Will Ambassador Sang Attend the Michael Osumba Harambee?

Ambassador Purity Muhindi: Still roaming the streets of Stockholm

former Ambassador Purity Muhindi: Was more elitist and surrounded herself with Walambaji

According to KSB Intelligence Security Services (KISS), Ambassador Sang may attend the Osumba Harambee scheduled for Saturday, 31st August 2013 at Hagsätra. Initially, rumours swept across Kenya-Stockholm that the Ambassador will not attend the Harambee even though he had been officially invited. However, a KISS agent who regularly monitors Embassy activities told KSB that the latest information she has is that the Ambassador is seeking to postpone or skip a private function scheduled for Saturday so that he can attend the harambee.

Although he arrived in Stockholm almost a year ago, Ambassador Sang has not touched base with Kenyans and many Kenya-Stockhomers do not know him. The first time he was seen by many Wakenya was on 3rd August when he showed up at the Nyama Choma which was organized by Sound of Blackness. Although he did manage to touch base with KSB at the function, his presence was a low-key affair and he later slipped out of the Nyam Chom as suddenly as he had come, with only a few Kenyans having noticed his presence.

On the Day that the Millie Harambee was organized in Märsta, the Ambassador was spotted by agents at the “Swahili Festival” that had been organized by a group of Tanzanians in collaboration with a few Kenyans. According to an eye witness, the Ambassador was dancing freely on the floor and dressed very casually, a major departure from the known demeanour of Purity Muhindi who was more reserved, elitist and “high life” oriented. It was reported that at the Swahili Night, the new Ambassador wriggled easily (like Kofi Olomide) to the tunes of Ndombolo and so energetically that he literally gave ma vijana at the function stiff competition on the dance floor.

Obviously, the Ambassador’s honey-moon in Stockholm is over and it is time he rolled up his sleeves and got to know Wakenya. It is for this reason that the Osumba harambee provides a real opportunity for the Ambassador to show up his face and begin to acquaint himself with Kenyans in Stockholm.

Given the lengthy period of time he has been in Stockholm without serious moves to meet Kenyans, the risk the Ambassador is running if he continues to remain holed at the Embassy is that he may lose the good-will of Kenyans who hoped that a new Ambassador will act differently from his predecessor, Purity Muhindi who avoided Kenyans like leprosy. A KSB survey shows that many Kenyans would like to work with the Embassy especially at the socio-cultural levels. The problem has been that the Embassy has been less reciprocative because, in the case of Purity, attitude problems always stood on the way. The stereotypical view of the Embassy has been that Wakenya in Stockholm are basically problematic and difficult to deal with, an obtuse view which Purity could not break up with.

Breaking the jinx
When Purity was recalled, the hope was that a new Ambassador would open a new chapter and operate differently even if he had been pumped with anti-Wakenya propaganda by handlers at the Embassy. This is what former Ambassador Kinyanjui did and now, he is rated as one of the best Ambassadors Kenyans have ever had in Stockholm. Having been posted during the dictatorship of former President Daniel arap Moi, Kinyanjui converted a politically hostile environment in Stockholm into a cordial working relationship with Kenyans in a way that surprised even some of the staunchest critics of the then Moi government.

Unfortunately, when Purity came in, she messed up everything and demolished all links Kinyanjui had built with Kenyans, choosing instead, to surround herself with a group of sycophants (aka walambaji) who were not of any help from a PR point of view. In the end, it was walambaji who used to constitute the “Kenyan crowd” for it is them who used to receive invitations whenever anything official was happening in Kenya-Stockholm. When Purity eventually packed her bags and left for Kenya unceremoniously, a sigh of relief breezed across Kenya-Stockholm. Under the circumstances,  Dr. Sang’s moves are closely being watched by Kenya-Stockholmers. For the Ambassador, every public appearance is likely to help him “break the ice” with Wakenya here. For now, it is a wait and see.

Another problem for the Daktari is more political than social. The Ambassador has taken over at the Embassy at a time when the country has just undergone a problematic election which has split the Nation into Kikuyu/Kalenjin vs the rest of Kenyans. The political angle is that if the Ambassador continues to ignore key Kenyan functions which are non Kikuyu/Kalenjin oriented, there is a big risk that such a strategy may be interpreted to mean that since he is a “Jubilee Ambassador”, he might have no business with activities whose organizers are predominantly Corded.

To break this jinx, the Ambassador will have to plan his movements carefully because on the surface, the Ambassador ought to serve all Kenyans equally regardless of their political affiliations. The new Ambassador is therefore walking a tight rope and any successes or failures in dealing with Kenya-Stockholmers will depend on his social arithmetic and political algebra. He may have to borrow a leaf from Kinyanjui otherwise if he follows the Purity way, his fate will be sealed and his diplomatic mission in Stockholm will be conducted away from Wakenya, the very people he ought to be serving.

Okoth Osewe 


  • sure its a weit n c situation for ambasada Sang.Wil he behave lyk PNU mama mboga Purity!?

  • Jubilee corruption

    Chief officers of 23 county governments risk prosecution for spending billions of shillings without the necessary approvals.

    According to a quarterly report compiled by Controller of Budget Agnes Odhiambo and seen by the Nation, Kiambu county spent a total of Sh513 million without the approval of its County Assembly, contrary to the Public Finance Management Act, 2012.

    Other county governments cited for spending millions without approvals include Uasin Gishu (Sh340 million), Meru (Sh206 million), Nyeri (Sh210 million),


  • Oppen Society Democracy

    Herr Ambassador should eat poison before he gets poisoned by Stockolms polluted atimosphere.Kenyans are used (familiar) with )mogogoms and mogrets types of ambassadors who has served kenya dictators, let ksb readers be informed Kenya Embassy first hand serves the intrests of Kenya regime not wakenya ,Mr Sang will not be exceptional. Wellcome herr ambassador who is serving a government led by ICC indictees for committing crimes against humanity in Kenya .karibu na usilete ujinga hapa.please learn to accept and to admire Sweden democracy ,start where you live in strand vägen Nacka kommun,

  • Ambassador Sergony was also a man of the people who mixed freely and understood Kenyans here without prejudice.

  • ICC kiboko cha Ruto

    ICC rejects William Ruto’s request for breaks
    Updated Friday, August 30th 2013 at 00:02 GMT +3

    By Ally Jamah

    Nairobi, Kenya: Judges of the International Criminal Court (ICC) have rejected Deputy President William Ruto’s request for trial breaks and issued a new schedule for his case scheduled to begin next month.

    The judges ruled Ruto’s trial will run daily from September 10 to October 4 and from October 14 to November 1, citing need to ensure a speedy trial.

    The three-judge bench led by Chile Eboe-Osuji will issue further sitting schedules in due course.

    This means the deputy president will be present at The Hague courtroom for the three weeks, with the exception of weekends when court doesn’t sit, and only have 10 days break before the second session begins. Ruto had requested two weeks on and two weeks off in the application that the judges rejected.

    The deputy president had made the application after the prosecutor secured a temporary ruling requiring Ruto attends all his trial sessions pending determination of the prosecution’s appeal.

    The prosecution appealed against the decision by the judges to excuse Ruto from having to be present throughout the trial, and only attending select sessions like the opening.

    The appeal is yet to be ruled upon, which means Ruto must attend all trial sessions. Ruto is charged alongside former journalist Joshua Sang in the second Kenyan case.

    Be excused

    President Uhuru Kenyatta’s trial is scheduled for November 12.

    “The Chamber recognises that Mr Ruto has constitutional responsibilities. But it is the imperatives of speedy trial that command the dominant consideration in the matter of the Chamber’s sitting schedule,” said the judges, who also include Judge Olga Herrera Carbuccia and Judge Robert Fremr.

  • is the ambassador related to Joshua Sang the radio inciter charged at ICC?

  • Purity is now in Nairobi and works as a maid for Uhuru at State House.

  • By Albina Kovalyova, Producer, NBC News

    MOSCOW – A Russian painter who depicted President Vladimir Putin and Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev as shapely and scantily clad women has fled the country and is seeking asylum in France.

    “I am an artist, I want to paint, not be a prisoner,” the artist Konstantin Altunin said via telephone from Paris. He added he fled Russia on Tuesday in fear of his life after four of his paintings were seized from the recently opened Museum of Power in St. Petersburg.
    Altunin said Russia is becoming ever more repressive and that he feared he could face charges of “extremism” — a law that critics say is used to target the opposition, and minority groups. He said he already has launched his political asylum application in France.

    According to the Museum of Power’s director Tatyana Titova, a group of more than 10 security personnel carrying machine guns confiscated Altunin’s paintings on Monday night and forced the museum to close.

    “They kept me from six in the evening until one in the morning and asked me where Konstantin was … but I did not tell them anything,” Titova said.

  • Youth in Kenya being run over by Ravving Bulldozers demolishing the poor nairobi traders who are trying to survive!poor stupid illitrate youth who cannot fight back and freethemselves from Kenya evil system of govt>A man was Friday morning killed when council Askaris demolished several kiosks in Nairobi’s Kangemi area along Waiyaki Way.

    It is believed the deceased was crushed by a council bulldozer that was flattening the structures.

    Nairobi police boss Benson Kibui said the deceased was a guard at the site and its believed he tried to stop the exercise when he was run over by one of the vehicles there.

    “The body has been found in the rubles and we think he was killed by the grader as it flattened the structures. We are investigating,” said Kibui.

    Police clashed with a group of traders in the area who were protesting the demolition of their kiosks by the council Askaris.

    The council officials had at about 3 am demolished the kiosks saying they are illegal and pose a security threat. When the traders arrived there in the morning they found their places of operation flattened which prompted a protest with them blocking the main highway. Police were forced to fire to the air to disperse the traders. Tension remained high there with possibilities of more clashes but armed police were on standby.

    This is not the first time that the traders are being evicted from the site. At least three people have been killed in similar evictions in the area in the past.

  • Stand up &fight for your rights.

    Look what the Kenya Rogue Police Force is displaying The highest impunity &police brutality in Kenya> They can kill threaten their boss Mr kavulundi by demanding his head in a platter!?Nairobi, Kenya: Police are investigating a bizarre incident in which a fresh human head and two hands were found abandoned outside the National Police Service Commission offices in Nairobi.

    The blood stained head and hands were wrapped in a nylon paper inside a box and addressed to the commission chairman Johnston Kavuludi.

    Inside was a note reading “Kavuludi you are next”.

    The box was delivered there by a salon car that managed to escape from the Luther House compound where the commission offices are.

    Nairobi police boss Benson Kibui said they are yet to know the motive behind the incident.

    The head’s torso was missing and police believe it belongs to one that was discovered earlier in the day in Ruai area, Nairobi. The head was light with beards and seemed to have been chopped off the torso few hours earlier.

    “We do not know who brought it here and it is shocking. We are investigating,” said Kibui.

    Kavuludi and his commission are in Mombasa on official matters. He expressed shock at the findings saying those behind it were out to intimidate him and the other commissioners.

    “We hope those who killed the man and brought the head and hands will be caught,” he said.

  • Go easy on Ambassador.He’s a cool dude.

  • Oppen Society Democracy

    Democracy under threat in Kenya !The rogue policeForce is threatening their Boss hence Impunity ,corruption and criminals on top of this rogue Force>

  • Oppen Society Democracy

    Kenyans Must demand Action against this heinous threat to Police boss by forces of darkness>

  • Kenyans should be aware of these so called (cool) people Kenya has gone to the dogs , hence myths of being led by cool(murderers) leaders!many Ambassordors are trained spies/counter intelligence/goverment moles /govt secret argents so mr magalia stop mis-leading Wakenya .give us a break and stop playing with wakenya’s intelligence! Who pays the foreign envoys?

  • Ile Bitchi na ile Imeiva.

    Kweli Kikuyu might lead Kenya for another 1000 years (becouse) of Money Power/Cunningness/Manipulation /asassination of other tribe leaders/Control of members of Security/military Police and in co-operation with foreign security operatives/Mafias (drug cartels and organized world gangs)>

  • Zibylaghi Bethbeshum

    Let us Isolate Present SODOM& GHOMORRA>Central Province Of Kenya>Home / News / SHOCKING: Some rogue people using DEAD BODIES’s chemical to make MILK in Central Kenya.
    SHOCKING: Some rogue people using DEAD BODIES’s chemical to make MILK in Central Kenya.
    The Kenyan DAILY POST News 05:28

    Friday August 30, 2013 – The Kenya Dairy Board (KDB) on Thursday arrested five people in Nyandarua County who were making milk from chemicals used to preserve dead bodies.

    This was revealed by Naivasha region’s KDB manager, Hellen Mbugua, who said the suspects were mixing water with chemicals such as formalin, hydrogen peroxide and urea to make the concoction. Formalin is a chemical used to preserve bodies in mortuaries.

    Mrs Mbugua said that the milk is then distributed to various towns especially in Nyandarua, Nairobi and Nakuru.

    “We have been receiving these complaints from residents and that was why we launched investigations. This is a business that has been going on for some time now,” she said adding that she will ensure the perpetrators are brought to book.

    She said the suspects were colluding with milk brokers who have been selling spoilt milk that has been rejected by processors to them.

    “They then mix the spoilt milk with the chemicals and later sell to milk vendors who distribute it to residents within various estates. Most of this milk we have discovered is being sold in Nairobi and Nakuru,” she said.

    The five, who were arrested are being held at Ol Kalou Police Station and will be arraigned in court once investigations have been concluded.

    The Kenyan DAILY POSTTweet

    6 comments for SHOCKING: Some rogue people using DEAD BODIES’s chemical to make MILK in Central Kenya.
    Ng’or ror riet
    30 August 2013 05:46

    waja muchezo bwana; si ufunge ng’ombe
    30 August 2013 06:11

    This murderers should be hanged. Remember in China they found melamine in their milk and it had destroyed so many kids who had used it.
    30 August 2013 06:20

    Ouch! Who is the inventor … and what healthy consequences has been caused by this none cow milk?
    30 August 2013 07:00

    the judges should deal properly with this murderers.they should lot in jail.
    Bro.Arap Ngetich
    30 August 2013 07:17

    30 August 2013 07:26

    balaa ameingia mjini . yote hii kwa ajili ya pesa

  • Uhuru (Holy) and the merciful Son of Jomo Kenyatta .The King of the Kikuyu Tribe born to lead and rule Kenya tribes with brutality >

  • Charles Mugambi

    The Answer is to hang these muderers If the Govt fails to hang them>The citizens should act through taking laws in their hands>

  • How long will a Baboon Govt of Kenya stop Highway killings!Is there any Diff BtwKenya Corrupt Goverment and black Monkeys?>

  • Welcome to UHURU Kenyatta And William Ruto >Where God has never put foot ever since creation> Uhuru & Kenya Goverment has been marginalizing these primitive tribes for the benefits of Kikuyu Central People! Uhuru Kenyatta is really evil.

  • David Wepushe Hogi

    Ati 100 Kenya Niggers (black monkeys) will escort War -criminal in Hague and course Chaos (planning to humiliate White People in their country)>I hope these Primitive sub-humans will get a rude-chock hence all will be locked in cells and humiliated! I think some of them are drug barons who should be checked (anus)before entering Holland!

  • David Wepushe Hogi

    Ati 100 Kenya Niggers (black monkeys) will escort War -criminal in Hague and course Chaos (planning to humiliate White People in their country)>I hope these Primitive sub-humans will get a rude-chock hence all will be locked in cells and humiliated! I think some of them are drug barons who should be checked (anus)before entering Holland!The Jubilee leaders, who included Kericho County Women representative Hellen Chepkwony and MPs Jimmy Angwenyi (Kitutu Chache North), Kimani Ichungwa (Kikuyu), Kanini Kega (Kieni) and Erick Keter (Belgut) dismissed claims by Cord alliance leaders that there would be a power vacuum during the trials. “When Ruto is at The Hague, the President and Parliament will work together and when President Kenyatta goes, Mr Ruto will be in charge. The rest can watch from a distance,” said Mr Duale. He said about 100 MPs would accompany Mr Ruto, with 30 legislators from the Senate and National Assembly flying out of the country each week to offer him support.“We will also debate the ICC issue every day when Mr Ruto is away and disclose to Kenyans who the ‘owners’ of the ICC are and give the names of those who are behind the case,” he said.

  • Can these Two Black Niggers (UHURU KENYATTA & WILLIAM RUTO) threaten the Civilization & Democracy through issuing threats to the ICC ,I hope not ,let us wait and see criminals playing with fire like their mentor the late Col: Muammar Ghadaffi who failed to bring down a single Western & Nato Fighter Jets! and who lost a war only in few days without western & Nato forves losing a single soldier;How foolish are these mts Gorrillas?

  • Mama Kibagio Fagia

    If you are a Homosexual,Child-molester, phaedophilia, go to Kenya as a volunteer/Tourist/Missionary /work free in child Homes then you have the chance to fulfil your dreams of molesting /ponography hence a land of Hakuna Matata theKenya govt doesn’t care children asses!Dead BA pilot Simon Wood faced UK and Africa child abuse claims
    Simon Wood was found dead after being charged with child abuse offences A British Airways pilot who was found dead was accused of child abuse offences in the UK and faced similar allegations in Africa, it is claimed.

    Simon Wood, 54, of Hertfordshire – who was hit by a train last month – allegedly molested children in Kenya.

    Mr Wood had been due to appear at Southwark Crown Court last Friday.

    A law firm representing 12 children in Kenya may take legal action against the airline, which said it was “shocked and horrified” by the allegations.

    British Airways said it was only made aware of the child abuse charges in July after receiving an anonymous letter.

    The airline contacted Scotland Yard after BA’s own investigation team uncovered information in Kenya which gave the company “cause for concern”, it said.

    Orphanage holiday

    Mr Wood, who died on 18 August, had faced one count of indecent assault of a girl under 16, two counts of making indecent photographs of a child and one count of possessing indecent images of a child, Scotland Yard said.

    He had taken part in a company-backed charity event at an orphanage in Kenya in 2002.

    Martyn Day, from legal firm Leigh Day which is representing a number of Kenyan children, said: “We are currently investigating how Mr Wood was allowed to have such access to these Kenyan children and also the extent of the allegations against Mr Wood in relation to his actions in the UK.”

    At Easter 2002, Mr Wood was among 20 crew members from two BA flights who volunteered to spend the holiday period with the Kenyan youngsters, showering the orphanage with presents, medicines and donations.

    An inquest into his death was opened and adjourned at Hertfordshire Coroner’s Court, last Wednesday.
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  • The History repeats itsself>Uhuru Kenyatta Fooling the Coast People with Fake Title Deeds like his father did in 1964>Uhuru Kenyatta just Stop it Concentrate with your ICC Case in Hague!Mombasa Sio Kenya!

  • Uhuru &Ruto Stop beating( War-Drums its primitive (barbarian Cuture)http://www.nation.co.ke/

  • You may think These Fake Muslims are really Genuine>They are Kikuyu Convertees (to Islam) hence landless ! They went to settle in Coast and became Muslims>Their faith must be Questioned !Why do they keep on supporting Government ever Since !Independence Days?>Coast Sio Kenya Wa-mbaara Warundi Kwao!

  • The International Criminal Court has dismissed as inconsequential a move by MPs allied to the Jubilee Coalition to withdraw from the global court ahead of the hearings facing President Kenyata and Deputy President William Ruto. An ICC spokesman was categorical that the case against Kenya’s two top leaders and journalist Joshua Sang would go on even if Kenya withdrew from the Rome Statute that established the international court. Said ICC spokesman Fadi el Abdallah: “As indicated in the Rome Statute of the ICC, a withdrawal does not have any impact on the open cases nor on the State’s obligations regarding cases that are already open before the ICC.” – FULL STORY

  • Open Society Democracy

    President Bashir Assad Of Kenya(Uhuru Kenyatta& Deputy) is threatening the Western Civilization & Democratic Nations to Withdraw from the ICC hence being accused of genocide against his own people in Kenya!The west must deal with Mad-Dog Dictators Otherwise Bashir Of Syria will win he use of Sarin Nerve gas and other WMD if western world fears dictators!Uhuru & Ruto should be dealt seriously for their crimes and Impunity!(NOTE) Uhuru And his deputy William Ruto has asassinated(killed) most of the witnesses sice their names were mentioned,and by killing witnesses should not be a reason to let them go scott-free. Both must know crimes doesn’t pay!

  • Open Society Democracy

    President Bashir Assad Of Kenya(Uhuru Kenyatta& Deputy) is threatening the Western Civilization & Democratic Nations to Withdraw from the ICC hence being accused of genocide against his own people in Kenya!The west must deal with Mad-Dog Dictators Otherwise Bashir Of Syria will win he use of Sarin Nerve gas and other WMD if western world fears dictators!Uhuru & Ruto should be dealt seriously for their crimes and Impunity!(NOTE) Uhuru And his deputy William Ruto has asassinated(killed) most of the witnesses sice their names were mentioned,and by killing witnesses should not be a reason to let them go scott-free. Both must know crimes doesn’t pay!

  • Open Society Democracy

    Come and see The Living GOD (How he is sending his Angels to Save lives to this day ! The True GOD OF Love )We should worship the only true GOD Of Love that Saves,Not fake gods who hates >

  • Open Society Democracy

    Wazalendo popote walipo tupo Pamoja!Long live Uzalendo na Wazalendo (ndugu) Rip !

  • What happened to Mutura Kilonzo Report

    UHURU & RUTO (MUST) i repeat must co-operate with the ICC in Hague!( If not Orders of arrest will be issued!(Point Finished) & soon you will join Bashir Assad Of Syria Club!
    (Lobby group writes to ICC President over ‘open letter’)
    ..Through Kikuyu thugs writting Open Letter. is nothing You Uhuru&Ruto must Co-operate Fully with the ICC in Hague!

  • Samson & Delira(The Philistine Army is Coming!)
  • Samson & Delira(The Philistine Army is Coming!)

    Kenya Ambassador will never come>

  • Ole Wetu (No longer at ease)

    History repeats itself ! The Guilty are Afraid!Why is Ruto Depressed? The Movie is near to start! The blood of all the slain kids/Witnesses/Loosing the Case!Se this (Ruto) Photo(Picture in the Star!>

  • Ole Wetu (No longer at ease)

    Ruto there’s always a solution! Its no big deal>Just Commit Suicide!Its part of live>Are you remembering how Kikuyu Toddlers cried in Vain? and those tried to escape the inferno were pushed back to the Fire! The hour is nigh be prepared to face Justice (or) Commit Suicide like the late Yugoslavia President Slododan Mirocevic !Ponder a Minute>

  • Just For The Reckord>UHURU& RUTO Turned to Communist China/Russia who are known Cowards and cannot Die (Provide Protection to Third World Dictataors> ITS Only the USA Super-Power that can Protect her Allies >Read the Breaking News> Russia Sold Bashir Assad >

  • Vison Wambua Kitili

    Victims Victims Victims Who cares !Will Uhuru bribe the Judges???

  • John Kamau Mbuthia

    Ambassodor won’t come for Osumba Fund Raising> ICC MUSt know they are dealing with World-Classic Criminals not easy like the Yugoslavian Radovan Mirocevic Kenya is Kenya HQs of all worls Mafias! The icc is facing (Nigger) Resistance!ICC should seek Protection from USA/UK/France! Otherwise ICC is going to be Humiliated by GEMA SUPREMACY!Kikuyu fought British >Mau-Mau(Myth)

  • What's wrong in Luhya-land!

    I thought its only men in Kenya who are really brutal (I was very wrong) Women are the worst Jezebels& Derrillas>Look this Video taken from a Hospital ward(maternity ward) see how these Monkey-looking fat-assed Luhya women(sic) are beating & torturing a delivering Mama on the floor of a Igloo-type (Clinic) (hospita)l Oh my God!http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=r9lQPfKXA-Y

  • Recommendations:
    1. To IEBC: The only way to confirm that the IEBC’s tally is correct, and therefore valid is to allow independent scrutiny of the 2,585 missing Form 34s. It is in the public interest that IEBC account for the 943,520 votes ostensibly contained in the 2,585 Form 34s which have not been made public. We strongly recommend that for the sake of public confidence in the IEBC’s conduct of the 2013 Presidential Election, the IEBC, in the public interest, should immediately make available for scrutiny the 2,585 stream Form 34 documents listed at this link: 2,585 missing Form 34s.

    2. To IEBC: The audit reveals widely disparate standards in the recording of results in Form 34 by presiding officers. The future contracting of presiding officers who served in the 2013 elections should be predicated on an assessment of the accuracy of their work in 2013. The audit has been able to capture presiding officers who should not in any future election work for IEBC, and those whose work is commendable.

    3. To Parliament: It has taken Mars Group over 4 months to scrutinise and analyse the Form 34s available to it; yet Presidential petitions must be lodged within 14 days of an election. There is need to revisit the Constitutional provisions prescribing the period for lodging and hearing of presidential petitions.


  • Kenya Patriotic Military Wake UP & Overthrow Kikuyu/Kale fake Govt!
  • Wake-Up & Smell The Filthy Rich

    Why Poverty in Europe/America/Canada/Australia When (Black Niggers(Monkeys) are sitting in Gold/Oil Gas and other important Minerals>Lets Move with Speed and exploit the Sleeping Monkeys>

  • Ambassador Sang may attend Osumbas Fund Raising>At the same time Enjoy Bandit Uhuru Kenya Wanted by the ICC welcoming Nigerian Bandindos!?http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HQB43gjTlh4

  • Welcome to Bandit-Land (Uhuru Kenyatta breaking with The ICC) Welcoming Nigerian Chief Bandindos!

  • Ambassador Sang Might attend the Osumba Fund Raising ! but this is very Important>>
    Mostly Mps accompanying Ruto to Hague are drug -dealers some may try to smuggle drugs using their Anuses- Airport Security in Holland should check their anused by fingering them and using Ex-ray scanners.zand check them in the capitals Red-Light districts ,hence hiv/aids and other venerial deseases.

  • Open Society Democracy

    Long Live USA Democracy >Make Sure UHURU Kenyatta & Ruto do not Escape Justice>Don’t forget poll violence victims, US urges
    By SIMON NDONGA | September 6, 2013
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    The International Criminal Court headquarters at The Hague. Photo/ FILE
    NAIROBI, Kenya, Sep 6 – Following the approval of a Motion by Parliament for Kenya to withdraw from the Rome Statute, the US government is calling for the fulfilment of promises made to victims of the 2008 post election violence.

    According to the US State Department, there is need for the government to support the rule of law and work to ensure accountability for crimes against humanity.

    “We urge the government of Kenya to fulfil its commitments to seek justice for the victims of the 2007-2008 post-election violence. In that regard, we note President Kenyatta’s recent statements affirming his commitment to ensure that Kenya meets its international obligations as a party to the Rome Statute,” a statement from the department said.

    The move by Members of Parliament has drawn criticism from various human rights organisations.

    Amnesty International pointed out that the vote would deny justice to those who were affected by the post election violence.

    In a statement, the organisation’s African Director Netsanet Belay said that the move set a dangerous precedent for the future of justice in Africa.

    “The vote is a disturbing attempt to deny justice to the hundreds of thousands of people who were driven from their homes or killed in the post election violence in 2007-8,” he said.

    He described it as unacceptable to try and protect those facing prosecution for alleged crimes against humanity and allow them to evade justice.

    Human Rights Watch on the other hand pointed out that the motion to withdraw from the ICC can’t stop the current cases facing the President and his Deputy.

    “The Trial of Kenya’s deputy President William Ruto begins next Tuesday in The Hague. Every time the ICC process inches forward to deliver a justice denied Kenyans by their own government, the country’s political establishment scrambles furiously to block the way,” the organization said in a statement.

    “A motion by lawmakers calling for Kenya to withdraw from the ICC can’t stop these cases. Kenya’s obligations to cooperate with the ICC in the cases before it remain intact.”

    There was a charged debate in Parliament on Thursday as MPs approved the Motion that sets the stage for Kenya’s withdrawal from the International Criminal Court.

    The Motion came barely five days before Deputy President William Ruto begins his trial for crimes against humanity at Hague.

    The Leader of Majority Adan Duale introduced the Motion but it was later amended by nominated MP Johnson Sakaja and seeks to introduce a Bill within the next 30 days to repeal the International Crimes Act (No 16 of 2008) and that the Government urgently undertakes measures to immediately withdraw from the Rome Statute of the ICC adopted by the UN Diplomatic Conference of Plenipotentiaries on July 17, 1998.

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  • No to War Mongers

    Osumbas fundraising may bring Sang the Ambassador >Here comes The Droning of Pakistani Children by USA and foreign drone missions against Asian Children & now Syrian children Where is THE Living God?

  • No to War Mongers

    Look the face of a Kikuyu House Nigger accusing Orengo&Kajwang as traitors who should face treason in a Kikuyu -Gema Kangaroo Court>

  • Kahee(Kidero ) Karego (Shebesh) haibu Haibu Kahee na Karego shame Shame>
    Kahee na Karego (shame Kahee na Karego shame!Governor Evans Kidero slaps Rachel Shebesh, then quickly forgets

  • Tukwarushane Matako brother!

    Baboon Politics in Mating Mood Some on tree-tops>

  • malaya shebesh slapped
  • Hallo Brothers. (Walipelekwa Kama Mbuzi Kwa Kichijio)

    These two will devinitely fall in the trap easily>Just show your baboon faces and the cage is wide open waiting mad-chimps to be caged both without blinking!Once you are inside that cage Your Flying wings will be cut !Where is Charles Tyror/DR Karadcic/Muradic > Uhuruto you are mostly & highly welcome in the deep dark HoleAka Tunnel>The trial of Mr Ruto at the International Criminal Court (ICC) starts on Tuesday, to be followed a month later by that of President Kenyatta. Yesterday, Mr Kenyatta said there was no need to panic over his absence and called for calm.

    According to a trial timetable by ICC Prosecutor Fatou Bensouda, Mr Kenyatta and Mr Ruto will appear before the judges between December 12 and December 13. While the deputy president’s case will be heard during the day, the President will defend himself in the afternoon. Journalist Joshua arap Sang is accused alongside Mr Ruto.

    The headache now is how the two will run the country and attend the court sessions, especially during national events such as Jamhuri Day which falls on December 12. The climax of the events will be the Kenya @50 Jubilee celebrations.

    This is the first time in international criminal law where a democratically

  • Moses Mluluhya Luhya

    Western Kenyan people feeding on Monkeys !Whites Europeans believe hiv/aids originated from monkeys through eating or having sex with monkeys >here is a proov that these Primitive tribes feed on Monkeys in a country where food is prenty>or even game food>

  • Eetena Eetena Bidyyo

    Ebu enjoy the True Picture of UHURU/RUTO Displaying their Sickness in their suffering minds>(SCHIZOPHRENI)

  • BieVinto Benivitore

    This is for Uhuru Kenyatta and William Ruto And the Primitive Mps from both TNA& Cord who wants to accompany these two Rapists and mass-murderers>It’s these MPs who’re politicizing the ICC process. The ICC isn’t trying the Kenyan President and his Deputy, it’s trying Uhuru Kenyatta and William Ruto. And as far as it’s concerned the two are indicted over crimes against humanity and therefore are suspected criminals. The moment the two accepted to head to the ICC to clear their names they should have known that they are heading there as suspected criminals. Some of these MPs are reasoning like primary school kids. International law does not operate over whims of Kenyan MPs. And it would be nice if they talked for their constituents who’re Kenya instead of purporting to speak for Africa. I’m from an African country and many in my country are in support of the ICC. ICC has become the hope that the wretched and the terrorized poor Africans can turn to seek justice. The justice system in Africa is largely for sale to the highest bidder and since many of the victims of those in power are usually the downtrodden, very few of us would expect justice in African courts. This is why we do support the ICC.

  • The new ambassador (Sang) is not known to us in Norway and we wonder when he will present himself to the taxpayers here. I also hope he is not a relative to the Radio sand of the ICC case.

    KSB: he has not presented himself to Kenyans in Stockholm either so according to Kenya-Stockholm protocol, he cannot yet come to Norway. In a tweet to KSB (see KSb tweets), he said linking with Diaspora is his priority. We r waiting and in the meantime, just relax.

  • Jitegemee Njiamini

    You are Committing Sins if you side with Ruto or Uhuru Kenyatta!Look what they did!http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-africa-24018845

  • Jitegemee Njiamini

    AKenya Rogue Police Officer Caught in action Sodomising a School boy at gun point!
    Kenyans should not trust these criminal Policemen/women but should organize young men to protect them from Uhuruto criminals in uniform>Time for Vigilant groups!

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