Muirani Dismisses Rumors About “Missing” Harambee Funeral Cash

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Mr. Githuku wa Muirani has dismissed rumors spreading in Stockholm that he never sent cash that was raised by Kenyans in Solidarity with the family of three Kenyans who were recently murdered in the United states.

A group of Kenyans called KSB to complain that cash that was raised at Muirani’s residence in support of the family never reached Kenya. Because of the seriousness of the allegations, KSB took contact with Mr. Muirani to establish Ukweli wa mambo.

According to Muirani, the money was sent via Western Union to the bereaved family. Muirani said that the Kenyans who were brutally murdered in the United States were his cousins and that it is on the strength of this relationship that he called a Prayer meeting at his residence as part of the mourning process.

The Kenyan politician produced a receipt from Western Union indicating that a total of 7.440 kr was sent to the family with 440 kr being transaction fees. The cash was sent on Sunday, 12th August 2007 to Maria Njeri Gakunju, a family member of the deceased. The sender is indicated as Mr. Samuel Muirani with the question code being “Who sends money”? The answer to the question is “My cousin”.

The exchange rate at the time of the transaction is indicated as 9.1 Ksh per Swedish krona. The receipt, which bears Muirani’s signature, has the Kenyan’s address and home telephone number. KSB has checked “Money Transfer Control Number” with Western Union which has established that the number is authentic.

Asked why the malicious rumors could be spreading in Stockholm, Mr. Muirani said that they are being spread by well known political enemies who are out to tarnish his good name because of serious political differences.

“How could I have gone public to thank Kenyans and friends who attended the Prayer meeting and who contributed money if the money was never sent to Kenya?”, he posed. He said that KSB is accessed by Kenyans around the world and that if his intention was to sit on the money, he couldn’t have gone out publicly to announce that money had been raised.

Mr. Muirani, who sounded very disappointed with the dirty games his political enemies are using to fight him, requested KSB to scan the receipt and publish it for purposes of putting the record straight and to “ashame” his detractors. He said that he knows the people behind the rumors although he refused to name names. He warned that such dirty tactics were self-defeating and advised those who do not agree with him politically to fight him politically instead of engaging in witch-hunting.

According to investigations by KSB, the group that is spreading the rumor could be linked to a clique of diehard Narc-Kenya Scandinavia members that has vowed to “finish Muirani politically” because of his perennial opposition to the self-styled Narc-Kenya Chairman Mr. Daniel Mwaura. This clique is constantly looking for Muirani’s political jugular allegedly because on two separate occasions, Muirani has tried to dislodge Mr. Mwaura from the position of Narc-KS Chairman using different tactics. Muirani apparently believes that Mwaura’s leadership is wanting.

On one occasion, Mr. Muirani is said to have masterminded a coup that nearly overthrew the Narc Kenya leadership before Mr. Mwaura moved with speed to diffuse the coup. Within Narc-KS, it is well known that Mr. Muirani has serious political differences with the leadership while at the same time, it is an accepted fact that Muirani has been working 24/7 with some Narc-KS members to seize power within the Party.

After the failed coup, Mr. Muirani regrouped his forces and launched a new assault on the Party leadership in a second bid to take it over. This time round, Mr. Muirani is said to have masterminded an Annual General Meeting (AGM) to elect a new Narc-KS leadership in an attempt to bring down the Mwaura-led group. Before the AGM, Mr. Muirani is said to have embarked on an intensive recruitment campaign of new members into Narc-KS to establish a base within the Party and to gain a numerical advantage over the Party leadership.

When the AGM was eventually set, some new members who had joined the Party without an understanding of the real power struggles at play developed cold feet, allegedly forcing Muirani to calm down the plans. From then, Mr. Mwaura is said to have “declared war” on Muirani. Mwaura has convinced his most loyal Generals that “Narc-KS has its own owners” and that Muirani is not part of the club.

For this reason, the Mwaura group within the Party has had to constantly strategize against Mr. Muirani and his supporters. The brain boxes behind Mwaura’s defence mechanism are said to be Mr. Peter Gitau, Mr. Kenneth Wamburi Munge and Ms Ann Njenga. The trio are believed to be the real forces that keeps Narc-KS alive although with the support of other big names in the background who are also opposed to Muirani.

If the current anti-Muirani rumors spreading in Stockholm are part of a “Master Plan” to check Muirani’s “dangerous advances” within the Party, then they could have been triggered by the recent launch by Muirani of the “Kibaki-Tena” Lobby group in Scandinavia. Backing Muirani in this initiative is Mr. Bryan Njoroge aka Njoro, a Narc-KS member who resigned from the Party’s committee as a result of the heat that was generated by the failed Muirani-backed coup attempt against Mwaura. Both Njoro and Muirani share a common distaste of what they view as a weak Narc-KS leadership.

For example, Njoro believes that some Narc-Kenya politicians are too unpopular to sell the Party to Wakenya. In a recent blogment, he wrote: “some Narc-Kenya politicians are too unpopular to sell the idea of Kibaki’s re-election; they have become liabilities and not assets”.

Although Njoro was referring to politicians in Kenya, pundits in Stockholm immediately interpreted his abrupt and unprovoked rant as a thinly veiled attack on Mr. Mwaura and the wider Narc-KS leadership which opposition within the Party equate with “liabilities” and not “assets”. Mr. Njoro, who has become Muirani’s right hand man and leading compatriot in the Narc-KS wars, did not hesitate to attack Narc Kenya politicians who have been against the formation of “Kibaki Tena” lobby group whose Scandinavian branch had just been launched by himself and Muirani. He wrote:

“Some politicians within Narc-Kenya have been critical about the lobby groups which are seeking and soliciting support for the president. Their suspicion on figures leading these groups is unnecessary and they should instead reinforce with tactical ideas of how best to fuel this machine”.

The wobbling nature of the statement aside, the Scandinavian branch of the lobby group is largely seen by Narc-KS leadership as an attempt by both Njoro and Muirani to set up an alternative “Center of power” around Narc-Kenya Scandinavia and to usurp the responsibilities of the Party’s leadership. The lobby group was set up without the blessing of the Party’s leadership which views it as an alternative platform to both Muirani and Njoro after the duo failed to get a foot-hold within the Party’s Executive committee. From the point of view of the Mwaura group, the lobby group’s main agenda is to undermine Narc-KS leadership as it goes about projecting itself as the real force behind Kibaki’s re-election in Scandinavia. The big risk is that if the Lobby group could gain a serious following, it could render Narc-KS irrelevant or dispatch the Party to the grave altogether.

Under “democratic circumstances” the formation of such a Lobby group should have been ratified by Party members either at a member’s meeting or at a specially convened “Conference” while its mandate should also have been subjected to debate before being made public. The lobby group should have been endorsed by the Party’s Committee while officials of the group should also have been elected democratically by the members. This did not happen because it was a Muirani-Njoro Project clothed as an innocent child born to oversee Kibaki’s re-election.

It is very interesting that Narc-KS leadership has not reacted publicly to the formation of the Lobby group, probably fearing that any assault on the group could further complicate the internal wars within the Party and confuse the loyal membership. What is certain is that the formation of the group caught Narc-KS leadership with its pants down. The lobby group is likely to remain a monster Narc-KS Top brass will have to deal with in the future especially if it begins to undermine the authority of the Party in the run up to elections in December.

According to an insider within Narc-KS leadership, the Muirani-Njoro propelled Kibaki-Tena Lobby group is disruptive because it gives its initiators independent and uncalled for links with Kibaki team in Kenya, a privilege the Mwaura-led group would like to retain. Secondly, it is seen by the Mwaura group as further evidence that Muirani is still determined to position himself within the “center of power” of Narc-KS using any methods available.

Those who are opposed to Muirani’s machinations within Narc-KS did not attend the Prayer meeting where the funds were raised. For Muirani, this could have been strong evidence that the battles within Narc-KS continues and the current attempt to use the issue of harambee Funeral funds to malign his name is just another tactical Narc-KS balistic missile fired in an on-going battle for control of the Party. Narc-KS power brokers boycotted the Muirani Prayer meeting, a clear signal that something is amiss within the Kingdom of Narc-Kenya Scandinavia.

Taking Mr. Muirani for granted within the Party might, on a long term, prove expensive for the Narc-KS leadership because Muirani has a resilient capacity to resurface when you think that he has been cast into political oblivion. If the rumors emanate from Muirani’s enemies within Narc-KS, they are retrogressive because they help to draw sympathy in Muirani’s direction within the ordinary membership, a factor that might boost his popularity within the Party thereby according him the lee-way to take over the leadership through democratic channels. 

Okoth Osewe