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“The Star” Journalist Who was Investigating Fertilizer Scandal Found Dead in His House

Nairobi, April 1, 2013–A correspondent for The Star daily newspaper was found dead Sunday morning in his house in the coastal city of Mombasa, local journalists told CPJ. A housemate found reporter Bernard Wesonga with blood on his nose and mouth at around 11:30 a.m., Star Deputy Editor Charles Kerich said. Local journalists said Wesonga, 27, was with friends at

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Civil Society Organizations in Kenya Feel Threatened

CIVIL SOCIETY ORGANISATIONS WORKING IN AFRICA CALL TO: END INTIMIDATIONS AND HATE CAMPAIGNS AGAINST CIVIL SOCIETY ORGANISATIONS IN KENYA We, the under signed non-governmental organizations working to promote human rights and good governance in our respective countries and regionally in Africa, are gravely concerned about incidences of intimidations and hate campaigns directed at members of Kenya’s civil society increasingly occurring

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LSK Statement on Supreme Court Ruling on Raila Odinga’s Petition

TECHNICALITIES VIS-À-VIS SUBSTANTIVE JUSTICE: IMPACT OF THE SUPREME COURT RULING ON THE PRACTICE OF LAW “The Constitution guarantees equal protection of the law for everyone .It therefore demands that justice must be done to all irrespective of status .It also demands that all state organs must assure access to justice for all persons.—.These twin constitutional demands—require that justice be delivered

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Kenya: Bitter Lessons from the Supreme Court Ruling on Raila Odinga’s Petition

The anger and frustrations could easily be translated into political rebellion As had been expected by pundits whose eyes have been riveted on the unfolding drama in Kenya following the rigging of Presidential elections, the Supreme Court was eventually compromised by the Mount Kenya Mafia (which masterminded election rigging) to uphold Uhuru Kenyatta as Kenya’s next fake President after Kibaki.

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