“Leave Us Alone Because We Are In Love”, Says Kenyan Couple

"Leave us alone because we are in love"

A young Kenyan couple has requested that they be ”left alone” because they have fallen “head over heels” in love. Speaking via an anointed link aka “Press Secretary”, the couple said that since they fell in love a few months ago, they have been experiencing problems because Brook, the man’s ex, has been trying to muddy their cool romantic waters.

“The big problem is that Brook has refused to accept that “Pappa” is gone forever. Frustrated, she has been harassing Marion, (Pappa’s new sweetheart) by calling her names and making all sorts of threats to intimidate her”, the couple’s emissary told KSB during a typical “Breaking News” interlude.

Pappa has been married to Brook for a few years and after their first kid, the relationship hit the rocks mbaya, forcing the couple into a protracted and bitter separation that stunned members of the dudes social Network.

Once he became single, Pappa naturally started “chick-hunting” in Stockholm and it was not long before he came across Marion, a cute, single and pretty Kenyan supu who has been window-shopping for a nice chest to fall on as the world went to sleep every evening.

After being lonely for months, it was a welcome sigh of relief when the guy of her dreams just came by and without much effort. Marion’s patience is reported to have paid off because several Kenyan bulls laden with heavy manyeges had tried their luck on this stylish chick but failed to get her to open “the shrine”. She knew the exact breed she wanted and when “Mr. Right” came by, she immediately put her most seductive assets to work to slowly melt the guy’s heart and bring him along to accept her charms.

The hook-up, was not totally accidental because according to impeachable KSB links, the two Kenyans have been “eying each other” for quite some time even though Marion knew Pappa’s marital status. Pappa had met her at a NHB (Naliaka House Boogie) but then, the dude was together with Brook and what appeared to have brought them together was membership in the same Network. With time, the abrupt “bump-into” turned into “common interest” then “I’ve been watching you” which eventually began to grow mapenzically.

It is understood that as the crisis in Pappa’s relationship deepened, his interest in Marion also multiplied and when the real split came, the possibility of Marion acting as a better replacement also began to take shape in his brain. Interestingly, Brook had no inkling about developments in her hubby’s brain because during the period of crisis, the couple had routinely been “breaking-up” then “making-up”, much the same way a matatu breaks up on the road then hits the road again after a quick fix by a rugged conductor.

Contacts have told KSB that the ink had not yet dried on the divorce papers when Pappa and Marion “hit the dating frequency” in complicated Kenya-Stockholm. In fact, close friends understood that Brook had eventually lost it to Marion when the new couple no longer cared about who was watching and so these friends began to adjust to the new reality of seeing Marion in Pappa’s arms as Brook began to embrace the pillows.

One action led to another and by the time Kenya-Stockholmers began to spread rumazz aka hot pilipili-hoho gossip about the latest developments in Brook’s compound, the newly constituted couple had already sealed the deal with the luscious goods having been well secured for sweet consumption “until further notice”.

The confirmation came with a lengthy, “deep-tongue” kiss at a Naliaka Party where Brook’s sworn enemies had apparently been invited to celebrate her “ultimate romantic waterloo”. It is after this boogie that Brook is reported to have gotten wind about the actual “overthrow of her government” by Marion who became the new “First Lady” in the Republic of Pappa.

At the Party, Brook’s methods were dismissed as dictatorial, autocratic, old-fashioned and oppressive to the typical Kenyan male in Stockholm. On the contrary, Pappa was congratulated for having been “patient enough” to have lived his life in “hell on earth”. He was then “welcomed into paradise” of happiness with Marion as the new anointed angel who would guarantee him “a life of everlasting bliss”.

It was one of the most “information packed” phone calls ever made to KSB. After she lost it, the couple’s emissary told KSB that Brook has been walking around claiming that Marion is responsible for the break-up of her marriage, an allegation the chick has vehemently denied.

Brook has allegedly claimed that Marion has been eying her hubby for “a very long time”, an accusation the chick has also denied, arguing that their relationship started after the woman’s marriage collapsed “because of her lack of responsibility and knowledge in the basics of keeping a Kenyan hubby.

Brook’s Allegations and Marion’s Replies
Pappa’s new sweetheart is said to be very unapologetic and claims that Brook has been verbally violent against her, spewed so much abuses at her and treated her with a lot of disrespect because of a misplaced notion that she stole her hubby. “There is no need of respecting her because she doesn’t respect me”, Marion is reported to have told a peace-maker.

The psychological war-fare is so serious that Pappa and Marion have had to post a titbit on FB saying that they are in love and that it is their desire that they be left alone to enjoy their life together. KSB links say that Brook is bitter because she claims that despite having done “a lot of good” to Pappa, the dude continued “to treat her like toilet paper”.

When pressed to give examples, the KSB link said that Brook claimed that she is the person who brought Pappa to Sweden to give him a life, gave him Mapepe and supported him during the period he was still trying to get a foot-hold in Sweden. Apparently, the dude is not saying anything, having left all talk to his new fire-breathing First Lady.

The Sweetie has countered these allegations by saying that all Kenyans who have settled in Sweden came from somewhere while she also claimed that everybody made their papers in one way or another. On helping the guy get a foot-hold in Sweden, the new sweetheart’s view is that it is the responsibility of anybody who brings a guest to Sweden to take care of that guest as long as it takes.

“A man will always leave if you mistreat him regardless of what you have done”, Marion is said to have informed Brook during a bitter exchange on telephone when Brook called “kumsomea Marion bibilia”. “Mapepe or no mapepe, Pappa is an adult and you don’t have to treat him like your first born child”, Marion is reported to have told Brook as the conversation began to degenerate.

According to the emissary, the new couple would like Brook to concentrate on rebuilding her “shattered life” instead of meddling in their new affair. Their message is simple: “We want to be left alone because we have started a new life”.

The storo, which is under discussion in almost every Kenya-Stockholm Network, is likely to ignite fresh debate about management of “post split up” situations of Kenyan couples in Stockholm. Although many splits have been peaceful and dignified, others have been cruel, harsh and very violent with spouses stalking their exes for all sorts of reasons and talking shit about each other.

As we patiently wait for a new storo to land at KSB’s “Department of Hot Gossip”, we can only hope that the heat will soon subside and that all parties will continue to live their lives despite the varied circumstances.

Okoth Osewe



  • Osewe, the language youn used is just too sweet, smoothened with jam, cheese and butter. Surely, it is horrible if Brook mistreated Pappa and when he found a way out, she is now crying foul. Long live the new relationship between Marion and Pappa.

  • Many have been victtim to the ladies cruelty.Big up to new lovers.pilipili inawasha sasa you ate it on your own.

  • This should be an eye opener for all the stockholm women (and men) that treat their partners badly. Sadly most the women seem to fall into the trap of disrespecting their men and show no remorse becoz they think they are entitled to behave that way since they have a “shrine” and a misplaced sense of feminism. They love to throw their weight around and play mind games, but sooner or later their hubbies are snatched away by another that treats him and gives him respect as a man. It is easy to identify them since their relationships start out healthy and then deteriorate as fast as a snail that has had salt poured over it, as they battle to put the man in his “place” preferably under her thumb. Relationships where love is defined by control of your partner in the house are doomed to fail. Women use access to their “shrine” often claiming to have headaches, being tired or not being in the mood to ensure control while men use their wallets. A man is the provider and a woman the caretaker in every relationship, and figuratively the man wears the trousers and the woman wears the dress. This is why a man is the designated leader in the relationship and the woman manager. This is the way women of earlier generations managed to cultivate healthy relationships and is what the call of women being submissive is all about. However many women in this generation have thrown the concept of submissiveness out of the window because they think, due to ignorance or by design, that it means being shackled and enslaved to a man. Many women spend their lives trying to change this natural order by forcefully staging a coup d’état be the trouser wearer only to be left alone and bitter in single parenthood. Some women are fortunate to learn the importance of being a real woman as they grow up, others learn this lesson the hard way but change and behave differently when they meet a new man after a failed relationship. However the hard headed “man-hostile” few keep running in that vicious circle of failed relationships until they grow old still using their maiden name, ending up as non-marriageable with illegitimate children. What a shame!

  • The young love can not last longer to be young again but to grow and have branches which will include people to be there. So to be left alone with face love has nothing to do with tomorrow.You will need people to solve your love.

  • Gossip gossip gossip
    Like it or not, say what u want about, it is Kenyan style….
    Sometimes I must admit I think its too much, let people handle
    their business alone, dont use peoples private life as entertainment, its unworthy,
    just a thought in this land of freedom of speech…

    KSB: It’s not just Kenyan style. It’s universal style. Sometimes, it’s the newsmakers themselves who want to inform the public to leave them alone so what would you do? DN and Aftonbladet have refused to help and some are my countrymen and countrywomen who think that KSB is da place. How I wish you could talk to them KISS agents to stop bringing ma storo here jamani! Strictly, I have requested people several times not to invade my private diary called KSB but they keep on coming. Now, traffic has gone even up! Others tell me what to write? Are you sure you are not invading my privacy? Why can’t you leave me alone to handle my own problems at KSB? Start a blog (it’s free) and write everything you want. Show me one piece of entertainment that is not based on a life somewhere whether it is a movie or a song, fiction or non fiction then we discuss. Have a nice evening…

  • Bw.Osewe, hiyo reply yako ni deadly……..u’ve made ma morning with ur reply…ni watuma theke muno..ngeitheria family yaku muno….bless!!

  • Oh, Cry me a river Brook! We know how you turned Pappa into mincemeat, choking his “maleness” by always bossing on him, etc. You Queen of Terror! You have found a match in Marion, who hits back with equal venom. How depressed you must be! We also know your scams to survive around with men. Aren’t you just doing the same stuff you wanna claim has destroyed you? You paint FB with pictures showing your escapades with that Kenyan man you go to Naliaka parties with, yet now hunt down Pappa and Marion with insults? Tupe nyingine mpya hatujui!

  • kweli stockhom ina vituko.

  • A very interesting blog showing true Kenyan happenings abroad.

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