How Was Kenya’s Social Media Fooled That Sheila is Senator Wetangula’s Daughter?


Sheila: Beautiful “Wetangula’s daughter” in Stockholm

The only plausible explanation is that “it was Social Media” where verification of news and information is usually the last item on the Editor’s agenda. Here, sensation rules supreme and anything goes. A while ago, it was the turn of Sheila Wetangula to grab the headlines repeatedly on numerous social medias that willingly carter for the capricious appetites of Kenyans thirsting for scandal, hot gossip, odd news, humour, socialite life-styles and other unpublishable news shunned by mainstream media.

For days, blogs struggled to outdo each other in reporting the news and the headline grabber was non other than the Kenya-Stockholm sugar girl – Sheila Wetangula. Since she arrived in Stockholm from Norway many years ago, Sheila has cultivated for herself a sophisticated but surreptitious life-style only known to a tiny inner core that she has come to trust over the years.

Although KSB has written mountains of stories about her incognito, the Kenyan social media only discovered her the other day. The difference is that the profile she was assigned by social media was totally different from what is publicly known in Kenya-Stockholm. For readers just checking in, Sheila was presented in social media as the cute daughter of Senator Moses Wetangula while in Stockholm, debate as to whether or not she is Wetangula’s sister is still raging.

When she first burst into the scene in Kenya-Stockholm, Sheila appeared to have been swimming in a sea of money and living the life of what can today be described as the life of a socialite. At that time, she talked freely about her background especially to KSB and for those who know where to look, her personal history is embedded somewhere in the deep KSB.

Sheila was bearing the name of “Wetangula”, and with the huge amount of cash that was at her disposal, many Kenya-Stockholmers naturally developed a strong curiosity around her personal metamorphosis – from the “Wetangula DNA” in Kenya to a guest in Norway then to a Kenya-Stockholmer with millions to spend.

It is at that point that Sheila began to open up her intriguing autobiography during sporadic “swallow episodes” surrounded by professional guzzlers of wines and spirits, juicy products that were flowing freely like the Niagara Falls. With time, Sheila quickly developed a network of friends before she opened her struggle for papers when her natural extrapolations informed her that Sweden fitted the description of what she could call home. As she embarked on her struggle for mapeps, she also begun to retreat slowly from the Kenya-Stockholm social scene, a complicated environment that needs time and skill for survival.


Riding smooth as Kenyans Sweat it out!

One outstanding feature about Sheila is that she is not shy. Just like many Kenya-Stockholmers will testify, she openly told Kenyans that she is Senator Wetangula’s sister while she also talked openly about circumstances that had landed her in Sweden. KSB will not repeat these histories here because it is a long story. At that time, the amount of money she was spending openly somehow resonated with her explanation about her connection to Wetangula for where else could she be getting the huge amount of cash if she didn’t have some big fish in Kenya who was supplying then kronazz?

Be that as it may, some “gossip masterminds” who tended to doubt her story-line “because it was mixed up” decided to verify the facts independently. It was mixed up because she had also said that before she left Kenya, she had inherited property worth $1 million from a former white boyfie (related to the Lord Delemare family) who passed away. In her own words, the cash she was spending was part of this inheritance and this explanation somehow downplayed the theory that Wetangula was sending cash.

For the gossip masterminds, investigations started from the most unlikely source but which apparently, could have been the most reliable under the circumstances. For a long time, and before Sheila’s arrival, Kenya-Stockholm’s veterans knew that Weta had a side-dish back in Kenya whose brestacles he used to fondle during out- of-the box escapades. Somehow, things got hot and this hot breeder converted Weta into a fresh “zero-grazing dad”.

Weta had been firing out of his designated pen. It is another long story but to cut it short, the chick later settled in Sweden with her brilliant Weta-copycat-son. Apparently, when the masterminds tracked her down and sweet-talked her for info, she allegedly confirmed that Sheila was related to Weta along the lines she (Sheila) had described. Subsequent storos brought by Omundu kwa Omundu who had direct links with Weta also brought the matter to rest although according to Omundu, she was Weta’s cousin. However, the notion peddled by social media that Sheila is Weta’s daughter is totally knew and Sheila herself knows the truth!

For the last five years, Sheila has been living a rather quiet life. The social media storos seem to have been ignited by The Kenya Daily Post which went to Sheila’s Facebook page and after noticing her Weta name, baptized her “Weta’s daughter” and from there, it was just a matter of time before the storo caught fire online. Much of the photos in social media were plucked from her Facebook page, probably without her permission.

It is understandable that Sheila has never tried to correct the storo for who doesn’t want publicity? As she enjoys attention from Kenya’s blogosphere, Weta may be scooping his part of the bargain as the father of a 29 year old daughter living a care-free and lavish life-style in Stockholm! As Jeff Koinage would put it, “We can only sit back and enjoy the sensation. The one and only Sheila has set Kenya’s blogosphere on faya!” The following is a list of some of the blogs which have not been left behind in “breaking news” about Wetangula’s beautiful daughter! Click to access the storo as published by the blogs.

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