Jubilee Government’s ‘Iron Lady’ Anne Waiguru is Not Corruption-Free After All

Ann Waiguru: Corrupt to the bone

Ann Waiguru: Corrupt to the bone

Whenever the Jubilee Government led by President Uhuru Kenyatta is rocked by a financial scandal, his supporters claim no money has been lost. Deputy President William Ruto is often the loudest, especially once the matter is picked up by former Prime Minister Raila Odinga. He would then politicize and shift its focus onto Raila, whom he sees as the enemy out to ‘derail’ or ‘destroy’ the ‘development agenda’ of the Jubilee Government. Ruto often goes gaga over how they are on track with development matters compared to Raila.

Of particular interest is Ruto’s latest reaction after Raila mentioned that Cabinet Secretary for Devolution and Planning Anne Waiguru, be suspended over the latest scandal concerning questionable payments amounting to over Sh665 million, to suppliers and consultants since November 2014, through the National Youth Service (NYS). However, it was the Central Bank of Kenya (CBK) that raised the red flag on the payments, and not Raila. Ruto is very good at running away from such reality and time and again would use public platforms to hit back on Raila, who as a key Opposition leader, has the right to criticize the Jubilee government.

Why did Waiguru write to the Directorate of Criminal Investigations more than one month after she found out that there were attempts to steal Sh826 million from NYS? According to the Sunday Nation newspaper of June 21st, the NYS Deputy Director Adan Gedow Harakhe, tried to correct the situation by calling on the Integrated Financial Management Information Systems (IFMIS) Director Jerome Ocheing’, to delete the irregular payments. These are the questions Ruto should be asking, instead of barking at Raila.

Ironically, the Sunday Nation revealed that youths deployed to work for the NYS project in Kibera have not been paid for the past three months. “The more than 3,000 youth who are working for the project are supposed to earn Sh470 per day with Sh140 going to their saccos. Their pay is supposed to be consolidated for six days and paid on Saturday through National Bank of Kenya to their mobile money accounts.”

In April, around 675 NYS officers who were supervising the youth were withdrawn by the government, while the much-hyped road which was being constructed between the Kibera DC’s office and Highrise Estate has not been completed nine months after its construction began, because of lack of materials. Further, the posho mills promised by Uhuru Kenyatta for the Kibera youth which would sell maize flour at a subsidized cost of Sh60 per 2kg, are not working. The wi-fi project meant to provide free Internet access to Kibera residents has not been implemented either. The Sunday Nation noted that just before the national budget was read in June 2015, Devolution Principal Secretary Peter Mangiti had asked the Treasury to release Sh162 million for the Kenya Youth Empowerment Program, yet the program is fully funded by the World Bank to the tune of Sh1.4 billion.

Iron Lady Anne Waiguru should step aside to pave way for a thorough forensic audit of her ministry, since she is a reflection of the kleptocratic Jubilee government. While at it, congratulations to the Kenya national women’s volleyball team on winning the Women’s Africa Nations Volleyball championship for the ninth time on June 20, 2015. Sadly, the Jubilee government did not throw them a celebratory party after the match against Algeria, and many of them had to rush to fetch matatus to retreat to their slums, instead of being offered better means of transportation to appreciate their efforts. That is how much Uhuru’s Government values the youth.

Truth be told, Uhuru government is not only ravaging Kenya through mismanagement and corruption. The rotten Jubilee government is destroying the country. After coming to power through a rigged election, the looting agenda of top government officials under the supervision of President Uhuru Kenyatta should not surprise Kenyans. What should be of concern is what it will take to rectify the mess. Under the current circumstances, the country is sinking into a deep abyss.

Jared Odero


  • ODM on NYS demonstrations

    ODM speaks out against NYS demonstrations

    By David Ohito
    Updated Tuesday, June 23rd 2015 at 18:11 GMT +3
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    ODM has said that the demonstration yesterday in the streets of Nairobi by a group of hired Kenyans donning NYS t-shirts clearly confirmed its worst fears that the so called ‘rebranded NYS’ is not the NYS that was started in the 1960’s to provide services to the society but a militia aimed at causing tension and anxiety in the country.

    Speaking through its Chairman John Mbadi in a press statement, it said the demonstration by the members of the supposed to be a disciplined force left a lot to be desired.

    “That was just the tip of the iceberg. It proved to the doubting Thomases that the billions of shillings allocated to the Devolution and Planning Ministry are spent on empowering the so-called NYS youths for reasons only known to Jubilee government,” the statement went.

    ODM has demanded again for a full audit of NYS and Devolution Ministry’s expenditure (including confidential budgets), curriculum, ethnic and gender composition and all contracts entered into by the organisation.

    The party, headed by Hon Raila Odinga, has asked the Auditor General to unravel the hidden expenditures, behind the scenes dealings that include the importation of sugar and rice through the free port of Kismayu whose deliveries to the NYS headquarters are done at night or on weekends.

    “No wonder the refusal by Jubilee administration to withdraw our KDF troupes from Somalia. We are fully aware that the ethnic and gender composition of the recruitment to the NYS is skewed at favouring a particular ethnic group with the intent of propagating violence in the run-up, during and after the 2017 general election,” the statement continued.

    See also: CORD warned against rallies in North Rift

    It is becoming clear to Kenyans that the so-called ‘new-look’ NYS, as we have been warned, is a political youth militia in the making. East and Central Africa has a horrific history with these kinds of groups. History teaches us that when governments train political paramilitary youth militias, it is a precursor to violence on a scale that we should view with trepidation and resist with the greatest determination.

    In the statement, Mbadi went on to say that yesterday, residents of the City of Nairobi witnessed a harbinger of a future we have foretold when a rowdy group of NYS youth rampaged through sections of the city blocking traffic, damaging vehicles and intimidating pedestrians whose physical features were perceived to indicate that they hailed from an ethnic group other than that of the President.

    The ODM chairman said, “As leaders, we strongly defend the right of Kenyans to demonstrate as this is their constitutional right. However, we condemn ALL acts of political hooliganism REGARDLESS of which party they claim to support including OURS.”

    In the statement, ODM went on to condemn -in the strongest possible terms – the mobilisation of “youth paid by taxpayers and dressed in NYS t-shirts who engaged in violent political activity” in Nairobi yesterday.

    “Their actions proved that the original NYS motto of ‘Vijana wa Huduma kwa Taifa’ has been deliberately changed by the Jubilee government to ‘Vijana wa Fujo kwa Taifa’,” said Mbadi.

    The statement said that though CS Waiguru claims not to be partisan, yesterday we saw the truth behind the “rhetoric crafted for her by overpaid so-called consultants”.

    The Opposition have been on record warning Kenyans about the potentially nefarious partisan political agenda being planned for the new-look NYS.

    As Hon Odinga said in his statement last Saturday – the government has become the “primary driver of insecurity in Kenya. Mbadi therefore warned that going by what happened yesterday, this is merely the beginning.

    ODM appealed to residents of Kibera to continue living in harmony as they have over the years. It asked the youth in Kibera to not allow themselves to be used to cover up for Jubilee’s “theft” that now “permeates virtually every ministry”.

  • thieving at NYS

    Waiguru last year appointed Githinji to replace Kiplimo Rugut amid controversy that strained relations between the main political parties in the ruling coalition, TNA and URP.

    Sources say the move to deploy Harakhe to NYS came at a time when Waiguru had also requested the transfer of Chief Finance Officer John Munywoki from the ministry. He was moved to Treasury and then Water.

    Another accountant at the ministry, identified only as Karenju, has also been moved to Water, while Githinji’s Personal Assistant Jane Muringi was suspended early this year in unclear circumstances.

    •Documents in our possession show that the NYS has paid over Sh665 million to suppliers and consultants since November last year and
    •CBK has raised questions on some of the payments Harakhe has made, including Sh40 million to Bora Global Ltd.
    •The company was paid two vouchers – of Sh32 million and Sh18 million – on May 15, 2015, for supply of powdered milk to the NYS.
    •Bora Global Ltd was registered on October 31, 2013, with Maria Blessings Nyambura Ng’ang’a, Wilson Waihenya Ngima and Julius Muvea Muinde listed as directors.
    •The same documents show that Mutahi Ngunyi of The Consulting House has been paid Sh38.9 million for consultancy services for the implementation of the NYS 5-point Vision strategy.
    •Ngunyi received Sh25 million (Sh12.5 million each) as quarterly payment while he received Sh10 million on May 27 and another Sh3.9 million on the same day as reimbursement costs while implementing the 5-point Vision strategy.
    •On May 25, 2015, Ms Things of Desire was paid Sh37.5 million, in two transactions, for supply of rice.
    •Transcend Media Group (TMG) has received Sh161 million in the last year for publicity and rollout of NYS rebranding.
    •Tunasco Instaat T.T.T.A.S paid about Sh175 million for supply of leather boots while Brand Associates has been paid over Sh113 million for consultant services in NYS rebranding for media buying.
    •Alpha Mercantile received about Sh13 million for supply of sugar.

  • James Macharia another thief
  • Sonko the drama queen
  • Jubilee thieves

    CID probes if NYS Deputy boss approved Sh695m payments

    June 24, 2015


    AN investigation by the Criminal Investigation Department indicates that Sh695,400,000 of questionable transactions at the National Youth Service were apparently approved by the Senior Deputy Director General Adan Gedow Harakhe.

    The IFMIS audit trail indicated that the 18 questionable transactions were then submitted by Regina Nyambura Mungai, according to a progress report, submitted on June 19 to Devolution CS Anne Waiguru, by the Banking Fraud Investigation Unit of the CID.

    “Both ( Regina and Harakhe) have disputed making these entries in the IFMIS system,” BFIU boss Joseph Mugwanja stated.

    “It is only a cybercrime report which can prove the contrary by identifying forensically the IP Address of the particular computer used to make the entries,” said Mugwanja.

    “Six computers which were seized from employees of NYS are still being analysed at Department of Criminal Investigations Cyber Crime Unit to establish the person who made the fraudulent entries,” Mugwanja stated.

    Another four supply orders worth Sh133,200,000 were apparently cleared as they went through the laid down e-procurement procedure and were awarded by the Devolution Principal Secretary, Peter Mangiti.

    On May 26, Dickson Gisiora wrote on behalf of NYS Director General Nelson Githinji to the CID stating that Harakhe’s IFMIS account was used to approve payments without is knowledge on 20 and 1 May, 2015. He requested the cybercrime unit to investigate.

    On May 27, Harakhe himself wrote to Jerome Ochieng, the IFMIS director at the Treasury, saying that his account had been hacked and requesting various orders to be reversed from the system.

    Harakhe, a former DC in Western Kenya, was appointed by Waiguru seven months ago.

    Six companies are indicated in the IFMIS system as being involved in the Sh695m of disputed payments for road construction and building materials. Curiously the companies seem to share directors.

    Form Homes Builders, whose director is Josephine Kabura Irungu, received tenders worth Sh154,950,000 in November 2014.

    Draco Capital, whose directors are Peter Omari Otwoma and Caroline Njambi Kinuthia, received tenders worth Sh115,800,000 in December 2014.

    Roof and All Trading, director Irungu, received a Sh77,250,000 tender in November 2014.

    Reinforced Concrete Technologies, director Irungu, received a Sh115,800,000 tender in November 2014.

    Grumum Engineering, director Otwoma, received a Sh115,800,000 tender in December 2014

    Tegmen Trading, directors Otwoma and Kinuthia, received a Sh115,800,000 tender in January 2015.

    “The committed amount is Sh695,400,000 while the amount planned for to acquire road construction and building materials was Sh300,000,000,” states the CID report.

    The explosive report was sent to Waiguru last Friday. BFIU boss Mugwanja told Waiguru that 16 statements had been recorded from NYS and Devolution officials.

    On June 5, Waiguru wrote to the CID requesting them to investigate alleged manipulation of the IFMIS payment system at NYS.

    Opposition politicians including PAC chairman Nicholas Gumbo have declared that they will also investigate the NYS transactions.

    The Ethics and Anti Corruption Commission is also watching developments and told the Star yesterday, “We thought this probe ought to have been referred to us from the beginning.”

    – See more at: http://www.the-star.co.ke/news/cid-probes-if-nys-deputy-boss-approved-sh695m-payments#sthash.PIpunwtK.ja1PkEgD.dpuf

  • Nait Rannah Ruto
  • Othiambo Washington O.

    Iron lady The most corrpt Airport in Africa!

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