Congrants To Mr & Mrs Laban Mberi For Their New Baby

KSB takes this opportunity to congratulate Mr. Laban Mberi and his dear wife Mrs Josephine Kirigo Mberi on the occasion of the birth of their son Ng’ang’a Mberi who arrived in the planet on Thursday this week.

Ng’ang’a weighed 3.5 kg at the time of his birth and according to Bwana Mberi who spoke to KSB, both the son and the mother are doing well and are expected to be discharged from hospital soon.

We wish the Mberi family well during this sweet moment and hope that other Kenyan couples will follow in their brilliant example in the spirit of increasing the population of Wakenya in Stockholm. Ng’ang’a is the third born child of the Mberis who are now blessed with two sons and one daughter.

With the birth of their third born, the Mberis have now entered the bracket of Kenya-Stockholm “PhD holders” in the Department of “Kenya-Stockholm Baby making”.

For your update, one child is a “Degree” and at two kids, you are at your “Masters” level. Three is a “PhD” and when you go beyond three then you are a “Researcher” in the field of children.

For example, you could be interested in understanding the “Development of child psychology”, “The ups and downs of child up-bringing”, “The metamorphosis of children: From child birth to adolescence” etc.

To undertake this kind of Research, you might need some kids and the Kenya-Stockholm Parent’s Committee (KESTPACO) believe that you need at least four kids to qualify for a “Research Project”.

In writing their “thesis” in another “Male language” (two boys), the Mberis seem to have specialized in male children. We warmly welcome the new Ng’ang’a into the world and wish the Mberis the best of luck with family life.

Okoth Osewe