Bishop John Njue Under Attack from KRA Chairman, Martin Ngatia



  • The rejection of homosexual behavior that is found in the Old Testament is well known. In Genesis 19, two angels in disguise visit the city of Sodom and are offered hospitality and shelter by Lot. During the night, the men of Sodom demand that Lot hand over his guests for homosexual intercourse. Lot refuses, and the angels blind the men of Sodom. Lot and his household escape, and the town is destroyed by fire “because the outcry against its people has become great before the Lord” (Gen. 19:13).

  • Keith Sirimoe

    Killed By Moi Series: Details Not Available
    For the Attention of Kenya Truth And Justice Commission in the process of being set up.


    -A suspect shot in Bungoma while fleeing from police on 18th April 1984.
    -9 prisoners shot and clubbed to death at Manyani prison in June 1984.
    -12 students bludgeoned to death at Nairobi University on February 10th 1985.
    -15 prisoners from Skikusa prison in Kakamega whose bodies were left lying at Kakamega mortuary for two months and later buried without the authorities notifying their relatives in March 1987.
    -A suspect gunned down in Nairobi while escaping on 20th June 1987.
    -A man drinking chang’aa killed by police in Kakamega in August 1987.
    -2 men shot dead in Nyeri in August 1987.
    -A suspect shot dead by police in Mombasa in August 1987.
    -A Bar owner in Thika shot dead by police in November 1987.
    -2 people killed by police in Isiolo district in December 1987.
    -A suspect beaten to death by police in South Nyanza in December 1987.
    -2 suspects beaten to death at Kihancha Chief’s camp, South nyanza in 1987.
    -A man shot dead at a demonstration against election rigging in Taveta, March 1988.
    -A remand prisoner held at Industrial Area Prison, Nairobi died in April 1988.
    -Suspect shot dead by police at Kibwezi Railway station in April 1988.
    -A woman killed by a stray police bullet at Umoja Estate in April 1988.
    -A man shot dead by 6 armed policemen in a shop in Thika in June 1988.
    -A suspect shot dead by police at Eldoret in July 1988 along with SG Mahinda.
    -Robbery suspect “Shoeshine” shot dead by police in Mombasa on 10th July 1988 allegedly while escaping arrest.
    -A man shot dead by district Officer in Chepalungu Division, Kericho district in August 1988.
    -4 University students killed by solders and National Youth Service personnel at Gilgil on 9th October 1988.
    -Two unidentified men killed by administration police during a raid in ndanai location in Kerich district, 1988.
    -Ugandan NRA solder died while police guard in hospital in Kitale in 1988.
    -2 men shot dead by police in 1988.
    -A man killed in police custody in Nakuru in 1988.

    Kenya Revolutionary Archive

  • My friend r u sure what u r talking about?


    Europe is the Old World. This, like the case in Egypt, is dangerous in one very important aspect. With a recorded history stretching back to pre-history, too many important men have come and gone, too many great eras with their great leaders come and gone, such that every elite is beseiged with the consciousness of its own transiency.

    As recently as the time of Jesus’s birth, some emperors in Rome still thought of themselves as Gods. And indeed the remnants of this delusion are still kept in the middle of Europe, a living ‘Disney park’ to comically remind of the foolish past full of infallible leaders. That museum is called The Vatican, headed by non other than God’s representative on earth. And business is not all that bad. Illusions still sell, some.

    But those living in the European real world of hard politics, the one of two world wars in one century that ended in near total destruction, know how ruthless the currents that shape European history are, and how these currents can sweep asunder a contented, slumbering elite, with no answer to a historical crisis.

    If stories of how Zeus, cloud gatherer, saved the day with his atomic weapon, the thunderbolt, when he rallied a new generation of gods to overthrow the Titans of his father’s generation, —that is where we get the legendary phrase ‘battle of titanic proportions’ from, only amuse you, then perhaps Jacobinian Paris with its guilotine, and the red-terror of Stalin and Adolf Hitler’s antics, may be less amusing if you consider the scales of their purges of the overthrown ruling class.

    It is this history of revolutionary take-no-prisoners of Europe, that petrifies every generation of her ruling class. The knowledge, that European popular rage, when mobilised by a politically ripe ideology, is a monster. This according to me, is the fear that has sustained social democracy in Europe for so long.

    And so this week something happened which, taking a close look at the European political class, is disturbing them. Not only were they caught off balance, but when they reacted too late, they again were caught off balance by the recoil. The difference between commentary on the free for all net, and the filtered high-brow media has been telling.

    1. Obama was dismissive, even haughty in the face of Angela Merkel and her EU orderlies, on the issue of electronic intel gathering. Yes, The USA is bugging every European, from the empress Angela herself, O ruler of Europe, to the lowest greek bum who uses a GSM or the net. And the USA/NIA is storing all that information, and because these are Europeans and foreigners, leafing through them in a way NIA [national intel agency] can not do with American citizens without knowingly breaking American law on the privacy of her citizens.

    In other words Europe is ‘enemy territory’ and the americans do not care for the rights of europeans on matters of their home security. Allies my sh!t. And, true to form, the Americans have heavily spied on European corporations, and used the information to decisively gain competitive advantage in commerce.

    Uta do? [ku-move on tu!]

    Obama, cold, aloof and indifferent, told Merkel: we actually do it to protect you damn it! where are your thanx? and he mentioned two terrorist plots {one to blow up the EU parliament at Strousbourg France} which had been foiled through American monitoring of EU-zone digital traffic.

    German intellectual opinion, which has made a show-case of shame of the ‘intrusive’ total surveillance perfected in East Germany [GDR] by the STASSI or state security, ate humble pie as they considered their options:

    1. totally denounce the Americans as a re-creation of Erick Honecker’s all-prying big-brother state, which they had cast as only a shade less horrible than Hitler’s final solution, and, by further instinct, ties in repugnance with hyper-inflation! or

    2. Mumble something unintelligible, shrug and say: this is the real world folks. Let us move on! —Now, that banking crisis we were talking about, … the damn lazy geeks called Greeks, will they ever pay! ziesta obsessed arzzoles!

    But the European population on uncesored ventilation channels [radio call-ins and internet panels] were reserving their choice adjectives not for fellow Europeans, but for Americans and their government, and the luckluster if not impotent double-dealing EU elite.

    ‘One can no longer take for granted, in the light of USA behaviour, that Europe and the UNited States share a common destiny. That we have a Union of visions as far as the future is concerned is debatable. They treat us the way they treat the Chinese, an enemy!’ —-would be a good summary of the outrage expressed.

    The European elite could not do an ostrich on that one. [One remembers British tabloids who baptised the relationship between Tony Blair and Potus Bush, as that between a man and his poodle. An unbreakable bond, even the mighty centre left The Gaurdian sneered, a man and his poodle. It all sapped public support in the UK for the Iraq war]

    So as the news broke, EU leaders, including Hollande –the diminished president of the diminishing republic of France, and Frau Merkel, first rose up to give a stiff rebuke to the Americans. But they were merely performing to the public gallery in a usual PR-scripted ritual.

    It quickly emerged that EU-intelligence community was not happy with this trend, because it insinuated their incompetence, that they had not KNOWN, nor informed the EU leaderships of these intimate American intrusions; while the truth was Merkel and Hollande and Sarkozy and whoever ever held high office in the EU zone KNEW ALL ALONG what was going on! [and even colluded!]

    And worse, the recoil: it emerged the European intelligence organisations themselves are engaged in the same activities on their fellow europeans! –illegally or not!

    [Since 05-07-2013, it has been leaked to Le Monde, and confirmed, that the French Secret service is even more intrusive on the French than the Americans, all illegally!]

    As they say, Hollande whose outrage at the Americans had been delivered with a foaming mouth, closed his lips as tight as a virgin nun.

    There was fear on his face as he scurried past the malicious media.

    Angela Merkel –born in East Germany and made a career out of rejecting all that was communist heritage of that failed republic, suddenly looked like a ‘sleeper’ woken up too early.

    In the cold-war, ‘sleepers’ were spies sent to burry deep and long term at the enemies’, rise to the top most, before they were activated by their controllers to trojan-horse. Some version of a Manchurian candidate I believe.

    When she regained her wits, Frau Merkel still maintained this level of ‘intrusion into other peoples lives’ remains unacceptable, by local or international agencies.

    But the iron chancellor had been caught lying. Indeed, the goodly dependable and upright mother caught by her children in a compromising pants-off position with the butcher from the other ridge across the valley, and the family bon-hommie ruined.

    And as the offices of the Barrosos of Brussels and the van Rompuys of the EC drafted face-saving communiqués, the second torpedo slammed into the flank of the dazed European elite.

    The Presidential jet of Evo Morales of Bolivia, on a state visit from Moscow, was denied air passage over Portugal and France, and a few other countries, and forced down —it is thought by NATO jets. The Bolivian president and his entourage were then forced into a humiliating 13-hour ‘unscheduled ‘ visit to Vienna Austria, as his plane was torn to pieces, in the search for an American bell-ringer named Edward Snowden.

    Forcing down his jet and detaining a head of state without a warrant, was this a Lawless act of international terrorism or not? The organisation of Latin American nations thought so. And regardless of the fact that some of the most vocal condemnations came from the usual suspects –Maduro of Chaves’s Venezuela and Daniel Ortega of the Nicaragua Sandinistas, one could not ignore that the gentle giant Brazil too, put its feet down. –even if she is internally in turmoil herself.

    But Cold-heart Obama had read Europe the law. The one of the jungle I mean. There is a moment a top-dog shows he is the top dog, and the rest of the dogs must concur, or put up a fight. A depressed EU in an undending economic crisis has no fight in her lungs.

    Portugal, bankrupt and its cabinet collapsing, desperately negotiating for extra cash from both the World Bank and the IMF was not going to do anything than wag its tail in pleasure to comply. And indeed the cabinet survived the crisis meeting over money yesterday! Miracles happen.

    We know of France’s quixotic trip to Mali. Playing big boy in the desert in Azawad. Now, were it not for the US-army and NATO, where would that adventure have ended? And when France was running bombing runs in Libya, who was her eyes and ears and protector –jamming Libyan air defence? The USA.

    Hollande, or whichever Frenchman occupies the Elysee, is in no position to talk back at Obama or some other POTUS.

    NB: I remember a soldiers tale from decades ago in one of the convulsions which shook Ivory Coast after Houmphouet Boigny had gone to the worms. Ivory coast was divided into two in a social upheaval, with the rebels headquartered in Boake up North. France went to evacuate her citizens from Abidjan and elsewhere, but there was a problem in the air.

    There was war in Liberia too, and it was rumoured Charles Taylor or somebody had ‘given’ the Ivoire rebels a stinger missile. [Great long story that one –takes you all the way to latin america, cocaïne, Nicaragua, contra rebels, Col. Oliver North, the Ayatollah Khomeini, and the IRAN-CONTRA scandal]

    But the point is, there was an American warship stationed off Liberia –coordinating Charles Taylor perhaps, and it was the american commander of the warship who could make sure the skies over Ivory Coast became safe for the French to evacuate their citizens.

    But the americans were politicians. They called the Ivorian commander the airport, whom they knew had surrendered his command to the French expeditionary captain. The americans treated the african as the boss nevertheless. They asked him to put the speaker on loud so that every soldier could hear. The american then gave orders to the French man, calling him fwack-head, then apologised to the Ivorian with sorry sir, I abused your body-gaurd.

    The African soldiers read the situation correct. The USA had taken over their country, and France could only run it at the Leisure of the Americans.

    The ex-soldier who told me this story, further amused me how the next day they contacted an American embassy official for possible training missions. The Americans responded, ‘but guys, we do not speak French you know! cola!?’

    But what am saying is: If the USA wants a plane not to overfly France, France will comply. Simple.

    What is not simple, is how the the French elite, Always professing their independence of the Americans to their own gamely population, can explain this point to a sophisticated nation that already knows, without making themselves totally ridiculous.

    [You know, like the ‘gamely’ attentive silence in church, when your pastor finally confesses to that affair everybody knows he has been having for 20 years! shetani jameni, iliniingilia! samahani! Amen!]

    The point is that they are a vassal state of the united states. IBut if the elite admits this in public and makes itself totally ridiculous by bad PR, the crisis of the nation states of Europe becomes complete.

    In keeping up appearances, both the rulers and the ruled tribes of Europe, like to go through the motions of their states as independent powers. Powers operative as powers on a global scale. France even has an independent nuclear deterrent, while Paris munispality can not even repair broken down public toilets!

    To crush that illusion openly would have consequences I am sure. Consequences for the elite that brought it to pass WITHOUT ECONOMIC REWARDS.

    That is: Germany after her second world war defeat, divided into two separate countries, could tame down her nationalism because of the economic miracle that made her population richer than they had ever been in all her history.

    Wealth creates stability and tames extreme nationalism I think.

    But now, the eurozone is deep in an economic crisis. And so far this same european elite is clueless on ending it, not to say caused it.

    Creating no boom to tame or bribe the population with, then openly being prefects loyal to Washington, may be too much for their grassroots. Instinctively sensing this, is why the European elite has looked so politically dishevelled this week.

    At least that is what I think!

    In the days of

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  • No one would have taken anyone seriously who said the eating and corruption most Kenyans have practically come to accept as part of their lives would stop with the assuming of office by Jubilee.

    Indeed, it’s precisely for this reason many vehemently oppose Raila and would never want him to become president because they rightly fear he’ll be the first president to seriously take head-on the rampant corruption and insider dealings in our government.

    The Standardis reporting that Francis Kimemia who should have no job in any government that wants to be taken seriously as standing for change and not status quo, the man who is acting as though our constitution is a nuisance and with Uhuru’s acquiesce and in this case without any legal authority, has ordered the forcible moving of ministry civil servants from Jogoo House to a building owned by a well known and close Jubilee billionaire. Talk about the arrogance of power!

    The Government will pay the building owner and supporter at least Sh88.9 million a year, excluding Value Added Tax (VAT) for the lease, this not including the added cost of renovating the offices and furnishing them.

    VAT is calculated at 16 per cent, which means the final lease cost alone would be Sh103.13 million shillings annually.

    This brings the total monthly rent per square feet to Sh8.6 million.

    Let the eating continue until Kenyans one day wake up and totally reject this level of eating and corruption.
    Peace, Unity and Truth

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  • Siginyoi Singounyu

    Hawa Wakikuyu will dominate this country for ever ,un less we sleeping tribes wake-up from our sleppy brain & cowadice <the fear of kikuyus<Some interview with Hon. Ole Ntimama elswhere by a local daily summed up the character of H.E. Mwai Kibaki. Ntimama quipped; "Huyo mtu ako na moyo nyeusi…." at that age, and he's not even ready for an international assignment, we are yet to hear of a Mwai Kibaki Foundation in the being launched somewhere even in Othaya, and the public is being burdened heavily to finance his excessive retirement. Again, it was a real act of selfishness in deed, he signs his own retirement package and omitting the rest who were with him in the coalition. The only hope could be based on the fact that one day a sensible person shall lead Kenya, and any cent lost foolishly shall be recovered
    Bishop John Njue should care more of Kenyan neglected youth who really suffer in the hands of paesophilias. hiding in his church aothers posing as volunteers.

  • Hassan Jibilrahman

    Father Kizito The father of Paedophilias in Kenya back in Court>

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