Is #Kenya Awaiting It’s Own Asma Mafhouz?

Shelby Says: In November 2010, Hosni Mubarak and his party announced that they had won 80 per cent of the votes in the elections. Four months later, the people organized themselves in a massive rebellion that drove Mubarak from power. The emergence of new social forces such as Asma Mafhouz was one indication that a new wind was blowing over Africa as the poverty and exploitation intensified in this period of crisis. Kenya is now awaiting its own Asma Mafhouz moment as the more far sighted members of the oligarchy understand that political power cannot be monopolized by one section of the capitalist class. This is the new stage of the struggle for democracy by the people.



  • I found this a cry from a patience Mwananchi>I spent the past two weeks trying to compile a perspective on how the masters of impunity managed to steal this election and use it to see what their end game is. I was trying to establish how far they are willing to go. I based the writ on the ‘chaos theory’. Halfway through, i gave up writting and researching when i realised that no matter what variable i threw in the chaos theory, the outcome remains not easy. The mademoni are bent on getting it their way no matter what, based on their past and recent behaviours.

    That said, people have been mistaking the current silence in the country for PEACE. I tell them never mistake CALM for PEACE. Justice breeds peace.

    Kunyamaza si Ujinga!!!

  • Asma Mafhouz?>Equal to Kenya Lions in the hotty afternoon in Masai-Mara-Soon to wake up and start hunting Gnus-Zebras as usual ever since time immemmorial.

  • Diyo Hague ni kwa ninya

    Do these guys really have (Genuine) degrees or did some of them bought their academic degrees at Luthuli Avenue where with Money these guys who operate there will issue you with a degree/ (fake) as long as you can afford their Price in their Territory(Corruption in this country is overdue- and Oh my god this contry Masses must wake up (million times) if this country is going to be governed by true 6genuine elected leaders n,not a bunch (cabal) Known thugs who has been mudering,Raping, Torturing, Maiming ,babarian, devil(mashetani ) who has been deceiving Kenyan people through worshipping Bals but not real god!
    They have succeded through State Machinery forces of darkness since (Uhuru-Badia)days not this time .( Wanjinga wakiamuka, Welevu huwa Mashakani!)
    These guys are some one can call intellectuals Wasomi >Just them one by One.but do not Pity Idiots ,collectively Possessed8by mashetani) Uhuru Kenya Ruto/NSIS /Kibaki -gema elites(Thugs) should not interferre with CJ Mutunga as Nsis/Military (top)Karangi did the Kenyan masses /World Community is watching and Waiting .These election gadgets costed Kenyas tax-payers over 9 billion kenya shillings.that went to the dogs in manger.
    (Tusiwe Wachenzi sababu Ya Uhuruto axis of evil)
    Thieves lack common-sense.!

  • what will become of republic kenya when kanu sneeks back to power under guise of uhururuto amani coalitions to hold back kenyas path to true democrasy and come kibaki is handing back power to kanu and smiles as if he never learnt anything from stolen elections in 2007 ?
    if kenya is led by thieves,drug lords,corrupt network who takes short cuts and doesnt repect rule of law ,rules,regulations and proceeduresshunned by civilised world and international community of nations,how are citizens of our dear republic expected to behave and conduct their affairs in such state of anarchy,lawlessness ?
    tell me uhurulruto how long do you hope to cheat the people and the world by assuming pretended throne and powers without consent/legitimacy of people of kenya?
    how do we pay taxes when we have thieving and corrupt leaders ?

  • Kenya needed such a movement day before yeasterday!

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