Viewer Request: Scrambling for Fish in Othaya, Nyeri

Osewe, can you publish this clip at KSB with the following message: 1. Stealing food in Luo land is a taboo. In this clip, there is a resident captured stealing a sack of fish that was for public distribution to enable Othaya residents learn and understand the need to diversify their food chain. 2. The guy who stole the fish has three options otherwise the fish will go bad in 24 hours. He will have to store the loot in a deep freezer, deep-fry the fish or just cook it “the normal way”. As a fish monger, I found this clip very hilarious!

KSB: Thanks for sharing the clip. KSB’s “Reader Request” files have had an increase in publication volume and the blog site will be publishing more of such requests in 2014. Welcome with your request!


  • A Kikuyu thieving Director Of Immigration Collapsed when the Anti-Corrption Police arrested her (she fainted diarheard(kuhara Mharo) forcing CIDs to call Amburance that took her to Intensive care unit at Kenyatta Hospital>
    Report reaching us is that Mama bado anaharisha mharo sana sana!

  • Protein is necessary for human beings since its benefits are enormous. MP Mary Wambui deserves accolades for deconstructing the age-old stigma associated with fish for a certain ethnic group. Any Kenyan can eat fish as long as it is not politicized.

  • Those Kenyans who are observant will have noticed CORD leader Raila Odinga behaving rather strangely and out of character in recent days.

    To start with his silence of the Standard gauge Railway scandal has been deafening. And most of his foot soldiers have taken the cue and kept their mouths firmly shut. But to confuse the matter even further his co principle in CORD Senator Moses Wetangula has been very vocal over the last few days about that railway deal.

    Then to cap it all Raila comes out and supports Francis Muthaura’s appointment as LAPSSET chairman saying that he cannot think of any better Kenyan to have appointed to the post. What???? Is this Raila really speaking?

    Muthaura has been in public service for so long that cobwebs should be attaching themselves from government office walls to his clothes. This man is part of those responsible for the mess that the country find itself in today. Muthaura and all those in his generation should just go home and play with their grand children and write their fake memoirs (leaving out all the deadly sins that have kept Kenya a banana republic when it should be soaring up there with nations that were behind it in development not too long ago like Singapore.)

    Besides Raila was economical with the truth when he said that there is no better Kenyan he could think of for the post. There are so many overqualified jobless Kenyans out there whose vote Raila has lost with that single statement.

    This is not the first time Raila the champion of liberating Kenya from its’ dark past has actually shot himself in the foot and taken the country and his own sacrifice and hard work backwards.

    Shortly after those memorable 2002 elections that swept Narc to power with a promise of zero tolerance to corruption and the prosecution of all those who have gotten rich on public coffers there was a predictable clamor in parliament to arrest retired President Moi immediately and at the very least get him to return public funds. Everybody was looking up to Raila to hammer that last nail on that impunity coffin. But Raila shocked everybody when he appealed to ODM legislators (who had numerical advantage in parliament then) to leave Moi alone. And that was that.

    Raila’s motive in this case was honouring a pact his father (jaramogi Oginga Odinga) had made with Moi way back in 1982 when the then President saved Raila from the gallows for his deep involvement in the 1982 coup attempt. (we have discussed this several times here and in my books).

    So what pact is Raila honouring this time making excuses for the stench coming from the JUBILEE government?

    The answer to that question is difficult for the more naïve Kenyans and blind followers of Raila to even fathom. It seems to be about money. There are increasing rumours and at least one report this blogger has received from a reliable source that suggest that the man who DP William Ruto always refers to as “yule mtu wa vitendawili” (the man of parables) has received some hefty payments in the Railway proceeds for the role he played in laying the ground work of the project when he was Prime Minister in the last government. Naturally this also protects the corrupt from a man with enough influence to bring down the JUBILEE government over such a scandal.

  • Hee heeee haaa yawa! I thought fis was poison in Kikuyuland.

  • tumechoka na githeri. samaki tamu kabisa kumbe njaruo nakura finzuri.

  • jubilee tribalists

    Why Reuben Ndolo was fired as chairman of the Athi Water Services Board
    Updated Friday, January 10th 2014 at 16:39 GMT +3


    Former Makadara MP Reuben Ndolo was fired as chairman of the Athi Water Services Board, after serving only two terms of his new term.

    Ndolo was dropped to pave way for former Embakasi MP Ferdinand Waititu who has been given a three year term at the helm of the water parastatal.

    His term was renewed last year in November for another tem via a letter signed by Environment and Water Cabinet Secretary Judy Wakhungu.

    “In exercises of powers conferred by section 51 of the water Act, 2002, the cabinet secretary Environment, Water and Natural Resources renews the appointment of Reuben Ndolo as the chairman of Athi Water Services for the Period of 3 years with effect from 11th November 2013,” the alter signed by CS Wakhungu and dated October 4th, 2013 states.

    It’s not clear, why Ndolo, an ally of Cord leader Raila Odinga was removed. The Jubilee administration has been rewarding its loyalist mainly drawn for poll losers and Ndolo may have been a causality of this policy.

    Other sources said that, Waititu was appointed at the request of Nairobi governor Dr. Evans Kidero, in a deal that will see his bitter rival in the 2013 March gubernatorial contest withdrew an appeal he has lodged on his election.

    Shortly before his name, was gazetted, Waititu was seen at City Hall at what was said to be a courtesy call to the Governor and sources indicated that he has accepted to withdrew the appeal he only filed on Thursday.

    He filed a memorandum of appeal seeking a fresh hearing to the application he filed last year challenging the election of Kidero.

    Through lawyer Harrison Kinyanjui, Waititu has argued that there were serious constitutional anomalies in the court ruling made last year that sealed Kidero’s victory.

    Â According to Waititu, the anomalies can only be addressed through a fresh hearing of the petition. The hearing of the petition was set for January 14.

  • where is jubilee taking kenya ???????????????
    look at the scandals now brewing in every sector of the economy.
    free laptops in every primary school dont mind cost and dont ask immediate benefit to kenya and kenyans.
    look at schemes to loot nssf by kasungu and md and urp fat big wigs to get money for 2017 and enrich themselves..
    look at scheme to kill transport sector by banning night travel and kill businesses which ahinges on transport.
    look at new lunatic express railway to uganda rwanda -is for chinese ,ugandas and rwanda what about the old railway what have we done with it so far ? is this alooting scheme ?
    look at so called irrigation scheme in tana river what become of others before it and that in kibwezi ?
    look at the rot in office of the president where computer errors is back now in form of errors in senior appointments ?
    look at the media industry being killed by jubilee ?
    look at the trend now to liquidate opponents and people not liked ?
    look at infighting in jubilee with old foes in kanu now christened jubilee aka urp fighting over sharing of govt loot especially lucrative tenders and appointments in remember kanu a and kanu b when mzee moi retired and uhuru become kanu chairmen the bitter foes of yesteryears are now together again and meemories have caught up with them.?
    why is william ruto apoligising for sins of jubilee ?
    why apologist approach by ruto ?
    sweet talk,propaganda,promises c,repression cannot work anymore for uhuruto now devised new strategy to fool kenya and the world to cover for incompentence and sheer recklessness ?r

    keter and cheruiyot have to rally rift valley to save kenya now only them can do it not jaluos this time ,not luyas not omugusii not kambas not costerians only kalenjins hold key to unravel sheer hypocrisy in jubilee and only kalenjins can face ruto aka dp to tell him stop ambassadoring and apolising,lying on behalf of uhuru when north eastern and central are laughing all the way to all apointments and tenders ?.
    civil society,kenyas abroad and friendly countries can save kenya.., give jubilee true mirror to reflect on kenya and stop shadowing uganda and rwanda.

  • That is what needs to happen.. I am always amazed at how Kenyans in Kenya want to exploit their brethens in diaspora when it comes to Medical bills, funerals or any social welfare thing kenyans in kenya who have people here would just fold their arms expecting that this the responsibility of diaspora.. Not a week go by where i do not see an announcement of this and that fund raiser to help. Kwani what are Kenyans in Kenya doing? what is your responsibility. Until the diaspora completly cuts off ties with Kenya their sucess will continue to be limited. When diaspora kenyan dies or has a health issue i have never heard of kenyans in kenya sending even a penny to help out. This type of relationship cannot continue we have for too long become your suckers it is time get divorcedkidero Flaunting Uhuru’s millions is not a very good begining given the most recent history of election stealing by Uhuru. Its like bringing a donation from the Nazi’s to a jewish fundraiser. KM

  • MUTIGA: Othaya fish scramble a powerful civics lesson on folly of ethnically driven politics

    The footage from Othaya showing residents scrambling for fish in midweek offered some timely comic relief and a break from the din of politics that dominates the airwaves on normal days.

    A recent footage from Othaya showing residents scrambling for fish in an event organised by the MP offered some timely comic relief and a break from the din of politics that dominates the airwaves on normal days.

    In Summary

    •The predominant reaction was: How could this happen in Nyeri, supposedly one of the richest counties in the country and in the constituency which has been represented for decades by former President Mwai Kibaki?
    •In Kenya, the myth of boundless Kikuyu prosperity is one of the dominant features of the political scene.
    •The community leaders had genuine grievances about environmental concerns and the possible disruption of fishing routes, which I reported.


    The footage from Othaya showing residents scrambling for fish in midweek offered some timely comic relief and a break from the din of politics that dominates the airwaves on normal days.

    The predominant reaction was: How could this happen in Nyeri, supposedly one of the richest counties in the country and in the constituency which has been represented for decades by former President Mwai Kibaki?

    The fact that those questions were being asked shows how strongly the country’s politics is shaped by popular myths.

    There is no “rich” or “poor” community in Kenya. There are only rich individuals and sometimes families who take different paths to wealth.

    It is an obvious point, but it bears repeating. There are no entire ethnic groups that benefit from the presidency.

    The low-hanging fruits of power, such as lucrative tenders and opportunities to act as go-betweens for investors, go not to the wananchi in Gatundu or Baringo but to a narrow slice of elites allied to those in power.

    The scramble for fish in Othaya, including the sight of men in suits stuffing raw fish in their pockets, was a dramatic civics lesson that should go some way towards challenging the stereotypes that inform politics in Kenya.

    Of course, it is not easy to debunk myths because they are sometimes very strongly held.

    At a conference in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia a few years ago a waitress told me she had heard that when civil servants leave work at 5 pm in Kenya, they are given five vouchers so that they can have a couple of beers before proceeding home.

    I asked who had told her that. She said the tale was narrated by an Ethiopian who had worked for a few months in Nairobi.

    Public sector wages are much lower in Ethiopia than in Kenya. And to answer the puzzle of where Kenyans possibly found the money to guzzle huge quantities of beer every day, the guy had concocted that story which the lady earnestly believed.

    In Kenya, the myth of boundless Kikuyu prosperity is one of the dominant features of the political scene.


    The problem is that no attempt is made to distinguish between the benefits the elite draw from power and the general fate of the ordinary mwananchi who is in exactly the same situation as another peasant in any other part of the country.

    This reality was brought home to me one time when I was sent to Lamu to cover a dispute between an Australian oil firm and local community leaders.

    The community leaders had genuine grievances about environmental concerns and the possible disruption of fishing routes, which I reported.

    On the other hand, the Australian company credibly countered that a demand for more jobs in the firm that was conducting deep-sea drilling could not be met because there were few Kenyans, let alone, residents of Lamu, who had the training to take part in the exercise.

    The memory that stuck with me, though, was when one community elder pulled me and the photographer aside and said that the real story was that the Australians had already struck oil.

    What they were doing was constructing an underground pipeline so that the oil would end up being the property of “watu wa bara kule Central”.

    Of course, these may have been the wild musings of one old man. But they spoke of a deeper myth which informs Kenyan political behaviour: That when a member of a community clinches the presidency, the whole ethnic group will benefit. This is the logic that drives voters from, especially, the big five ethnic communities to vote almost to the last man for “one of their own”.

    It is the thinking that informs the fact that no member of smaller communities from the Coast, North- Eastern or the smaller pastoral communities can mount a credible challenge for the presidency.

    If wananchi could shake off this logic and unite across ethnic lines, they would be in a better position to press the elites to offer cleaner and more effective government.

    With the masses disunited, the politicians can happily continue to divide and rule.

    The Othaya fish scramble was a powerful reminder of the folly of ethnically driven politics.

  • kikuyu mafia thieves

    Saturday, January 11, 2014 | by- NATION TEAM

    CBK boss could face trial for Sh1.2bn tender

    Central Bank of Kenya Governor Njuguna Ndung’u risks possible prosecution over a Sh1.2 billion


    Central Bank of Kenya Governor Njuguna Ndung’u risks possible prosecution over a Sh1.2 billion tender to install a modern security system at CBK, the Sunday Nation has learnt.

    The case was investigated by the Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission (EACC), which has forwarded its findings to the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP).

    It pitted the governor against the CBK tender committee over a move to award the tender to Horsebridge Networks Systems EA Limited for the installation of an integrated security management system at CBK headquarters and its branches.

    Anti-corruption detectives familiar with the investigation told the Sunday Nation, on condition of anonymity due to the sensitivity of the matter, that Prof Ndung’u could be on the spot for allegedly authorising the award of the tender contrary to the law. They also said the contract was Sh400 million above budget. (READ: CBK governor at the centre of Sh1.2 billion tender storm)

    The EACC file has been forwarded to DPP, Mr Keriako Tobiko, who will study it before determining whether there is sufficient evidence to take the matter to court.

    Under the law, Mr Tobiko can accept, amend or reject the EACC recommendations.

    This week, Mr Tobiko confirmed to the Sunday Nation that he had received the CBK file, but could not discuss the contents. EACC chairman Mumo Matemu also confirmed dispatching the file to the DPP but he, too, would not discuss its contents either.

    Prof Ndung’u did not respond to our e-mail and phone enquiries.

    But contacted by the Sunday Nation, his aide said that Prof Ndung’u was the innocent party in the case and the real culprits would soon be known.

    The aide confirmed that the governor had recorded a statement together with other officials “as a witness” when detectives sought to get to the heart of the matter. But the aide strongly suggested there was no way the governor could be culpable.

    “I’m very much aware that there is a file that was investigated. To the best of my knowledge that is true,” said the aide, who asked not to be named. “The governor will be prosecution witness Number One if at all there will be any prosecution.”

    According to documents seen by the Sunday Nation when it reported the story in July last year, the tender committee chaired by Deputy Governor Harun Sirma had nullified the CBK technical evaluation team’s decision to award the tender to Horsebridge by the Sirma team detected errors in the tender documents.

    This set off a series of events that saw the matter end up at the Public Procurement Oversight Authority and eventually with the anti-corruption team.

    According to those documents, Horsebridge had petitioned the Public Procurement and Administrative Review Board, saying it had won the tender as the lowest bidder.

    However, the correspondence showed that the tender documents were riddled with errors which Dr Sirma’s committee felt could have compromised the outcome. Moreover, due diligence on the six bidders was not carried out before evaluation as is normal practice.

    “The technical capability to install and maintain the ISMS as quoted was poorly crafted and was not used well by the evaluation team. Evaluation criteria revealed inconsistencies among the individual scores,” state the minutes of the tender committee.

    Horsebridge, an international company with a presence in Kenya, petitioned the Public Procurement Board, who “awarded’ them the tender and dismissed the CBK and the tender committee as a “wild horse who should be calmed”.

    “The board holds that the procuring entity and specifically the tender committee is behaving like an unruly horse and it has to be tamed and calmed … The board orders that this tender be and is hereby awarded to the lowest bidder Horsebridge Networks Systems,” stated Mr Mwaniki Gachora in the board’s communication.

    Prof Ndung’u agreed with the Public Procurement Review Board’s decision, although the CBK lawyer, Mr Fred Ngatia, had advised him to appeal and challenge the board’s decision at the High Court.

    In addition to Horsebridge, five other companies were evaluated for the contract; Orad Limited, Azicon Kenya Limited, Engineered Systems Solutions Limited, Indra Limited and Aua Industria.

    According to internal CBK documents, Prof Ndung’u sought Mr Ngatia’s advice on February 26, last year, after the matter reached the appeals board.

    In his letter to the governor, the lawyer said: “We are unable to recommend that you proceed to award the tender given the litany of misdeeds which are fully documented regarding the tendering process. Indeed the situation dictates that the tender be advertised afresh and perhaps new guideline considered.”

    Mr Ngatia advised Prof Ndung’u that allowing the decision to pass would set a bad precedent.


    “The board proceeded to award the tender to a particular bidder. To allow such mischief to reign unchallenged would be most injurious to yourselves and all other public entities in that the board might now start to award tenders to all and sundry oblivious that the statutory power to award the tenders is vested upon the procuring entity and to the exclusion of all other entities,” Mr Ngatia said.

    Despite Mr Ngatia’s letter, CBK awarded the tender to Horsebridge through a letter of notification on February 24, 2013. This was after the 14-day window to appeal the board’s decision had closed. Since then, however, Horsebridge has not signed a contract.

    At about the same time, the EACC opened an investigation into the issue.

    A letter to Prof Ndung’u dated April 11, 2013 from the EACC’s John Lolkoloi demanded all documents related to the tender process.

    “Our officers Messrs Alex Kinyanjui, Tom Mboya and Arthur Opili will be available to collect the documents,” Mr Lolkoloi said in the letter to the CBK.

    The tender was prompted by theft of currency by staff members, a risk to which the CBK is still exposed because of its outdated security equipment.

  • u tube comments

    Top comments


    joseph opiyo
    3 days ago

    Hahaha WTF yet they say fish ni zawajaluo.




    3 days ago

    Gluttony..played by uncultured savages.

    When is this one coming out on DVD?



    Michael Heery

    3 days ago

    they need to study aquaphonics from youtube,.



    Edwin B
    2 days ago


    So this is how circumcised men behave?



    kenya sasa
    3 days ago

    there is nothing wrong with what theyre doing people are suffering out here… naomba serikali… did you here the guy githeri thats only maize… ugali na supuu ya mboga…such a shame..



    joseph opiyo

    2 days ago

    Nakubaliana na wewe kabisa.




    John Githambo
    2 days ago (edited)

    Kenyans…kenyans… Everybody for himself/herself…You take everything and others remain hungry. It starts right from our families, politicians, civil servants, Private sector, schools…..




    njoroge ikonye
    3 days ago

    Effects of Absentee MP for about 30 years…



    oo luta
    3 days ago

    Greed….the Kenyan way. And you wonder why our leaders and managers loot. It is our culture.


    Mokili Mobimba
    3 days ago

    Ujaluo itawauwa nyie wa Central…hahaha.




    Paul Muchoki
    3 days ago

    no comment…



    1 day ago

    Survival of the fittest not for the fittest….smh



    3 days ago

    hahahahahahaahahaaa…….gff……#kufDEAD# …tunaomba sirkal ihamishe L.Victoria from Nyanza ipelekwe Nyeri…..hahahaha



    3 days ago

    The video speaks for itself Luos are the best cooks. Kikuyu just can’t help themselves!



    1 day ago

  • Hahahah! They act like they never see fish before.

  • UK /USA /Former UK Prime Minister John Major /Blair may Join Uhuru Kenyatta in Hague for War-crimes in Iraq?>

  • De papperslösa

    De papperslösa – i valets skugga

    Publicerat runt 4 timmar sedan av Daniel Mathisen

    Tänk om 2014 kunde bli året då människans rätt till en framtid – inte nationalstatens egenvärde – blev huvudpersonen inför EU-valet.

    En vanlig dag i Los Angeles, några dagar efter nyår. De flesta är tillbaka på jobbet igen. Trafiken fyller gatorna, många tycks ha bråttom. Den amerikanska arbetslinjen har vaknat till liv efter juluppehållet. Men vid en gatukorsning intill en snabbmatsrestaurang står dussintalet män. Någon röker rastlöst en cigarett, andra blickar hålögt mot bilarna som passerar.

    Det är daglönarna, merparten från Mexiko. Hoppet: En skåpbil som behöver en hand till ett bygge. Lönen: Lägsta möjliga ersättning.

    Att Kalifornien tillhörde Mexiko till och med 1850 är en form av ödets ironi som skvallrar om den moderna statsbildningens absurditet. Gränser, inte universella rättigheter, styr människors möjligheter.

    När granndelstaten Arizona införde hänsynslösa lagar för att stoppa illegala migranter svarade rapparen Talib Kweli med låten ”Papers Please”, där han beskriver hur den amerikanska ekonomin ”byggts på slavarnas ryggar”. Vår tids pappers- och rättslösa ingår i en form av modern slavhandel.

    Europa är inget undantag.

    Människor med bakgrund i den europeiska kriskapitalismens ruinhögar tar plats i det offentliga rummet runt om i Sverige. Drömmen: Ett värdigt liv. Svaret har hittills varit politisk apati, eller än värre: kommunpolitiker som bussar hem romer.

    Kapitalismen är gränslös, men samhället – dess tänkta politiska herre – är det knappast. När ska politiken i allmänhet och vänstern i synnerhet hitta nya former när den nationalstatliga demokratin äts upp av den gränslösa ekonomins virvelströmmar?

    Det mesta pekar på att valet till Europaparlamentet inte kommer handla om Europa. Inget parti tycks intresserat av att diskutera den demokratiska framtiden för unionens medborgare, än mindre villkoren för de människor som drömmer om att bli medborgare. I stället väntas det bli en dragkamp om vilket parti som kan lova reformer som gynnar Sverige. För partistrategerna blir det en form av generalrepetition inför det ”riktiga” valet i september.

    Eventuella debatter om arbetskraftsinvandring handlar om tillskott i svensk ekonomi snarare än verklig vilja till gränslöshet. Trots att det borde vara precis tvärtom.

    För det är dags att slå hål på myten om att det svenska intresset är en monolit som står mot omvärldens hot. Etniferingen av arbetskraften skymmer och gömmer den globala klasskiktningen. Svenska löntagare delar i grunden intressen med pappers- och rättslösa bortom Europas horisonter – inte med de mest förmögna svenskar som gynnas av ett femte jobbskatteavdrag.

    Det behövs reformer som uppfyller idén om gränslös humanism, skapar nya vägar för människor som vill jobba i Europa och underlättar för permanent medborgarskap. Egenintresset måste ryckas upp med rötterna och ersättas av ett återuppvaknande för solidaritetstanken.

    Tänk om 2014 blir året då människans rätt till en framtid – inte nationalstatens egenvärde – blir huvudpersonen inför Europaparlamentsvalet. Vi kan åtminstone drömma.

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