Evidence Shows Land At Ambassador’s Residence Was Grabbed

ODM-K Scandinavia has established that a “triangular piece of land” at the residence of the Kenyan Ambassador to Scandinavia and which has been at the center of controversy was grabbed and transferred to a neighbor under circumstances that only the Kenyan Embassy can explain.

According to a map obtained by ODM-K Scandinavia from the Swedish land office at Nacka where the residence is located, the boarder separating the residence from a neighbor (who benefited from the deal) runs in a straight line and ends at a lake which boarders the residence. The current boarder shows a new wooden fence which runs half way then bends sharply, eating into the Ambassador’s compound. A tree which used to stand at the compound of the Ambassador now stands at the neighbor’s compound. The scandal was brought to the attention of ODM-K Scandinavia by Mr. Njenga Muirani, a gardener who was fired from his job by the Ambassador for unknown reasons.

Details obtained from the land office by both Mr. Dancun Munala, Secretary of ODM-K Scandinavia and Mr. Gerry Changa Midenyo, the Party’s Treasurer show that there has been no recent changes on the map although changes exist on the ground. 

The first recorded activity on the land dates back to 10th August 1929 when the parcel of land where the residence now stands was merged with another parcel and put under one owner. On 31st December the same year, two Islands standing on a lake overlooking the residence were also merged and put under one owner.

On 30th April 1930, the two Islands and the parcel of land where the residence stands were merged then on 20th April 1956, the current border of the whole parcel of land was officially fixed. The total land area was fixed at 3630 square meters while the total water mass was fixed at 78841 Square meters all totaling to 82471 Square meters.

On 17th December 1970, the original owner of the land sold it to someone then on 19th September 1989, the land mass, water mass and two Islands were bought as a single unit by the Republic of Kenya which stands as its current owner. The purchase included the current residence of the Kenyan Ambassador.

The land Office said that there has been no change of boarder or ownership registered at their office since 1989. According to a letter signed by Sture Källgården (Town Engineer) dated 13th September 1989 the land number of the residence is “Sicklaön 338:1” while the total land and water mass was 78841 Square meters when it was bought by the Kenyan government. After its purchase, the land was registered on 19th September the same year (registration number 89/108).

The Officer in charge said that there are three beacons running on a straight line between the Ambassador’s residence and the neighbor. The positions of the beacons are clearly indicated on the map. The Officer said that only the land office has the technology and capacity to remove the beacons and that this only happens after the transaction has been approved. He said that any boarder change not authorized by the land office is illegal and could lead to criminal charges under the Swedish land laws. At the moment, the fence that used to separate the residence and the neighbor has been removed while a line of newly planted trees now show a new boarder-line at the residence.

When the story was first raised at KSB, ODM-Scandinavia promised to follow it up with the land office to establish the truth.

On Saturday December 2nd, ODM-Scandinavia will tour the residence to survey the grabbed land before deciding on the next cause of action. The Party has already informed the Kenyan Embassy about the tour through a letter while the police at Nacka have also been informed.

“Our Party has been very concerned about the allegation because of the serious implications it might have on the credibility of the Kenyan Embassy as a respected institution”, wrote Mr. Dancun Munala, the Party’s secretary.

Police told ODM-K officials who visited the station that they will not interfere with the tour because there is nothing wrong with it. “We will only come if there is trouble”, said a police officer at the station. 

The Embassy has been quiet about the allegations, choosing instead, to use two Kenyans to try and intimidate Mr. Njenga Muirani who sounded the alarm bells. Mr. Njenga has remained adamant that his allegations are true, something ODM-Scandinavia seem to be out to prove.

Asked what his Party would do next after the Saturday tour, Mr. Munala said that the Party’s Committee would meet to discuss how to move forward with the struggle against land grabbing at the Ambassador’s residence.

Okoth Osewe: makosewe@gmail.com