Miguna Miguna’s Anti-Raila Rantings: Unedited Interview with Citizen TV



The Kibaki Succession: Raila Odinga



  • Solomon Mwashigandi

    Be wary of friends-they will betray you more quickly, for they are easily aroused to envy. They also become spoiled and tyrannical. But hire a former enemy and he will be more loyal than a friend, because he has more to prove. In fact, you have more to fear from friends than from enemies. If you have no enemies, find a way to make them.

  • Solomon Mwashigandi

    Everything is judged by its appearance; what is unseen counts for nothing. Never let yourself get lost in the crowd, then, or buried in oblivion. Stand out. Be conspicuous, at all cost. Make yourself a magnet of attention by appearing larger, more colorful, more mysterious, than the bland and timid masses.

  • Rejoinder from Miguna :

    I have seen the attacks and comments on Jukwaa and other places, condemning me for buddying up to Jerome Corsi, whom they refer to as extremist and racist.

    These attacks were expected it but they will not change anything. This is why.

    1. The East African Educational Publishers – the largest publishing firm in East Africa – agreed to publish the book last November before the book was written. They asked me to ensure that they had the manuscript by January this year so that the book could come out in Feb or March this year.

    2. I went to work and some days slept only 2 hours. I managed to finish the manuscript in January 2012.

    3. The EAEP gave me letters undertaking to publish the book and took the manuscript for review.

    4. They completed their review within two weeks and called me in for assessment. After the meeting, all the issues they had raised (and they were few and very minor) were resolved. They gave me another letter confirming our understanding/agreement.

    5. Within one week after the assessment, they communicated with me and indicated that I would be required to sign a contract on Jan. 23rd, 2012. But they said they might not be able to meet the February date; they wanted to do it in June. I told them that was OK.

    6. On Jan. 23rd, at about 6.30 p.m., I received a letter from them (electronically), indicating that unfortunately, they could not now publish the book until after the elections. One of my contacts there mentioned that the chairman of the board suddenly changed the original decision. When I pressed if they had been approached or bribed not to publish the book; they could not deny or accept. I reached my own conclusions.

    7. The EAEP was the publisher of choice because I thought it was big, well established and professional. They had also showed nothing but enthusiasm at the prospect of publishing the book. They actually referred to the manuscript as a “masterpiece” and stated that they needed to publish it ahead of this year’s London Book Fair.

    8. The sudden change of heart surprised me and showed how compromised publishers are in Kenya.

    9. I had earlier approached two other Kenyan publishers. One told me that they only do educational books. They don’t do fiction, non-fiction or memoirs. The second one told me that the project was “too hot” for them (their own words).

    10. I was now left with two choices: either to self-publish (with all its attendant problems) or to seek a publisher abroad.

    11. Last month, a good friend of mine reported to me that Raila was boasting that my book would never see the light of day.

    12. Almost at the same time, someone working at the PM’s office called to tell me how Caroli Omondi was overheard boasting on the phone shortly after he had announced the “reinstatement” that “this is what will now destroy Miguna completely.” In other words, the so-called reinstatement and other shenanigans were only intended to “destroy Miguna.”

    13. Late last year, someone from the WND had contacted me about publishing the book. I had declined. But now that I was foreseeing the prospect of Kenyan publishers refusing to publish the book in time or not at all, I had to make a decision. Would I refuse help from someone because of their political and ideological beliefs at the risk of failing to publish my book? What was important here: publishing the book without censorship and compromise or killing the idea on the basis of our ideological differences?

    14. I then remembered a few historical facts that helped me make the decision: Frederick Douglass – the legendary anti-slavery hero was published by people who many would have considered racists and extremists. The same applied to Martin Luther King Jr., Frantz Fanon, Kwameh Nkrumah, Nelson Mandela, Jomo Kenyatta, Oginga Odinga – name them. The political and ideological orientation of their publishers did not affect the content of their books. After all, who owns the major publishers of the world? Are they African American activists? Which are the publishing firms owned by progressives in Kenya?

    15. Many Africans – and global progressives, even revolutionaries like my late friend Dr. Tajudeen Abdul Raheem – went to Oxford University in England on RHODES SCHOLARSHIP. This is a scholarship that was started by and named after Cecil Rhodes – the legendary racist from Rhodesia/Zimbabwe. How many of these people have been subjected to hatred and vile attacks on the basis that they accepted a scholarship started and named after a racist? How about scholarships, publication and other financial support by the Rockefeller, Ford and other foundations that were started and funded by ultra racists and slave owners?

    16. When many of my critics purchase a computer, use an airline like KLM and others, have they ever stopped to ask: “who owns this company; plane or airline?”

    17. What about the Nobel Peace Prize – who founded and funded the prestigious prize? Wasn’t he, too, considered a racist? Yet, didn’t we celebrate Mandela, Maathai and others who were bestowed by the Nobel Peace Prize?

    18. Between having the book published and having it suppressed, what would you have chosen?

    These are the questions we must ask; not allow ourselves to be driven by narrow mindedness and needless hatred and propaganda!

    The so-called progressives now yelling at me don’t own publishing firms. More significantly, they have been gleefully waiting to see me fail to publish the book. They have not been supportive at all. They are good at condemning things and people (and I have not been spared). When I was working like a dog (yes, I mean it) for Raila and ODM, they were urging me on. Yet immediately after Raila violated my constitutional and human rights, they have been the most vociferous at assassinating my character. Many others have simply hidden (from me.) I frankly don’t give a hoot!

    Think about it: why are they quiet when Raila woos Moi, Njonjo, Githunguri and others? Aren’t these people the ones who destroyed our lives and country? Aren’t they the ones who looted our assets and stashed it abroad? So, why is it OK for Raila to consort with them and not OK for Miguna just to get published by some US firm?

    Yesterday, Feb. 26th at the 9 O’clock news on Citizen TV, they had a clip on “Who Owns Kenya?” They had an oil firm worth more than Sh30 billion operating in Kenya and the region. Who are the shareholders? A prominent member of the Saudi royal family (yes, you got that right) owns 65% of the company while Raila Odinga and his family – Fidel, Ida, Oburu, Raila Jr own the remaining 35%. Now, even a toddler knows the human rights record of the House of Saud! Yet, it’s OK for Raila to be in business with such characters but a crime for Miguna just to get published even after all the local firms had refused to publish because of political pressure?

    Finally, for those always suggesting that I rent my house in Runda; that is false. I own it. I built it with my own sweat and savings before I returned to Kenya in 2007! Secondly, the Star did NOT stop me from publishing my column. I withdrew once they started censoring me.

    Those interested in personal attacks and spreading unfounded lies should at least try to get some basic things right.

    My book shall be published by latest June this year. And it shall be sold globally including in Kenya. I gave my word to the country and I shall fulfil it.

    I will not respond to any further attacks on this issue.

    Miguna Miguna


  • Here What Miguna Miguna has to Say Concerning Thieves Running Govt>http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YL_ChFDjg6M&feature=player_embedded

  • Good evening
    I greet you all comfortable in the knowledge that we have slayed the dragon. We have slayed the master of con and impunity plus ineptitude and nepotism.

    We are readying ourselves to free Nyanza from one family hegemonism, paralysis and hypnosis. We will free Kenya in the process.

    Fellow brethren in the struggle for the truth: today be all yee informed that Miguna is ready and willing to engage you in solid, unbridled and holistic debate about Kenya, especially Kenya without Raila.

    Finally, I want to make it succintly clear that I am not vying for any political office. I am not interested in the culture of lies, innuendo and greed. My battle with Raila was not meant to hog the limelight. Rather, my battle was for the truth, and to expose the Kenyan political class for what it is.

    Lastly, as da matter of record, I Miguna have no apologies over the choice of a publisher for my book. That ability to choose is my God given right. A right that not even Hon. Kibaki can take away. Therefore, who is Karoli or other rank and file to question it?

    Miguna does not speculate on unlikely events. Miguna does not see any role for Raila in Kenya after 2012. Miguna considers the Raila error a closed chapter in Nyanza and Kenyan history.

    In case you did not know, Miguna is not starving. As a matter of fact, I have written a cheque for all the money Raila paid me and refunded the treasury. Nobody owns Miguna and absolutely nobody can. My record is there for all hoi polloi to scrutinise.

    The main objective for my engagement wih Raila was to highlight his lack of basic human decency. I started working for Raila when he had a thoroughly disorganized and haphazard engagement in PR. I sorted out his diary, speeches and responses to Pnu. To the point where Kibaki and the late Michuki started treating him with respect. During the elections, I warned him Kibaki would try to rig him out. Ask Ruto, Orengo and Mudavadi. After all these, he throws me out in the cold. Is that fair really?

    I want to assure you that I am not too worried about the future. My family is very well catered for financially. In addition, they are Canadians, and nobody in Kenya can harm them. Secondly, Logan, when you are driven by principle, fear is cast out. The truth is stronger than fear.

    I will continue to champion the fight for the truth and justice. Miguna did not start this fight yesterday, and Miguna wont end it tomorrow. Miguna did not flinch during the Nyayo torture days. Why do you think Miguna will flinch now? The struggle for justice continues.

  • Joseph Mwasere

    I personally congratulate u on behalf of all the Kenyans who haven’t read this,i salute u Mr Miguna Miguna cause i understand and believe that one day our fight against these giant cultured devils in Government,we shall remove them one day by force if not by vote.

  • Shocking details of RAILA and Goldenberg thief KULEI

    Tuesday July 10, 2012 – In what may appear to be another revelation of Goldenberg scandal architects, former Prime Minister Raila Odinga’s coalition adviser Miguna Miguna has narrated how the Premier sent his spokesman Carol Omondi to Goldenberg chief architect Joshua Kulei demanding Sh 54 million in cash to cover up his Goldenberg cases if he became the president in year 2007.

    In some excerpts from his book Peeling Back the Mask: A Quest for Justice in Kenya, Miguna narrates on how he met Prime Minister Raila Odinga’s spokesman Caroli Omondi carrying Sh 54 million in a petrol station.

    Here is the story….

    One Saturday, I met Caroli at Oil Libya Petrol Station in Westlands near The Mall Shopping Complex ferrying piles of cash in his vehicle, stashed in plastic bags. He told me that it was just Sh54 million he had collected from former Goldenberg architect Joshua Kulei. Apparently Raila had sought help from Kulei in order to pay ODM presidential agents, a job which he had then tasked Caroli with.

    I shook my head and walked away.

    Raila probably knew that someone like veteran journalist and former UN functionary Salim Lone (who served as his spokesman during the 2007 campaigns and for one year after he became prime minister), former political prisoner Prof Edward Oyugi, Sarah Elderkin or myself couldn’t and wouldn’t carry Sh 54million in plastic bags, leave alone collect it from Kulei and around town with it in broad day light.

    This is a deeply entrenched working political culture of Kenya. Raila, like Moi before him, was just perpetuating it. I have never been a follower. Iconoclast? May be on reflection, I should have left Raila’s campaign that afternoon. Had I done that, I would have saved myself some of the moral dilemmas and angst I later faced working for Raila as a Prime Minister.

    But hindsight is of course a wonderful thing and if wishes are horses beggars would be riding them.Well, as I should have known and appreciated, once you start sliding down that moral and legal slippery rope, you can’t apply any brakes until you reach the bottom.

    More to follow……

    The Kenyan DAILY POST

  • Am really sorry that MIGUNA MIGUNA only tries to reveal all this after he loses his job!I also tend to think that MIGUNA is not a real patriot because he knew all this from-2007 and only to reveal them now!IS THIZ BITTERNESS OR WHAT?

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