Muigai Adds His Voice To The Kenya Diaspora Debate

Well put Mr. Osewe! Many critics of Kenyans abroad often expose their ignorance of life abroad in their so called analysis of how Kenyans fare in the diaspora. I would suspect that the majority of these critics have never even ventured out of the country and yet purport to be experts of living abroad. Kenyans may not be aware but the fact is menial jobs are a means to an end in the developed world. Many people combine studies with these jobs to enable them to go through school and the mentally of parents paying for their way through life does not exist in their minds.

Sadly many Kenyans are of the opinion that the jet set life style comes on a silver platter, handed down from affluent parents. Granted, this may be true for a tiny percent of the Kenyan populace but the majority have to sweat blood and tears to get there, if ever. Many Kenyan tycoons did not suddenly wake up one day with the riches they have, some may even have pulled a mkokoteni before making their billions! If these critics were to ask the many scholars and corporate leaders in the west, they would be shocked to learn that many of them had menial jobs when they were in school.

This proves that having a menial job does not diminish your intellect or make you less of a person as implied by Clay Muganda. Perhaps Kenya would be a better place if the likes of Muganda had a change of attitude and realized that one has to get their hands dirty in the process of self development and in pursuit of excellence.

Milton Muigai