Nasa Ahead of Jubilee With 2.5 Million Votes, Latest IEBC’s Figures Indicate

sculpture-art-1According to the latest voter registration figures released by IEBC on Sunday, February 19th 2017, the newly launched National Super Alliance (NASA) is ahead of Jubilee coalition with a total of 2,583,205 votes. This is the latest confirmation that Jubilee is on its way to a massive defeat come August 8th 2017.

The worst news for Jubilee is that swing votes totaling 4,968,950 are spread in Eastern and North Eastern provinces which have been tilting towards the Opposition in the last three years. This is especially so in Wajir, Mandera and Marsabit. In Rift Valley, Kajiado, a component of the swing votes and which has almost half a million votes, is known to be heavily pro-NASA. What this means is that NASA is likely to grab more swing votes compared to Jubilee thereby widening the margin of votes monumentally.

Jubilee strategists must be shitting in their pants because even in Central Province (which is considered a Jubilee zone), Meru and Tharaka Nithi have entered the pool of swing votes after Jubilee was rejected in the two counties because of corruption, systematic marginalization, youth unemployment, lack of health care and general neglect. Social media has been awash with key personalities linked to Jubilee like Paul Kobia publicly abandoning Uhuru Kenyatta to join NASA. In Central Province, rebellious youths set a Kikuyu shrine ablaze to frustrate efforts by superstitious geezers from panel-beating them into voting for Jubilee using the shrine as a meeting point.

Still in Central, there are the well-known silent Kikuyu voters tired of carrying the burden of a “Kikuyu presidency” they don’t benefit from together with their counterparts who are bored with the “voting robots” reference to protect a corrupt, murderous, barbaric and atavistic “Muthamaki” that is at the center of the political and economic crisis in Kenya. These Kikuyu rebels, who, occasionally, express their frustrations on social media, are NASA’s secret voters waiting to punish Kamwana on election day for his failure to govern after stealing the vote through NIS in 2013.

Rebellion in Rift Valley

In Rift Valley, Deputy President William Ruto, has lost control of the Kalenjin vote after the community was short-changed by the corrupt Kikuyu mafia cartel on a 50-50 power sharing deal agreed on ahead of the 2013 election rigging. After voting for Jubilee, the Kalenjin ended up empty handed as they begun to contend with the rising billionaire status of William Ruto. Kalenjins begun to watch with shock and awe as members of their community were systematically side-lined in the appointment of top government officials. A handful of Kalenjin names which were pushed by Ruto for appointments were later sacked and replaced by Kikuyus hand-picked by State House. Two cases which can be cited among others are those of the Chairman of NYS and the Cabinet Secretary for Agriculture.

The internal rebellion within Kalenjin land climaxed into the formation of Chama Cha Mashinani headed by William Ruto’s name-sake, Isaack Ruto. CCM’s activities have further eroded William Ruto’s influence in the region, undermined his leadership, dented his credibility and toppled him as a Kalenjin King-pin. Now, William Ruto’s political activities in Rift Valley are mainly designed to help him remain relevant as Rift Valley voting block slowly but systematically gravitates towards NASA. It is a nightmarish scenario for Jubilee boot-lickers still clinging on hope that Kamwana will make it despite the obvious signals that he has already lost it. Instead of attempting a reconciliation with the DP, CCM has been holding joint rallies with NASA in the Rift Valley thereby deepening NASA’s penetration in the region, much to the chagrin of remnant rag-tag Jubilee apparatchiks still clinging onto a sinking Jubilee ship. In fact, NASA is providing a viable political life-line to panicky Kalenjin politicians staring at their political assassinations in a politically squeaky contraption called JAP after URP was killled by the Kikuyu mafia to disarm William Ruto and to box him into a corner with a fake “Project 2022” supposedly meant to make Ruto President.

The emerging figure, that Nasa is ahead of Jubilee with 2.5 millions votes, does not factor in certain counties which voted for Jubilee in 2013 but which have been looking in the direction of Nasa (in the face of Kamwana betrayal) as a real political alternative likely to form the next government. The Masaai have already been convinced and in a mamoth rally attended by NASA leader Raila Odinga, the community crossed the floor after crowning Raila Odinga a “Masaai elder”.

After being short-changed in 2013 by the wealth-grabbing mafia cartel that runs Kamwana’s government single-handedly, convincing the Kalenjin that things will be different in 2017 will be a tall order for Jubilee propagandists. For this reason, the trooping of Rift valley voters en masse into Nasa may just be a heart-beat away. What is your take?

Okoth Osewe

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