Pregnant Woman “Does not Know” the Daddie of Her Unborn Kid

Liberal consumers of goods put on “DNA alert”

Every Kenyan male who may have touched or explored her precious goods in the last two months is a prime suspect

As the Kenya-Stockholm scandal week enters critical stages, it has emerged that a middle-aged Kenyan woman currently pregnant does not know the daddie of her unborn child. This revelation surfaced at a private Kenyan party where the woman apparently announced that she has been unable to track down the exact Kenyan dude who fired the missile that left her pregnant following an all-night wrestling match at the bedroom corner.

Addressing friends after she had been swallowing one too many, the woman is reported to have said that every Kenyan male who may have touched or explored her precious goods in the last two months (at the time of the announcement) is a prime suspect. She added that although she had taken contact with all the possible suspects, they had all denied responsibility.

“I wish to put them on notice that they should all prepare for a DNA test in the coming months because while I am prepared to carry the baby to term, the person who planted the seed must also take responsibility”, she is reported to have declared amid shouts of  “toboa… toboa” as vinywaji flowed liberally down the throats of the revelers who were increasingly becoming excited with the revelations.

The woman, who seemed not to have been ashamed of making such a dramatic announcement at a house boogie, said that there is no way a child can be born in Sweden without the father being identified. “For now you can hide but I have all your names safely kept and one day, you will answer because this is not Kenya”, she warned.

She said that she is a single mother and that some Kenyan men had taken advantage of her vulnerability when she was experiencing economic difficulties to consume her goods before running away. She went into details how she was lured with short-term solutions to her personal problems but after she spread her legs, every man simply melted away.

Some friends were surprised with the woman’s openness, given the sensitivity of the matter at a personal level. She blamed herself for being so naïve although she added that she had become much more cleaver from her experiences. She admitted that she had just emerged from a bitter divorce and that she did not have a lot of experience in handling men since she has only been tied to one man for years before their relationship hit the rocks.

The woman is so beautiful that it is whispered that only a blind man can fail to fall in love with her goods. Apart from her powerful physical attraction, her boobs and bums are well rounded and, combined with her stylish approach to attire, jewelry, hair-style, make-up and other key aspects of general “female sophistication”, she carries herself with the posture of a reigning princess. It is not therefore surprising that she has been sweeping men off their feet and loading them on the bed to get her little parts serviced with equipments of different shapes and sizes.

Okoth Osewe 



  • Quite a marathon scandal week. Vichekesho kweli!

  • These cheap and dirty Kenyan women should have left and forgotted Prostitution back in Kenya. How can a decent woman allow herself to be taken to bed by any rousy and filthy Kenyans lost in Europe, whose job is to live idle mis-using social welfare they never contributed i hope Sverige democracy wins election and deport African Prostitutes selling themselves cheap in european cities .starting with Kenyan cheap hores who infect Whites with hiv/aids.-

  • Condomise to survive. Huyu mama hupanua miguu kama kurasa za kitabu.

  • I dont know whether to laugh or cry, you cannot be serious bwana Osewe. I’m glad she’ll be carrying the baby to term but can she please keep off the alcohol. And how many men did she sleep with? Jesus! You men should also be ashamed of yourselves, you are also as responsible, are you people not afraid of diseases? Kutomba tu without thinking?? I feel sorry for the unborn child!

    KSB: Zesty, what do you mean with I cannot be serious. This is a story which came by and what you see is what it is. The woman’s consumption of pombe is her own bizz. The agent who banged the storo did not say how many men she slept with. Stop attacking men generally because not all men in Stockholm slept with her. I am a man but why should I be responsible for a case in which a man and a woman had mutual consent before articulating? Everybody is afraid of disease but remember, sometimes the temperatures increase at a much higher rate than the thinking.

  • @ kisonko Sonko, you sound like a stupid lost white idiot whose been fucking around with black prostitutes & ended up infected, i wonder what you are doing in a African blog if you so hate Africans as you sound you do! Go to the white peoples Blog idiot, you don’t belong here with your rasism!!! Read the name of the blog its not sverige democraternas blog!! you are lost Men!!!!!

    KSB: Serena, that was very strong language in deed. Kisonko must have hit you on the wrong nerve lol.

  • No wonder people are carriers here in big numbers all this people were banging without protection!She should be ashamed in that her only fear is the baby not S.T.D. Crazy world.

  • Any Lady living in this century whether from corrupt Kenya where Citizens are brought up loving Money than their bodies must be out-of her mind.
    To bring a kid in a new world isnt an easy task. One needs to plan and organise oneself economically physically and heath-wise.

    Sweden does not encourage careless Moms whose role is producing kids every year just to avoid going to work and its a well knoen strategy use commonly by Lazy Africans and other third world immigrants .where they target (Barn bidrag) exploiting the swedish welfare .If you bring a new kid be prepared to work and to take care of your child and be responsible Parent.

    being easy-going woman by oppening your goods to each and every Dick and Tom should be avoided like Rabies.

    We all know how illitrates from none european countries exploit the Swedish welfare and this exploitation must come to an end.

  • @sigge
    There are numerous careless Moms of Swedish decent that live solely on Barn bidrag, even swedish couples that are too lazy to work and live on state welfare. But since they are ethnic swedes this excuses themm doesn’t it Sigge? A lout is a lout regardless of where they come from, and when it comes to illiteracy Swedes are at par with citizens of third world countries. Anyone that reasons the way you do Sigge is illiterate in my book. How did you come to the conclusion that the woman in this story wants to live on barn bidrag? This only points you out as illiterate and bigoted, not surprising as these are traits associated with the majority of medicore redneck swedes.

  • @ Yah Right
    Thanks for hitting the point. I do think that this lady deserves respect because of her honesty and courage. There have been a lot of comments here which are unwarranted. She had just been through a divorce, admits that she didn’t know how to handle men because she had only been in one long relationship, she is carrying the baby to term but she is not letting the main culprit go without taking responsibility. I like her approach. She also says that she has learnt from the experience. She is a human being and we all know that nobody is perfect. The woman needs compassion, not abuses and shit analysis like Sigge’s. To the lady, you will come out of this but make the dick-head pay for 18 years. It is very encouraging that you have the suspects on paper. Good luck!

  • And another thing Sigge, one is not illiterate because they can read and right in their language. Almost everyone can do this in this modern age, even in those countries you term as third world or none european as able to do so in their languages. One of the obvious pointers of having spent sometime in school, and achieved a decent education is how one expresses themselve in an international language e.g. English, French, German, Kiswahili etc. Your English sucks and sentence structure appalling, I am sure you have not mastered any other language than the one you recieved sitting on your mother’s knee. You are therefore one of the millions of lliterate people found in the first world when judged within the context of modern society today. Nothing to be proud of really……..

  • Mimimtotowakenya

    Yah right,
    This type of bogus Swedes WHO are manga mangaring in Afrikan blogg…are called

    ” Swedish white trash” That is What Sigge is…
    Low Klass white trash fr.o.m. Broken home/alcoholic home/psykohome/incests home

    OBS! No one fr.o.m. Decent family/ normal person can reason like this unless……

  • Hello, I was wondering who did the illustration of the pregnant woman and if it was possible to get the contact information for the person. Thank you

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