When Okoth Osewe “Became Miguna Miguna…” Part 2

 You Don’t Know Miguna!

Once gutter Press, always gutter Press! Ooops! they did it again!
I wonder why your recent criticism of Miguna Miguna in two Kenyan websites remained so tame. The point is that his plunging into Kenyan politicking allowed him to escape from his impending bankruptcy in Canada, and possible revocation of his attorney’s license. No specific “patriotism” at work here.

Miguna had two sexual abuse cases against him, (he had been accused by at least two vulnerable female Kenyan immigration case clients of his, that he had at various times sexually abused them in his law firm, taking advantage both of their dependent position and his overpowering physique). A Canadian first-instance judge acquitted him because of the victims’ evidence being partially contradictory, sometimes convoluted, and not altogether sufficient for a secure conviction (as is often the case in sexual abuse cases, alas). Miguna then launched a flurry of mostly frivolous and baseless law suits against the Queen, the minister of Justice and the Crown Attorneys, the Toronto Police Board, any individual police officer who had arrested him and had worked his cases, based – as a learned Canadian judge of appeals poignantly stated – on “a galaxy of reasons, some existent in law, and many not”, of which he lost about 80pc and won non so far (a small part is still before the courts).

As you can read in the court decision in detail, Miguna was repeatedly laden with a significant amount of his many opponents’ costs (a middle six (6!) digit sum of Canadian dollars), which of course he was and is unable to pay – yet he continued and continues to litigate garrulously and, as the Ontario Appeals Court two times stated, with very little merit. His forced return to Kenya was more of a flight thus.

What is also interesting is that one of the main defense witnesses against the alleged female victims was one Onyango Oloo, apparently an activist friend of Miguna. The court decision relates in some detail, how Oloo in his own witness stand did his best to undermine the credibility of the abused prosecution witnesses and to exonerate his friend Miguna, and how he explained to the court that the witnesses were somehow related to each other which they however had denied before (they were half sisters from different fathers in reality, Oloo maintained, while the women/girls had previously alleged before the first-instance judge that they “were not sisters”. Such contradiction, among other points, led the judge to believe that the evidence – although probably some kind of abuse had indeed taken place – was not strong and not consistent enough to find Miguna guilty beyond any doubt. The case was thus dismissed and Miguna was acquitted because of insufficiently strong evidence.

All this is not unproven gossip. All these are binding and vigent court decisions. The details are all in the publicly accessible Canadian justice database of the Ontario courts decisions, and everybody can look them up on the Internet with a minor effort.

The sometime dreary legalese gives many sordid details of the sexual abuse cases, and a very intense insight into the character and the near total lack of legal prowess of this man, the accusations which he barely escaped under the “benefit of doubt” rule, and his “flurry of mostly unfounded lawsuits”, as the judge put it.

These cases from the public domain give a much deeper image of the man. Whom you actually characterized too mildly, I fear. Those who knew him here, know what hideous ogre lurks inside.

A Canadian Kenyan observer.

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  • well,reading this i guess kenyan politics is the right place for him to work in……he can join all the other useless lawyers and fraudsters sitting in the government

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