Kenyan Lady Apologizes To Swedish Man Over KSB Story

A Kenyan lady who was the source of a story in which she had allegedly been abused by a Swedish man has requested a public apology to the man saying that when she came out with the story, she was undergoing a serious emotional transformation.

Speaking to KSB on telephone, the lady said that she wished to apologize to the man because he is the father of his little baby and that after a serious reflection spanning many months, she has arrived at the conclusion that it was a mistake for her to have gone out with the story at KSB.

According to the story, the Swedish man, was routinely abusing African women by using them as sexual objects then boasting about his exploits to friends in pubs.

The Kenyan lady told KSB that she now regrets her decision to go public with the story because the move had created serious complications which she cannot reconcile without rendering a public apology to the man. She said that she had totally misunderstood the man because she had not lived with him long enough to appreciate his gentlity and kind heartedness especially to their little baby.

When asked about the complications, the lady said that they were personal and could not therefore be divulged.

When the story was broken by KSB, the Swedish man took contact with the blog demanding that the story be pulled down otherwise the man would sue KSB.

However, KSB refused to pull down the story arguing that all Swedish press laws had been followed and encouraged the man to take up the case with police so that KSB could meet the guy in court.

According to the Kenyan woman, she has come to understand that although she acted under emotional instability, she has accepted that the story did not change the fact that the man was the father of her child. She told KSB that at the time she went public, she had not yet understood the significance the man was bound to play in the future of her child and that it was also in the child’s interest that she needed to render an apology.

She said that she unequivocally wished to apologize to the man as part of her healing process and in the spirit of forgiveness and reconciliation. Her view is that such an apology is important to her emotional progress and the child who will still need to touch base with the father regardless of history. KSB has accepted to publish the woman’s apology as a sign of good faith.

Okoth Osewe

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