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Michael Osumba Harambee Target Reached: Body Leaves for Kenya Tonight

The Michael Osumba Funeral Committee in Stockholm is pleased to announce that the target of SEK 43.000 (Ksh 580.000) that was needed to transport Osumba’s remains to Kenya was reached on Saturday, 28th September at the “Final Push” Harambee that was called by the Committee. The funds drive, which was held at Nancy’s residence in Farsta, raised SEK 5.500 which

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Michael Osumba Kitty Up by SEK 2.000: Available Funds Handed Over to Funeral Agency

Over the past one week, the Michael Osumba Funds being raised to transport his remains to Kenya got a boost with SEK 2.000. Gideon Nyakwar Oyundi joined Club 1000 while another SEK 1.000 came in from a contributor who would like to remain anonymous. This brings the total amount raised so far to SEK 37.775 ahead of the “Final Push”

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An Expression of Thanks from the Michael Osumba Funeral Committee

On behalf of the Michael Osumba Funeral Committee, I am writing to express my sincere appreciation to all those who participated in the late Osumba’s fundraising on Saturday August 31, 2013. Thanks for sparing time and donating money generously or purchasing food and drinks at the event. Some technicalities arose earlier on Saturday but they were resolved and we later

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SEK 24.775 Raised at the Michael Osumba Harambee: New Harambee on Saturday, 7th September

According to final figures released by the Treasury of the Michael Osumba Committee, a total of SEK 24.775 was raised after all expenses incurred to organize the Harambee. The breakdown is as follows: Cash raised from the contribution book at the harambee was SEK 14.000; Club 1000 SEK 15.000; Drinks 7.300; Food SEK 1.525 while Open House at Nancy brought

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