Finally Ambassador Sang’s tour of duty is over

The Kenyan Ambassador to Scandinavia Dr. Joseph Sang, has finished his tour of duty after four years of doing nothing at the Kenyan Embassy in Stockholm. Ambassador Sang will go down in history as the most useless Ambassador to have been posted at the Kenyan Embassy in Stockholm. During his reign at the Embassy, Ambassador Sang not only isolated Kenyans from the Embassy but also emerged as an Ambassador who literally worshiped wazungu instead of serving Kenyans.

Since his posting, the Ambassador has never met Kenyans to introduce himself. Instead, he has gathered a handful of walambaji he secretly calls at the residence to act as Wakenya whenever he needs a small crowd to be introduced to visitors.

One would have expected that during this time of Jubilee government, and in the worst case scenario, the Ambassador ought to have been collaborating with Wakale and Wakikuyu but this has not been the case. While the Ambassador has wired three Wakales around him for comfort, he has totally isolated Wakikuyu thereby earning for himself (within Wakikuyu) the tag of “the most hated Ambassador” ever to have set foot in Stockholm.

According to KSB spies, the Ambassador tried to gather a few opportunists within the Kikuyu community to seduce them into joining a tiny crowd of “Wakenya” he tried to gather following his arrival in Stockholm but the move backfired. Sadly, for the Ambassador, the Kikuyu contact person he chose to work with was “the wrong number” because this contact was not just hated by the Kikuyu but also had a string of dirty and unspeakable scandals in Kenya-Stockholm that denied him authority to lead the Kikuyu into the Kenyan embassy.

Another factor that complicated the Ambassador’s situation in Stockholm can be traced back to Kenyan politics. After he assumed office, and as the Uhuruto government began to misgovern, the Mount Kenya Mafia cartel that rigged Uhuruto government to power began to short-change the Kalenjin on the much publicized 50-50 power sharing deal that formed the very foundation of the fragile Uhuruto Coalition. As Uhuru occupied State House, members of the Kalenjin elite who had positioned themselves for appointments to top government positions began to be marginalized. Down at the county level, the new government began to systematically starve Kalenjin Governors of critical funds that were needed to run the county governments. This unexpected short-changing explains the rebellion of key William Ruto allies within the Kalenjin like Isaack Ruto, Keter et al.

Back in Stockholm, the apparent short-changing of the Kalenjin in Kenya by Uhuru Kenyatta was interpreted by top Kikuyu opinion leaders to mean that Ambassador Sang was just an errand boy posted to Stockholm for propaganda reasons. These opinion leaders therefore, started leading the Kikuyu away from the Ambassador because he was seen as a toothless dog who had nothing to offer when it came to real organic links between Kenyans in Stockholm and the ruling class in Kenya.

Toilet paper

Another problem for Sang was that die-hard and tribalistic custodians of the “House of Mumbi” doctrine were not enthusiastic about the hypothesis that after Uhuru Kenyatta, the Kikuyu would support William Ruto for post of President in 2022. For these rabid “kamwana supporters”, William Ruto was simply being used as toilet paper to help the Kikuyu maintain power after which he would be flushed down the toilet come 2022 to pave the way for another Kikuyu to assume power.

This perception, which was being promoted by Jubilee propagandists, is responsible for the lukewarm reception of Ambassador Sang because he was also being seen as “toilet paper” Ambassador appointed to please the Kalenjin. For top Kikuyu chauvinist who were interviewed by KSB, moving closer to Ambassador Sang was tantamount to supporting the Ruto 2022 Presidential agenda, a crime they could not commit.  Combined with a wrong Kikuyu contact in Stockholm, Ambassador Sang was constantly isolated by the Kikuyu. In fact, the situation got worse for Sang when the Kalenjin started accusing the Kikuyu of having fixed Ruto at the ICC. But that was not enough.

Self-destruction of Dr. Joseph Sang

Apart from the Kalenjin and the Kikuyu communities, Sang had no chance of wooing members of other ethnic groups into his camp especially the Luo, the Luhya, the Kamba and the Coastals. The political equations back home gave him no chance and in the face of rejection by the Kikuyus in Stockholm, the Ambassador decided to take solace in tweeting and posing for photo ops with any Tom, Dick and Harry who passed by at the Embassy. As he posted images of every odiangabuk he met at the Embassy, and as he struggled to portray the image of a “busy Ambassador” meeting professionals, diplomats and VIPs in Stockholm, he left the Kenya-Embassy website to die. Naturally, one could have expected details at the web site of the meetings the Ambassador tweets about or publication of speeches he delivers at meetings for his work to be put into context but there was nothing. What is more?

The Ambassador suddenly became hysterical and banned celebrations of Kenyan national days. Since he arrived in Stockholm, Madaraka Day, Mashujaa Day and Jamhuri Day have all been wiped out of the Embassy calendar. Interestingly, Kenyans in Stockholm have not bothered to take the Ambassador to task over his illegal banning of national days because they view him more as a psychopath than an Ambassador who is worth engaging. They would rather see him continue making a fool of himself on twitter than engage him constructively. The Embassy’s twitter account is named after him so when he is finally recalled, the account’s content will not be inherited by his successor but will go down the drain as the Ambassador disappears into oblivion.

Many Kenyans have been questioning why KSB has not been criticizing the Ambassador despite his catastrophic performance. The answer is that KSB was giving him an opportunity to serve while at the same time avoiding to be seen as a perpetual critic of the Embassy. Secondly, KSB was avoiding being used as a scapegoat by the Ambassador for his failures that have now emerged for every conscious Kenya-Stockholmer to see. We studied Dr. Sang’s demeanor and concluded that he was on a self-destructive path. Today, as he awaits to be recalled back to Kenya, we may have been vindicated. The Ambassador has basically self-destructed and on the eve of his recall, he has nothing to show after being in office for our years.

Okoth Osewe  

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