2010 Miss Africa Crown Scandinavia Leaves for Mission in Tanzania

Beauty pageant to help in humanitarian work

Michelle at Arlanda on Tuesday moments before taking her flight to TZ to help the needy as part of her work as Miss Africa Scandinavia

Miss Michelle Jeng, the reigning Miss Africa Crown Scandinavia 2010, left for a humanitarian mission in Tanzania on Tuesday June 14th 2011. To see her off at Arlanda International Airport were friends and officials of the Sweden-based Africa Monetary Fund (AMF), whose entertainment wing, the Ritz Society, organized the Miss Africa Crown Scandinavia 2010 aboard Siljaline in October last year.

The pageant arrived at the Julius Nyerere International Airport yesterday morning where she was met by Dr. Emanuel Nchimbi, the Tanzanian Minister for News, Youth, Culture and Sports. Mr. Prosper Kaberwa, the Chairperson of the AMF arrived in Tanzania ahead of Michelle’s visit.

Michelle, who was accompanied by her mother and Manager, travelled aboard Ethiopian Airlines with a huge cargo of humanitarian goodies collected in Sweden through her growing Networks. Part of the prize for winning the Miss Africa Crown Scandinavia was an Ethiopian Airline sponsored air-ticket to a destination of choice. Michelle decided to travel to Tanzania where she comes from.

Rules of the winner of Miss Africa Crown Scandinavia stipulated that the winner would use her new title to promote humanitarian activities in Africa. Tomorrow, Friday 17th June, Michelle will visit the Albino Center in Tanzania where she will distribute skin protecting creams donated by a Swedish company.

On Saturday 18th June, the Miss Africa Crown winner will be at Gongo la Mboto, the epicenter of an ammunition dump explosion in the outskirts of Dares Salaam in February this year which left 20 people dead and more than 300 injured. At Gongo la Mboto, Michelle will be flanked by the area’s District Commissioner. The trip will be coordinated by Tanzania’s Ministry of Culture in conjunction with Michelles’s family.

On 23rd June, Michelle will be at Kondoa before proceeding to Dar to meet friends, well-wishers and family members. On 30th June, the pageant will travel to Zanziba to rest before returning to Sweden on 2nd July.

Speaking to KSB at Arlanda airport, Michelle said that she was delighted with the trip and thanked everybody who made it possible.

Okoth Osewe


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