Swedish Company Unable to Pay Miss Africa Crown Bills

A Swedish company which was responsible for staging the Miss Africa Crown (MAC) 2012 is unable to pay bills incurred during the event, arguing that it made losses. According to information obtained by KSB, the company, whose contact with MAC is a white Swedish national, says that it is unable to pay because the money it got from the Presentation party in Alvik together with proceeds from the Cruise which was banked into its bank account cannot enable it meet its financial obligations.

At this stage, KSB cannot go out with details about the matter because the MAC management is still in discussions with the company to convince it to pay its bills. The company signed the contract with Birka cruise to host the event in the boat while it is the legal entity that was also responsible for staging the Presentation Party on 5th October. All cash generated during the two events were collected by the company.

Okoth Osewe


  • Bilganius Sandarius

    Here smells a rat!How corrupt smells in this matter?KSB can you clarify in a understandable language hence this sounds fishy .Do you have corruption in Sweden?

    The whole storo sounds conning black Africans . For how long will poor exploited Africans will stand this race exploitation by Master race of greedy europeans.

    KSB: Bilganius, we do not want to draw any conclusions yet because the discussions are still continuing. Miss Africa Crown has a huge fan base and KSB will keep readers updated about any further developments.

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