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‘Muhoozi Project’: By Installing Son, Gen. Museveni Hopes To Defer Prosecution

The underpinning reasons for the desire to choose Brigadier Muhoozi Kainerugaba as a successor to his father is the First Family’s survival strategy in a post-Museveni era in Uganda. To achieve that objective, Gen. Yoweri Museveni needs a poodle. A servile or obsequious person, a person trusted to a fault to guarantee Museveni’s future and protect his loot as well

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Jared Adiwa’s Funeral Fund Raising Committee Set Up in Stockholm

A Committee headed by Jared Odero, a Kenyan Stockholmer, has been set up to coordinate efforts towards raising funds for the transportation of the late Jared Adiwa’s body to Kenya. The Committee was established at a meeting held at the residence of Jared’s brother, Tonny Adiwa on Saturday, 8th June. According to the Chairman of the committee, a funds drive

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Breaking News: Jared Adiwa’s Sons Accept Burial of their Father’s Remains in Kenya

Jared’s Family in Kenya Welcomes the Good News There has been a major breakthrough in the talks between the late Jared Adiwa’s Kenyan family and his two sons who accepted last evening that the body of their departed father could be buried in Kenya. Despite the sombre mood that has dominated the entire family after they were plunged into deep

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