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Rejoinder To “Proudly Kenyan”

It is only in Kenya elections where a Presidential candidate steals the vote then is later sworn in to assume Office in less than an hour without the national anthem being sung, the sword of power being handed over and without the presence of the diplomatic Corpse. Don’t mind that the “invited guests” were mainly family members of “The president’s”

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Video Upload: Ukweli wa Mambo – Part 3

The struggle against Landlessness in Kenya: In this clip, an elderly Kenyan narrates at a political rally in Wundanyi constituency how Kenyans have been threatened by a European who warned that they would be shot dead if they grazed cattle on a piece of land they have  been living on for generations. The land was grabbed by a “white settler” during the days of colonialism and

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Video upload: Ukweli wa Mambo – The Struggle Against Landlessness In Kenya – Part 01

Hon MP Mwandawiro Mghanga has been accuesed by the Kibaki dictaorship of being a member of the criminal  Mungiki gang. However, the truth of the matter (Ukweli wa Mambo) is that the government is fearing an active mobilization by Mwandawiro of Kenyans against Landlessness in Kenya. In the “Ukweli wa Mambo” video series, we bring you the reality on the

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Upload: New Edition Of “Ukweli Wa Mambo” Newsletter

A new Edition of “Ukweli Wa Mambo” Newsletter has been released by MP Mwandawiro Mghanga. Much of the content of the Newsletter is a continuation of Mwandawiro’s struggle against character assassination, mud-slinging, intimidation and blatant political harassment by the Kibaki dictatorship which has been trying to link the MP with criminals who have been murdering Kenyans in the name of

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“Ukweli Wa Mambo” Download (May-June 2007)

“Ukweli wa Mambo” is a Swahili Newsletter produced by Hon Mwandawiro Mghanga who is currently being harassed by the Kibaki dictatorship using false accusations that he is a member of Mungiki. KSB will soon set up an “Ukweli Wa Mambo” link so that readers can follow the Mwandawiro contributions. Mwandawiro has been exiled in Sweden and returned to Kenya to practice politics.

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