Al Shabaab’s Statement on Mpeketoni Attacks

al shabaab mpekotoniIn the name of Allah the most merciful, the most beneficent, HSM commandos have last night carried out a successful raid on the town of Mpeketoni in the Lamu district. In a daring raid that commenced shortly after 20.00 hours Sunday night the Mujahideen descended upon the town in the cover of darkness and, following a short battle, they secured the town and its parameter – including the police station – for more than 10 hours before successfully withdrawing, leaving behind a trail of destruction and scores dead.

The Mujahideen set fire to the police station, bank, a number of hotels and several other buildings in the town before withdrawing. The Kenyan government is fighting a losing war and has turned its vengeance on the Muslims in Kenya. As such, the Mpeketoni Raid was carried out in response to:

(a) Kenya government’s brutal oppression of Muslims in Kenya through coercion, intimidation and extra judicial killings of Muslim scholars, particularly in Mombasa and the violation of Muslim honour and sanctity.

(b) Kenya military’s continued invasion and occupation of our Muslim lands and the massacre of innocent Muslims in Somalia.

(c) In addition to that, the town raided by the Mujahideen was originally a Muslim town before it was invaded and occupied by Christian settlers.

We hereby warn the Kenyan government and its public that as long as you continue to invade our lands and oppress innocent Muslims, such attacks will continue and the prospect of peace and stability in Kenya will be but a distant mirage. Do not ever think of living peacefully in your lands while your forces kill the innocent in our lands. Brace yourself for the depredations of war and that which you have with your own hands sown.

To the tourists visiting Kenya we say thus: Kenya is now officially a war zone and as such any tourist visiting the country do so at their own peril. Foreigners with any regard for their safety and security should stay away from Kenya or suffer the bitter consequences of their folly. You have been forewarned!

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