Ngatia: Chebukati and Ruto Are Evil; Justice Njoki is Corrupt; Elections Will be Rigged

According to Mr. Martin Ngatia, both Wafula Chebukati and Deputy President William Ruto are equally evil in the sense that they can easily scheme to do evil things. Chebukati has just schemed with IEBC staffers to steal elections on behalf of Uhuru Kenyatta while Ruto’s tough talk in the wake of election rigging is seen as part of his complicity in election rigging.

While Chebukati is new in the public lime-light as compared to Ruto, the DP is more popular for plotting evil. After being indicted at the ICC for crimes against humanity following the 2007 post-election violence, Ruto allegedly wiped out all witnesses in the case, causing the case to collapse.

Ruto was also linked to the assassination of the late Jacob Juma who was assassinated in May last year after he systematically exposed corruption scandals in the Jubilee government and linked Ruto to several land-grabbing cases. After the rigging of election, Mr. Martin Ngatia believes that Chebukati is in no position to organize a free and fair election.

In this video, Ngatia argues that William Ruto is stealthy and more dangerous than Uhuru Kenyatta. Ngatia says that Ruto will maintain a low profile as long as he is DP but that in case he takes over the presidency, he will be more ruthless than Uhuru whom, Ngatia says, Ruto will deal with to end Kikuyu dominance in State House.

Ngatia also says that Justice Njoki Ndungu is known to be corrupt and that her dissenting voice together with that of Justice Ojwang’ were not accidental. Even before the case begun, pundits predicted that the two Justices would support Uhuru Kenyatta and uphold his victory because they were likely to take bribe money. Indeed, as things happened, the two Judges did not disappoint their masters.

In the end, Ngatia says that although a new election has been called, it will, most likely, be rigged again. This is because the rotten and corrupt capitalist ruling class never relinquishes power voluntarily and Kenya is no exception. Ngatia proposes that in case election is rigged once again, NASA should lead a secession Movement to separate the country so that the Kikuyu and the Kalenjin can rule themselves.

Okoth Osewe


One comment

  • The secession movement in Kenya may look like a pipeline dream now. It may look like a plan for a couple of few power hungry kenyans who desire to plunge the country into chaos but to those who understand the political trends in African countries, the earlier the idea is addressed with sobriety and utmost care the better for the country. The likes of the DP William Ruto are not supposed to be relied upon by any means to lead the country unless we want to take our country back to dictatorship. The entire IEBC should do kenyans a favour and resign in order for a free and fair presidential reelection to be held. Sticking to power and repeating the exercise the same way may plunge this country into a ditch.

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