Who Owns Kenya? Cholmondeley’s Documentary


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Watch how the grandson of a white settler Lord Delemare was released after murdering a Kenyan on the firm of the Delemares. It was the second murder and in both cases, the grandson was set free. The Documentary was broadcast on Swedish National TV on Wednesday October 7th 2010.


  • Soo Sad, who owns Kenya.

  • What is the Value of a poor Kenyan’s life, 8 months and compensation? The judge took into consideration the accused offer to compensate the family. Can he also tell us the monetary value justifiable for killing a poor man? (A repeat offender)

    I can assure you like night is followed by day, if this happened here in Sweden, the poor African who dare kill a white man would never live see the outside walls of his prison cell. I am ashamed of our country, even the white folk here cannot believe that justice was served.

  • NO Justice was served. Tom got a slap on his wrist for not doing a “clean” job of clearing poachers from his expansive ranch. He should have got a minimum of 10 years!! Can lawyers ever decline to defend any client?Did Tom ever say how he would “help” the Njoya family?. Justice was denied on the altar of colonialism. Which is why Lord Delamere has all that land, paid nothing for but which is now the money buying the “blood” of the poor natives.

  • Compensation was a year’s school fees for Njoya’s son? What an insult!

  • we’ve once again shown the world how corrupt we are. this man deserves the noose but what do we give him? yep, 8 months in a VIP prison cell! His family built a library at Kamiti for him, yet our own Government has failed to rehabilitate African prisoners to integrate in society after their release.

  • This is travesty of justice! I can’t believe some don’t see anything wrong in a murderer only getting 8 months. Not to mention that right before killing Njoya, he had killed another Kenyan in 2005. Kenya is still a British colony, a willing British colony.

  • Isn’t this the family “millionaire barz” was married into?
    “Babz was in Kenya married within a rich white family which is one of the families which owns Kenya. The family owns vast pieces of land especially within the “white highlands” while it is known to be ruthless and deadly. A grandson within the family is currently facing a court case in Kenya after shooting a Kenyan dead because the poor guy was hunting on the family’s grounds. It was the second deadly shooting of a Kenyan by the grandson. Both shootings were reported in the Kenyan media.”
    KSB article February 2009, https://kenyastockholm.com/2009/02/21/conned-kenyan-woman-how-the-story-began
    We should be careful how we treat her…

  • Top lawyer Fred Ojiambo is well-known for defending high profile figures in the Kenyan government linked to grand scandals like Goldenberg and Anglo-Leasing. It’s no wonder that he successfully defended Cholmondeley twice.Some comments about him:

    Report: Bosire
    Amount Involved: 70 Billion
    Page Mention: 332-339

    “The mention in the latest John Githongo tapes, of lawyer Fred Ojiambo has left many Kenyans wondering who he is and what his link to the biggest scandal that has rocked the shaky administration of President Mwai Kibaki could be.

    Just to compare lawyers, Mutula Kilonzo was the lawyer who was very close to the inner circles of the Moi administration and if there is such a lawyer in the Kibaki administration, then that lawyer would have to be Fred Ojiambo. He is the one who comes closest to fitting the bill.

    Many Kenyans will remember Fred Ojiambo as the Kenyan African lawyer who speaks with a British accent who prominently represented former VP Musalia Mudavadi in the Goldenberg commission of enquiry.

    Little else is known of this lawyer who seems to hold a very important key to resolving the Anglo Leasing scandal, since he knows the identity of the shadowy figure who was so determined to defend Anglo Leasing and to have the deal go through at all costs.”

  • We watched it with some friends and i cant help but be dissapointed with kenyan judges oooooops kenya is country of the rich….

  • If Barbz was married within the Delamere family as quoted above, then Thomas Chomondeley could have been the most probable husband. However, the family tree indicates otherwise, unless of course she was married to a distant relative.

    The Delameres and most of the white settlers are so racist that there is no indication any of their men have ever married a Black/African woman. There is only one exception where a white woman among them married a Kenyan man after her husband was shot dead mysteriously.

    Anyway, for the sake of story telling, let us take it that our beloved Barbz was part of this aristocracy. Therefore, could she or those who purport that she belonged to the settler family fit her somewhere within it?

    The most she could have been was a chips funga.

    Thomas Cholmondeley, 1st Baron Delamere (9 August 1767 – 30 October 1855) was a British peer and Member of Parliament.

    Hugh Cholmondeley, 2nd Baron Delamere (3 October 1811 – 1 August 1887), styled The Honourable from 1821 until 1855, was a British peer and politician.

    Hugh Cholmondeley, 3rd Baron Delamere KCMG (28 April 1870 – 13 November 1931), styled The Honourable from birth until 1887, was a British peer. He was one of the first and most influential British settlers in Kenya.

    Thomas Pitt Hamilton Cholmondeley, 4th Baron Delamere (1900 – 1979), styled The Honourable from birth until 1931, was a British peer.

    Hugh George Cholmondeley, 5th Baron Delamere (born 18 January 1934), styled The Honourable from birth until 1979, is a British peer. He is a well known figure in the evolution and development of post-colonial Kenya.
    On 11 April 1964, Cholmondeley married Anne Renison, daughter of Sir Patrick Renison.

    The couple had one son:
    • Thomas Patrick Gilbert (b. 19 Jan 1968- )
    • He married, in May 1998, Dr. Sally A. Brewerton. The birth of his son & heir Hugh Cholmondeley was in November 1998.

    Cunningham-Reid’s daughter, Anna, raised eyebrows by marrying a semi-nomadic warrior, Loyaban Lemarti (a Samburu), in a ceremony that involved the slaughter of a bull. Lemarti wore a toga and lion skin. She now divides her time between her husband’s rural village, white society in Karen and fashion shows in London.

    Michael Cunningham-Reid describes the marriage as “an experience” that has not gone down universally well among white Kenyans. But he calls Lemarti “a very close friend of mine”. “I think [racial] attitudes have changed with some families,” he says.

    “With me it’s changed. Tom Delamere was my stepfather. He considered the black man a necessary evil. You had to have him around to do the work. Since then I’ve found out that the black man is a human being after all,” he says.

  • I don’t know why somebody should feed us with excess baloney about Barbz while we need to discuss the weaknesses and strengths in Chomondeley’s case. Barbz could have only been part of the current small time “Happy Valley” set known for its past debauchery.

    According to the present Lord Delamere, now 72, the Happy Valley set consisted of only a dozen couples and, on Sundays, they swopped wives. The wives stayed in their own houses and the men moved round. In those days, it was fashionable to be promiscuous. There was a lot of cocaine-sniffing and messing around.

    The Happy Valley set was created, and confirmed Kenya as a playground for the privileged, where cocaine was snorted, wives swopped and lovers killed, unfettered by laws or morals.

    During that hedonistic era, Lord Delamere or D as he was known would don full evening dress and ride his horse into Nairobi’s Norfolk Hotel, jumping over tables and shooting at chandeliers and the bottles behind the bar for fun.
    D was a founding member of the notorious Muthaiga club in Nairobi, where vast quantities of champagne were consumed by the Happy Valley set, whose promiscuity prompted the joke: Are you married or do you live in Kenya?

    The scandalous antics of the 4th Baron Delamere, Cholmondeley’s grandfather, and the Happy Valley set cannot have helped change the Kenyans’ attitude to the Delameres.
    He married Diana Broughton, whose lover, the noted philanderer the Earl of Erroll, was shot dead in 1941. Diana’s cuckolded husband, Sir Jock Delves Broughton was tried for the murder and acquitted. He later committed suicide in a Liverpool hotel.

    Diana, an acknowledged nymphomaniac, was Lord Delamere’s third wife and he was her fourth husband.

  • Although many Kenyans complain about white farmers, many others are also resentful of wealthy black Kenyans who allocated themselves massive tracts of land after independence from Britain in 1963.

  • The Delameres put Kenya’s Rift Valley on the map for many Britons. Hugh Cholmondeley, the 3rd Baron Delamere, arrived in 1903 trailed by a troop of aristocratic friends.

    They swindled the Masai out of large tracts of land and turned the valley into a playground for the over-privileged, giving rise to the tag Happy Valley, immortalised in the book and film White Mischief about sex, drugs and murder among the aristocracy in Kenya during the second world war.

    The clan kept most of its lands, planes and luxury cars after independence in 1963, currying favour with the government. Daniel arap Moi, president from 1978 to 2002, looked favourably on the family and it still wielded considerable influence.

    Many ordinary Kenyans wonder how it is that the Delameres continue to cling to their land and retain their influence to the extent that some years ago Kenya’s then president, Daniel arap Moi, awarded Mr Cholmondeley a national medal.

  • @sammyO…barbz was never married…..not to a kenyan and not to a white…..never…it was just another lie…

  • As usual, a ‘freeloader’ who scrounges for booze and food is singing praises for Barbz. Barbz should own up to the financial pledges she made in public towards various functions in Kenya Stockholm, if she is the millionaire she claims to be. Some of us know she is nowhere near that.

  • Far from adapting to the new Kenya, Chomondeley is accused of treating black neighbours with the same sort of arrogance as his ancestors.

    Nick Maes, a friend, witnessed a disturbing encounter between Cholmondeley and a trespassing Masai last year, and later wrote: Tom’s mood changed from impassive, composed hauteur to blind rage and he drove towards him.

    He towered above the cowherd, seeming to inhabit another body. He looked bigger, brutal, stronger. He snatched a Masai cudgel from the trespasser and wielded it above his head. It was a moment of intense drama and fury.

    Cholmondeley then threw one of the cowherd’s calves over a barbed wire fence onto a road. Other victims are alleged to include farmer David Waweru’s wife, whom it is claimed was sprayed with pesticide by a crop duster plane, and Mary Njeri, a 51-year-old agricultural worker living in a squatter camp on Delamere land.

    Miss Njeri claims Cholmondeley caught her collecting firewood on his property two years ago and slapped her until she saw stars. Both episodes were reported to the police, but charges were never pursued.

    Cholmondeley’s first shooting victim was a Masai named Samson ole Sisina, who was working as an undercover wildlife ranger for the Kenya Tourism Board.

    On April 19, 2005, Sisina was arresting some of Cholmondeley’s workers whom he suspected of poaching and dealing in illegal bushmeat, when the landowner arrived in a Land Rover.

    Cholmondeley told police he saw strangers in ordinary clothes holding his staff at gunpoint and shot Sisina. After his arrest, he said: I am most bitterly remorseful at the enormity of my mistake. He said he thought Sisina was a robber, but the evidence was never tested in court nor even at an inquest.

    Cholmondeley, who had been held in custody for a month, walked free, giving a thumbs-up signal, to the fury of the Masai people.

    William ole Ntimama, a Masai MP, said: The Delameres were the ones who stole our land in the first place. And now look at us. We’ve become part of the wildlife.

    The landowner disappeared on holiday with a girlfriend, returning only when the furore died down.

    But on May 10 2006, he and a friend were walking his land when they came across Mr Njoya, who was looking for food for his wife, Sarah, and their four children. He and two friends were carrying the carcass of an antelope, killed in a trap they had laid on Soysambu land.

    What happened next is disputed. Cholmondeley claims the poachers set their six dogs on him and, fearing for his life, claims he aimed his rifle at the animals but hit Njoya by mistake. Mr Njoya’s companions, however, said they didn’t see the landowner before the shots were fired.

    Rumours began that Mr Njoya had been shot in the back, but forensic examination confirmed that the bullet hit him in the front of his hip and he bled to death in Cholmondeley’s vehicle before he reached hospital.

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-406577/Murderous-world-gun-toting-Happy-Valley-set.html#ixzz121Dh02Or

  • @knut and karma; I was asking a question based on the origins of Barbz’ professed millions. The story written at KSB stated that she was married into a rich white family (I attached the referring article) I was wondering was this the family in reference for my own clarification. I am not an associate Barbz. I would not know her if she fell down in front of me. I think the story is interesting, that’s all.

  • There is so much dirty linen in Barbz’ laundry basket I get sick reading that she calls herself a millionaire. Can’t we just concentrate on the given topic?

  • Its sad …..to get comwoman known frm kenya….so call Barbz….Why lie and lie and lie…. unajidanganya dada! pole kuwa wanabe!

  • Had Tom Cholmondeley been convicted of shooting Robert Njoya, he would have become the second white man in Kenya to be convicted of murdering an African. The first was Peter Poole.

    The weekly American magazine, Time, chronicled his execution in its August 29, 1960, issue: “Precisely at 8 o’clock one night last week, the slight, heavily shackled form of 28-year-old English engineer Peter Poole dropped through the hangman’s trap door in Nairobi Prison.

    For the first time in Kenya’s history, a white man was executed for killing an African.”

    He had been found guilty of shooting his African house help, Kamawe Musunge. On the fateful day, Musunge was riding his bicycle when two of Poole’s dogs stopped him and he threw stones at them. Poole came out of his house, drew a pistol and shot him dead. The case became a cause célèbre.

    On the day of the execution, an angry crowd of Europeans assembled outside the prison. In their eyes, Peter Poole was a martyr. As one London newspaper commented, all men, regardless of colour, became equal at the end of a rope.


  • In response to the question posed by Thobi, the value of the life taken was placed at USD 300. The compensation paid to Sarah Njoya by the family of the man who shot him was to send his eldest son to school for one year, costing about USD 300. That makes me so angry.

  • Obviously, the Cholmondeleys and the Delameres are a despicable people. “Compensation” one year of high school?!! I know I shouldn’t be surprised by the elites callousness, but in this case, I am.

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