Cheating Dr. Andy Still Netting Prey in Kenya

Is this the real Dr. Andy?

The conman has been arrested several times but he always finds his way out of police custody

The case of Dr. Any, a Kenyan con artist, may never end soon. Through his cleaver and never-ending schemes, he continues to trap innocent Kenyan girls seeking greener pastures abroad, cons them out of their hard earned money before dumping them as he disappears into thin air.

In a developing story, “The Doctor” has conned yet another Kenyan girl. Dr. Andy’s strategy is simple. Although he permanently resides in Kenya, he poses as a Diaspora Kenyan with a strong base in Denmark where he allegedly practices medicine. He usually claims lots of connections and the ability to do almost anything to enable a young Kenyan girl travel abroad for further studies. Through this scheme, he has managed to explore several luscious vajeyjeys especially in Nairobi where he picks his prey with the ease of a matatu conductor picking up passengers from a Nairobi stage.

According to his victims, Dr. Andy is a well-polished guy, smart, well-fed, very convincing and very believable at first encounter. Two cases in which Dr. Andy has struck again are just in although details of the second case are still being gathered. Despite several warnings to Kenyan girls, they keep falling prey with 99% of them becoming wiser only after bumping into Dr. Andy’s storos at KSB. It is then that they report that they too have fallen victim. Unfortunately, it’s usually too late.

In one case received in the heat of election campaigns in Kenya, Dr. Any had convinced a cute Kenyan girl of 26 that he would “make ways” for her to study in Norway as long as she could raise her air ticket, Visa fees and part with a one-time fee of half a million Kenyan shillings. The young girl is the daughter of a Kenyan tycoon and, after being convinced by Dr. Andy that education in Norway is free from kindergarten to university, parting with half a million for a degree and Master’s program in Norway was basically chicken feed for the family. A similar arrangement in say, the United States (together with upkeep) would run into more than 2 million Kenyan shillings so Dr. Any’s offer was “the real deal”.

Cash delivered in a brief case: To allay any fears of possible romantic encounters with the girl, Dr. Andy allegedly told the girl’s family that their daughter would stay with his (Dr. Andy’s) family “as long as she wanted”. To dampen fears about risks of Dr. Andy being tempted to consume the girl’s goods ad infinitum, the Doctor is reported to have painted the picture of a successful family man with three children and a lovely wife who would be more than happy to help Clare (the girl) find her way through Oslo once the deal matured and it was time to go. “I know she can make a good company with my wife because she looks jolly”, Dr. Andy told the girl’s dad. Don’t worry that the fake Doctor does not reside in Norway.

As usual, the money would be delivered in cash. As a matter of principle, Dr. Andy usually leaves no paper trails. To oil the delivery process, he told Clare’s father that he was almost completing the construction of a Five Star hotel in Mombasa and that instead of converting Norwegian currency into Kenyan shillings to be used in financing part of the construction work “in progress”, the money out of the deal (delivered in Kenyan shillings) would make life easier. Dr. Andy even offered to finance an air trip to Mombasa for Claire’s dad to view the property but the man had too many business appointments already scheduled so he skipped it.

The truth is that with time, cleaver Dr. Andy is said to have masterminded the psychology of Kenyan tycoons who are unlikely to accept an offer of an abrupt trip away from the city at very short notice. At another point, he is said to have invited another Kenyan tycoon for a trip to South Africa with the intention of enabling the tycoon to tour a seed processing factory he had just set up to carter for the market in the East and Central African region. The trip never worked out because of short notice. Back to Claire.

Once the deal was sealed, the money was delivered in a brief case and after he got his loot, Dr. Andy was never seen again. Now, he is wanted by police once again to answer to charges of fraud. When Claire’s dad made a report to the police station, it emerged that three similar reports had been filed in the last three months with focus on Dr. Andy as the main culprit. From his style, it seems like Dr. Andy usually strikes 3-4 victims within a span of 2-3 months then he disappears for even a year without activity.

Assuming that he hits 4 victims at a price of half a million Kenyan shillings each, he has Ksh 2 million to live on for at least a year before striking again. Claire’s dad contacted KSB about his situation after being tipped by a contact that his story is similar to others that have so far been reported about a Dr. Andy. It was Dr. Andy’s photos at KSB that eventually convinced Clair’s dad that he had been conned. “I just saw Dr. Andy’s photos at KSB and I can confirm that he is the same person who appears to have conned me”, Claire’s dad wrote in an email.

The conman has been arrested several times but he always finds his way out of police custody before he can be taken to court because of corruption within the police force. At KSB, we do hope that with the new government, one day, the case of Dr. Andy will be declared a “national disaster” so that he can be stopped from fleecing hard working young Kenyan girls out of their money.

Okoth Osewe



  • ndya muthyuty

    Kenya Kenya Kenya Nchi Yetu Hakuna Matata>The Kikuyu Family was Gang Raped! Where is Uhuruto Security within 100 days?

  • Diaspora dweller.

    KSB,Am 100% sure that you are aware of the same kind of kenyans leaving in stockholm and are doing the same kind of jobs as Dr. Andy. KSB is aware of the places and houses where poor inocent kenyan men and women are hosted before they are told to go to migration verket to seek assylum.Osewe, why cant you lipua this syndicate to the necessary authorities to save poor parents from selling their small properties in the name of sending their kids and relatives to Europe?

    KSB: Dweller, in as much as some activities may be obvious in Kenya-Stockholm, KSB only reports the news, not the news makers to authorities. Secondly, KSB is a Forum and we limit ourselves to playing that role. Human trafficking is a well known problem internationally. There are Kenyans engaged in the business in Stockholm but remember that other communities (including Swedish nationals) are also in the mix.

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