Who Is Coming at the Jared Odero Solidarity Party?


DJ Jimmy with Raila Odinga


DJ Jimmy to Rock the Crowd

As mobilization to Saturday’s “Jared Odero Solidarity Party” continues, the chichi DJ Jimmy has accepted to spin, a welcome prospect that will definitely guarantee a joie de vivre moment despite the melancholic aura surrounding the rather impromptu gig.

DJ Jimmy has, over the years, curved a unique niche among Kenya-Stockholm’s boogie regulars who love “strutting their stuff” on the dance floor as a way of registering their presence every time there is an opportunity for tail-wagging and overindulgence. DJ Jimmy is still basking in fame after his meeting with Raila Odinga, Kenya’s Prime Minister. Up to date, the subject of discussion has remained a “top secret”.

There is growing rumour that Rapper Billy Boy will be attending the Party. KSB has been seeking to get the rapper on the line to no avail because of obstructions by Billy’s vigilant security whose notorious point of departure is a vexatious perception that the rapper’s life is always in danger because of his provocative and, sometimes, lacerating lyrics.

Billy’s recent release, “Odiero”, was an instant hit and his possible presence at the Party is likely to draw a wave of schizophrenic fans who believe that the rapper is some kind of messiah. Odiero, delivered in Billy’s native dholuo language, is a tacit indictment of simpletons whom, after touching base in the land of Odiero aka ulayani, are fascinated by the white woman but remain trapped in their “village cocoons” to an extent that they cannot seduce her.

Roughly translated, Billy warns these novices not to be intrigued by skin colour because the white woman “also defecates” like any other woman. “seduce her just the way you can seduce Adhiambo”, he thunders in Luo. Here, the imagery of Adhiambo is employed by the rapper to represent the ordinary Kenyan girl.

Given that Billy has not been seen in public for weeks because of his busy schedule, the possibility of him making an appearance might just be interesting. KSB has gathered that the Rapper is working on a new CD to be released soon ahead of his tour in Kenya and this could explain why he has not been in circulation.

From the horizons of the latest Kenya-Stockholm “celebrity gossip”, the crowd pulling and stylish Kenyan artist, St James, will be landing at Arlanda International Airport on Saturday morning from Los-Angeles where he had apparently gone to discuss a top contract with a producer. Details about the deal has been kept under wraps and not even Aftonbladet, the Swedish evening newspaper, was able to dig out what it’s all about.

Lars Olof, a Swedish freelance journalist who keeps tabs on St James, told KSB that the Kenyan idol has been planning to relocate to Kenya to “have a change of scene” but that his promoter is opposed to the idea, arguing that such a move will violate the terms of contracts that are already active. The problem with St James is that you never really get to understand him because he is extremely slippery.

When KSB last tried to get an interview with him after he landed from Paris at Bromma Airport, he was whisked into a waiting Limo by his minders even before we had real information that his plane had landed. He headed straight to Grand Hotel where he had been booked for dinner. The artist later told KSB on telephone that his Events manager had not updated him about the KSB assignment and after a brief chit-chat, he left us with an apology. He however promised to get the problem “fixed”. We are still waiting.

Politicians and the Kenya-Stockholm Bizziness Community
Most likely, top Kenya-Stockholm politicians will not miss the Party, given the potential of “meeting the people” and spreading Party propaganda at different levels and behind the scenes. Mrs Hellen Opwapo, the Chairlady of the Scandinavian branch of ODM, might just make an appearance. The Party has been campaigning for Kenyans in Scandinavia to accept the draft constitution, travel to Kenya and vote so there will be ample of time to engage in some “home politics”.

At the local political scene, the departure of Ambassador Purity Muhindi has been back in the news after she survived a purge last month and avoided a recall. The ready explanation is that she is protected by First Lady Lucy Kibaki who is whispered to have been behind her appointment. Many Kenyans here are fed up with her and the day she departs, there will be yet another Party to bury her past and open the way for a new chapter at the Embassy.

Mr. Martin Ngatia, the Chairperson of the Kenya Red Alliance (KRA) might also make an appearance to show solidarity with Jared. The view of KRA is that Kenya needs a revolution and the Alliance has taken it upon itself to explain to Wakenya why the Alliance is calling for a revolution, what it takes to organize a revolution, what a revolution actually means, the kind of revolution needed in Kenya, the revolutionary “methods and tactics” that fits the Kenyan situation, how a revolution will transform the lives of Kenyans and how a revolution can be organized so that power can be seized by the people of Kenya “By any means necessary”.

There is another class of Wakenya in Stockholm known as the “Business community” and some of them are expected at the Party with kwachazz. Names that pop up include that of Mr. Clay Onyango who runs a “chain of businesses” including “Orkarinte” that delivers services. Clay is known for changing cars. At one point, he had a Benz then he changed into a Trooper and now, a KSB update revealed that he is rolling a Jaguar, signs that the Bizz is doing well but do I say?

When the word “Salon” is mentioned, the biggest name that comes to mind is that of Eliza, the longest surviving Kenya-Stockholm Salonist. Another name that can be mentioned in the Salon brand of Bizz is Malko who runs the Samantha Salon.

When you talk about the “Transport Industry”, the name of Wamburi Munge aka Oforey flares up. Apart from running his own company, Munge is also a politician and when KSB opened “Channel Rumazz” the echoes had it that he has big political plans in Kenya that we cannot dare talk about at the moment. Despite the impressive line-up, we cannot however bet that the Bizz community will be represented at the Party although vibes indicated that Malko “might come”.

About two weeks ago, KSB made contact with a Kenyan businessman who had just returned from Kenya. The meeting was private and nothing can be disclosed here. Because of his social nature, the guy might show up at the Party thereby providing a huge opportunity of engaging him “man to man”. A lot of rumazz have been circulating about his return and who knows? This could be an opportunity where rumazz could be separated from propaganda and lies from gossip! It remains a wait and see situation.

Clerics, Academics and other Professionals
The list is endless. Pastor Beatrice Kamau has just set up the newest Church in town, another good news for Kenyans in Stockholm. The Bagarmossen Church is said to be doing bad because of what observers see as “personality differences” and the emergence of a new church may as well provide an alternative to Wakenya who are no longer interested in “personality clashes”.

Githuku wa Muirani, a top member of Bagarmossen church, quit to join the New Life Ministries sometimes back, a move that prompted speculation as to what may have happened. It is known that Muirani and Pastor Samson (who was instrumental in setting up Bagarmossen together with diplomat Kinyua) are not in good terms. In fact, Sam Pippo believe that the Bagarmossen Church is no more because the faithful no longer fellowship at Bagarmossen where the church got its name.

A notable observation is that soon after Muirani left Bagarmossen, Brother Muraya also quit and joined Muirani at the New Life Ministries. Proof that Muirani and Muraya are working together emerged when both resurfaced at the same New Life Church (where Muirani was also baptized last year by being dipped in water). The latest project the duo is currently working on is “Project Apostle Karanja” whose objective is to ensure that the Apostle returns to Stockholm to spread the gospel following his trip last year.

Those in the Committee to get Apostle Karanja back to Stockholm have been given a task of raising at least 2,000 kronazz each to finance the operation. Another development is that Pastor Tilla has also opened a new church in Stockholm, a tendency that appears to be growing. Despite their differences, it can only be hoped that the “Men and women of the Stockholm Clergy” will show their faces in a moment of solidarity with Jared. May be, KSB will harvest more info to be served next week at the blog site.

Within the Entertainment industry, the mighty “Sound of Blackness” crew is expected with VJ Frank and VJ Safi leading the pack. The group has reason to smile following the successful Ali Kiba show they hosted together with Network for Africans Unity in Sweden. Kenyans need to know their next plan and the Party offers an opportunity to talk to them personally because at shows, they are normally too bizzi to even say “Habari gani wewe ajenti wa gey-ez-b”.

We won’t go into the Kenya-Stockholm Professionals who are also expected at the Party. However, we can mention that both Coolie and Enock, two computer experts, might just as well be at the Party. We hope that Jared is not in their “Black books!” Likewise, we won’t touch on the academics because of time. However, Alex is known to be a good friend of Jared so he is expected while Mwalimu Osore Ondusye is expected to miss the Party only if he has travelled to the United States or elsewhere. We can however confirm that Hassan, the Gynecologist, will be coming unless something happens.

Because of his omnipresence, both during good and bad times, Jared does not need any introduction and every friend and colleague who matters within his Network is expected at the Party. Apart from the solidarity, the Party will offer yet another opportunity to bump into Wakenya and friends long lost in the wilderness of Stockholm city.

Speaking to KSB, Charles Otieno Owiyo, the Chairman of the Odero Committee, appealed to friends and well-wishers to turn up at the Party and make it a success. Losing a father is not an easy experience when you are thousands of kilometers away from home and to have friends around you during such moments is the best expectation the bereaved can look forward to.

Okoth Osewe


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