Kenyan Woman Denied Entry at “Little Nairobi” on Racist Grounds

Drama as African guests walk out “en masse” in protest

“The truth is that my friend has been denied entry because of growing racism and discrimination of black people in Swedish pubs”

A Kenyan woman was, on Saturday 17th November, denied entry into Lilla Wien pub (also known as “Little Nairobi”) on grounds that friend believe, were “purely racist”. The woman had arrived at the pub together with her Swedish boyfriend and two Kenyan friends when she was denied entry at the door.

According to one of the Kenyans who was together with the woman, her friend was denied entry by one of the waiters who claimed that she was “too drunk” to be allowed in the pub. A female friend, who was in the entourage, called KSB to report the incident live which occurred shortly before midnight on the material day. As she spoke on the phone, shouts of “racism” and “discrimination” could be heard in the background.

The three friends disputed the position by the Lila Wien staff member that their colleague was drunk, arguing that the staff had misjudged the woman’s status in relation to alcohol consumption. According to friends, the woman had not taken any intoxicants because prior to her arrival at the club, she had been working all day.

“It’s her who proposed that we come to Lilla Wien to chill so that she could let off steam after a hard day’s work and we agreed”, a woman friend told KSB as the incident unfolded. Friends told KSB that the staff member who had banned the woman from entering the pub had mistaken the woman’s big eyes to mean that she had taken too much alcohol.

“The truth is that my friend simply has big eyes and since staff here are not used to seeing big African eyes, they thought that my friend was drunk”, the woman friend told KSB adding that staff members had refused to understand this explanation because they had turned into racists.

Another friend who accompanied the woman told KSB that at the time of the incident, there were two white customers who were so drunk that they were sleeping with their heads bowed on the table but that they were never shown the door.

“Whites were already asleep on the table after too much consumption but my friend was still on her feet, talking. If these whites remained inside and my friend was being denied entry, then there is something more”, a Kenyan friend who was at the scene told KSB.

“The truth is that my friend has been denied entry because of growing racism and discrimination of black people in Swedish pubs”, the friend told KSB.

“I am very disappointed because this is a pub Africans have always regarded as their own but now, we are being openly discriminated”, the friend told KSB.

The view of the woman’s Kenyan friends was that Africans had lifted Lilla Wien from a sleepy pub which used to have no more than ten customers to a vibrant meeting place always packed with Africans but that now, the pub’s management had begun to use the very racist tactics used by other pubs to deny Africans entry into various entertainment joints.

According to the Kenyans, they had hired a taxi to be at the pub for the evening with their friend but that all had now gone to waste because of the changing face of Lilla Wien.

Fruitless intervention by Vumbi and Kasule
It is known that over the past few years, the pub has been popularized by Vumbi Dekula’s band which has been playing regularly at the pub thereby attracting huge enthusiastic crowds which has, in turn, been according the pub booming business in terms of high beer consumption.

The concern among friends of the woman who felt that she was being treated unfairly is that the pub feels so secure in terms of customer base that it has now began to discriminate against Africans.

The problem was not made any better when both Vumbi Dekula and Sammy Kasule (who left the stage to attend to the case) tried to intervene so that the woman could be allowed entry. The pub’s management refused to listen to the two giant musicians who had reportedly tried to convince the management to admit the Kenyan woman because she was one of their greatest fans known to be of very good character.

There was total chaos at Lilla Wien when the African crowd became aware of the development. The whole crowd that had been shaking their bodies on the dance floor walked out of the pub in protest, arguing that Lilla Wien is one of the most respected pubs by Africans in Stockholm and that it was unfair for the pub’s management to deny an African entry on grounds of bogus claims of alcoholism which could not be substantiated.

Some members of the crowd who wanted to establish the real truth did inspect the woman’s level of inebriation before concluding that she was not anywhere near to being classified as “drunk”. They demanded that the woman be admitted into the pub but when the management maintained its ground, the Africans walked out of the pub and left it empty. According to eye witnesses, Vumbi and his team had to close business because there was nobody left to dance to their music.

The incident will, most likely, shock many Africans who regard Lilla Wien as “their pub”. The main problem is that Vumbi and his groups thrives on their African fans and once this fan base is eroded due to managerial problems, what is known as “Little Nairobi” may simply disappear into oblivion. Observers can only hope that this is an isolated incident because if it is a tendency, then the days of “Little Nairobi” may as well be numbered.

KSB has been promoting the pub because of its “African orientation” and the hope is that the management will quickly understand the implications of discriminating against Africans at the pub and sort out the issue before it blows out into a huge problem which may ignite a mass boycott of the pub by Africans in Stockholm.

Okoth Osewe



  • Nightclub ordered to pay for ethnic discrimination
    Published: 23 Feb 10

    The Svea Court of Appeal has ordered Elite Hotels to pay compensation to six men after finding that they were denied entry to a Stockholm nightclub due to their ethnicity.

    The court has ordered Elite Hotels to pay 15,000 kronor ($2,000) to each of the six men who were refused entry to the Nasty nightclub and filed a complaint with the discrimination ombudsman (DO) alleging ethnic discrimination.

    “That’s great. Of course this is positive. I wish that this was given more attention – I hadn’t heard about this ruling until you called, for example,” one of the men, Waqas Yousaf, said when The Local called on Tuesday.

    The young men, whose appearance is described by the court as “foreign”, decided to act on their suspicions that they were systematically refused entry to bars and nightclubs in Stockholm due to their ethnicity.

    On the night in question, April 3rd 2005, the men recruited some friends whose appearance is classified by the court as “Swedish” and divided themselves up into separate groups according to their ethnic appearance.

    When the two groups – identical in age, gender and attire – approached the entrance of Nasty the group with a “Swedish” ethnic appearance was let in unhindered, while the group with a “foreign” ethnic appearance was refused.

    The door staff at Nasty, which was then housed in the Elite Hotel Stockholm Plaza Hotel in central Stockholm but has since closed, told the group that the club was having an invitation-only Easter party, information that was not mentioned to the group with “Swedish” appearance.

    The whole incident was recorded on film and the court ruled that the video evidence supported the men’s testimony.

    The court has thus ruled that discrimination did occur and furthermore established that Elite Hotels was responsible for the door staff at the nightclub, thereby upholding DO’s appeal of a district court ruling dismissing the case on the grounds that Elite Hotels could not be held liable for the actions of Nasty AB’s staff.

    Elite Hotel’s explanation that the door staff’s comments were just part of the standard nightclub practice of “white lies” told to maintain the right age group of clientèle at the club was ruled by the court to be insufficient to prove that discrimination had not occurred.

    The court has ruled that Elite Hotels pay the sum of 15,000 kronor to each of the men plus interest, and that each party should pay their own court costs.

    The Local asked Waqas Yousaf if he felt anything had changed in Stockholm in the years between the incident and Tuesday’s ruling.

    “I am in another situation now, so it has changed for me – I don’t go out as often as I did then,” he said.

    Peter Vinthagen Simpson

  • The same group was allowed entry into a next door pub and served glasses of beer without the Kenyan woman being judged as drunk.

  • You Black guys ,Do you think or dream of changing the Swedish racist society even in another 1000years?
    Me thinks the situation will remain for ever ,hence its always WE and THEM(blacks Vs Whites.-

    Whoever claims black race is wqual with White race must know he/she is born foolish. and we have such many blacks who are born foolish.

    Ever since the creation of this world there has been conflicts between Blacks and whites . What about the fake word Integration(I listened the other day in Swedish radion discussion about The Somalis granted assylum in sweden and Somalis geven assylum in Canada and in the USA
    And one feels Pity by the highest racism in sweden practiced by both Goverment authority and the Swedish companies.

    Why is it that in Sweden a black man/woman must do cleaning manual dirty jobs regardless ones school backgrtound.
    Go to London and count how many blacks both men and women who works in Banks/Insurance companies/
    in Military/police/and in parastatal .

    Unlike in Sweden where black immigrants cleans/even in Macdonards its hardly to find a blackman serving as cassiers but cleaning is culture and tradition in Swedish society. Guys there is no place in Sweden for blackman /women.

  • Muslim leaders from Eastleigh said that nine women had been raped and several people injured during the attacks on Somalis. “People are looking at Somalis with suspicion because but it is not right. We were born and bred here and the terrorists don’t represent them,” said Sheikh Abdulrashid Ali Noor.

  • Malcolm Frazer: There is no hint of racial equality between blacks and whites in this article nor any reason to call others foolish. If it has taken blacks in Lindon a century to hold those positions you mentioned, then it is a matter of time for the same in Sweden. If you are propagating for the rights of the black race, then it doesn’t augur well blaming them for a concept they did not create. Be part of the solution against racism instead of being negative.

  • tina oranjina olae

    wakenya lets all stop going to little nairobi NOW!,that is the only way we can be respected by the racist staff and others with the same mind set.GOMENI KABISA WATU WA HOME!,and spread the word around to our other brothers and sisters mpaka aombe msamaha kwa huyu dada.

  • tina oranjina olae

    plz remove my comments about bwana osewe,sitaki taabu na gova.

  • tina oranjina olae

    comments above zitowe plz.,Thx.

  • Mimimtotowakenya

    Malcolm you are the one WHO is really ” foolish” just go to ” Karolinska universitet sjukhus…50% doctors nurses under nurses are “foreighners” many Africans doctors!!
    Please just step in and have a look att “all the programs…/students??? You Will think you arenan Africa….alla programs like biomedicinska,nurses,dentist nurses,doctors etc…everyone in Those programs are “Minorities”/foreighners …this means…in less than 10 yrs,…..your own doctor,vill be black,your dentist,your nurse,your narcos läkare to make you sleeping ,is a black one,the one WHO takes your blodprov is allså black…in short ” Minorities are taking över Sweden in less than 15 yrs fr.o.m. Now!!!

    This is nothing but ….just check this yourselve…WHO is studying mist in Sweden is “-andra generationerinvandrare”
    Swedish are geting more Drunk!!!!!and more depressed!!!! And addictions of all kinds!!!

    You dont live in the real live and the fact That Minorities are taking over makes you more worried,…Those you call Macdonald cleaners are actually. Studying seriously .

    You need to be more observant to What is really happening in Sweden/your country instead of running around in African bloggs…Pouring verbal diarrea…

    Take a buss to Karolinska institutet and se yourself!!! You Will be shocked!


  • Lilla Wien is managed by foreigners and it is shocking they discriminated against Africans who have promoted that place for years because of Kasule and Dekula’s live band performance. Kenya’s Prime Minister Raila Odinga was there in 2009 and it was filled up to capacity. Many East Africans who visit Stockholm also enjoy the music which they relate to.

    However, it is now time to abandon Little Nairobi for the racist act against the Kenyan lady who said clearly that she was allowed to enter another bar and had some drinks with friends without being judged for her eyes. This proves that the Lilla Wien staff were discriminatory. No more going there.

  • Mimimtotowakenya grow up There has been many Africans stuying in almost every swedish institutes ,Even Robart Mugabe studied some of his degrees in Uppsala. You must diff Btw students Financed by Foreign Gvts and Sponsored Students by the Swedish govt.

    Get the message straight !How many Iranian/Polish/Africans with Degrees Cleaning driving Sl buses Tunelbana ,Taxi yet they cannot get job in Sweden.
    Have you watched a TV swedish documentary in Malmö where Foreign Doctors drives Taxis Buses Cleans hence Discrimination?

    Sweden as a developed Country will continue accepting Africans and other foreign Students hence Sweden wants Market to be able to sell their Products in the third world countries eg; Scania,Volvo Erikson telephones ,Medicines and other equipments abroad.

    Apart from studying in Sweden How many Immigrants gets Job?

    Go and research stop being brainwashed by sweden Imperialism!

  • It is about time for those of us who have money to oppen their own establishments, for once i woudl like to sit in an african joint where i can order ugali and some nyama choma….like salambo in msa. We are among the poepl who spend allote wen we go out and none of these places resepct our presents, sory dor the onse who had to be kick out of the socold lillte london.

  • Give an option instead of wailing where do we go to from there?I think these a marketing gimmick for another new found joint by one and only one mister Osewe.Watch this space(.Some social hall or something.)

    KSB: Kalson: This is what I call witch-hunting by shit brains. Only a person with a chicken’s impulse reasons like you. If you are mentally disturbed, visit a facilty or take medicine. If u have nothing to do, try the toilet and meditate hard as you struggle to push crap down the bin instead of coming here to puke. Don’t 4get to wipe yr azz-shol.

  • tina oranjina olae

    wote wanoweza kusoma na kusema kiswahili hameni,plus the musicians kasule na mwenzake,lazima tuwe na umoja. Osewe is not promoting anything ako zake tuu.

  • Mimimtotowakenya

    Kenyatta kamau

    You have ” very Sick Brain” me myself and My friends have very Good Jobs…” In the same Sweden you are taking about” i have never had anyvproblem getting Jobs in Sweden!!!

    1990s When it was ” socialdemocrat Gov” foreighners were given social welfare instead of Jobs!!! Today Sweden have Learned how to take advange of wel educated people fr.o.m. Other countries….My black friend is a chef of Arbetsformedling somewherevin Stockholm before That she workedvin försäkringskassa Where 60/%are foreighners!!!! Wake your Sick Brain up!!!!!

    My best friend dotter(black) is an ekonomichef på Nk
    Another black friends dotter became a doctor 2years ago,and now she is at St Göran becaming a surgion(kirurg)

    Another one black women is high chef in Electronic company and at least 69people (all Swedish are under her)

    I can continue the whole day!!! Sweden have changed,Those foreighners with Good school bakground have very Good Jobs!!!!

    You Wish What you are writing but me and My friends and many other have very Good Jobs!!

    Please Wake upp and look for help to cure you Sick Brain.

  • Mimimtotowakenya

    Sorry Kenyatta kamau

    OBS!!! I dont watch TV!!!! Its for you Swedes….who have nothing Else to do than ” drinking in the house infront of TV,taking anti- depressives,molesting each other/ your children and getting even more depressed!!!

    We foreighners are Busy taking over this country!!!

    Switch on TV and se WHO is program readers!??? Newsreaders???? Wait to melodi festivalen….programledare Will NOT be Swedish!!!!
    In less than 5yrs…no more Swedish on the screen of your TV???!!!!

    You better hang your self now because Sweden is OURS!!!!!!!blacks,muslims osv….

  • ‘Sweden must do more to combat racism’
    25 Sep 12

    Although much has improved in Sweden, there is still a lot to be done to combat racism and xenophobia, according to a new report from human rights organization the European Commission against Racism and Intolerance (ECRI).

    “ECRI welcomes the positive developments in Sweden. However, despite the progress made, there are still some points of concern,” the authors wrote.

    The report, authored by a human rights body within the Council of Europe, calls for more measures to combat housing segregation as well as discrimination in schools, health care and the legal system.

    Since the commission’s third report in 2005, much ground has been gained in a number of the areas on which the ECRI focuses. However, the report states that there is much more that should be done.

    Much more could be done to promote positive action in Sweden, something that is not currently viewed as “generally acceptable”, according to the report.

    The report also identifies obstacles in the Swedish legal system in bringing cases to court involving agitation against a national or ethnic group committed through the media.

    The fact that only a small proportion of incidents reported result in prosecution or sentencing also increases victims’ tendency not to report offences, according to the report.

    “This may help to perpetuate racism and racial discrimination,” the ECRI concluded.

    The authors of the report recognized that xenophobic and Islamophobic parties have gained ground in Sweden over the past few years.

    “Anti-Muslim political discourse has become more widespread and the tone has hardened. Online racism has continued to grow exponentially,” the report stated.

    The report also described how residential segregation still exists in Sweden:

    “Its effects are compounded by discrimination in the housing market that particularly affects Roma, Muslims, Afro-Swedes and asylum seekers.”

    This will also lead to educational inequality due to a widening gap in education between institutions and a different experience for students from vulnerable groups at school:

    “Pupils with an immigrant background still perform less well at school than those without and are sometimes victims of racist bullying and harassment, which are not always correctly handled by school principals.”

    According to the report, discrimination also persists on the labour market, affecting not only new entrants but also immigrants who have been settled in Sweden for a number of years.

    The Roma people continue to be victims of discrimination, according the report, as are the indigenous Sami, who face problems with participation in decisions affecting them and that would threaten their traditional way of life.

    Rebecca Martin

  • Racism at East Bar

    Racism is Growing in Sweden

    September 20, 2008 by prince0772

    By Prince.

    There was an incidence last occured on the 19th of September 2008 in Stockholm which goes to confirm my fear about the rise of racism in Sweden.

    This is an account of the event:
    On the 19th of September 2008, 3 guys with African background went to EAST BAR to have a nice night out. The 3 guys didn’t go out with their Swedish girlfriends. They just wanted to hang out, talk and have a drink. Two of these guys will drive home so possibly only one can have strong alcoholic drinks.

    The security men did not allow them to go into the bar. At the time they arrived, one guy also waiting at the entrance told them that they will not be allowed to go in. He told them that he overheard one of the security guards swearing that no “BLACK” man would be allowed in.

    They thought this guy was drunk or probably joking and they stayed on the queue (of just about 10 people). But to their dismay and uttermost surprise and shock, they were not allowed to enter the BAR.

    The security man told them that they have REGULARS who are allowed into the bar and that that they (the black guys) have to come back after 1am before they would be allowed into the BAR. He told them and boasted that he has been working is EAST BAR for 6 years and 4 times a week and that he would not allow them to go in because they are not regulars.

    They tried to argue with the security men that this is unusual as they should have the possibility to go to the bar and buy drinks but their arguments were turned down. Then they remembered what they heard previously that no black man would be allowed in that day (19th September).

    This is a serious problem really because at least one of these 3 guys is Swedish and the other two will become Swedish citizens someday soon.

    They are being discriminated in a country that they thought is theirs. They are blacks and they suddenly realised that they are not actually welcome in Sweden. This is happening in 2008 and it is almost unbelievable. They felt really embarrassed and humiliated by this security man.

    At they head off back to the car, they started talking about their future and what they thought would happen to their children who are half-african and half-swedish. They thought about their prestige and their home country. They knew that they have a choice and they could actually go back to Africa.

    But how does one brace up to the threat of racism and the influence on the family where a child is born mixed? One of these guys has pressed charges to the Swedish Discrimination
    Board at (The Ombudsman against ethnic discrimination (the DO).

    He has lived in sweden for a long time and he is in fact a swedish citizen. He told me that he is looking forward to the outcome of the complaint that he sent by e-post. For him, Sweden is on trial. This is the first time he would be making an official complain about discrimination but it is something he has lived with for several years now. He thought it is time to act. He has also told me that he would spread this RACISM ATTITUDE AT EAST BAR as much as possible on the internet.

    (End of story)

    If I may add, my observation is that racism is quite common in Sweden but the people pretend as if they are not racists. For the past 6 years I have seen and being through situations when African guys or people of foreign backgrounds have been prevented from doing certain things. Going into clubs, restaurants and bars are the commonest problems of these situations.

    I know EAST BAR and the problem is actually with the guards and the part of town. The guards who are suppose to maintain order and security are busy looking at your skin colour and the type of dress you are putting on. They need to be educated on what their responsibilities are.

    It used to be ALADIN in the centre of town that had this problem. The guards look at you and turn you back on flimpsy excuses. Excused like your shoes, colour of dress, type of trousers and so on. They are just short of saying: we don’t like blacks. In real sense they would prefer not to see black people inside the clubs. Right in your presence you could see Swedish people in trainers, sneakers and all kinds of dresses going in as you stand by and watch.

    But Aladin is a little bit better now…the problems are still there in a way.

    I am going to be particularly interested in this case because it would be nice to know what the Ombudsman against ethnic discrimination (DO) will do about it. It would also be wonderful to know how the management of EAST BAR would come of out this useless attitude potrayed by their racist guards.

    It is a wake-up call also for the government of Sweden. The government of Sweden must know that EAST BAR and other places in Sweden are showing racism to Black Swedes and other foreigners.

    Many of the cases are unreported or undocumented because those who suffer it most have no legitimate residency in Sweden. But the case of these 3 guys should receive National Attention.

    Blacks in sweden will like to know:

    -why the guards at EAST BAR in Stureplan continue to show racism? I know about that of EAST BAR since 2002. So it didn’t start today

    -what will happen to the guards-will they be fired or prosecuted?

    -the counselling that will be given to these 3 black guys because it seemed that suffered emotionally. It was a very humiliating experience..

  • Göteborg Kenyan

    Whenever U feel belittled or treated unfairly in a country that isnt Urs,listen to Tracy Chapman,SMILE and life continues…,No need to feel all sad..racism is,has been and will be in Sweden…!!!

  • Guys stop complaining.I guess everyone has a country of o back to your home.Europe is changing to the worse life will be so tough here that no one will tell move we will make the move ourselves.Whats so good about sweden work hard build something at home leave the swedes to their s—-t coutry and lets see how they survive east west home is best

  • This is the Most brainwased Kenyan Animal in Sweden (Mtotowamama) must be suffering with Head/Kichwa Syphilis and is in need of Rehab! No body can change you hence Bongo (sic) Look youself in a Mirror and see yourself really!

    I pray for you and your other lost animals in the Kingdom!

  • The africans have these fear of being tailed and misunderstand issues and taking them as racism! These people surely have a problem worldwide. They have attitude, egoist, selfish and think they have right to everything. They suck…

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