considered on the basis of relevant principles of law. From the case law, it is clear that an alleged wrong in the electoral process cannot be rectified on the basis of the conventional yardsticks of civil or criminal law. In criminal law, proof must be “beyond any reasonable doubt”, as the liberties of the subject are at stake and, failing absolute proof, an accused person must be set at liberty. By contrast, in civil law, which is private matter between two individuals, a wrong only needs to be proved on a balance of probability.

    [298] An alleged breach of an electoral law, which leads to a perceived loss by a candidate, as in the Presidential election which has led to this Petition, takes different considerations. The office of President is the focal point of political leadership, and therefore, a critical constitutional office. This office is one of the main offices which, in a democratic system, are constituted strictly on the basis of majoritarian expression. The whole national population has a clear interest in the occupancy of this office which, indeed, they themselves renew from time to time, through the popular vote.

    [299] As a basic principle, it should not be for the Court to determine who comes to occupy the Presidential office; save that this Court, as the ultimate judicial forum, entrusted under the Supreme Court Act, 2011 (Act No. 7 of 2011) with the obligation to “assert the supremacy of the Constitution and the sovereignty of the people of Kenya” [s.3(a)], must safeguard the electoral process and ensure that individuals accede to power in the Presidential office, only in compliance with the law regarding elections.

    [300] It follows that this Court must hold in reserve the authority, legitimacy and readiness to pronounce on the validity of the occupancy of that office, if there is any major breach of the electoral law, as provided in the Constitution and the governing law.

    [301] We take judicial notice that Kenya, thanks to the relentlessness of the people’s democratic struggles, has recently enacted for herself the current Constitution, which assures for every citizen an opportunity for personal security and for self-actualization in a free environment. The Judiciary in general, and this Supreme Court in particular, has a central role in the protection of that Constitution and in the realization of its fruits so these may inure to all within our borders; and in the exercise of that role, we choose to keep our latitude of judicial authority unclogged: so the Supreme Court may be trusted to have a watchful eye over the play of the Constitution in the fullest sense. Even as we think it right that this Court should not be a limiting factor to the enjoyment of free political choices by the people, we hold ourselves ready to address and to resolve any grievances which flow from any breach of the Constitution, and the laws in force under its umbrella.

    [302] It is in this context that we have given careful consideration to the special facts of the instant case. We have set out the facts in detail, so these may show us how the grievances arose, and what electoral problem there has been. We moved suo motu to have a re-tallying of some of the data generated in the Presidential-election proceedings.

    [303] We came to the conclusion that, by no means can the conduct of this election be said to have been perfect, even though, quite clearly, the election had been of the greatest interest to the Kenyan people, and they had voluntarily come out into the polling stations, for the purpose of electing the occupant of the Presidential office.

    [304] Did the Petitioner clearly and decisively show the conduct of the election to have been so devoid of merits, and so distorted, as not to reflect the expression of the people’s electoral intent? It is this broad test that should guide us in this kind of case, in deciding whether we should disturb the outcome of the Presidential election.

    [305] We have already considered the foundations of the main grievance: as regards the acquisition of electronic technology for the electoral process; with regard to the partial employment of such technology, before reverting to the manual process; as regards the maintenance of a Voter Register; and in relation to the tallying of votes. Firstly, we have considered the extent to which any breach of the law would have been occasioned in the several areas of operation, and whether such, would disclose reprehensible conduct having the effect of negating the voters’ intent.

    [306] Secondly, we have considered the evidence which came by way of depositions, and which was vigorously canvassed by the parties. In summary, the evidence, in our opinion, does not disclose any profound irregularity in the management of the electoral process, nor does it gravely impeach the mode of participation in the electoral process by any of the candidates who offered himself or herself before the voting public. It is not evident, on the facts of this case, that the candidate declared as the President-elect had not obtained the basic vote-threshold justifying his being declared as such.

    [307] We will, therefore, disallow the Petition, and uphold the Presidential- election results as declared by IEBC on 9th March, 2013.

    [308] Each of the parties coming before us has sought orders as to costs. This, of course, is an adversarial system of litigation; and therefore, parties will invariably be asking for costs, at the conclusion of a matter such as this.

    [309] Yet we have to take into account certain important considerations, in relation to costs. It is already clear that the nature of the matters considered in a Presidential-election petition is unique. Although the petitions are filed by individuals who claim to have moved the Court in their own right, the constitutional issues are of a public nature – since such an election is of the greatest importance to the entire nation.

    [310] Besides, this is a unique case, coming at a crucial historical moment in the life of the new Kenyan State defined by a new Constitution, over which the Supreme Court has a vital oversight role. Indeed, this Court should be appreciative of those who chose to come before us at this moment, affording us an opportunity to pronounce ourselves on constitutional questions of special moment. Accordingly, we do not see this instance as just another opportunity for the regular professional-business undertaking of counsel.

    [311] We do, however, greatly appreciate the outstanding contribution of all counsel appearing before us in these historic proceedings. We acknowledge them for their ingenuity and enterprise, in urging before us the vital questions of law and evidence.

  • Kenyans are overly passionate about politicians.

    When the election results were announced, All the Kenyans that cried and danced in the rain retreated to their respective hovels as Uhuru and Raila had a nice meal before retiring to bed with full security around their homes.

    Siasa sio kandanda.wengine hapa wamejaa matusi ya bure.

  • Open Letter To The Kamba Community

    April 15, 2013

    By: Richard Mutungi

    Dear Kamba Community,
    The 2013 presidential election is over and the new president is in place as the Supreme Court ruled out the winner, let’s appreciate the country wide peace that Kenyans enjoyed during the election whether one won or lost and despite the shortcomings that were experienced.

    KSB: This letter has already been posted by another reader on the Muthama link.

  • jared
    Av read your last remarks.I think you are also retarded…mentally ofcourse like IEBC chair and his group!ama wewe ni coward…or you are just pathetic and despicable….give us intelligent pieces we beg you.As for the one you are writing now please take it to another blog!preferrably yours!Did you take any critical thinking course??or perhaps wewe ni among the masses form four drop outs but again hata form four can argue out tenfold beta…excuse me please i will not read your useless stories.and stop talking about a tribe we are talking about a country…only fearless! Fearless Raila can take on the rest of the cowards including you!

  • Jared, it is unfortunate that you are heading towards becoming a Miguna online, a Tuju or a Luo elder who have all sold out. You are being emotional for nothing. You don’t need to remind anybody that Uhuru is the President and that Raila is out of Parliament. Every dog in town knows that. If you don’t recognize the fact that the elections had serious problems and that millions of Kenyans might not vote next time, then the problem begins. Blaming Raila will not solve the problem and I think that is where the anger of many people here comes from. Cord supporters have not recovered from the shock of election theft then there you go, hitting the victim of this theft. Raila has hos own weaknesses but of you compare him with Obako or Uhururuto, he os more progressive. As someone said here, your beef with Raila is not new. It is old shit that was mainly being peddled by anti Raila forces in the Jubilee camp. the question is: where were you?

    Then, you turn to Luos as if Kambas and Luyhas who were all in Cord are fine.The situation of Luos faces even coastals because the dilemma is that every election can be stolen by the Kikuyu thieves in government in future so even if people aka luos reorganize as you say, it will end nowhere. The new direction you are calling for in the Luo community can happen but at the end of the day, election will still be stolen so how will it help?

    Understand the source of this anger and you will be at peace with yourself. This is just an advice. You are sailing against the wind and you will be swept away. Sometimes, people who have sailed against the wind have proven to be right but in this case, you will wither mpaka ukauke. Mutahi tried selling tyranny of numbers and everybody told him it was bullshit and he refused to listen. Now, he cannot talk because RAO got thousands of votes in Coast (mutahi gave him zero), Western (mutahi zero), Nairobi (mutahi zero), kisii (mutahi zero). How does tyranny of numbers explain the fact that Kidero took nairobi when Cord was supposed to be taking zero votes? This is why election had to be stolen for Uhuru to win. The tyranny of numbers failed. It’s that simple. Let me not educate you further.

    I am a Westerner and in KK, you will never convince anybody with your cheap talk. I have been rerading your articles and I am saddened that a person of your caliber can sink this low after showing tremendous hope. Let anybody who lives in KK prove me wrong. Here in luhyaland, the saying goes that if the luo cannot get it, how will the luhya get it? All of us must do something. It is that something that needs to be done collectively that no one is defining. That is the whisper but I don’t know what will be done either. I smell vita in kenya and the current peace is just a brief calm. I am sure that if Uhuru or Ruto comes in western today, they will be stoned. Period!

  • anonymous on comments #10, 20, 31 – Your Avatar is the same. It seems you have taken the highway of insults calling me “retarded, coward, pathetic and despicable.” I have tried my level best to keep my cool but I have reached my peak. There is a limit to how far you can go about interfering with my personality within an online forum.

    I will seek legal advise on how to deal with your insults. I shall thereafter get back to Okoth Osewe, who owns and moderates KSB, to fully open up the blog for scrutiny to the rightful authorities, and fish out your ID since you are hiding under ‘anonymous’. Have you taken any tests on me and found that I am a retard? Your remarks are not only uncalled for, but are quite offensive to me. Moreover, they are not in any way connected to the content of my article.

    It is illegal under the Swedish freedom of press laws to insult somebody and similarly too, under the rules of WORDPRESS which offers the services of this blog. Here is what the Swedish Press Act says about insulting someone:

    Freedom of the Press Act, Chapt. 7, Art. 4: “With due regard to the purpose of a universal freedom of the press as set forth in Chapter 1, the following acts shall be regarded as offenses against the freedom of the press if they are committed by way of printed matter and if they are punishable under law: . . . 14. defamation, whereby a person alleges another is a criminal or is blameworthy in his way of life, or otherwise communicates information liable to expose the other to the contempt of others, and, if the person libeled is deceased, to cause offense to his survivors or which might otherwise be considered to violate the sanctity of the grave, except, however, in cases in which it was justifiable having regard to the circumstances, or in order to provide information in the matter concerned and proof is presented that the information was correct or that there were reasonable grounds for it; and 15. affront, whereby a person insults another by means of offensive invective or allegations or by any other insulting behavior towards him.”

    I will certainly be back.

    KSB: We keep all the records and we will be blogging as you guys battle it out in court.

  • Osewe, isn’t one of your rules not to publish anonymous contributions?

    #Can anybody post at KSB?
    Yes. Anybody can do so. Send your contribution via email (kenyastockholm@gmail.com) for publication. We do not however publish anonymous contributions or libelous articles. The comment feature has been enabled and commentators are encouraged to use it responsibly. The Management reserves the right to edit comments or to block publication of comments without explanation. KSB is NOT a discussion forum and the Management reserves the right to publish or reject contributions. Since anybody can start a blog for free and say anything, we believe that having control of the site is pretty fine especially for purposes of maintaining the agenda of the Blog.

    KSB: There is a difference between “contributions” to KSB and “comments” on “contributions”. Note that 99% of comments at KSB are anonymous (this is legal) while 99% of contributions (articles) can be attributed. Note that the above text you quote says that “contributions” must be sent via email and they cannot be anonymous. That is the difference.

  • Skizza: am glad that you have elaborately misinterpreted my text despite its very clear purpose explained within the first paragraph. Myopia all the way!

  • Jared
    I do hope you will be back with something reasonable to say….and I thought it would be more feasible for you to quote some Kenyan Act or something?SWEDISH??FOR REAL?

  • It is very sad when you read such abuses on this blog.I abhored to see how people can attack someone just coz they have their views and a different kind of mentality or thinking.Why should we sing the same song.What is democracy if Jared cannot be able to speak his mind freely without abuses.Really even our fingers are not the same size and as a country we have to differ for our growth.Im kenyan and i work my assoff to make ends meet with no help from anyone.I depend on myself so do everyone else.I think if we read the article with no biasness we will see the truth of the matter.Lets put our differences apart and let everyone air their views whether it suits as or not.We can never be alike thats why like poles dont attract each other.To abuse someone makes many wonder what kind of species we are.Embrace and argue intellectually without malice.

  • “If Only President Uhuru Muigai Kenyatta Can Offer His Helping Hand to Revive Companies Under Receivership, in Luo Nyanza; Support the Near Collapsing Ones and Work On Ways to Remove the Hyacinth Weed that is Choking Lake Victoria; and Put Up Some Fish Industries in Kisumu, Muhuru, Kendu Bay, Usenge Beach, Homa Bay, Sori, Among Other Places, Then I Doubt Anyone Would Oppose His Leadership!” – Phillip Ouma

    Philip Ouma, via email (Weekend Star, April 13/14, 2013): “Congratulations President Uhuru Muigai Kenyatta and Deputy President William Samoei Ruto for the presidential election victory…

    · The IEBC cleared you as President-elect, and so did the Supreme Court after former Prime Minister Raila Odinga took an appeal to the highest court in the land to dispute your win…

    · Things happen for a reason; and there is a reason as to why God choose you amongst the eight contenders…

    · The country is currently divided, there are some Kenyans who are still living in denial, hoping things will turn to their favour but that now is not tenable…

    · President Uhuru Kenyatta, you must realise that your supporters and those of the CORD leader who is the immediate former PM are still fighting on social media calling each other names and fueling hatred and tribalism…

    · As a leader of this country, you should call for national healing and tell these two warring factions to desist from statements that can bring animosity in this country…

    · You got six million plus votes, and the CORD leader too got a big number of votes that amounted to five million plus…

    · You have to ensure that you don’t mistreat the many Kenyans that voted for the person that was opposing you and ensure that your Government treats all Kenyans equally…

    · I don’t know how best you can do this and I cannot choose for you what to do but I can only advice you, and at the same time I know that I cannot force you on what to decide…

    · My humble plea is that you incorporate Luo Nyanza in your development agenda. Luo Nyanza has been so marginalised since companies like Kisumu Cotton Mills (read KICOMI) collapsed. Others on the pathway to collapse are Chemelil and Muhoroni; in fact Muhoroni is currently under receivership…

    · If only you can offer your helping hand to revive these companies and support the near collapsing ones and work on ways to remove the hyacinth weed that is chocking Lake Victoria and put up some fish industries in Kisumu, Muhuru, Kendu Bay, Usenge Beach, Homa Bay, Sori, among other places, then I doubt anyone can oppose your leadership…

    · What Luo folks need addressed and which has been putting them at loggerheads with former Governments is the high rate of unemployment. So, my humble prayer, just like that thief that was with Jesus on that cross during his crucifixion is, please don’t forget Nyanza!”

  • Mr. Oderro Jared: The subject at home is the flawed Election once again and the Consequences it has in the Kenyans in futures, Majority of Kenya are terribly heart reason : That these Icc suspect have decided to hold the Whole Kenyan at ramson cause they could succeed in their shuttle Diplomacy deal this was just an grand Opportunty for them to cheat the world that we are moved on.Now temporarily they hv moved on but the rest of us backwards.I can nvr knwn anywhere where people talk about peace without justice: Move on to hell when they go heaven: I think Jared just didnt pass my test in his analysis of event here at home.But then I cannot blame him.

  • Hanna Mwikali Bithi
  • To Protect Devolution, Raila MUST Get Back to Parliament
    April 17, 2013

    Things happened the way they happened (Uhuru won in a questionable electoral process). I believe that our Supreme Court did not rule fairly since their ruling is based on lack of evidence which they massively threw out on very flimsy grounds. But that is a story for another day.

    Yes Kenya must move on but with an honest analysis of the situation. CORD has proposed that Kalonzo return to parliament and lead the coalition from the parliament. Raila has said that he will remain outside parliament and be the leader of the coalition outside parliament. I don’t like this arrangement.

    First, Uhuru and Ruto do not believe in the constitution. These two people are just promising to ensure the implementation of the same when they have not fully assumed power. They have not put their feet down in the government and appointed the people they trust in key positions. It is still Kimemia and his bunch who are running the show. So they will have everything their way until when Uhuru and Ruto will have their men in place.

    Uhuru and Ruto will use the numbers they have in both the senate and the national assembly to stop devolution. Uhuru will NEVER support devolution. From where I stand, I see Uhuru and Ruto returning Kenya to one party state. This is going to happen.

    It is sad that CORD has chosen Kalonzo as the man who should push their agenda in parliament. Kalonzo has never been known to stand firm on issues. He is a weakling who will be easily seduced with power, opulence and cheap offerings like a post in the government.

    It is sad that Raila is out of parliament but I believe that he should get back to parliament. It might not be possible for Raila to get back to parliament through an election in Kibra Constituency since IEBC will do everything possible to rig him out but I believe that Raila should go back to one of the rural constituencies and vie as an MP. This is possible in Siaya county or Kisumu county.

    But through any way possible, Raila must get back to parliament. Kenya is a tribal state. His constituency of voters are now without a leader. This constituency will neverlook up to someone as fluid and visionless as Kalonzo Musyoka. Raila can only groom someone if he is in a polital seat not when he is out. That way, threats to him will be minimal. Currently, his security has been withdrawn and he is being faced with lots of pressure from Uhuru and Ruto. Any small move from him will see him put under house arrest. This cannot be possible when he is MP.

    Raila MUST get back as MP. It must happen now.

  • The new counties can directly negotiate foreign loans! without going through Central thieving government..
    Governors must do everything to be independent from Control by Mafias ! The same case counties should resist the settling of Kikuyu Idps to their counties!

  • Prime Minister’s Daughter in Property Dispute with a Kisumu Asian Tycoon

    By Shem Kosse

    One of the daughters of Prime Minister Raila Odinga, Rosemary Adhiambo
    Odinga, is embroiled in a serious property tussle with a wealthy Kisumu asian tycoon, Karim Surani.

    At the centre of the controversy is a hotel, operating under the flagship, New Rozy Lodge, which is home to over 20 rooms, and said to be worth millions of shillings.

    Early this week, marauding youths alleged to have been hired, and working under instructions from the PM’s daughter, stormed the hotel, situated in the heart of the lake side city, and clobbered guests with crude weapons, ejecting some of the unsuspecting guests from bed, culminating in scores of injuries.

    Sources who talked to this writer confided how the goons, numbering about 50, unleashed their anger on the hotel caretaker, Mr. David Onjiri, who was punched and whipped severally ,when he questioned the legitimacy of the barbaric operation.

    According to documents within our possession, the property belongs to the late Alice Akoth Okongo and her husband Hezbon Onyuro, but they rented it out to Nazir Surani, who in the long run developed an interest to buy it, but the duo seemed to have contravened the initial agreements, thus impacting negatively on the purchase.

    In one of the letters written by Nazir Surani’s advocate, Mitchell JB Menezes, ref 156/4456/m, dated 9/9/09, read, “our client paid monies towards purchase of the above cited property. The vender ,Alice Okonyo who is the registered owner, did not perform her part of the agreement. As such our client lodged a caution against the property, claiming purchaser’s interests”.

    It’s imperative and instructive to note that Nazir handed the business to his brother Karim, who in the course of running the business, realized some interference, which made him to do a property search and realized that a new owner had emerged by the name of Miss Rosemary Adhiambo Odinga, title No.7/148.

    Sensing danger, Karim moved to court and got two orders, dated 2nd/12/2009, barring Rosemary Odinga from interfering, and another barring Alice Okongo and Hesbon Onyuro for the same, in a tribunal case No. 73/2009 and 58/2008, in Kisumu High court.

    All the court process have been ignored by Rosemary Adhiambo Odinga and her agents, and fencing is being done to pave way for demolition and a new construction.

    Minister Kosgey’s car was ordered out of Mbita ferry to pave the way for mrs Ida Odinga’s vehicle

    Reports Leo Odera Omolo
    AN ugly incident occurred at Luanda Kotieno beach last Sunday in which the vehicle of the Minister for Agriculture DR Sally Kosgey was ordered pulled out of a ferry destined for Mbita point to give room for the limousine carrying Mrs Ida Raila and two other vehicles carrying her entourage and security personnel.

    Both Mrs Odinga and Dr.Kosgey were heading to Rusinga Island across the Nyanza Gulf to attend the burial of Mrs Damaris Auma Odhiambo, the mother of the ODM nominated MP Ms Millie Odhiambo.

    Dr Kosgey had come to the Luanda Kotieno in time to enable her to board the 12 noon ferry. The ferry had already cruised in the water for about 600 yards when Mrs Odinga and her entourage pull up at the jetty. She phoned the Ferry manager asking for the vessels to be returned ashore, but the manager Mr Jamali appeared to have been somehow reluctant to obey the order arguing that doing o would disappoint his passengers. But he succumbed to the pressure after the Mbita D.C. phoned him and ordered to turn the vessel back.

    He obliged and upon coming ashore it was discovered that Mrs Odinga had two other cars, which included the one ferrying her security details. The situation developed into a very ugly one when three other vehicle including the one which belonged to Dr.Kosgey were pulled out. The manager frantically argued that one of Mrs Odinga’s car be left behind so that he could return for it to allow the Minister car to be taken across, but Mrs Odinga could not hear of this.

    The Minister despite an assurance that the ferry would return for her and her vehicle appeared o have been disappointed because he had driven all along from Eldoret to Lund Kotieno about 160 kilometer for the purpose of attending the burial of the mother of her parliamentary colleague.

    The incident has been condemned roundly by several Nyanza leaders who felt the treatment meted out to Dr. Kosgey portrayed the highest degree of excessive arrogance on part of Mrs Odinga.and the Mbita D.C. A solution could have been found in which Mrs Odinga and her security details taken aboard and one of her vehicle could have been left behind to allow Dr Kosgey to attend, and the ferry could have come back for the vehicle left on ashore.

    Jamal said he was disappointed and pleaded with the Provincial Administration always to make early arrangement for the transportation of VIPs and the one bigger and one smaller one. The bigger ferry could carry up to six or even eight vehicles while the smaller one could only carry four vehicles.


    Wednesday, May 25, 2011 – 00:00 — BY STAR TEAM

    Prime Minister Raila Odinga’s son Fidel was yesterday involved in a scuffle with a matatu driver during which he drew a sword. Fidel says he was acting in self-defence.

    Witnesses say they wrestled the sword out of his hand. They then handed it over to Star journalists who arrived at the scene just after the 2pm incident. The stainless steel sword branded ‘Elephant’ is now being kept at the Star offices in case the police request for it.

    Fidel was upset when a Nissan matatu plying the Lavington route blocked his sleek black Mercedes, registration KBP125A, on Church Road in Westlands as it stopped to pick up passengers.

    Fidel allegedly jumped out of the car brandishing the sword and threatened the matatu driver, Peter Githinji. “Do you know who I am?” Fidel is said to have shouted.

    Touts at the scene near the Westlands bus and matatu stage rushed to rescue Githinji before Fidel sped off. The PM’s son then drove to Muthangari Police Station where he reported that a matatu driver had attempted to run over him. “I
    was flagged down by the police from Muthangari a short distance from where the incident happened,” Githinji narrated at the police station where he was taken.

    The driver was however not placed under arrest or locked up. He was kept in the cells until 7pm when Dagoretti police boss Mathew Gwio ordered his release. However the matatu was not detained and proceeded on its journey with another driver after Githinji was picked up.

    At Muthangari, Fidel, who was with two women, ranted and accused police of not listening to him. “He has only said he has been knocked by a matatu and continues to claim that l am not listening to him,” said the officer at the front desk who
    did not want to be named.

    The police said
    they were not clear about the complaint by Fidel as he refused to
    co-operate with them or explain details of the incident. Fidel refused to answer questions from the press at the police station. “There is no problem. I am going to report the matter to the Commissioner of Police,” he said before driving off.

    Yesterday evening Fidel explained that he had been driving himself along Waiyaki
    Way in the Mercedes Benz when the matatu driver suddenly blocked him. “I then came out of the car to ask him why he had blocked my way only for him to throw words at me. After a brief exchange I walked back to my car only for me to look back and see some men charging towards me with spanners. So I decided to get ready to defend myself since I did not have my bodyguards with me at the time,” he explained. “I pulled out a machete to scare them but unfortunately one of them held my hand from behind and grabbed the machete. At that point I got back into the car and drove to Muthangari Police Station where I reported the incident,” said Fidel.

    The Prime Minister’s son denied bulldozing police at Muthangari insisting that the officer there was disrespectful. “The policeman was too busy taking calls on his mobile line instead of attending to me so I walked away in protest to look for help elsewhere,” said Fidel.

    At the Westlands terminus, matatu operators appealed for protection and justice. “Hawa vijana wa pesa wanataka kutusumbua (these children of the rich want to make our lives difficult),” said an operator who feared he could be victimised if he revealed his name.

  • What next for Raila loyalists in Nyanza?
    Updated Sunday, April 07 2013 at 13:54 GMT+3

    By Rushdie Oudia

    WESTERN; KENYA: When former President Moi retired in 2002, there was uncertainty as to what was next for the politicians who had depended on him for their survival.

    Though many have of them have since lost their mantle, a number have succeeded in politics after Moi’s retirement.

    Outgoing Prime Minister Raila Odinga’s loss in the March 4 General Election has similarly left many politicians ‘orphaned’.

    The absence of Mr Odinga, who has been the dominant factor of Nyanza politics, could spell doom to his friends.

    In Nyanza any defiance against Raila, 68, was a sure ticket to political oblivion.

    In many gatherings in Kisumu and other parts of Nyanza, one can hear whispers over what will happen to the many leaders that used to ride beside Mr Odinga.

    Wherever he went, they would be seen with him and even at every funeral they would not miss a chance to address the mourners and heap praise on Mr Odinga.


    When political opponents of Mr Odinga attacked him, his backers would hold quick press briefings to defend him at all costs and this could be transferred even to Parliament.

    They got popularity and privilege that came with the Prime Minister valuing you as his lieutenant on the ground.

    The PM will be 73 by the time Kenya holds its next General Election in 2017.

    There have been questions on how his lieutenants will campaign come the next polls.

    The region has been used to the phenomenon that contestants endorsed by Mr Odinga automatically sail through.

    In the past election, Mr Odinga faced some resistance in some areas in Nyanza when he tried to market the six piece voting system that would ensure that all the ODM candidates sail through.
    In Homa Bay, Siaya and Kisumu Counties, he faced rebellion as many locals did not prefer the candidates he proposed to them; most of whom are his allies.

    Fresh leaders

    Mr Jakoyo Midiwo, Otieno Kajwang and Fred Outa are just some of the close allies who will be facing a difficult time in convincing their constituents that they can make it without hanging on the coat tails of Mr Odinga.

    A political analyst Obora Okoth says these politicians might not stand a chance in the next General Election.

    With the enlightened Nyanza voters who are likely to consider individuals and not parties, they will not have a chance since Luos will be looking for fresh leaders.

    “ Raila’s shoes will be too big for any of his ‘orphans’ and the tussle for power on who is better placed to take up the mantle will be an issue,” argues Mr Okoth.

    However there may be some who have been in the political scene for a very long time and might weather the storm because of what they have gone through in liberating this country.

    These are the likes of Siaya senator James Orengo and Kisumu County senator Prof Anyang’ Nyong’o.

    Mr Dalmas Otieno has also been mentioned to be one of the leaders who can be Mr Odinga’s successor.

    Kasipul Member of the National Assembly, Oyugi Magwanga who is a close ally to Mr Odinga said he would continue consulting the premier since he admires the ideals he stands for.

    “ Raila’s loss is not only a loss to Nyanza but the whole country,” says Mr Magwanga, as he dismisses claims that those close to former PM will fall into political oblivion.

    Mr Magwanga says that Mr Odinga was and will still remain the defacto Luo leader, adding that for Nyanza leaders left behind, they will come up with ways of forging ahead.

    “We have been holding meetings and there will be more to chat the way forward in championing for what Mr Odinga stood for,” says Mr Magwanga.


    As the Jubilee Government continues to operate, Nyanza members of the National Assembly and the Senate continue to remain vulnerable since they will be needed to pass some bills in the two houses.

    Analysts say their loyalty to the outgoing Premier might wane but they might not show it openly for fear of the Nyanza people backlash since they still revere Mr Odinga.

    However there might be closed door deals that they may cut with their opponents when it comes to passing of major bills in the two houses.

    Mr Okoth does not rule out this possibility and he states that politicians tend to lean towards the winning side or the side of the power since it has many benefits.


    He says there is a possibility of politicians who opposed or took Mr Odinga head on taking the mantle and leading Nyanza.

    These politicians include Party of Action leader Raphael Tuju, Miguna Miguna and The National Alliance (TNA) secretary Onyango Oloo.

    “But they would still face challenges because the Luo community might not trust them. Therefore the population might not give them a chance following their history in politics,” he argues.

    But it is believed that Mr Odinga would still influence both Nyanza and national politics.

    “Come 2017, Mr Odinga might appeal once more for the country to give him a chance,” says Mr Obora, adding that he would be watching any mistakes in Uhuru’s Government to grab the chance.

  • OMG storos on comment #43 are very shocking.

  • A’m asking you to ‘grow up’ and stop throwing tantrums whenever you don’t get your way.

  • The discontent is showing its ugly head between the indignant communities and the immigrant sub-clans whose original homes could be traced in Rusinga island, but who migrated to Homa bay central which is going to be the county’s headquarter and settled in various locations within the region and with limited resouce gain of the region ,Hon kajwang want to be the owner,leader from governorship as well as senator seats living other posts for the central region leaders.

    “And such conflict of diverse interests are just to divide the people of Homa bay county where we will work together as a community,and lets end inter-clans differences are allegedly fanned by the local MPs who belong to the immigrant sub-clans who crossed the Lake Victoria from Rusinga island in search of arable land and settled in the region at the turn of the 21st century”,says Okundi.

    The two MPs who are members of the immigrant sub-clans include Martin Otieno Ogindo, whose family migrated from Asembo Location in Rarieda district within Siaya County. The MPs settled in Central Kanyada Location.

    The other MP who is the son of an immigrant sub-clan is Gerald Otieno Kajwang’,is the Mbita MP Gerald Otieno Kajwang’ whose Waondo minority sub-clan is also reported to have migrated from Asembo in Rarieda district, also within Siaya County. The Waondo sub-clan settled in what used to be Mbita district among the majority Suba people.

    The leader from the indignant sub-clans now claims that MPs from the immigrant sub-clans who claims to be the most trusted confidants of the Prime Minister Raila Odinga have the ulterior motive and secret scheme to dominate the indignant people of the region.

    Also categorized as falling in the same cartel is the self-styled ODM coordinator in Nyanza Mrs Monica Amolo who also hails from Kanyikela/Asembo sub-clan in Ndhiwa district. Is also being accused of collaborating with the two MPs to undermine the local indignant leadership.

    Mrs Amolo is claiming to be the confidant of Mrs Ida Odinga and the gem MP Jakoyo Midiwo who is Raila’s maternal cousin. Her role in the party is to undercut and undermine the abrasive Ndhiwa MP Orwa Ojode who has flatly refused to be dragged into vicious political manipulations being exercised in the region by people from Siaya.

    During the recently concluded, but much flawed ODM grass root elections in Homa-Bay County, Kajwang was elected the party chairman in the County branch by consensus and not through the balloting. Hon Ogindo was also elected to the office in the same fashion an so was Mrs Monica Amolo.

    But immediately after the conclusion of the trio allegedly embarked in changing and replacing the names of those who were elected along with them with their own political cronies.

    George Ner from Kagan who had been elected to head the Rangwe sub-branch had his name changed and replaced by one Opondo Kaluma from Kanyada.

    The name of the former Rangwe MP Eng.Phillip Okundi who is now there chairman of the ODM electoral board and who was named as a delegate in the Rangwe sub-branch had his name removed and replaced by that of Odhiambo Rare from Kochia and also has been a longtime friend of Gladys Wanga who is vying for Homa bay women representative in the next general election.

    In Rongo district the same group is said to be fighting the are MP Dalmas Otieno the man who is credited as performing diligently in both the cabinet as the Minister for Public Servants and within the ODM is always being branded as a KANU mole in the party and he is being fought let, right and center.

    The group is also allegedly targeting the populist and highly respected former Nyanza PDE Mrs Roselyn Onyuka who has declared her interest in contesting the Homa-Bay County Women Representative and whose records of sterling service to the people is unequaled.

    Onyuka has the highest profile of leadership and recognized as a workaholic person who is an achiever and prefered by many to take over as the new governor of Homa bay county..

    In Ndhiwa district, the hardworking MP Joshua Orwa Ojode is being fought by the same cartel which is branding him as a sympathizer of the PNU? This assertion not based on truth, but simply on falsified assumption because Ojode is working in the same Ministry with Prof. George Saitoti who heads the PNU.

    Ojode being tired with the kind of political intrigue has since broken the rank with the Prime Minister and has kept away not to e seen in any official function officiated by the Prime Minister Raila Odinga.

    During the public hearing conducted by the Independent Electoral and Boundary Commission at Homa-Bay member of the Suba Community from two constituencies whose inhabitants are the majority people of Suba origin had petitioned the IEBC and requested that the names of the two districts of Gwassi and Mbita be changed to Suba South and Suba North. The request was granted, but the Mbita MP came out spitting fire saying that such name could only be changed over his dead body.

    The MP who is also the Immigration and Registration of Persons has since hired his own younger brother who is a lawyer of the High Court to institute legal action against the IEBC.

    A legal suit is now pending in court in which the MP working through a local civic leader from Rusinga Island is the plaintiff. However, elders from Suba region who had requested for the changes of names of the two constituencies have vowed that they will be in court as the IEBC witnesses when the case come up for hearing.

    These political maneuvers by people who claims to be the closes advisers of the Prime Minister is tearing the ODM into pieces, and the party hitherto supremacy in Southern Nyanza is fast evaporating.

    Local indignant now feel the Prime Minister is exporting the Rusinga island brand of politics into Southern Nyanza by way of using his trusted lieutenants like Kajwang and Mbadi the out spoken collegues in coercing the local leaders into succumbing to the divide and rule policy.

    Those who are out of Homa bay county, and allegedly targeted for possible sidelining included the abrasive Nyatike MP Edick Omondi Anyanga, Migori MP John Pesa, Rongo MP Dalmas Otieno and Karachuonyo MP Eng Jame Rege and also Milli Odhiambo.

    The Homa bay county central MPs who have been classified as the alleged collaborators of the Rusinga Islands included Kasipul Kabondo MP Joseph Oyugi Maguwanga, Uriri MP Cyprian Ojwang’Omolo,Karachuonyo Mp James Rege. A candidate aspiring for the Homa-Bay governor’s position Cyprian Otieno Awiti is also reported to be playing in the same league with Rusinga agents out to exercise their external political supremacy against the indigenous people of Southern Nyanza.

  • Regional elite should focus on development, not politics
    Updated Saturday, May 4th 2013

    By Ken Opalo

    NAIROBI, KENYA: This week the local dailies reported that former MP Shem Ochuodho is chairing a forum of Luo professionals to lobby President Uhuru Kenyatta’s Government to address development needs of Nyanza. At first look one may dismiss this as an opportunist attempt by Dr Ochuodho and his allies to get the attention of the President, who must be working overdrive to find Luo leaders he can work with in his Government. But whatever Ochuodho’s motivations are, in my view this is a step in the right direction.

    I have written on these pages before that as a country we need to wean ourselves of the culture of talking, eating and sleeping politics. Incessant politicking is responsible for widening the ethnic chasms that define our country. It has also made our leaders hostage to politics and associated theatrics rather than focusing on a much needed development agenda. Perhaps nowhere else in Kenya is this more pronounced than in Luo Nyanza.

    The region has been the bastion of opposition politics almost uninterrupted since 1966. As a result, the residents have not managed to convert their political clout into economic and social development. Many talk of individual leaders who have paid the price for Kenya’s second liberation, but I would argue that their constituents have perhaps paid an even higher price. Nyanza’s marginalisation has not only come from State House. It has also come from the region’s own leaders. The young man from Kisumu of the ‘donge’ fame is the embodiment of this phenomenon. His infamous emotional outburst following the Supreme Court ruling on the election petition was more tragic than comical. He appeared to have staked his very future on a particular candidate’s electoral success.

    The irony of it all is that beyond the ethnic pride of having a co-ethnic in State House the young man may not have benefited much even if his preferred candidate had won the presidency. There is no evidence to suggest that his preferred leader’s lieutenants would have suddenly shifted their gaze from national politics in Nairobi to focus on local development in Nyanza. This is exactly why Ochuodho’s initiative is most welcome. For the first time, it takes attention away from Luo leaders’ fixation with politics in Nairobi and focuses it on the development needs of Luo Nyanza, which at present are multitude. But while Luo Nyanza is the epitome of this phenomenon, the propensity of politicians to ignore the development needs of their loyal constituents is not unique to the region.

    All over Kenya our leaders’ desire for personal aggrandizement and enrichment in Nairobi has prevented them from attending to the needs of their people. Unwavering loyalty to particular leaders as opposed to voting on developmental performance has come at a steep price. This is shown in the relatively better developmental performance of leaders in the more electorally competitive parts of the country.

    To end this abandonment of voters by leaders, President Uhuru must directly appeal to, and assure people like the young man in Kisumu – kwa maneno na matendo – that the Government is theirs and works for them. He must make sure that regions that did not vote for him do not feel left out of the new government’s development agenda. Forget Cabinet appointments, what will matter most is whether people in these regions have paved roads, running water, electricity, good schools and hospitals. Former President Kibaki showed Kenyans what their Government was capable of doing. But he failed at facilitating an equitable creation of wealth across the country. Uhuru should strive to do better than Kibaki in this regard. If he fails he will be judged harshly, and worse, Kenya will suffer for it.

    The sudden death of Senator Mutula Kilonzo is a great loss to this country. He was one of the bravest and brightest members of the Senate. Many will remember him for standing firm against impunity during his tenure as Justice minister. My condolences go to his family. May he rest in peace.

  • Storm in Orange Democratic Movement ‘Young Turks’ take party Old Guard head on
    Updated Saturday, May 25th 2013 at 22:40 GMT +3


    NAIROBI, KENYA: A major showdown looms in the Orange Democratic Movement ( ODM) between the old guards and the ‘Young Turks’ as the party seeks to reinvent itself following the shocking March 2013 poll loss.

    ODM’ main grassroots active groups, the Youth and Women’s Leagues have joined professionals affiliated to the party in calling for a total overhaul and restructuring at the top level.

    The battle lines have already been drawn and the manner in which a new ODM Executive Director will be appointed will determine whether the party will regain its status as the strongest political party in Kenya.

    Insiders agree there is popular consensus among the ODM fraternity the Orange Party must reinvent itself and be in touch with its followers if at all it hopes to remain relevant in the national landscape.

    The elections debacle has left the ODM rank and file in a state of disbelief, rocked by Raila Odinga’s loss and the ODM ‘Young Turks’ are pushing for a total structural overhaul to reinvent and strengthen the party’s alliance with the Coalition for Reform and Democracy (CORD).

    CORD’s defeat and the Supreme Court’s decision to confirm President Uhuru Kenyatta’s victory has driven the party’s young professionals and aspiring politicians in demanding for drastic action if ODM and CORD have any ambitions of winning a future election.

    Members have already prompted Raila to spearhead radical surgery in the party’s top organs and structures.

    The appointment of a new Executive Director and the urgent holding of party elections are top of the agenda and the bone of contention between the old guards and the ‘Young Turks’

    Younger party stalwarts are placing the blame for the elections loss squarely on the shoulders of Raila’s inner circle of key advisers, mostly the old guards, arguing that they should not be involved in the selection for a new Executive Director and the organization of fresh elections.

    “How can ODM members let a cabal of politicians who led us to an elections loss and messed up of our presidential candidate’s campaigns to lead the recruitment and appointment of a new ODM Executive Director?” poses architect JT Okinda, who is gunning for the post of party Secretary-General, challenging Senator Anyang’ Nyong’o, adding: “A meaningful restructuring and systems overhaul including the appointment of a professional, independent and impartial Executive Director can only be done after fresh party elections. Party elections are long overdue, since the last ones were held more than five years ago.

    Okinda is leading the ‘Young Turks’ onslaught against the old guards including Nyong’o, Senators James Orengo, Janet Ongera and Otieno Kajwang’ and Gem MP Jakoyo Midiwo who are believed to have a close ear to former Prime Minister Raila Odinga. Ongera is the outgoing ODM Executive Director.

    The Young Turks say only Raila as party leader should be spared in the new party executive lineup, arguing that the old guards have their hands full and should concentrate on the legislative duties that they have been elected to or nominated to and let a younger crop of dynamic –professional leadership to steer ODM on a new course.

    The two ODM Youth and Women Leagues organs say they were totally left out and sidelined in all crucial decision making of the party, including nomination slots despite working voluntarily and remaining pro-active at the grassroots during the elections.

    “Women at the sub-locations were given a raw deal instead of enjoying the fruits of their labour,” charges ODM Women League Chairperson Beth Syengo. Those women in the Senate and the National Assembly are not the only leaders that represent us,” she told The Standard on Sunday.

    Syengo suggests that as the party is being restructured; two posts of Deputy Executive Director – one for the youth and other for women – should be reserved to direct deal with issues touching those categories of the party members.

    poor structures

    ODM Youth League Chairman Rashid Mohamed totally agrees that the youth were left out during the election campaigns and blamed this on lack of proper structures of the party at the national level. But he expresses confidence that the youth will now be fully engaged all matters.

    Machakos County ODM Chairman Peter Mutulu says the party is still active on the ground and only needs proper leadership at the national level. He says party county officials do meet to conduct their regular business including recruiting more members.

    Mutulu has urged ODM and Wiper Democratic Movement (WDM) party members not to be demoralized after the elections, but to work harder to instill democracy and transparent leadership in a free and fair atmosphere to build CORD into the most powerful coalition in the country.

    His view tallies with those who believe that ODM must undergo a complete overhaul. “Does ODM want to reinvent and reform itself in line with its manifesto, that it is the party of reform? You cannot claim to be a champion of reform if you cannot reform your structures,” argues a party confidante.

    He further argues that there is no doubt that the party secretariat was mediocre and contributed to CORD’s loss at the polls. Surprisingly, Senator Ongera, who was among top party officials accused of contributing to the party nominations fiasco, is part of a team currently short-listing candidates for the Executive Director’s post.

    Raila appointed her alongside seven other members of new and youthful MPs to help the party in the recruitment process.

    The committee held their first meeting at Orange House, the party headquarters on Thursday to lay strategies on how to handle the matter. A reputable human resource firm was also hired to assist.

    The committee includes Andrew Toboso (Butere MP – Chairman), Joyce Wanjala Lay (County Women Rep Taita Taveta), Florence Mutua (County Women Rep Busia), Abdikadir Aden (Balambala MP), Joshua Aduma (Nyakach MP), Timothy Bosire (Kitutu Masaba) and Junet Mohamed (Suna East MP).

    After the recruitment of the Executive Director and the two deputies, the party will call for a national governing council meeting in the month of June so that matters of filling official positions can be discussed.

    The priority of the party is to get a reform minded person, a view supported by the majority of younger ODM MPs, members and supporters. One party insider claimed: “There is a crop of leaders that has been plundering the party, with their relatives doing business with the secretariat such that very little resources reach the grassroots to prop up party activities.”

    Credible polls

    “Apart from reforming the secretariat another area of priority is to hold credible national elections to give the party a vibrant new face and blood. The party’s elections board has also lost face and needs to be replaced,” the party operative who declined to be identified added. “The person selected to head the secretariat has the unenviable task of uplifting the morale of party supporters after the loss in the election. A big task is to mobilize supporters to vote in the referendum to change the way we elect our president.”

    Orange Network (ONET) leader Kennedy Butiko, is among the over 200 applicants for the post of Executive Director. ONET is a pressure group that is leading the push for reforms in the party and agitating for grassroots elections and reform of the elections board.

    Butiko says he is willing to support any person selected ‘as long as they want to work diligently for the party.’ “I am not a stranger to ODM members and they all know what I stand for and what I am capable of.”

    As ODM and Raila administers a total overhaul and a major facelift steered by younger dynamic leaders to rebrand the party in a transformed political terrain, the party must accept the reality on the ground and shunt active politicians from its secretariat.

    It must also immediately organise free and fair elections from the grassroots to the national office, as demanded by a restive membership.


    Tuesday, March 15, 2011 – 00:00 — BY FRANCIS MUREITHI

    Lands minister James Orengo in 2009 said Prime Minister Raila Odinga was a bad manager and was mostly focused on his 2012 presidential bid instead of implementing the reform agenda.

    Orengo, who is considered one of Raila’s close confidants, also described Raila as a man held hostage by his political supporters. This information is in a diplomatic cable sent to Washington DC by US ambassador Michael Ranneberger on June 26, 2009 and which has now been released by Wikileaks.

    The cable, titled the Reform agenda – keeping the pressure on Kibaki and Odinga, said Ranneberger had a candid talk with Orengo where the minister claimed that just like President Kibaki, Raila lacked solid leadership skills which was delaying reforms. “Orengo said that, given the lack of leadership by both Kibaki and Odinga, he does not believe that the reform process will move ahead quickly – if at all,” Ranneberger said.

    Orengo considered Raila a leader who could not take bold steps in the reform agenda because he was being held hostage by his political supporters. “Odinga has done nothing to reorganise his office to make it more effective. Odinga is a poor manager who does not follow up, and he is primarily focused on preparing for his presidential run in 2012, Orengo said. Odinga has avoided bold moves because he is hostage to his difficult political constituency, Orengo said,” the cable states.

    According to Ranneberger, Orengo admitted he was frustrated with the pace of reform arguing that Raila must bear substantial responsibility for the delay. “Orengo made clear his view that Kibaki and his people do not favor far-reaching reforms, but at the same time, he said, Odinga has not been forthright in driving implementation of the reform agenda,” Ranneberger wrote.“In essence, Orengo concluded, Odinga wants to maintain support from the diverse elements of his Orange Democratic Movement coalition, and that means he has pulled his punches on issues like the Special Tribunal,” added the ambassador.

    Orengo said that chances were high that the new draft national land policy may not be implemented due to the sensitive issues involved. Ranneberger adds that after Orengo’s confessions, he urged the Lands minister “to have a heart-to-heart discussion” with Raila. “Odinga needs to be shaken out of his complacency, Orengo commented,” the envoy said in the cable.

    Ranneberger said he told Orengo that it was not too late for Raila to embrace the reform agenda and push hard for its implementation. “We want to help him be successful as Prime Minister, because if he fails then the coalition will fail and the historic opportunity to bring about fundamental reform will be lost, with an increased likelihood for future instability,” the envoy added.

    Ranneberger told Washington that Americans must continue pressing Kibaki and Raila hard to implement reforms. “They need to know that we see them as having shared responsibility, thus forestalling their attempts to play the blame game while the reform agenda languishes. Implementation will not happen without their decisive leadership. Both men remain very sensitive to US concerns and pressure,” said Ranneberger.

  • Kisumu county

    Kisumu County Assembly Passes Sh72 Million For Prados
    By Dennis Onyango

    Kisumu,Kenya: Kisumu County Assembly has passed a report recommending the purchase of Toyota Prados worth Sh72 million.

    This will now see the County executives allocated 12 brand new Prados to enable them serve the area effectively.

    The executive had initially proposed 22 Prados at Sh132 million but this was reduced by the Budget and Appropriations Committee.

    Once purchased, Sh15 million is to be used for their operation during the 2013-2014 financial year.
    Leader of house majority, My Samuel Ong’ow said there was need to purchase the four-wheel drives due to the terrain in most parts of the county.

    “We are all aware of the status in which our roads are. The roads are impassable for Passats and the executive therefore opted for Prados,” he told the house.

    This was after West Seme Ward Representative Benter Akinyi questioned why they opted for Prados instead of Passats that consume little fuel and are less expensive to purchase.

    The committee’s chairman Willis Mindeu said that out of the deductions they made in the expenditure, they saved more than Sh1.6 billion that would have been a deficit in the Sh9.7 billion budget.

    On Friday, the House also passed Sh7 million for the purchase of a Land Rover. The committee had reduced the figure from Sh14 million that had earlier been proposed.

    They also reduced the budgetary provision of Sh10.3 million on the executive’s commuter allowance to Sh5.1 million.

    On the Sh10 million meant to renovate Governor Jacktone Ranguma’s residential house, the assembly was told that this had been reduced from Sh75 million to reduce the financial burden on the county.

    North Nyakach Ward Representative Maina Koko questioned why the governor’s office proposed Sh6 million to cater for electricity expenses. This figure was reduced by the committee to Sh3 million.

    “We all know the office has electricity. Why does the executive need all this amount of money?” he posed.

  • Odero was right

    Why Raila Odinga team lost March poll to Uhuru Kenyatta, William Ruto
    Updated Monday, June 24th 2013 at 08:53 GMT +3

    Key backers of former Prime Minister Raila Odinga have revealed that he lost last presidential election due to internal wrangles, supremacy wars and indiscipline within his party.

    Details are also emerging on how outgoing MPs and seniorparty officials in his Orange Democratic Movement ( ODM) disregarded election rules and messed up the party primaries that eventually culminated in voter apathy in Raila’s Nyanza and Western Province strongholds.

    Unknown to Raila, who was on the campaign trail chasing after a victory that he had realistic chances of grasping, his top aides, outgoing ODM MPs and senior party officials who ran his campaign secretariat spent most of their time fighting for personal interests.

    The fight for nomination certificates and control of campaign funds that turned the Orange House in Nairobi into a battlefield sapped momentum from Raila’s presidential campaign, eventually slowing the tempo in the final days to the elections.

    This happened as Raila divided his time between putting out fires lit by the primaries in his strongholds and national campaigns.

    Sources close to the former Premier say had things gone as planned, the Coalition for Reforms and Democracy (CORD) presidential candidate would have beaten President Uhuru in the first round.

    In an exclusive interview with The County Weekly, the Chairman of ODM’s elections board and former Roads minister Franklin Bett spilled the beans, saying although the party was tipped to win the elections with a landslide, senior officials laid the ground for Raila’s defeat.

    Votes stolen

    Bett for the first time revealed how he fell victim to machinations of corrupt networks within the party, forcing him to take a break from active politics.

    In the run-up to the elections, Bett surprised his supporters when he announced he would not be contesting any elective post in his Kericho County.

    The former Roads minister said he did his best to salvage democracy in ODM but paid the price of fighting a lonely court battle after a party official he had suspended over the sale of nomination certificates sued him.

    “At worst, Uhuru could have won the first round with a slim margin that would have seen them go into a run-off. Although some of Raila’s votes were stolen, it was clear something went awfully wrong during the campaigns,” claimed a former ODM minister from western Kenya on condition of anonymity for fear of reprisals.

    He added: “The registration of voters in Raila’s strongholds fell below expectations. The excuse was that many people, especially women and youth had no Identity cards yet Raila’s close ally, Homa Bay Senator Otieno Kajwang’, was in charge of the ministry,”

    He continued: “We knew we were headed for rough times when it emerged none of our strongholds had gone past the 80 per cent mark in voter registration yet Uhuru and Mr William Ruto’s regions had surpassed the 100 per cent mark.”

    The County Weekly has learnt that three months after the elections, the question of why Raila lost remains an emotive issue as his aides continue to blame one another.

    Recalling events that led to CORD’s electoral loss, Bett expressed regret that the incumbent MPs at the time, especially from Nyanza, manipulated ODM nominations in their favour, causing violent rebellion across the region.

    According to the ODM elections boss, the incumbents conspired to have themselves nominated to various electoral positions, believing that securing the party’s certificate at that stage assured them of victory in the General Election.

    ‘‘Some of the MPs held the view that it was their right to be nominated and demanded it,” Bett said.

    Although some people pointed accusing fingers at Bett for the acrimonious ODM party primaries that threw swathes of Luo Nyanza into riots, he says the blame rests squarely on MPs and party officials for messing up the exercise.

    The former Bureti MP is angry that simple mistakes by top aides cost Raila the presidency and now wants the entire ODM secretariat sent home, to give Raila room to reinvent himself.

    He also blamed the CORD co-principals — then Vice President Kalonzo Musyoka of Wiper Democratic Movement and Senator Moses Wetangula of Ford Kenya — for Raila’s loss.

    ‘‘The burden of loss for CORD should also be shared with both Wetangula and Kalonzo. They didn’t do enough during the campaigns.”

    Bett believes that for Raila to remain relevant, he has to take a new approach in marketing himself.

    ‘‘Mr Odinga has got to re-engineer his network. He has to completely re-invent himself and his political machine if he is to become Kenya’s next president,” Bett said.

    The former minister believes the former PM would not manage CORD well from outside Parliament, as it would make him vulnerable.

    ‘‘You know an MP can say anything and get away with it because of parliamentary immunity and privileges,’’ he explained.

    “Outside Parliament, Raila even risks being sued since there is no immunity. He has to be careful!’’ he cautioned.

    Bett says the three CORD principals must start working on modalities to turn the alliance into a single party ahead of next elections if they were to beat the Jubilee team.

    But reactions to Bett’s allegations were swift with outgoing ODM Executive Director and nominated Senator Janet Ong’era arguing her office should not be blamed for Raila’s poor performance and directed the blame at the CORD Presidential Campaign Secretariat.

    Robbed victory

    “The ODM secretariat was charged with party primaries, parliamentary and senatorial campaigns. On that front, we delivered because ODM has majority MPs, senators and members of County Assemblies,” Ongera argued.

    But a member of the Wiper Party, Johnstone Muthama says it is wrong to blame the CORD Presidential campaign team, saying the coalition did a commendable job but was robbed of victory.

    “Those saying we did a shoddy job are liars. The elections were marred by malpractices championed by the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission and other players with the aim of blocking Raila from winning the presidency. The CORD team did its best,” said Muthama.

    He added: “We have, all the same, learnt a lesson that there is a ruthless attitude by some people who think the leadership of this country will always belong to them. I am urging Kenyans to respect Raila and Kalonzo because of their fight for democracy.”

    Many Nyanza MPs however deny claims by Mr Bett that they may have played a role in Raila’s defeat. Kisumu Town West MP John Olago Aluoch, who won the seat on a Ford Kenya ticket after being locked out of ODM, accused Bett of trying to cover up for his mistakes.

    “He is to blame for the nominations fiasco. He allowed top party officials to manipulate him. He disregarded the wishes of the people and this disappointed the voters,” claimed Olago.

    He also downplayed Bett’s allegations that there was massive voter apathy in Nyanza saying regions like Kisumu recorded a high turnout.

    Former Nyakach MP Pollyns Ochieng’, who lost the ODM nominations, blamed Ong’era for the confusion that rocked the party.

    He claimed the nominations were a sham and played a big role in Raila’s loss.

    -Reports by Obote Akoko, Protus Onyango and Rusdie Oudia

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  • kumeumana ODM

    Monday June 24, 2013 – Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) lieutenants led by Kisumu Senator, Prof Anyang Nyong’o, have told former Prime Minister Raila Odinga to accept the outcome of the March 4th election and retire from active politics.

    In forum on Saturday at a Nairobi hotel, Nyong’o accompanied by Siaya Senator, James Orengo, said it is time for Raila Odinga to retire from active politics and leave the party for the young blood.

    Regarding next Saturday’s meeting in Bondo where Raila Odinga is set to announce his political future, Nyong’o and Orengo differed over the venue saying he should have organized the meeting in Nairobi but not in a remote location in Luo land.

    “Raila is national leader. If he wants to consult widely he should call his supporters from the across the country to a meeting in Nairobi. Calling a meeting of a few Luo people reduces him to a tribal chief . What will happen to the millions of his supporters countrywide who voted for him and who would like to continue supporting him? The meeting has to be called off and properly planned if it is realize any value,” Nyong’o said.

    The rivalry between Nyong’o and Jakom came into the open last week after he announced on Saturday that he will axe old guards in ODM’s top hierarchy to pave way for young blood.

  • The bone of contention is the region’s poor voter registration in the run-up to the elections and unimpressive voter turnout, which analysts say weakened Odinga’s performance in his strongholds.

    They say the debate on what caused the March 4 debacle was not likely to end soon because many of Mr Odinga’s supporters, especially from Nyanza, have refused to ‘accept and move on’ and would continue to demand answers on his loss to Uhuru Kenyatta. Mr Odinga vied for the presidency on a CORD ticket with former Vice President Kalonzo Musyoka as his running mate. The coalition also roped in current Bungoma Senator Moses Wetangula of Ford Kenya.

    Debate has been raging in social media and on vernacular FM stations over the performance of senior ODM politicians in the Odinga campaigns, amid accusations the leaders who owe their political successes to the former PM did little to mobilise members of the Luo community to register as voters.

    The spotlight has particularly been on former Immigration minister and now Homa Bay Senator Otieno Kajwang’, who has been accused of failing to ensure ODM supporters were issued with National Identity cards.

    The persistent criticism of Mr Kajwang’ recently forced him to defend himself on a local FM radio station.

    First salvo

    Last month, Gem MP Jakoyo Midiwo fired the first salvo when he claimed that many ODM supporters did not vote because they had not been issued with ID cards.

    Speaking during the burial of Nairobi lawyer Nesbit Ojwang in Kabondo, Mr Midiwo appeared to heap blame on Mr Kajwang’ when he said failure to give ID cards to ODM supporters was a major goof because Mr Odinga’s opponents ensured even school and college going youth were issued with the cards.

    Mr Midiwo, an influential and trusted member of Mr Odinga’s ‘kitchen cabinet’, was responding to queries from mourners who demanded a clarification over claims that CORD’s presidential campaigns may have been bungled.

    Some of the speakers at the funeral claimed Mr Odinga had been failed by people he entrusted with his campaigns.

    However, when The County Weekly called him for clarification over the allegations, Mr Midiwo neither declined nor admitted having attacked Mr Kajwang’ during the funeral.

    But Mr Kajwang’ last week came out fighting, saying it was wrong to blame him for the low voter registration in CORD strongholds.

    Fielding questions from agitated callers on a radio talk show, Mr Kajwang’ criticised CORD politicians and supporters who blamed him for failing to issue ID cards.

    In an earlier interview with The County Weekly, a former ODM minister from western Kenya who requested anonymity said many youth in CORD strongholds failed to acquire ID cards, resulting in low voter registration.

    The former minister expressed concern that Mr Odinga’s strongholds of Nyanza and Western did not go past the 80 per cent mark in voter registration yet most of the Jubilee strongholds had surpassed the 100 per cent mark.

    Mr Kajwang’ said his campaign enabled the Immigration ministry to surpass its registration target.

    He accused fellow CORD allies who were blaming him of being motivated by jealousy over the political clout he wielded in the area.

    “I executed my duties appropriately and those complaining are playing cheap politics with the aim of interfering with my popularity in the region,” Mr Kajwang’ added.

    Low turnout

    A senior official at the ODM secretariat who requested anonymity admitted that party nominations only worsened Mr Odinga’s woes.

    Mr Namwamba however said all was not lost and urged ODM supporters to learn from past mistakes and ensure they apply for ID cards in readiness for the 2017 elections.

    “We have not lost hope in our endeavours to take the leadership of this country. But we have to ensure that we register as voters in large numbers to realise success in our efforts,” Mr Namwamba said.

    George Mboya, who unsuccessfully contested the Suba parliamentary seat, attributed the problems which afflicted CORD during the elections to party officials who were mainly concerned with serving their personal interests instead of campaigning for Mr Odinga.

    He said many former MPs and new aspirants abandoned the presidential campaigns after getting their nominations for senate and parliamentary seats.

    Mr Mboya, who was in charge of communication in Homa Bay County for ODM, said the officials rigged the party primaries in their favour.

    “Many voters were unhappy with ODM nominations and never participated in the elections,” Mr Mboya said.

    Political analysts say the issue of ID cards is a lame excuse for Mr Odinga’s loss.

  • vote recount in Siaya

    Massive errors revealed in Siaya gubernatorial vote recount
    Updated Wednesday, July 17th 2013 at 23:16 GMT +3


    KENYA: Many discrepancies have been recorded in the Siaya gubernatorial vote recount ordered in three constituencies by the High Court in Kisumu.

    In an affidavit sworn by Governor Amoth Rasanga’s agent, Peter Mbeka, during the recount for Gem and Rarieda constituencies, the outcome bore massive inconsistencies.

    At Onyinyore polling station in Gem, voting papers were missing in ballot boxes. The number of counterfoil books found in ballot boxes were either too many or few, with broken or missing seals.

    The number of counterfoil books did not match those of registered voters in more than five polling stations, while there were incidents of seals missing and ballot boxes badly damaged in Nyasidhi and Kagilo primary schools,.

    The same situation was replicated in Rarieda, although the fresh tally results in Bondo corresponded to the initial tallies during election.

    In Rarieda, the total number of registered voters during the March 4 poll was 6,751, this being 93.8 per cent turnout and forms 35 indicated there were 6,331 votes cast.

    Registered voters

    After the recount, it was revealed that the total number of ballots cast in the constituency was 2,815, which indicated that only 41 per cent of registered voters turned out for the exercise. In Gem Constituency, the number of registered voters was 6,941where 6,165 voted but the recount showed that 3223 votes were cast.

    In the three constituencies, Rasanga led by a margin of 231 votes after beating Oduol with 133,798 votes. In Gem, Oduol led with 23,248 votes against Rasanga’s 19,757. In Bondo, Rasanga had 37,183 votes while Oduol garnered 16,287.

    Rasanga led in Rarieda with 23,314 ballots while Oduol got 19,316. Despite being in the lead, Rasanga is alleging that someone might have tampered with ballot boxes and their contents before the recount ordered bythe High Court. In a written supporting affidavit, Rasanga said there are a lot of anomalies emerging after the recount that did not favour him.

  • Former Prime Minister Raila Odinga faces crisis in ODM as youth groups fault reforms, demand polls
    Updated Saturday, July 20th 2013 at 22:03 GMT +3


    Friction within former Prime Minister Raila Odinga’s Orange Democratic Movement ( ODM) has reached new heights after grassroots groups demanded elections to rescue the party from a major political crisis.

    ODM youth, women’s leagues and professionals are demanding a thorough internal audit and a new independent board to conduct party polls.Â

    The groups are seeking a stronger presence in ODM’s top structures, including the National Governing Council (NGC), whose meeting has already been postponed twice this month.

    To make good their challenge, the party’s vibrant and powerful grassroots lobby group, the Orange Network (Onet) has launched a countrywide appeal to agitate for the party to conclude its national elections which stalled in 2011.

    “We are now going directly to appeal to the delegates and our membership countrywide because it seems that the national leadership is impervious to the wishes of ODM members who want free and fair elections conducted by an independent board after a transparent recruitment exercise,” ODM Tongaren Chairman and Onet Secretary Bern Wafukho told The Standard on Sunday.

    Despite being the most popular political party in the country, the membership is in disarray and disquiet has crept in over the restructuring process.

    Bad old ways

    There is a growing feeling among the ODM fraternity that the party leadership seems not to have learnt from the lessons of the elections loss and that the “bad old ways” are back, including backroom scheming by senior legislators and close associates of the party leader.

    The recent appointments of a new Executive Director and three other directors at the secretariat have also elicited sharp reactions amid claims they were manipulated by some forces in the party’s top hierarchy.

    Critics argue that instead of adding value to the party as it reorganises itself to remain relevant on the national political landscape, the appointments are an affront to the restructuring process and a departure from the expectations of the party members.

    In demanding a total overhaul, the groups insist that the only way to reinvent and strengthen the party’s alliance with the Coalition for Reform and Democracy (Cord) is to democratise its internal structures and end the culture of “sycophancy and kitchen cabinets”.

    Reaffirming its commitment to press ahead with its direct campaigns to appeal to delegates and members countrywide, Onet officials cautioned the party officials and hierarchy not to underestimate the influence it wields countrywide and should brace for a “party tsunami”.

    Onet warned that ODM could disintegrate unless it handles and resolves its internal affairs amicably. Two years ago, the party planned to conduct elections but the process curiously stalled immediately after the county levels concluded the exercise.

    “We now demand that the party convenes the National Delegates Council meeting and be allowed to hold the national elections,” said Prof Larry Gumbe, a key party strategist and a former chairman of the Centre for Multi-Party Democracy (CMD).

    Gumbe, who faulted the party’s restructuring process, has also declared that he will vie for the post of party secretary general currently held by Kisumu Senator Anyang’ Nyong’o. Onet official JT Okinda is also interested in the seat.

    Gumbe, a senior party member who was once ODM Deputy Director and is a former chairman of the defunct Labour Democratic Party, says delegates ought to give directions before any restructuring is undertaken, alluding to the recent appointment of an executive director and other directors at the secretariat.

    He dismissed the recent appointments as “baseless and doomed to fail if the wishes of the party’s reform-minded members and associates are not considered.” He said only after national elections are concluded can the party secretariat be constituted, adding that demands by members for a complete structural overhaul should be taken seriously.

    Not inclusive

    Kisii Deputy Governor Joash Maangi, who says he represents the wishes of the young and dynamic ODM members, called for immediate free, fair and transparent national elections.

    He said for any meaningful restructuring of the party, delegates ought to come up with a comprehensive plan and administer it instead of haphazardly picking a secretariat which is not inclusive. “We are not satisfied with the way things are going now. The process should be transparent and accommodative,” he said.

    Onet national officials Wafukho and Kennedy Butiko said starting this week they will tour the grassroots to mobilise and reinforce demands for the date of party elections to be announced and an all-inclusive restructuring of the party conducted.

    They said members will not agree to piecemeal orchestrated filling of vacant party positions by the party leader and close associates, adding that they have no problem with the party leader, but were only asking him to honour his pledge to ensure democracy within the party by involving all the members and not a select few.

    Others who have joined calls for elections are ODM Youth League Chair Rashid Mohammed, ODM National Women League Chair Beth Syengo, ODM National Women League Vice-Chair Zamzam Ismail and Reverend John Obare of Muhoroni constituency.

    Some Muslim party supporters are also said to be unhappy with the new secretariat line-up, arguing that they were left out of the top hierarchy of the party nerve centre. “Does it mean that they have no interest in the larger bloc of Muslim supporters in the Coast and Northern region?” posed an out-going senior party official who wished not to be named.

    He said there should have been wider consultations and proper awareness created among the party members and supporters before naming the Magerer Langat-led secretariat. He claimed that the outgoing national leadership had personal interests in getting business contracts to supply election materials instead of concentrating on strategies to win the polls.

    When contacted, Prof Nyong’o said he has not received any official complaints against the newly appointed party Executive Director and other officials. “I have not heard any one complaining formally against our new secretariat,” he said on phone.

    Asked to state whether he made allegations against Onet, accusing the outfit of working for a political opponent, Nyong’o said: “I don’t know that.” He said the party NGC will address “some of the issues raised” but the meeting might once again be postponed because it will coincide with the Makueni by-election scheduled for July 26.

    The meeting is expected to address the myriad problems bedeviling ODM, including internal wrangles and discord, logistical issues, the temporary filling of vacant slots left by runaway party politicians and dates for the party’s elections from the grassroots to the national level.

    On the whether the party has conducted an audit and review of what transpired and how it handled preparations leading to the March 4 General Election, Nyong’o retorted: “It is for party internal affairs. I will not dwell on this matter.”

  • ODM Mps want Nyong'o out
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  • ODM leadership woes

    Fears over new split as ODM bigwigs cling on ‘one-man’
    Updated Friday, August 9th 2013 at 23:50 GMT +3


    KENYA: A fresh storm is simmering in the Orange Democratic Movement after the party’s top hierarchy failed to provide a definite roadmap to the eagerly anticipated National Delegates Convention.

    The meeting is expected to result in radical decisions about the future of the party following a push from the rank and file for change at the top. ODM MPs demanded party leader Raila Odinga to cut lose certain officials at a meeting in Nairobi on Wednesday.

    So sensitive is the issue that some of the party officials contacted either flatly declined to comment or referred all questions to newly appointed executive director Joseph Magerer Lang’at, himself facing a revolt as some members question his appointment.

    At least 10 MPs are contemplating ‘technically’ defecting from ODM to underline their unhappiness. Former Roads Minister Franklin Bett says the party faces serious integrity questions in the manner it handles its affairs. In a tell-all interview with The Standard on Saturday, Bett took a swipe at the opacity in party operations that excludes majority of its members.

    “I am aware they have tried to set meetings after the last Parliamentary Group meeting in June,” says Bett, who was in charge of the party’s presidential election team. “However, meeting and sharing with members is critical to the survival of this party. A clique around the party leader makes decisions. If a party avoids its members, it is doomed to fail. If they cannot find a way of accommodating all members, then the party risks being a one-man show.”

    The brickbat that was clearly aimed at the party’s top brass left no doubt he shares the sentiments and frustrations younger MPs and senators have been expressing.

    Jubilee is reportedly preparing a war chest to pounce on the dissenters. There have been reports of an effort to woo Western Kenya among other areas.

    The latest developments represent the many twists and turns ODM has had to navigate to remain vibrant in the bicameral Parliament, despite its relatively weaker numerical strength. Some of the MPs met Raila on Wednesday evening during which they were categorical the bad eggs have to be dispensed with soon or the party risks another mass exodus as witnessed in the countdown to the March elections.

    Kakamega meeting

    The meeting was an attempt by Raila to calm the storm that has been building up involving mainly first-time MPs who have been calling for radical surgery to rid the party of senior officials they accuse of being responsible for the debacle suffered in the elections. The former PM’s responses to specific questions allegedly left some “frustrated”.

    Raila, party secretary-general, treasurer and minority leader come from the same community, a reality those calling for disaggregation of seats to reflect the face of Kenya want changed.

    The frustration of MPs from ODM political base in Nyanza coincides with a planned meeting in Kakamega this weekend to be addressed by, among others, former National Assembly Speaker Kenneth Marende. Marende is positioning himself for chairmanship.

    The realignment takes place against a backdrop of reports that pressure is piling on Public Accounts Committee (PAC) chair Ababu Namwamba and Funyula MP Paul Otuoma “to work with” the Jubilee government. Namwamba would not respond to our phone calls or text messages.

    Hot topic

    One of the MPs who attended the 5-9pm “dinner” meeting told The Standard on Saturday that the former PM remained vague on when the party would hold elections to rejuvenate it. The MP says it is unlikely the much-talked about polls will take place this year, as it had become hot topic that would split the party further.

    The Serena Hotel dinner talks were attended by Millie Odhiambo (Mbita), Opondo Kaluma (Homa Bay), David Ochieng’ (Ugenya), Ken Obura (Kisumu Central), Jared Opiyo (Awendo), Ken Okoth (Kibra), Sylvance Osele (Kabondo Kasipul) and George Oner Ogalo (Rangwe).

    We have also learned that some MPs at the meeting said a senior official in Deputy President William Ruto’s office has been tasked with recruitment of disgruntled MPs from Nyanza and Western.

    Kisumu Central MP Ken Obura referred to the meeting as routine “coffee meeting” with the party leader. “There is nothing extra-ordinary. We always meet with party leader for tea,” Mr Obura explained. The first-time MP, however, acknowledged the need to rebuild and re-brand the party.

    “The National Governing Council will meet soon to set a date for elections. Once the NGC sets a date for a National Delegates Convention, we shall have enough reasons to speak on the direction we want the party to take,” he says.

    Another first time MP from South Nyanza, who requested anonymity, says the session at Serena was stormy, with the MPs insisting demagogues responsible for the chaotic primaries be kicked out.

    In a text message after the meeting, the MP described as “hot” the debate on the role played by chairman Henry Kosgey, Secretary-General Anyang Nyong’o, Eliud Owalo and Deputy National Assembly Minority Leader Jakoyo Midiwo in the March 4 elections.

    The MPs questioned the recruitment of Magerer. The latter could not be reached by phone. Leaders from the former Western Province are pushing for either chairmanship or secretary-general’s post. Coast too is eying one of the positions, which are currently held by Kosgey and Nyong’o.

    Other than Marende, Otuoma is said to be interested in Kosgey’s post while Namwamba and party assistant executive director Nabii Namwera are lining up to replace Nyong’o. Some MPs from Western are accused of either not propagating their party’s agenda or are quietly “working” with Jubilee.

  • ODM ‘Young Turks’ want Raila out

    A split between the old guard and youthful, newly elected leaders in the Orange Democractic Movement (ODM) is threatening party unity ahead of its upcoming national elections. The two sets of leaders exchanged words before party leader and former Prime Minister Raila Odinga, as it emerged that the ODM ‘Young Turks’ want Raila and the veteran politicians to exit the party leadership ahead of the 2017 elections, while the old guard want him to continue as the flag bearer.

    Raila, apparently aware of the deep schism between his lieutenants, steered clear of an issue that is fast taking centre stage in the party, as younger MPs continue an emerging quest to take up strong positions in the Orange party. The power games come at a time when ODM is scheduled to hold its National Delegates Conference (NDC) on August 15, according to its head of secretariat Magerer Langat.

    Some leaders who are keen on taking various positions include former head of LDP secretariat Professor Larry Gumbe and TJ Okinda. Gumbe insists the old guard have been a let down to the party’s growth and blame them of costing Raila victory in the last General Election.. ODM young MPs from Nyanza region who are pushing for the change of leadership at the party hierarchy came under scathing attack from the party veterans who accused them of plotting a coup in the party.

    The exchange of words was played up at Awasi during a home coming ceremony hosted for leader of majority at the Kisumu County Assembly Samuel Ongou and attended by MPs, Senators, county representatives and other regional leaders. Gem MP Jakoyo Midiwo kicked off the storm when he told the young MPs to tone down their surge, saying that was not the best way to revamp the party.

    Jakoyo said the tactics being employed by the MPs to dislodge the old guard were not proper as no election of the party had officially been announced by the party office. “This is division being created among the party, with these MPs going round the region championing for party elections, yet the ODM governing council has not met over the same,” said Jakoyo who is also the deputy leader of minority party in the National Assembly.

    Machakos Senator Johnstone Muthama jaoined in the fray on the side of Jakoyo and insisted that the MPs should cease from causing unnecessary tension in the party. He challenged them to push for beneficial motions in Parliament aimed at improving the lives of their electorate. “Some of these MPs going around Nyanza region have not even proposed any motion in Parliament for debate. Let them learn the ropes in Parliament before calling for a coup within ODM,” he said.

    One of the MPs who is pushing for the takeover, Kisumu Central MP Ken Obura who was present, promised a titanic battle to wrestle party power from the old party guard. Obura said the change in the party was inevitable, promising he and like- minded ODM MPs would not beat a retreat in their quest to pump new blood into the leadership of the party.

    “I want to warn my colleagues that we are unstoppable. This team of young MPs has made a resolve and there is no turning back,”he declared. Ongou said there was no clause in the ODM constitution which bars older members from contesting for positions of leadership. Two weeks ago, a group of MPs endorsed Obura for the position of ODM secretary general which is held by Kisumu Senator Anyang Nyongo.

    Obura’s camp that is calling for a total overhaul of the party by replacing the old guard includes others calling themselves ‘Young Turks’, Ken Okoth (Kibra), Millie Odhiambo (Mbita), Sylvance Osele (Kasipul Kabodo) Fred Opiyo (Awendo) – and George Oner (Rangwe). Old guard leaders also defended the former PM against those calling for his early retirement. Senators Anyang Nyongo, Otieno Kajwang, James Orengo and Muth- ama said Raila is still active and should therefore not be pushed into retirement.

    “The first independence President the late Mzee Jomo Kenyatta died while in office at the age of 78. Raila has not reached that age yet and should not be pushed into retirement,” said Muthama Orengo said there was no retirement in politics and asked Raila to remain steadfast in fighting for devolution as enshrined in the new Constitution.

    His Homa Bay counterpart, Kajwang said the government should not use intimidation and arm twisting to have Raila edged out of politics early. He said the issue of vehicles and security alongside retirement benefits for the former premier should not be dangled for Raila. However, Raila called for a concerted effort among the old and the young in the party to ensure ODM remains vibrant and that nobody is discriminated from party affairs.

    Raila maintained he would continue advocating for the full implementation of the new constitution, as he avoided answering the blunt calls against his leadership by the new MPs. He said he would try as much as possible to remain relevant in issues affecting millions of Kenyans currently. He turned his attention to the Government saying it is bent on diluting the Police Service Commission and promised to ensure reforms in the force are implemented.

    “It is quite disheartening to see how the government is pushing to shelve some of the police reforms as enshrined in the new constitution. I will stand my ground to ensure police reforms are not scuttled,” he told the gathering. Among those present were Ken Okoth (Kibra), Millie Odhiambo (Mbita), Sylvance Osele (Kasipul Kabondo), Jared Opiyo (Awendo and George Oner (Rangwe) and Junet Ochieng. Women Representatives included Gladys Wanga (Homa-bay), Christine Ombaka (Siaya), Florence Mutua (Busia) and Rose Nyamunga (Kisumu).-The People

  • OMG! Raila Flip Flogs…..Again, He now wants a Parliamentary system for Kenya.

    Cord leader Raila Odinga says Kenya should shift from a Presidential to a Parliamentary system to deal with the ethnic divisions that routinely accompany election seasons.

    Mr Odinga says the Presidential system is ill suited for ethnically divided societies because communities pin their hopes on individuals and rally behind them, relegating other factors such as policy issues and merit to the back burner.

    “I now believe very strongly that a presidential system enhances ethnicity and deepens divisions. I think a parliamentary system is much more appropriate for the kind of society we have in Kenya today. In a Parliamentary system, parties pick their candidates through an electoral college as you have in places such as India, Israel and Britain and then the parties compete and the biggest one forms the government. That way, someone from even the smallest community has a chance to be president.”

    If you thought Miguna Miguna did not know Raila, you need to think again. In his book, PEELING BACK THE MASK, Miguna paints Raila as incurable flip flopper. During the constitutional negotiations, ODM was rooting for a parliamentary system but it was Raila who changed that position at the last minute.

    It was in the course of the Harambee House negotiations where these documents were tabled that Raila dropped the ball. As people were debating and discussing, Raila suddenly said: “Your Excellency, I have a suggestion to make. I’m not sure if the suggestion will be accepted or rejected, but I get the feeling that we are not making progress. What would the PNU team’s response be if we, the ODM side, suggested that we adopt a pure presidential system?”

    Raila finished and fiddled with his pen. There was complete silence. Everyone was shocked. Uhuru was the first to recover and he said: “Your Excellency maybe our side need time to consult briefly before we can comment on the suggestion. But for the record, the PNU team appreciates the ODM’s realisation that the presidential system is best for this country.”

    “OK, OK. We can break for a few minutes,” the President said. The President and his PNU team left the room. The ODM team talked in hushed tones, mostly agreeing with Raila. I held my tongue briefly. I knew that Raila had betrayed us again. When the PNU team returned, they stated that they were grateful for ODM’s climb-down and would support the decision. Raila, Mudavadi, Ngilu, Mutakha and I then proceeded to his Treasury Building office for a prognosis. And it was there that Raila really shocked me. As soon as we sat down and started discussions, with Mutakha and I pointing out the “difficulties we will face trying to convince our people to support a presidential system that had all along been identified with the PNU team and which ODM had criticised before,”

    Raila became agitated and growled: “Miguna, you can’t win all the time; ok? Henry [Kosgey] complained to me that you were rude to him the other day. In your so-called classical examples, you had removed all power from the President and gave it over to the Prime Minister. This is an elected President, yet he has no power. Leave this to politicians…We will explain the decision to the people.” Raila was clearly angry with me.

    Clearly, it was Raila who changed ODM position without consulting fellow party negotiators. If Raila had not done so, Kenya could probably have ended up with hybrid system, with some elements of parliamentary system.

    So why is Raila now saying Kenya needs a parliamentary system? So what favors Raila is good and national, but what works against him is bad and tribal.

  • Not all CORD members support the push. Prof Amukowa Anangwe, one of coalition’s strategists, described the mission as “misdirected energy.”

    “If the Constitution were to be amended today and the country went for a fresh election Jubilee would still win,” he says. “If you ask me, Agwambo (Raila) lost not because of the tyranny of numbers but because he has been a non-listener in this political discourse. He believed he had won long before elections, but Jubilee simply outmaneuvered him. In addition, assuming that there was not gerrymandering, Jubilee has the majority in both Houses.”

  • ODM dirty tricks

    How ODM ‘dirty tricks’ cost Cornel Rasanga seat
    Updated Sunday, August 25th 2013 at 23:48 GMT +3


    KENYA: Campaign intrigues ahead of March 4 polls cost Siaya Governor Cornel Rasanga his seat last week.

    The political machinations were spearheaded by a group dubbed ‘ODM Brigade’.

    Last week the High Court in Kisumu ruled the machinations did not give Rasanga’s opponent William Oduol a chance to have a free and fair election. “The ODM machine ran a dirty campaign during the gubernatorial election in Siaya County. Everything was done to depict the petitioner (Oduol) as a candidate who was running against the grain.

    The elections were constantly bombarded with malicious propaganda against him,” Justice Aggrey Muchelule said.

    On Sunday, Siaya Senator James Orengo revealed leaders in the county were planning to meet to discuss what went wrong and how they would conduct a by-election when called.

    Orengo also said the meeting would come up with a solution on whom to manage the governor’s office that was left vacant following Justice Muchelule’s decision that sent Rasanga home.

    “This is a matter we have talked in Siaya and legal provisions must be read out carefully. In law, you can never have a vacuum,” he said.

    Orengo, Jakoyo Midiwo (MP, Gem), Oburu Odinga (nominated MP) and Siaya Woman Representative Christine Ombaka have been blamed for Rasanga’s fate.


    Orengo and Midiwo, who were adversely mentioned in the petition, did not swear affidavits or testify in the matter despite the Siaya senator having attended several sessions in the court.

    According to evidence in court, the ODM brigade invaded Oduol’s rally at Luthehe market where they used propaganda to malign him. Odoul had defected to National Agenda Party of Kenya following a flawed ODM party nomination exercise.

    In the incident, Oduol was addressing a rally at the market in Ugenya constituency when the convoy in the presence of Rasanga and area MP David Ochieng’ arrived.

    The ODM team was more powerful than Oduol’s, forcing him to cut short his rally and leave the market. The court observed the disruption of the rally amounted to an offence under the Elections Act.

    Arrested for poll crime

    Circulation of posters bearing Oduol’s portrait with that of President Uhuru Kenyatta and his deputy William Ruto affected the petitioner’s candidature in the race, the court noted.

    The posters were circulated in Gem, Alego Usonga and Ugenya constituencies on the eve of the polls, a move that saw a number of people arrested by police.

    Following the incident, Joseph Onyango and Peter Awuondah were arrested and charged before Senior Principal Magistrate’s court.

    Court records show Onyango pleaded guilty to the charge. He was convicted and sent to jail for three years if he failed to pay a fine of Sh250,000. Awuondah denied the charge.

    “I find it proved to my satisfaction that people who were against the candidature of the petitioner forged his photo on which they superimposed the portraits of Uhuru and Ruto,” Justice Muchelule said.

    The judge further ruled that to be depicted as supporting Jubilee coalition in Siaya County affected Oduol’s candidature.

  • Kisumu county drama

    Assembly team’s Uganda trip sparks outcry

    By Nation Correspondent
    More by this Author

    A recent trip by Kisumu County Assembly members to Uganda that cost Sh11 million has sparked an outcry among residents.

    Kisumu City Residents Voice chairman Audi Ogada said it was surprising that the county approved the expenditure when several development projects were not complete.

    A member of the assembly, who asked not to be named, told the Nation that the trip was a waste of funds as nothing much was learnt.

    “We only visited a few places, yet millions were spent,” he said.

    Eyebrows have also been raised after the assembly approved a Sh694,847 expenditure for Speaker Anne Adul to attend a conference in Atlanta, Georgia

    More questions have been raised over a Sh2.1 million devolution study tour of Europe by local Majority Leader Samuel Ong’ou, Minority Leader Edwine Anayo and Assembly Clerk Julius Otiende between August 25 and September 7.

    The tour was approved on the grounds that it would expose the leaders to devolved systems in Germany, Holland, Austria and Italy.

    Seme East County Representative Aggrey Ogosi criticised members of the assembly who complained about the Uganda trip, saying, they were part of the committee that approved it.

    “We must be careful with the statements we make to the media. One cannot be in a committee and at the same time refute what is recorded in the Hansard,” he said.

    Kisumu Governor Jackton Ranguma denied claims that a crisis meeting had been held on Friday to discuss the trip.

    “We held a meeting to update the county assembly members on upcoming Kisumu urban development projects that require their approval,” he said.

  • Saturday, September 21, 2013

    You have failed, consultants tell Cord leaders

    More by this Author

    You have failed!

    That was the stinging verdict by a special team of experts that assessed the Cord Coalition and its leaders since the March 4 General Election.

    In a report given to Cord principals Raila Odinga and Moses Wetang’ula, the experts said that leaders, including Cord governors, MPs, senators and county representatives had become selfish and abandoned their constituents.

    The report was presented at Mr Wetangula’s home on September 16 during a parliamentary group meeting.

    The technical team told senators and MPs from the coalition that they had performed dismally, both inside and outside Parliament.

    For Cord to wage a serious campaign against the Jubilee Coalition of President Uhuru Kenyatta, it was advised that the coalition embarks on an aggressive registration of voters in its strongholds to counter the TNA-URP “tyranny of numbers”.

    “The next major political contest started when the polls closed on March 4, so you decide to sleep and you lose it,” said the experts.

    “The coalition must embark on an ambitious mobilisation of supporters to register as voters well in advance. It should not wait for pre-election registration campaigns.”

    During the meeting, some MPs are said to have demanded the removal of Deputy Minority Leader Jakoyo Midiwo and ODM Chief Whip Gideon Mung’aro for alleged lacklustre performance in Parliament.

    The appraisal report seen by the Sunday Nation highlighted the gaps in the Cord and proposed mechanisms of revamping the coalition, which has been out-matched in Parliament by their dominant Jubilee opponents.

    “A review of the positions of Cord leaders, particularly MPs in both Houses of Parliament and in the County Assemblies, shows that Cord has performed poorly on the front of its ideology,” read the report.

    An MP who attended the meeting says Mr Odinga was shocked when a senior member sought education on the meaning of “social democracy”, the coalition’s ideological leaning.

    The report also singles out Cord governors and members of county assemblies for tainting the coalition’s reputation through luxury spending at the expense of development programmes.

    Equally, alliance leaders perceived to work closely with the Jubilee government “for the sake of development” were reprimanded over concerns that their activities could send the wrong signals to supporters and split the coalition.

    “With the current constitutional provisions for public resource allocation for development in the counties and constituencies, the use of proximity to the Executive to enable “development for our people” has no place in the Kenya we want to build,” said the report which singled out the Makueni by-election as one of Cord’s major victories.

    Mr Simekha JME, a governance and institutional development consultant, thinks the coalition leadership has taken way too long to realise the crucial role it has as the official opposition.

    “We do not have an opposition that is ready to present a different narrative on the ICC question. We have Jubilee managing to drag the entire country through the muck of the inconvenience of two individuals; and even though the ICC question is indeed important to Kenya and Kenyans, the script that has been sold by Jubilee as Cord watched is the wrong one,” he told Sunday Nation.

    According to Mr Simekha, there is lack of “confluence of ideological thinking and ideas” between the top leadership of Cord and the rank and file.

    “The problem seems to be the Cord leadership inside Parliament. The coalition leaders seem not to have reckoned with their role as yet. Outside Parliament the Cord leadership seems to have an agenda but it is not seeping to their troops,” Mr Simekha argues.

    Recently, rebellion within the coalition has been witnessed with some members even showing willingness to accompany Deputy President William Ruto to the International Criminal Court in The Hague to attend trials emanating from the post-election violence of 2007/08.

    The report further says: “There were too many discordant voices, some even disgruntled, on various issues of national importance. Some of the MPs’ utterances were outright against the principles of social democracy.”

    MPs, in both Senate and the National Assembly, are also accused of sleeping on the job.

    “We haven’t taken advantage of our Constitution’s prescription of progressive laws for its full implementation. Cord should champion development and enactment of some of these laws besides whatever else it prioritises,” the report says.

    The only outstanding compliment the technocrats point to is the fact that the three coalition leaders, including Wiper’s Kalonzo Musyoka, have stuck together even after losing the last elections to the Jubilee alliance.

    The coalition chiefs in the National Assembly, Francis Nyenze (Wiper) and his deputy Jakoyo Midiwo (ODM), are also at fault. They have failed in promoting inter- and intra-party consultation, which is not helping the alliance in adopting a common position on matters affecting the country. It has also led to a scenario where leaders read from different scripts.

    “Cord looks very weak on the common strategy on national and international issues that are considered a priority and worthy of the coalition’s attention. Sometimes the coalition’s leadership has seemed to go public with a position on an issue before exhaustive internal discussions and information sharing on the same within the coalition,” it says.

    To rescue the otherwise sinking ship, the report recommends a number of issues which Cord should hastily implement.

    “The coalition has been catering to a shrinking target group of voters. It needs to start thinking “outside-in” – who or what kind of voters do we need in order to win? The coalition should chase the right voters, not the competition,” it recommends.

    One area that the director of the School of Strategic Studies at the Maseno University Prof Fredrick Wanyama feels cost the alliance some votes in the last election is the manner it deals with its strongholds especially during party primaries.


    “Cord must get conscious: It should not take its support base for granted. There must be a process of constantly listening to their views and wishes. They must feel appreciated and their decisions made through democratic means must be respected. Most importantly, core support bases must be safeguarded lest they open up to their opponents.”

    The experts comprising university dons, policy makers, economists and lawyers warn Cord members and principals in particular that there would be no time for excuses. They must act now.

    In a political system of cut-throat competition like Kenya’s, other parties and alliances will be watching how Cord rebrands in preparation for the next General Election so they also position themselves accordingly.

  • Raila admits ODM election mess

    Posted Sunday, December 22, 2013

    We bungled party polls, admits Raila

    Former Prime Minister Raila Odinga has admitted for the first time that his party bungled the nominations of candidates during the last elections.

    Mr Odinga said the exercise turned chaotic, prompting some strong candidates to decamp from ODM.

    He assured party members that he will not allow a repeat of the miscalculation as he vowed not to quit politics.

    The Cord leader however regretted that his earlier proposal that party primaries be done one year ahead of the elections was dismissed .

    “I had proposed that in order for our party to conduct credible nominations, we do it one year ahead of elections. However, I was overruled and told it would give room to defections,” he added.

    The former PM spoke in Ndhiwa, Homa Bay County during the laying of the foundation stone of the proposed St Shepris OVC Centre and school.

    The centre is being put up by Nominated County Representative Monica Amolo and her family.


    The Cord leader also warned the Jubilee government against attempts to drag the country back to the single party era.

    He said the conduct by the Jubilee top leadership in which they want to gag the media and control the amount of funds that NGOs receive is a clear testimony of a government that has failed. Mr Odinga further pointed out that recent directive allowing suspects to shoot to kill was ill advised.

  • Raila clearly lost on March 4, says MP

    nation reporter

    The Coalition for Reforms and Democracy clearly lost the March 4 General Elections, an ODM MP has said.

    Ndhiwa MP Augustinho Neto dismissed constant claims made by ODM leaders that Raila Odinga’s coalition won the election but was denied victory.

    The coalition was clearly defeated because its parties were not prepared to win, he said on Sunday in Bondo, during a home coming ceremony for Bondo MP Gideon Ochanda.

    However, Mr Odinga’s victory was snatched away in 2007, he added.

  • ODM party selection

    Nyanza MPs to confront Raila over ODM polls
    Saturday, January 18, 2014 – 00:00 — BY FRANCIS MUREITHI

    LUO Nyanza leaders are clashing with Luhya and Coast leaders ahead of the ODM elections due on February 28.

    Around 20 Luo elected leaders met at Lillian Towers in Nairobi on Thursday evening and resolved that two powerful positions in the party be reserved for Nyanza. The leaders resolved that the post of Secretary General be reserved either for Siaya Senator James Orengo or Kisumu Central MP Ken Obura. The meeting decided that the position of ODM vice-chair be kept for Homa Bay senator Otieno Kajwang. The leaders agreed that Nairobi Governor Evans Kidero should not get any senior position in ODM as he has been working closely with the Jubilee government and allegedly undermining former Prime Minister Raila Odinga in Luo Nyanza.

    The meeting resolved that their recommendations be given to Raila for his endorsement ahead of another meeting next Wednesday. Last week Raila, the ODM party leader, said he would not intervene in the party elections and had no secret list of favoured candidates. The race for ODM positions was left wide open last week after Kisumu Senator Anyang’ Nyong’o declared that he would not stand again for his Secretary General post and former Speaker Kenneth Marende said he would not stand for any leadership position. However Luhya and Coast leaders are not happy that Luo elected leaders want to influence the coming elections.

    They accused Luo leaders of planning to manipulate the list of delegates for the ODM elections. They now want Raila to publicly declare that he will not endorse the schemes by Luo Nyanza leaders. They have threatened to boycott meetings convened by Raila unless he commits to a free and fair election. “They want their people to get these positions, not the popular people. They want a selection and not an election,” said Homa Bay Governor Cyprian Awiti. Raila is today expected to hold a big public rally in Kisumu town to chart the region’s path up to the 2017 general election and to address other issues of national importance. Also expected to attend are former Vice President Kalonzo Musyoka, Bungoma Senator- elect Moses Wetangula, as well as senators, governors, MPs and other leaders.

    Raila will first hold a closed-door morning meeting with senators and governors at the Ecolodge Hotel before addressing a rally in the afternoon at the Jomo Kenyatta Sports ground. In Kwale county ODM delegates took issue with Luo Nyanza leaders over their declaration that the post of Secretary General post must remain in the area. “This time round Coast people will not be bought like mangoes. They have taken us for granted many times,” said Hamisi Rachuo, a delegate. He said eligible Kenyans can contest any ODM seat. Rashid Hamisi of Matuga sub-county branch said that it is time that other regions supported Coast. The delegates at Kwale town officially endorsed nominated Senator Agnes Zani who has declared her interest in the post of ODM Secretary General. – See more at: http://www.the-star.co.ke/news/article-151197/nyanza-mps-confront-raila-over-odm-polls#sthash.uju48zLV.TnLKv7wi.dpuf

  • Molasses plant workers strike
  • 'Raila grabbed Malindi 7 acres'

    ‘Raila grabbed Malindi 7 acres’

    Wednesday, February 12, 2014 – 00:00 — BY MARTIN MWAURA

    ODM PARTY LEADER: Raila OdingaTHREE elderly men have sued a company associated with Raila Odinga for allegedly grabbing their land in Malindi. Ezekiel Kai Mwambo, 80 years, Habel Kambu Mwambo, 78, and Benjamin Mwambo, 67, claim that Kango Enterprises and John Frazer illegally obtained title deeds to their seven acre beach property. Raila and his wife Ida Odinga are both directors of Kango Enterprises. The brothers have also sued the Chief Land Registrar, the Commissioner of Lands and the National Land Commission.

    The three alleged that Frazer and Raila through his company used political influence and money to obtain the land through underhand deals. “There are two title deeds in respect to Chembe/Kibabamshe/327 in favor of Frazier and Kango Limited. None of the two has a genuine bona fide claim to the land,” said Mwambo and his brothers. “The title deeds they hold are a product of the perpetration of grave injustice against the plaintiffs,” said Mwambo’s lawyer.

    The plaintiffs said they and their families they have lived in the disputed land for over 70 years. They actively helped land officials to measure the length of their land during the land adjudication process of 1972. The plaintiffs alleged they were therefore shocked after several years to learn that the land title had been issued to Kango Enterprises and Frazer. The brother’s lawyer Timothy Njeru said he served the suit on all parties on 22 May, 2013 but is yet to get a response from Kango Enterprises Frazer filed a response in August saying he bought the property in 2007 for Sh13.4 million and obtained a title deed in his name. The three claim in their plaint that the defendants were well monied, politically correct and connected to land officials who they used to perpetrate the injustice. The plaint has been filed in court but is yet to be given a hearing date. “

    They approached the court not only to get the land back but to check the culture of impunity that has occasioned them much anguish and rendered them destitute in their own land,” said Mwambo’s lawyer. The brothers have also sought orders declaring them bona fide owners of the land and that title deeds were issued illegally to Kango and Frazer. They asked the court to order the Commissioner of Lands and Registrar of Titles to register them as joint owners of the land. – See more at: http://www.the-star.co.ke/news/article-154816/raila-grabbed-malindi-7-acres#sthash.4SEUAjst.dpuf

  • Discontent in ODM casts shadow over fight for political reform
    Updated Friday, February 14th 2014 at 23:57 GMT +3


    They once held the promised Africa’s renaissance, but two decades down the line, the political parties and actors that engineered the removal from power of independence administrations are themselves in the throes of self-destruction.

    Whether by coincidence or design, the Orange Democratic Movement ( ODM), which is still home to a sizeable chunk of a generation that played a critical role in restoration of political pluralism, is struggling to hold together like its ‘satellites’ or ‘Friends of ODM’ in the region. Party insiders and political experts say the discontent is part of wider perceptions that no one is prepared to “harvest” in Luoland, where party leader Raila Odinga’s political clout towers over the rest.

    The massive support ODM commanded in the last elections is in a flux triggering calls on Raila to retire. The Orange party, which aligns its philosophy to similar ‘movements’ in Tanzania, Zimbabwe and South Africa, is like an eagle struggling with pangs of renewal.

    Former Deputy Speaker of Parliament Farah Maalim Mohamed delivered a shocker last Thursday on KTN Talk-show, JKL, when he claimed his party ( ODM) was dead because of intransigence and greed.

    Mr Maalim, a former Lagdera MP, accused Raila of failing to monitor developments in parties that ODM is modeled on. He argues that movements do not elect leaders, but they just emerge to take their rightful positions in the party.

    The former Deputy Speaker says he had advised the ODM leader and whoever cared to listen more than 100 times about the need for the party to meet monthly to review it’s performance, but the former Prime Minister would not heed word.

    Maalim points out that regular meetings would have forestalled the disintegration of ODM and upheld Raila’s credibility as one of the key pillars of political pluralism.


    A question that is yet to be plausibly dealt with is why these parties that inspired political reforms in their respective countries now find it difficult to retain traction with the electorate.

    Raging succession battles in these parties threaten to wreck Opposition politics, while those in power are reeling under the burden of conservativeness, according to Dodoma University political science lecturer, Amukowa Anangwe.

    Prof Anangwe, an instrumental figure in setting up ODM party structures, explains that Zimbabwe’s Movement for Democratic Change (MDC), South Africa’s African National Congress (ANC) and Communist Party (CP), which influenced the Orange party’s ideological orientation and party structures, besides Britain’s Labour Party and US think-tank International Republican Institute (IRI) are equally experiencing internal turmoil.

    IRI, which has in recent years suffered a series of setbacks internationally, drew up ODM strategic plan that expired in 2012. Anangwe says ODM’s internal discontent is common in political parties that were once seen as progressive in agenda and ideology, but now reeling under a series of failed attempts to wrest power from rivals, or failure to deal with apathy when they are in power.


    “Unless there is a new leadership and the former Prime Minister of Kenya and Zimbabwe (Raila Odinga and Morgan Tsvangirai) continue with their modus operandi, their parties will die,” he says. Raila and Tsvangirai exhibit tendencies of resistance to internal democracy like the regimes they have been struggling to wrest power from.

    ODM’s constitution is generic and was inherited from its predecessor, the Liberal Democratic Party that borrowed heavily from CCM, MDC, ANC and CP. These parties have cadres of Women’s League and Youth League in their national executive councils that nurture leadership.

    These are structures Kanu attempted to create at independence, but the Youth League was later disbanded after it became too powerful while the Women League morphed into Maendeleo ya Wanawake Organisation. Presently, other than ODM, parties in Kenya do not have such active structures that specifically target women and youth leadership.

    A member of Raila think-tank acknowledges the pressure the former Prime Minister faces.

    “ ODM is in transition and we know that democracy in politics applies to everybody, including the party leader. Therefore, we cannot allow the party leader to impose his will on the membership. Raila will be out of politics in less than 10 years. His impending exit will create a vacuum in the party and Opposition politics, a void that has triggered vicious succession politics in the party and country.

    For instance, relations between Raila and Siaya Senator James Orengo have chilled while the likes of Mr Kalonzo Musyoka and Mr Moses Wetang’ula are sensing an opportunity to take over from him,” says the advisor.

     There is also the Nairobi Governor Evans Kidero and Machakos Governor Alfred Mutua who are seen as potential beneficiaries of Raila’s departure from politics. Musyoka and Wetang’ula are co-principals in opposition, CORD, while Raila is the leader.

    The source, a reputed scholar, says Jubilee coalition lacks similar internal dynamism to trigger the level of interest ODM has as it prepares to install a new office ahead of the 2017 elections.

    The ebbs and flows in ODM is narrative that is now familiar in its ‘cousin’ parties outside Kenya.

    Save for former Tanzania President Hassan Ali Mwinyi, who took over from Julius Nyerere, retired President Benjamin Mkapa and serving Jakaya Kikwete are products of CCM’s Youth League.

    In South Africa, ANC has been able to manage succession in the party that saw Jacob Zuma oust former President Thabo Mbeki from power. However, ANC, like CCM in Tanzania and MDC in Zimbabwe, is struggling to stem internal rebellion.

    According to Raila’s advisor, “ANC under Mr Mbeki became right-wing. It welcomed the World Bank and IMF to dominate South African economy. Mbeki’s father Govan Mbeki, who was detained with Nelson Mandela, was instrumental in arranging ANC succession. After Mr Chris Hani, Tokyo Sexwale and Mr Cyril Ramaphosa were bypassed; they regrouped and ousted Mbeki from ANC echelons and power. Now they want Zuma out for the same reasons,” he says.

    It is no different in Zimbabwe, where MDC members want Tsvangirai to retire after failing to clinch the presidency three times.

    Haggling for leadership

    This is how Raila’s advisor explains such haggling for leadership: “In developed democracies when you fail to win a presidential election you exit the scene. It is like a war. In Asian countries when a general leads his troops and loses it, he is killed. Likewise when someone loses an election the pressure to retire is immense. Raila and Tsvangirai have lost presidential polls three times.”

    Asked about the developments in ODM’s ‘role models’ have a bearing on what is going on, the party’s former head of presidential campaigns Eliud Owallo could only acknowledge “internal issues”, but would not delve into details.

    “I know we are having some serious internal issues, but I am reluctant to comment on them lest people interpret that to be the party position,” Mr Owallo responded.

  • ODM press briefing
  • @HonFranklinBett: “@ngunjiriwambugu: I said we lost elections coz we were disorganized, nikatukanwa; I said the ‘D’ in ODM is silent, nikatukanwa … now ..!”

  • ODM election board
  • What next for ODM?

    What next for ODM after botched polls?
    Updated Saturday, March 1st 2014 at 23:20 GMT +3

    By Stephen Makabila

    After the chaotic ODM National Delegates Conference (NDC) on Friday, focus now shifts to the National Governing Council (NGC) meeting tomorrow.

    The big question, however, is what next for the country’s single biggest political party and its leader Raila Odinga?

    Will the party join the ranks of Ford Kenya and ODM Kenya, which split after Raila left?

    Perhaps it is too early to make a call but the dilemma is that the Ababu Namwamba team will not be attending the NGC convened by the party tomorrow.

    The camp allied to the Budalang’i MP and Mombasa Governor Ali Hassan Joho has declared itself the new office bearers, claiming delegates gave them the mandate on Friday.

    “If the Namwamba group declares itself as winners and goes ahead to assume office on Monday, then its like staging a coup and complicating matters in ODM further. If things move this way, we are starring at an imminent split in the Orange party,” says Prof Macharia Munene of the United States International University -Kenya.

    A cross section of leading political analysts say that the way out for ODM is to allow generational change to take root.

    They also urge that the party should open up internal democracy and Raila to disengage from a clique of self-appointed leaders who have denied other stakeholders a say in the party .

    Observers also fear that a leadership vacuum now exists in ODM amid the increasing confusion, after outgoing Secretary General Anyang Nyongo and chairman Henry Kosgey gave their departing speeches at Kasarani, only for chaos to shatter their plans of handing over leadership batons.

    The party’s reputation is also at stake, with some political analysts censuring the ODM leadership on its inability to root out thuggery and violence. Focus also remains on ODM not only as the biggest political party in the country, but also as the cornerstone of the opposition CORD coalition.

    CORD co-principal Kalonzo Musyoka  who is the Wiper party leader was at Kasarani where he spoke on the need for ODM to remain united. Kalonzo delivered apologies from fellow co-principal Bungoma Senator Moses Wetang’ula, the Ford-Kenya party leader and Senate Minority Leader.

    Change of guard

    The way out for ODM is to honour generational change of guard from the old- guard to youthful leaders like Namwamba, end domination of the party by personalities from the Nyanza region and manage well what is emerging to be the Raila Odinga succession, with coastal and western-Kenya alliances at the centre of it all,” says Prof Peter Kagwanja, the Chief Executive of the African Policy Institute.

    Kagwanja argued that what ails ODM is its failure to eradicate violence, making the party to be seen as the embodiment of political chaos.

    “Chances are that repeat elections may also be disrupted unless this vigilante violence problem is sorted out. That unfortunately will be too expensive for the party in terms of cost, and even individuals contesting for positions,” added Kagwanja.

    Political scientist Prof Amukowa Anangwe says the future of ODM looks bleak unless free and fair elections are held to allow popular leaders take charge.

    “If nothing happens, ODM should anticipate a mass exodus from the party and that way, Raila and the party will be losing credibility as potential leaders of government in future,” added Anangwe.

    Powerful forces

    The Namwamba group, which held a press conference in Nairobi yesterday said it considers itself the winners of the election, going by how the delegates received them at Kasarani. Political analyst David Makali observed that Raila has been made a prisoner of powerful aides who frustrate those they perceive to be enemies of the party.

    “A few self-appointed guardians of Raila and the party are the cause of all these problems. They are not willing to open up space for other players,” Makali told The Standard on Sunday.

    He concurs that Raila should have some strong hold on the party by virtue of it being his vehicle for the 2017 presidential election, but should also give room for healthy competition and democracy to prevail.

    Contributing to the debate, the head of Political Science and Public Administration at the University of Nairobi, Dr Adams Oloo, blamed ODM for failing to manage the popularity of the party.

    “There is a sense of the Raila succession and the question of ODM after Raila and there are those who feel he is soon leaving the stage and so have to position themselves and that is why the battle is fierce. There are young leaders out to take the party if Raila’s single bullet fails in 2017 elections,” said Oloo in the interview.

    As party leader, he said, Raila has to deal with the issue of violent ODM youths effectively to free the party from the ‘violence tag’.

    Raila himself has promised the party will take full responsibility and bring those behind Friday chaos to book.

    “We want to get to the root cause of this matter. At this point we do not want speculation,” said Raila at Kasarani.

    And even if new officials are elected at some stage to take-over ODM, challenges ahead are enormous as pointed out by Nyong’o and Kosgey in their speeches at Kasarani.

    The two leaders said the new leadership had the difficult task of delivering the presidency to ODM. They, however, said there was hope in the incoming leadership to accomplish the task ahead — acquiring political power in 2017.

  • What next for ODM?

    Raila’s Kibera and Korogocho youths to disrupt ODM polls to allow JOHO-ABABU be rigged out

    Posted in: Opinion|February 26, 2014

    Multiple sources in the opposition have told Jackal News that ODM dictator Raila Odinga has devised a new plan to tame rebel MPs who have openly disagreed with his choices over the forth-coming ODM polls.

    Raila who is worried over the new vigour by a section of younger party MPs is said to have called two of the front-runner candidates and told them his line-up which they would rather ensure sails during the weekend mock selections of the fading party’s new office bearers. The two – Mombasa governor Joho and Budalangi MP Ababu – openly rebelled.

    With allegations that Coast and Western may pull a surprise come the time for nominating a presidential candidate and deputy in the next elections owing to the allegations that Mombasa Governor Ali Hassan Joho and Budalangi MP Ababu Namwamba may seek to it alone or back one of the Jubilee Alliance principals in case of a fallout between President Uhuru and Deputy President William Ruto, Odinga had initially wanted a weak top ODM leadership with him as the major beneficiary. This is why he fronted Dr Agnes Zani.

    An ODM delegate in Nairobi told Jackal News that Odinga had hoped to bring in excess delegates to Kasarani by hiring Kibera and Korogocho youths who would be given directly entry to the venue of the meeting after which the bloated delegates would vote to elect new members by acclamation – or shouting.

    This proposal, according to the MP, was flatly rejected by Mombasa Governor Ali Hassan Joho (vying for Deputy Party leader) and Mr Namwamba (Secretary General) in quarrelsome yesterday meeting. Joho and Ababu insisted the elections must be through the widely acceptable secret ballot, Raila REFUSED. When they saw Odinga remaining adamant, they warned never to blame them should the party disintergarete over ‘bad strategies often played to the national gallery’.

    The were heard murmuring something to the effect that ODM is not the only party in Kenya. Later, however, Raila was advised to let the two have their way as ODM would be badly weakened should they walk out.

    This forced Raila to make a call to each of the two with new demands: One, that they were to accept two people from his (Raila’s) side, namely Otieno Kajwang and former Nairobi Major George Aladwa.

    Earlier in the day, Aladwa had said that ‘ODM is Raila’, a remark which irked the Joho-Namwamba team who took it as a veiled threat owing to their opposition to the Raila list.

    However, even as the two were being assured that elections will be through secrete ballot, the intelligence sources in Nairobi have reports that youths are being bribed to forcefully throng the polls venue and force down Raila’s wishes – which is to elect people like Dr Agnes Zani, Kajwang’, Aladwa, Ndolo among others.

    Raila, according to the sources, have increased the number of the delegates to 50000, a number which gives him a numerical advantage as over 2000 are ghosts directly on his payroll, call and beck.

    It remains to be seen if the polls slated for the weekend will go on as planned.

  • ODM botched elections
  • Dalmas tells Raila allies he is ready for tussle ahead
    Updated Friday, May 2nd 2014 at 23:07 GMT +3


    As the bitter rivalry between South Nyanza and the Odinga family-dominated north and central persists, indications are that there will be casualties among both allies and rivals of former Prime Minister Raila Odinga.

    Raila’s confidantes and supporters agree that it is too early in Nyanza’s succession politics to make a definitive statement on the region’s political future as there are indications that Jubilee, thirsting for a foothold in the three major regions that did not support it in the March 4, 2013 election, is quietly reaching out to ODM’s support base in former Nyanza, Western and Coast provinces. Such is the picture that emerges from conversations with ODM insiders.

    Homa Bay Senator Otieno Kajwang who was last weekend ousted from ODM branch chairmanship, says the presidential poll debacle and February 28 aborted party polls have somewhat hurt ODM, but adds that Jubilee’s failure to deliver on its promises is a blessing in disguise.

    The presidential poll and party polls would have been� important points of dispersion in the party, but it turns out to be a rallying point given that the other parties, except Ford Kenya, have not subjected themselves to a similar exercise, according to Kajwang.

    Faces resistance

    The Jubilee coalition, made up of The National Alliance (TNA) party and the United Republican Party (URP) have no elected officials.

    ODM’s aborted polls have provided a suitable platform for Odinga’s critics in the three strongholds to charge at him, which they are doing with relish. Billed as ‘kalausi’ (whirlwind or tornado) the face of anti-Odinga in Nyanza comes mainly from South Nyanza, where Kajwang was last weekend ousted as ODM party branch chairman by allies of Nairobi Governor Evans Kidero.

    After Raila’s father Oginga Odinga’s death in 1994, there was a brief interlude of political realignment before the former Prime Minister took over the mantle. His temerity shook off challenges from his father’s close allies such as Siaya Senator James Orengo and his Kisumu counterpart Anyang Nyong’o.

    Ever since, there has rarely been a threat to Raila’s hegemonic dominance of Nyanza politics. But now he faces resistance from the likes of Dr Kidero and Rongo MP Dalmas Otieno, whose forays in South Nyanza have rekindled rivalries between the two regions in which the protagonists were Jaramogi and Tom Mboya.

    Asked about a new party he plans to launch to take care of interests of South Nyanza, former Public Service Minister Dalmas told The Standard on Saturday he is determined and prepared for the tussle ahead.

    “We sent five names to the Registrar of Political Parties for consideration. We have applied for temporary registration after which we will embark on countrywide membership recruitment. The way we do politics is going to change the political equation. The party will have a national outlook,” Otieno said after declining a question-and-answer request. He would not comment on the perceived betrayal of South Nyanza by the Odingas.

    South Nyanza’s rebellion against the rest of the region is taking the shape of the post-independence rivalry between Odinga and Mboya, Kenya’s first Minister for Economic Planning. Mboya, before his assassination in 1969, had managed to limit the Odingas’ clout to Central and North Nyanza. But his death rallied the region behind Odinga, who fought for independence alongside Kenyatta, whose regime was seen to have been behind the assassination.

    Quit politics

    After Raila failed to capture the presidency in 2013, leaders in South Nyanza began piling pressure on him to quit politics and groom a successor. Focus then was on Dr Kidero, Dalmas and Orengo as possible options.

    Against this backdrop, Larry Gumbe, a former chairman of the Centre for Multiparty Democracy, observes the rush for regional parties is stage-managed to weaken ODM and wipe strongholds as Jubilee seeks to entrench itself in opposition strongholds.

    It is at the same event that a decision was made by Mombasa Governor Hassan Joho and Senator Hassan Omar Hassan, and Kwale MP Dan Mwazo to start shopping for a party for the Coast region.

    A polical scientist, Edward Kisiang’ani, says regionalising of politics is expected in turn to precipitate sub-ethnic nationalism, which is a recipe for civil strife.

    “Ethnic nationalism is hitting new heights. What we are seeing is an expression of previously peripheral voices that had been suppressed by the previous constitution,” he says.

  • Raila will not be President, says former aide Caroli
    Monday, August 4, 2014 – 00:00 —


    A former top aide of Cord leader Raila Odinga has said the Opposition alliance will never lead Kenya unless it cleanses itself internally first. Caroli Omondi, who once served as Chief of Staff in Raila’s now-defunct Office of the Prime Minister, claimed that ODM is not as democratic as it wants its supporters to believe, given the way it holds its party nominations.

    In his first public appearance since Cord lost the general election to the Jubilee Alliance, Caroli said many potential gubernatorial and parliamentary aspirants ditched the Orange party for other outfits after they realized that the party primaries would not be free and fair. “In a county like Kajiado, most of the MPs are from the United Republican Party, except for Joseph Nkaiserry, while in the presidential vote, Raila defeated President Uhuru Kenyatta hands down. What does this mean? It shows this was an Orange zone, only that the parliamentary aspirants who were popular with the masses but unpopular with Orange House [ODM headquarters) left the party for another outfit,” Caroli said. He was speaking in his native Suba Constituency, Homa Bay County, during a function to install Nairobi Governor Evans Kidero as a Suba elder.

    The ceremony was held at St. Gabriel’s Gwasii Girls. Suna East MP Junet Mohammed, a close ally of Raila, asked Caroli to keep off Cord’s political matters as he lacks the moral authority to criticise the Opposition. Junet accused Omondi of having himself been the architect of the shambolic ODM nominations when he served as chief of staff, saying he interfered with party matters. He said Omondi dished out nomination certificates to his cronies and friends. “His interference in ODM matters cost the party moral authority. He should be the last man to offer political advice to Cord,” Junet said. “Apart from PNU, Omondi was one of the problems we faced during the the 2007-2012 term. He interfered with party issues that were not his domain. The earlier he keeps off Cord matters, the better,” he said. ODM Communications officer Maseme Machuka also poured cold water on Omondi’s assertions, saying Kenyans have trust in the former Prime Minister. “It is not in his purview to offer unsolicited counsel to Cord.

    The coalition has not asked him for his assessments and, as such, he has no authority to judge Cord in any manner whatsoever,” Maseme told the Star. Caroli had said at the weekend function that despite owning the building, Orange House, that houses ODM HQs, in Nairobi’s Kilimani area, he was not party to the “dirty goings-on” that take place there. “All of you know that I own the Orange House building, but I gave out the keys to the current occupants a long time ago; my only title at the moment is an ODM benefactor or ODM sponsor,” he said, amid laughter from the crowd. Caroli said that in Kasipul Constituency, there are more than 60,000 registered voters, yet Raila got less than 40,000 votes. “Many aspirants vied for the Kasipul parliamentary seat during the ODM primaries and the winner was taken round in circles, instead of being issued with the certificate. How will his supporters feel if the loser is given the certificate? The eventual loser will be Raila, because the supporters of the winner will boycott the general elections,” Caroli said. Oyugi Magwanga is the current MP for Kasipul. He vied for the seat against educationist Odoyo Owidi. Caroli also hit out at Raila allies, claiming they were at the forefront in misleading the Coalition leader. “We are tired of singing mapambano [a slogan associated with Senator Otieno Kajwang’] in rallies, yet we cannot bring the same mapambano to the ballot during voting. It pains that some people amongst us are at the forefront in criticizing fundraisers, yet this is the only way we can give back to the community.

    Those popular in singing mapambano in rallies and burials hardly attend harambees,” he said. Caroli said that many projects were lagging behind in Nyanza because the common man had been made to believe that it was taboo to support President Uhuru Kenyatta’s government. “The people of Nyanza are tired of mapambano and are ready to work with the government of the day. Let us not be misled, we should be willing to distinguish between the Jubilee administration and the central government. Speaking at the ceremony, Kidero decried declining standards of education in Luo Nynaza, saying the trend must be reversed. Kidero said that Nyanza statistics lately showed that Luo Nyanza was no longer sending thousands of students to institutions of higher learning. “In the years gone by, Luo Nyanza was the brain basket of Kenya. We had the most engineers, doctors, lawyers, architects and most other professionals. But at the moment, the number of our students joining both public and private universities is alarming, our numbers have dwindled to an alarming level. He also dismissed those who are against the harambee and fundraising spirit, saying the government has its role to play, while individuals also had their role spelt out. “Let those who do not want to join us in fundraising stay away as we help our local communities,” he said.

    Kidero also helped raise Sh10 million for the school, with a personal donation of Sh2 million. Area MP John Mbadi gave Sh1 million, Caroli Omondi Sh2.6 million, Nairobi businessman Abas Khalif Sh1 million, Stephene Sangira Sh500,000 and Gem politician Elisha Odhiambo Sh200,000. The money will go to buy a school bus and build a dormitory for the girls’ school. – See more at: http://the-star.co.ke/news/article-182254/raila-will-not-be-president-says-former-aide-caroli#sthash.Pu2LQaGM.dpuf

  • Why Raila Odinga has no place in the Senate

    By Ken OpaloUpdated Saturday, December 6th 2014 at 00:00 GMT +3

    If Raila is serious about running in 2017, now would have been the time to stay clear of politics in the trenches. He would have instead concentrated on coordinating his governors, to ensure they deliver for the people.

    By so doing he would have convinced that he actually cares about the ugali na mboga issues (basic necessities) that Kenyan families face. We shall forever be thankful to him for bringing about democratic change and reforms in Kenya.

    But real material things also matter. And on this score it must be said that the former Prime Minister has been a colossal failure. He waxes eloquent when talking about injustices and democracy and normatively desirable values. But the man is not a doer. When it comes to the ugali na mboga issues he has singularly failed his constituents.

    The fact of the matter is that Kenyans are materially poor. For this reason what we need are leaders who combine the abstract aspirations that Raila likes talking about with concrete achievements on the ground. We need roads, hospitals, schools, piped water, and proper sanitation.

    Yes, reforming our institutions and making Kenya more democratic will help us achieve these objectives. But institutions do not build roads. People do. We need leaders who can take the next step after being elected an actually deliver.

    I reiterate, if Mr Raila Odinga is serious about 2017 he is better advised to start amassing evidence that he can coordinate a national developmental agenda. Kenyans need a leader who is a doer on matters of security, development, among others; and not a mere debater in the Senate.


  • Weekly Poll: Should Raila Odinga succeed Otieno Kajwang’ as Homa Bay Senator?

    Yes 25% (347 votes)

    No 75% (1058 votes)

    Total votes: 1405


  • Shem Ochuodho on why Homabay should teach ODM a lesson in by-election

    Dr Shem Ochuodho Feb 09, 2015


    This week witnesses one of the country’s epoch by-elections, following the sudden death of the flamboyant Homa Bay Senator and Raila Odinga’s side kick, Otieno Kajwang’.

    Going by reports from the ground, this is the first time Raila has to fight tooth and nail to secure a seat in Luoland. As for now, I would term the election ‘too close to call’. The jury is still out, but I have no doubt this will be a very closely contested election, barring any rigging that some of the main actors are so well known for when it comes to elections in Nyanza. All the major contestants are ODM even when called by whatever other name. The official ODM candidate, however, must lose this election for Nyanza to be ‘liberated’ from the bondage of tyranny by the Odinga’s.

    I want to make a passionate appeal to my county-folk: several of them have asked me time and again to get back into the political arena for one reason or another. Here is an excellent opportunity for them to pave the way for their hitherto silenced and oppressed sons and daughters to re-enter the fray. I guarantee a come-back if ODM loses – and lose they should.

    Nyanza has never known any democracy

    From the time of the doyen opposition politician, Jaramogi Oginga Odinga, Luo Nyanza has known no democracy. Despite the gallant fight of numerous sons and daughters of Nyanza like George Anyona, Phoebe Asiyo and James Orengo to bring multi-partisym to Kenya, Luoland has not known any multi-partysm. Remember the famous words of the late long-serving Mathioya MP, Joseph Kamotho, ‘that even a dog would win’? In Luoland too, for several decades ‘3-piece’ has been the rallying call year in, year out when it came to elect the President, MP and Councillor in the old order. Not much has changed with the new constitution.

    As eloquently elaborated in the “Dawn of a Rainbow (2012)”, which Standard Newspapers serialized 2 years ago, the main rigging begins with party nominations. Cases are legion, every 5-year cycle. The very sad thing ODM has taken the voters for granted: every time after the botched nominations, their response is always the same and predictable. “We are very sorry for the botched nominations, we didn’t have money, didn’t have time. This time it won’t happen again”, the party maestro always says – again and again. Even in this digital era, they never re-invent. The same song is repeated every time an election occurs.

    Nobody to check rogue county governments due to single-party

    Despite the hue and cry that has become a trade mark of county governments, Luo Nyanza is the one region where the waters are still. Not that there is no pilferage of county resources. Homa Bay especially has little to show for the devolved funds. The little development people hear about only happens on some of the popular vernacular radio stations. There is nothing on the ground. Yet because of group-think, as nearly all the MCs are ODM, nobody raises a finger. Either they eat with the county governments, or forced by party loyalty into submission and self-censorship. The late Senator didn’t do any better; election of his brother is a sure way to perpertuate this unacceptable culture.

    To be fair to the people of Homa Bay, Kajwang’ as a Senator was only popular in death. It is a documented fact that while he lived and served as Senator, he was very unpopular on the ground, and stood little chance for re-election. The factions in local ODM leadership tells only part of the story.

    Sympathy Vote, and Why the Kajwang’s?

    The ODM Leader who has now camped in Homa Bay has asked constituents to vote for Kajwang’ in honour of his brother and his own son, Fidel. Indeed, even as the latter was being laid to rest, the father in a untraditional sense spared no opportunity to raise junior Kajwang’s hand and campaign for him. A taboo itself in Luo culture! Why are the Kajwang’s allowing themselves to be misused to divide and rule over the people of Homa Bay with an iron fist?

    And what makes certain families so special to ODM? Must it only be the Kajwang’s, Odinga’s, Midiwo’s and Ongoro’s to be in ODM’s eating high-table? The elder Brother is an MP in Nairobi, having come through itself an election that was marred with rigging purportedly by the nominated Senator herself from yet another favoured family! Kwani the other Homa Bay commoners do not merit sitting on the high table? And if any family or candidate merited sympathy, it was Mary Ojode, the wife of the late Ndhiwa MP and Assistant Minister, Orwa Ojode Sirikal. He perished alongside the late Prof George Saitoti in a grisly air accident. Yet that was not to be. What now makes Kajwang’ so special, that they must be pushed down the throat of the people of Homa Bay at any cost?

    May the true leaders of Homa Bay stand up in unison?

    While touring Homa Bay County during my recent sojourn that took me to various places including Mbita, among others, for a moment I felt the ripeness of time for Nyanza’s liberation. Before that, one would never imagine it would come through Homa Bay, of all the places! Until recently, we were considered ODM’s bedrock, or rather mart it steps on. Raila and his handlers even had the audacity to anticipate himself gunning for the Homa Bay seat. I asked my close friends: can’t even Orengo, Adhiambo (his sister), Ongoro (his cousin) or Midiwo (his nephew) step down for him? Even this ‘little thing’ for Homa Bay, he wants to take away from them? And now he is trying to do it through the back-door; this is why Kajwang’ must be rejected. Not because he is bad, but because he is being used to enslave the people of Homa Bay. A fatal lesson has to be delivered – once for all.

    This is why I felt freshness in the air when I spoke to a cross-section of leaders from Milambo (the Former South Nyanza), and they were in unison: ODM must lose! Talk of James Rege, Agostino Neto, my MP George Oner, Otieno Dalmas, Sammy Wakiaga, Evans Kidero, Ker Riaga Ogalo, name it! The time for redemption is nay!

    Yet I wonder if the people of Homa Bay ever stop to think of how progressive Luo leaders have suffered under the yoke of this tyranny? Several good leaders who would have lifted Nyanza from poverty and misery have been vanquished. Beginning with the other doyen of opposition politics and patriot per excellence: Ramogi Achieng’ Oneko. Think also of Prof Ouma Muga, the Ndolo Ayas, the Aluoch Polos, Oluoch Kanindos, Raphael Tujus, PLO Lumumbas, the Tom Mboyas, Miguna Migunas, Owigo Olang’s, Ojwang’ Kombudo’s, Akumu Denis Jakogeros, Roselyne Onyukas, Ong’ondo Weres, Adipo Okuomes, Mark Matungas, Dr Julia, Amb Lazarus Amayos, Fred Amayos – even Anyang’ Nyong’o and James Orengo until they were ‘rehabilitated; the list is endless. How much better off would Luo Nyanza (and indeed Kenya and Africa) be with these gallant sons? There could never have been a better time than now for the people of Homa Bay to set them free from this bondage of tyranny. Okundi, Rabong’o or Misama are simply tools to be used for that higher purpose.

    Personally, I was under immense pressure to go for the same seat. I had to shelve the desire when I realized that it would only hand ODM the chance to ‘win’ easily. Owing to the higher calling, I was ready to reconcile with Okundi, my known perennial opponent and himself a past beneficiary of this very bad imposition of candidates. But this is not about Okundi, Misama or Kajwang’; it is about liberating Luoland!

    Moles in ODM? Really?

    I must commend the brave MPs and leaders from the county that have stuck out their necks to go against imposition of a candidate by their own party. As a consequence, they have been branded ‘moles’. Yet, when the government does a family favour to the Odinga’s or they have tea at State House, they are not branded moles. I want to tell these leaders: they are on the right side of history, for standing with the oppressed and impoverished people of Homa Bay. ODM’s leadership should have read the signs well the moment the majority of its own MPs and MCs started to develop cold feet.

    You need only to see the caste of campaigners – nearly all from outside Homa Bay – holding the mantle for the ODM candidates. Where are the luminaries from Homa Bay? I only see brigades worth a name from Siaya, Masaku or Ingo campaigning. Shouldn’t this be loud enough a message for the man called Tinga?

    As for the threat issued by John Mbadi (who until recently I thought was a worthwhile emerging debator) to reprimand and punish ‘the moles’, the few MPs sticking with ODM should turn it into a mirror and look at themselves. They stand no chance at reelection, especially if tyranny and imposition of candidates is vanquished from Luoland. Even those who feign support and ready ‘to return like the prodigal son’, they should know the die is cast. Their place is not in ODM, as ODM never forgives. Indeed, what the Homa Bay voter should contemplate after the vote is a invoking the recall clause, for those leaders who have opted to serve the party or its leader instead of the electorate.

    The time for Luo Nyanza’s liberation is nay, and I want to stand on the right side of history. To my supporters and sympathizers, come out and vote for your candidate of choice – but not the imposed candidate.

  • ODM grassroots elections marred with controversies

    By Rawlings Otieno
    Updated Thursday, December 24th 2015 at 12:29 GMT +3

    The Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) grassroots election may have been concluded but their credibility is being put into question.

    Yesterday National Elections Board (NEB) member and Nyanza Elections Commissioner Peter Odoyo announced that Homabay Woman Representative Gladys Wanga emerged the winner in the polls beating her rival challenger Opondo Kaluma (Homabay Town) to become the new County Chairperson.

    Odoyo while announcing the winners from the four Counties Migori, Siaya, Kisumu and Homabay said that the elections were concluded and that the winners announced were the bona fide officials of the party.

    However, some members are protesting the manner in which the results have been announced yet the elections in Homabay County had been nullified.

    Kaluma who contested for the position of chair against Wanga maintained that there were no election held and was surprised that Odoyo would have the courage to announce winner without elections.

    “There was no election held in Homabay. The first election we had was nullified by the same Odoyo. You cannot have a winner without elections being held,” said Kaluma.

    The vocal legislator explained that after the botched exercise, there was a communication from the top leadership of the party that he (Kaluma) and Wanga were to seat and build consensus around County leadership.

    ODM nominated MP Oburu Odinga was to chair the consensus meeting where Wanga, Kaluma, ODM Chair John Mbadi and Homabay Governor Cyprian Awiti were to attend.

    The meeting was supposed to ensure that Homabay County comes up with an interim office after consultations and consensus building by the aggrieved parties.

    But, according to Kaluma the meeting had been scheduled to take place next week on Tuesday.

    “I received information from the party leadership that we were to have a meeting on December 27. We were to build consensus and come up with an interim office. This has not happened,” claimed Kaluma.

    When Odoyo announced the new party officials for Homabay County, Kaluma’s name featured as the new Organizing Secretary for the party.

    In the list, Wanga is the chair, Tom Dola (Vice chair), Organizing Secretary Kaluma with Committee members comprising of Moses Kajwang’, Cyprian Awiti, Sylvance Osele (Kabondo/Kasipul), Mbadi and Oyugi Magwanga (Kasipul).

    However, Kaluma clarified that he didn’t seek the position of organizing secretary. I applied to be the chair. Its like setting up for a journey to Jerusalem and then end up in Mecca. I was never consulted on the position so they can take it back,” said Kaluma.

    In her address, shortly after Odoyo had announced the winners, Wanga remained defiant that she was the elected official and sent an olive branch to Kaluma to join hands and work together for the party.

    Wanga was categorical that the elections were now over and that there was need to join hands and rally ODM supporters to register in large numbers ahead of the 2017 polls.

    “The elections are now over and want to ask all those that participated to come and join hands together and ensure that our supporters register in large numbers,” said Wanga.

    In Migori County, Philip Makabongo was elected Chair with William Odhil (Vice Chair), Joseph Olala (Secretary) and Elkana Kaudo (Treasurer).

    Contrary to reports that elections in Migori were not held, Omondi Anyanga (Nyatike) stated that the elections were peacefully held and leaders elected.

    “This was the first County to have elections and because of its cosmopolitant nature, the electorate were keen to weed out rebels who wanted to come through backdoor,” said Anyanga.

    NEB announced that David Odhiambo won the Kisumu County Chairman seat, William Ohondo beat his contestants to become the new Siaya County chairman.

  • The Odinga Caliphate

    Salute To Ababu Namwamba


    Aug. 23, 2014, 12:00 am

    It was bound to happen sooner rather than later. The superbly erudite and brilliant Pius Tawfiq Ababu Namwamba, the Honourable Member of Parliament for Budalang’i, has hit a brick wall in ODM.

    Hon Ababu should take solace in the fact that he isn’t the first, nor will he be the last victim of the irrational, self-destructive and autocratic wrath of The Odinga Caliphate.

    As long as Kenyan women continue to procreate, we will have courageous individuals who refuse to allow artificial stratifications, social caging and political usury by destructive Caliphates like the one currently being perpetuated by Raila Amolo Odinga, and his immediate and extended families.

    Unlike most senior members of The Caliphate, Ababu is young, properly educated, certifiably articulate, charismatic and thoughtful. Over the years, he has demonstrated his abilities and superior intellect in and out of Parliament.

    Unlike the rambling Oburu Odinga, the incoherent Raila, the perpetually inebriated Jakoyo Midiwo, or the incomprehensible Ruth Adhiambo, Ababu isn’t just precise and capable of holding complex discussions – he is an inimitable wordsmith.

    Of course, Ababu has committed many unimaginable ‘crimes’. As an interloper in The Odinga Caliphate, he forgot that he isn’t allowed to dream. Typical of free spirits and those who aspire for greatness, Tawfiq’s unquestionable abilities, his proven tenacity and glorious ideals made him aspire for prominence within ODM.

    He imagined that having earned his stripes – so to speak – through his loyalty, and by eloquently championing Raila’s cause before he had even made his maiden speech in the National Assembly in January 2008, he deserved to queue in line for transition.

    With fiery and unmatched oratory, Ababu had refused to be sworn in as an MP (as previously planned by ODM), pointed a finger at former President Mwai Kibaki, and loudly stated that the person whom Kenyans had popularly elected as the President of the Republic was Raila Amolo Odinga and that it was to him that he would swear allegiance.

    That was Ababu’s first fatal sin – (or should we simply call it a grievous error?)

    As his oratorical flair soared, Ababu realised that his colleagues, who were supposed to join him in defying the Kibaki state machinery, had suddenly gone mute. He had been tricked, exposed and isolated.

    The second major miscalculation would occur in 2011, after he took a principled stand in my defence at an ODM guillotine conclave that the Luo Paramount Chief had organised in order to concoct ‘reasons’ for my ill-fated suspension. Ababu had again forgotten that the guiding principle in The Caliphate is for everyone with proven ability, integrity and commitment to be culled before they either become ambitious or before the public recognises their innate qualities.

    That was principally the reason why Hon Raphael Tuju, Prof PLO Lumumba and Dr Shem Ochuodho – before him, or for that matter, Nairobi Governor Dr Evans Kidero, Migori Governor Zackary Obado, former Siaya gubernatorial candidate William Oduol and many other popular candidates in Nyanza parliamentary, senatorial and gubernatorial races couldn’t be allowed to shine.

    The Odinga Caliphate or the Orange Democratic Movement – as it is known in polite parlance – isn’t really a political party. It’s both a cult and a profit-making enterprise. (Cord’s Okoa Kenya Movement or other clever variants are tributaries of The Odinga Caliphate; not independent entities).

    The Caliphate has two types of members: bona fide Odinga blood (which is the royalty or blue blood), who enjoys full rights; and special privileges over and above that of the interlopers, who are invited members with specific roles. While some of the interlopers are intended for colour, beautification and sprucing up of The Caliphate (so that it has a fake resemblance of the face of Kenya), others are recruited to provide financial, logistical and other resources.

    Except for the royalty, all Caliphate members have designed roles. They are expected to be inducted into delirious worship of one man called Raila Amolo Odinga. In that state, the mind is supposed to be numb and unreflective. Any sign of thoughtfulness is punishable by a life-term ban, perpetual libel and ostracism.

    But more importantly, to The Odinga Caliphate, ODM – like Ford, Ford-Kenya, LDP and NDP before them – is just an instrument for controlling Luo Nyanza politics and for earning the livelihood for the entire Odinga lineage.

    ODM membership fees, special contributions by elected representatives, donations, annual subscriptions and particularly nomination fees during election cycles earn The Paramount Chief millions of shillings each month.

    If you top it up by other irregular ‘contributions’ of governors, senators, drug lords, lobbyists, influence peddlers and legitimate enterprises eager to cash in just in case The Paramount Chief were to become president, then one can start seeing why retiring from politics isn’t on the cards.

    Bear in mind also that there is more money to be made if The Paramount Chief is a presidential candidate. The kind of cash Mr Odinga attracts when he runs for president is like water flowing along the Amazon River.

    Senior members of The Caliphate earn tens of millions on nomination fee collections during elections, apart from other deals on the side.

    Prof Peter Anyang’ Nyong’o, therefore, is just a convenient malleable busy body at Orange House. He is useful to The Caliphate because he does whatever the blue bloods want. Something my comrade Ababu wouldn’t entertain.

    Ababu frightened The Caliphate by shoving aside Agnes Zani – another malleable interloper. That was the final and most fatal sin he committed. Thus, when you hear blue bloods like Oburu and Jakoyo viciously attacking Ababu and portraying him as a Jubilee agent, then you must appreciate that Ababu must have threatened the economic lifeline of The Odinga Caliphate.

    To Raila, Oburu and Jakoyo, ODM is nothing but a gravy train, which they intend to ride into perpetuity if they can. That explains why Raila has declared his candidature for the 2017 presidency. It’s also why the referendum is a life and death operation for The Odinga Caliphate.

    It is what cults do – cause delirious excitement and make tonnes of money!

    So, don’t give up, Ababu! I salute your courage and vision. You are not alone!

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