Chebukati says he didn’t sign IEBC Statement with Uhuru as sole candidate in a sham Oct 26th election

The CTIMG_9935.jpg

The chairman of IEBC Wafula Chebukati now says that he didn’t sign a statement that has been doing the rounds on social media suggesting that Raila odingawill be on the ballot on 26th October despite the fact that the NASA flag bearer withdrew his name as presidential candidate. In a humorous piece posted on Twitter by “The Politician”, Chebukati Chebukati is quoted as saying that DP Ruto is pushing four Commissioners against him to influence events at IEBC.

Ruto’s name has popposed up as the mastermind of the rigged August 8th elections whose result was nullified by the Supreme Court. Jubilee is currently in crisis with the interpretation of both the law and the Kenyan Constitution on the way forward after Raila Odinga withdrew his name from the ballot paper and left Uhuru Kenyatta to compete against himself.  It is a welcome piece of humourat this time of crisis.

Okoth Osewe


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