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“Kenya-Stockholm’s Survival Manual in the Underground” Continues to Attract Attention

Since it was first published in July 2011 at KSB, “Kenya-Stockholm’s Survival Mannual in the Underground” has continued to attract attention of many bloggers and online news channels. The clip above published by “Etho Press” is the latest to highlight the content of the manual which it describes as forming a “spectacular reading”. KSB will soon update the manual to

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Kenyan Businessman Swindled More than Ksh 500,000 by Swedish Businessman

Kenyan believed in Europeans and delivered goods before payment A Swedish businessman has allegedly swindled a Kenyan businessman more than half a million Kenyan shillings in a business-gone-sour deal. Claes Engberg, a resident of Båstad municipality in Sweden, has allegedly refused to pay Mr. Hezton Kamau a total of USD$ 6,480 (SEK 41,902) after Mr. Kamau delivered fishing flies which

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