Bereaved Susan’s Prayer Meeting/Fund Raising On Saturday 6th September

Following the demise of Susan’s brother, Lucas Omollo, a ”Family Support Committee” has been set up by friends in Stockholm to help the family cope with the tragedy. The Committee is headed by Jared Odero (Chairman), Beatrice Auma (Treasurer), Judy Mwamba (Secretary), Teresa Mawa (Organising Secretary) and Okoth Osewe (Information desk).

The immediate task of the Committee is to organize a Prayer Meeting/Fund raising event in support of the family which is currently in deep mourning following the sudden demise of a loved member who was known for his generosity and good humour.

Susan, the bereaved, is planning to travel to Kenya as soon as possible to join her family in mourning Omollo and to attend his brother’s funeral. The late Omollo passed away on the morning of Monday, September 1st 2014 after a short illness. His death was the least expected and to date the family is still unable to come to terms with the fact that he is gone forever to be with his maker. He was a loved member of the family and, according to Susan, he will be missed greatly, both by the family and all those who knew him as a hard-working and very social person who liked his friends and family.

According to Chairman Jared Odero, the Prayer/Fundraising event is scheduled for Saturday, 6th September 2014 at Norrbackaskolan  (Odensalavägen 3, in Märsta). bus number 581 from märsta station. The venue is a walking distance from Märsta Station. The Committee is appealing to friends, sympathizers, well-wishes and all people of good will to attend the event and show solidarity with the bereaved family at a difficult time when they are undergoing great shock and sorrow following the sudden demise of Omollo. Fot those who will be away, economic support can be facilitated through Swedbank account number 8327-9,234228344.

The planned event will include an all-night boogie with Kenya-Stockholm’s only Lady DJ IK (aka Aikey) assisted by Kenyan Rapper Jack-Jack of the famed troika swaggering by the name “Africa Unitez”. The group has released several hot videos which have all mesmerized their fans, prompting them to call for more.

Just in passing, IK is a hot sensation and since she hit the Kenya-Stockholm’s music scene after relocating to Stockholm , tongues have constantly been wagging because many Kenya-Stockholmers do not really know who she is due to her “keeping a low profile” habit. Aikey’s capacity to pull the audience from their seats onto the dance floor with tickling and tantalizing Kenyan beats is only rivalled by DJ EZ Frank of the former “Sound of Blackness” fame.

Keen music observers within the Kenya-Stockholm scene have theorized that DJ Aikey “is heading to the top” because she has everything it takes to hit the jackpot from the point of view of Udjey. KSB will not reveal more but: Don’t miss the opportunity to combine solidarity with fun, all happening at Central Skolan, Märsta City, in just 2 days.

As usual, there could be more. For further information, call the Chairman at 0735450203 or the Information Desk at 0736533068. For messages of condolences call 0737394258 or 0769376705 otherwise see you theiya!!

Okoth Osewe
Information Desk
Susan Family Supprt Committee

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