Mama Teresa’s Tonny Harambee on Friday 22 June at Märsta, Stockholm

The JuniorSpikersFinally, the ”Mama Teresa Family Support Committee” established to assist the family cope with the loss of Tonny, Mama Teresa’s son, has set a date for the harambee in solidarity with the family. According to Mark Gaya, Chairman of the Committee, the harambee will take place on Friday June 22nd 2018 at Frejgatan 9 in Märsta from 14.00 hrs.

The harambee will coincide with the Swedish mid-summer holiday and it will be a fantastic opportunity to turn the day into a meorable fun-day while at the same time supporting the bereaved family. There will be plenty of nyama choma, kuku choma, vinywaji, samosa, chapateez, ugali, kachumbs, mbuzi choma, wali and other special Kenyan delicacies that will turn your summer holiday into a fantafabulous master thrill!

Come and join other friends and well-wishers in standing together with Tonny’s family currently undergoing the most trying moment in their lives. DJ Jimmy will be at hand to entertain the audience with the latest vibes from Kenya, Africa and the world. The harambee will take place ahead of a Memorial service scheduled for the late Tonny in the United States where friends are currently assisting the family cope with sudden grief.

Death is inevitable. Death is cruel. It can attack at any time. It takes both the young and the old. It has no treatment. No one gets out of this life alive because no one can conquer death. It is God who decides on the time to recall anyone. No one is exempt. No one can buy back life. Everyone has a time limit. No one knew that Tonny’s time was up.

At only 43, he was a vibrant young man who had just started a family. We all need each other during good and bad times. Mama Teresa’s family is undergoing a bad time so let us all meet on Friday to support this wonderful family whose level of solidarity with Kenyans in Stockholm during rough times cannot be questioned. This is the time for friends to celebrate the life of Tonny together with the family while at the same time giving the family strength to sail through the rough tides of grief and sorrow.

Tonny’s elder brother, Bob, together with members of his family in Stockholm will travel to the United States to join their Mom and other relatives who are already on the ground as the family congregates to unite against a great loss following the sudden demise of Tonny.

Since the sad news streamed through the waves last week, it has been a tough time for the family which has thanked everybody who has so far consoled them through word of mouth, phone calls, social media messages, home visits, messages of condolences and other channels. Tonny passed away following a short illness.

As the count-down to the harambee begins, an “Open House” continues to be maintained at Mama Teresa’s residence in Märsta where all friends, sympathizers and well-wishers are welcome. So far, special prayers have been held for the late Tonny, both on Friday and Saturday in Märsta. The two events were well attended.

Tonny is survived by his wife and three children. To get to the address, take train to Märsta then board bus number 580 and alight at Frejgatan. For messages of condolences or further information, please, contact Chairman Mark Gaya at 0737394258.

Okoth Osewe
Information desk
Mama Teresa Family Support Committee

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