Invitation to Otieno Opee Fund Raising: Saturday, May 26th, 2018

On Saturday, 5th May 2018, Kenyans and friends of the late Otieno Opee’s family congregated at the family residence and set up a “Family Support Committee”. The Committee was tasked with the transportation of the late Opee’s Body to Kenya and addressing other funeral related issues in conjunction with the family.

Following deliberations, the Committee decided that a major fund-raising event will be held on Saturday, May 26th 2018 at a venue to be announced later. The Committee, whose Chairman is Mr Joshua Oyugi, is tasked with raising SEK 50,000 for transportation of Mzee Opee’s body to Kenya while any extra revenue will be channelled to other funeral expenses. Seven family members will accompany the body to Kenya at an estimated cost of SEK 45,000.

As a public fund-raising strategy, the Committee established the Otieno Opee “Club 1000”, a club for friends and well-wishers willing to pledge a minimum of SEK 1000 towards the Opee Harambee. Recruitment into the Club is underway, and the Committee would like to appeal to friends and well-wishers to join the Club. In the past, Kenyans in Stockholm have successfully used Club 1000 strategy to raise money to transport the remains of departed colleagues for burial in Kenya.

The Committee appeals to all well-wishers to make time for the Harambee which will be critical in assisting the family to transport the body of their loved one to Kenya. The Committee also appeals for work volunteers to get in touch with the Committee for further deployment. Organization of the event is a huge responsibility which requires enormous human resources.

In the meantime, the family continues to appreciate the moral and emotional support they continue to receive following the passing of Mzee Otieno Opee last week. The family appreciates all messages of condolences which have all helped them to know that Mzee Opee was loved by all those who knew him.

Apart from Joshua Oyugi who is the Chairman of the Committee, other Committee members are Nicholas Odada (Vice Chairman), Vincent Odede (Secretary), Okoth Osewe (Assistant Secretary also in charge of Information Desk), Jacob Opande (Treasurer) and Jasper Orieny (Assistant Treasurer).

Ordinary Committee members are Joseph Goga, Mark Gaya, Gideon Oyundi, Mercy Rita, Munala wa Munala, Millicent Nyambok, Florence Akoth, Jimmy Oyundi, Ngolia Kimanzu, Charles Otieno Owiyo, Nancy Osumba and Nacy Wandaka.

The Committee appeals to Kenyans of good-will to help them accomplish their mission of ensuring that the body of the late Mzee Opee is transported to Kenya to be laid to rest. At the financial level, the responsibility is huge and the family needs help from everybody who understands the burden.

Opee was a loving, caring, jocular, social and friendly Mzee who will be greatly missed by Kenyans in Stockholm. It is only befitting that all those who knew him, together with all sympathizers ensure that his principle wish that his remains be interred in Kenya be fulfilled.

“The late Mzee Opee is one of the Kenyan pioneers in Sweden. The Kenyan community who knew and interacted with him will remember him as a parental, loving, jovial and social person who had no tribal, racial or national boundaries”, Chairman Joshua Oyugi said in a short statement. “On behalf of the Committee, I appeal to all friends and well-wishers to assist in sending off Mzee Opee to his final resting place in Kabondo location, Homabay county”, he added.

The Committee will have its second sitting on Saturday, 12th May 2018 at the family’s residence in Åkersberga from 16.00 hrs.

An “Open House” has also been set up at the residence daily from 18.00 hrs and all are welcome to condole with the family. For contact with the family, contact Opee Junior at 0737666078. Those who will not be able to attend the funds-drive but would like to show solidarity with the family can swish their contributions to the same number at: 0737666078.

Okoth Osewe
Information Desk
Otieno Opee Family Support Committee

One comment


    It is really saddening to learn of the passing away of Mzee Opee.Needless to say, he will be greatly missed….
    Like you rightly pointed out, Mzee Opee was a jovial man of the people, a quality which made some of us nickname him “Cosby”.
    When I last met him (about 4 yrs ago), he told me he had been in hospital and I could see he was in pain, and yet it did not prevent him from firing off a few snappy jokes! Yes, that was Opee.

    James Anthony Owuya.

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